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On my blog you can find interesting, entertaining, insightful, inspiration posts designed to help you work if you are a schizophrenic.  I hear voices everyday, and most of the time it’s just jibberish, but some of the time it speaks to me in ways that are scary.  If you have the same problem, but still need money, you CAN work.  I recommend working with your hands at first because the voices can’t control your work ethic, so if you can work hard your bosses will like you and it will be a good experience.  I also recommend working with a family member if possible because that will help you feel like you are more wanted there.  When the voices are telling you your not wanted, it helps to have someone there that you know loves you no matter how stupidly you’ve behaved.  I really hope the blog helps you, you can start at this epic post I wrote:

40 Ways For A Schizophrenic To Get And Hold A Job

It’s 4,700 words and I hope it helps you.

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