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In the ebook I’ll tell you 7 different things I do, that you can do to (for free) that help love blogs.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s more than 7 ways to love your blog, but I’m talking about 7 ways or habits you can develop that will lead you to more traffic and more subscribers.  The more subscribers you have the healthier your online business.  If you were to get 1,000 email subscribers you could launch a business with some self respect.  This ebook gives you my formula for loving a blog, so that you can better reach your business goals with your blog, get 1,000 subscribers, and launch your first e book.

Another perk of being on my email list is you’ll get my best content on blogging, business, and personal development delivered right to your inbox twice a month, give or take an email.  If there are any new freebies I’m giving away you’ll also get a copy of them at no charge.  I am going to continue to write on how one can build an email list and start a work from home business, or for that matter make extra money any way you can.  If you are a blogger who also seeks to build an email list for fun and profit, then this is the list you want to be on and the content you’re going to have to have.  You’ll get my best efforts, which I promise will be substantial, at providing value to bloggers of all stages, and hope my work inspires you to have vision and take massive action on your own blog.

The free content alone is worth being on the list and my new free ebook won’t be fresh for long, so make sure you sign up and get it today!

As a side note I myself am not even close to 1,000 subscribers so I’m not going to be selling you anything in the near future.  You’ll only be getting free content by signing up for my list.  The winning deal is that the content is only going to get better with time so by signing up for my list you are setting yourself up for a great ride.

Who knows, you might end up buying something from me, but that won’t be without it being well earned by providing you with enough free content that you want to buy some more content from me.  It’s a winning deal, you get the enjoyment, and from my work to create that enjoyment, I get the money.  Talk about money might be hushed in public places, but here on I talk about it because it’s a good thing.  Still, I won’t be getting your money any time soon as I’m not ready to launch a business.  You can sign up for my email list worry free, as I promise only to deliver valuable content, over and over again, absolutely for free.  That is until I’ve earned the right to launch a product.

This is about blogging, this is about Youtube, this is about being an entrepreneur, this is about making more money, and this is about making that money while you work a day job.  This is ultimately about making so much money from blogging you can quit your day job.  My story is the journey on that path.  I get more subscribers by the month so being on my list will include you into updates about a business that is growing.  My story is one of success.

Success in my personal and professional lives is because of habits of success.  I work everyday, and I play everyday.  I take care of my family.  I do what it takes to live a good life.  I’m doing better everyday.  These are all reasons you should be on my list.  All of these reasons and more.

I love blogging.  More than that I love writing.  I keep an almost daily journal of my life, and I have yet to tap into my rather large storage of ideas in the journals I have written.  I’m excited to one day go through them for ideas on things I can write about.  A lot of it is about personal development.

My journals are about personal development, but they are also about business.  A business that one day I hope I have.  When you subscribe you will be supporting an honest entrepreneur in his quest to fulfill the dream of being valuable to people.  That, if you ask me, is better than doing something for yourself (maybe some of the time).

You could do something for yourself, like drink a beer, AND subscribe to my email list.  I’d be happy to have to you.  AND you’d be getting honest work out of me, something you could wrap your brain around.

I’m sure you’d be better off on my list than if you weren’t, and if it doesn’t suit you, you can always unsubscribe and it would be like it never happened.  No cost to you, nothing out of pocket.

But if you liked it, it may just lead you to taking action in the direction of your own dreams, and help you to make your dream life a reality faster than you think.

The choice is yours, a cost free non-commitment that could only lead you to making your life better, or taking no chance and only leaving opportunity on the table.  You make the call.

Yours Truly,

Jesse Creel

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