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It’s called “You Are Valuable” and it’s designed to stab writers block in the heart.

It’s my first eBook designed to solve a problem.  The problem of thinking you have nothing valuable to say on your blog.  You do have expertise, and you can solve problems, and people will pay you for it.

And I’ll be upfront.  I’m in this to profit.  I am already selling Convertkit, and have plans to sell domains, hosting, and eBooks.  Maybe courses and consulting in the future, once I’ve reached the climax of 1,000 subscribers.  Who knows where this could go, but when you’re on my list you’ll get a first hand look at the blogging journey, and you’ll have the opportunity to get in on the action.  You’ll find that it’s well worth the price.

“You Are Valuable” is just me doing my service to the world.  When you’re on my list, you get that service delivered right to your inbox.  You have a personal connection with me.  We can even correspond.  You can reply to any of my emails and it will get delivered right to my inbox, and I would just love that.  Just as I hope you will love my emails.

If you don’t you can always unsubscribe and it will be like it never happened.  And I won’t sell your address.  It’s just going to be you and me, until we make it in this blogging game.  Maybe we could meet at an event one time.

All I know is that being on my list is going to be a win for you because I’m a good person and only wish to be of service to you.  I know you’re going to like it so I’m confident you’ll be with me for a long time.  Not to mention I’ve purchased $5,000 courses before, so I feel like I’ve earned the right to charge for my knowledge.  I advise you on what they advised me on, except better.  This is a blogging for income, and I’m well on my way, so I can help you do the same thing.  This free eBook you get from signing up for my list will help you get to immediately writing.   Not writing just anything, but writing something valuable.


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