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Month: May 2016

A Story About A Schizophrenic Who Became Successful

This is a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.

I was in sales for 5 years.  I went from job to job eating the pavement all the way along.  I did make some money selling credit card processing machines but that was sketchy and the company I was working for I don’t think was that ethical.

But now for the story about a schizophrenic who became successful.

I work now at Honey Ham.  I am a delivery driver and a kitchen helper.  I tried glazing with a torch and the ham and the sugar but I wasn’t any good at it so they have me doing other things.  So I’m not a total success but I’m working on becoming more than I am right now and that’s a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.

A story about a schizophrenic who became successful starts at home.  I have a lovely wife and 2 kids and they help motivate me when I don’t feel like doing anything.  I’m lucky to have them and I know it and the story about a schizophrenic who became successful I think starts with them.

I have a great support system with my family and I love them for helping me the way they do.  I would love them even if they didn’t help me but they do and I am forever grateful to them for their service to me.

But this is a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.  And I am a success.  I am working about 30 hours a week and I am happy to have those hours.  And I am successful in working those hours.  I get sick often because I am a smoker and don’t take that great of care of myself and they hate it when I call out, my brother especially but I am usually at work.

My story, or the story about a schizophrenic who became successful is the story of a man who wants to provide for his family by paying off his credit card to a zero balance and then using the extra money he was paying off his credit card with and help with the bills around the house.  It’s embarrassing but my wife pays all the bills.  She pays the mortgage, the phone bills, the car insurance, the water bill, the electricity bill.  She makes ok money as a teacher, but she makes a hell of a lot more than me.  I wanted to get a phone job for 15 dollars an hour but they wouldn’t hire me I think because I told them I was hospitalized at the last call center job I had.  That’s what  my counselor told me to tell them so that’s what I said, but I didn’t get the job.  They love me at Honey Ham though and I have a good thing going and that’s a story about the schizophrenic who became successful.

A story about a schizophrenic who became successful would not be complete until they got rich.  Because they wanted to get rich, for themselves and their families.  So this is an incomplete story.  I am not rich yet.  I hope to be.  I hope this blog, or the lottery, or a donation, or a check of any kind sets me free.  I would only need 100 million and I’d be fine.  A billionaire could do that.  and I hope they do.  Or I hope I win the lottery.  I would still keep this blog but I wouldn’t have to do this SEO bullshit that always has me writing a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.

I hear the voices say somethings I couldn’t understand and the voices say the word hate.  I live with this.  A story about a schizophrenic who became successful would also not be complete without some adversity.  Yes! the voices say.  Drink the voices say.  I’m having a glass of wine and I just finished it and I’m think about pouring another.  Do the voices say.  I also have a cigarette that’s waiting to be smoked sitting on the computer desk.  I have my challenges in a story about a schizophrenic who became successful but I am holding a job so that’s a serious accomplishment.

But anyways, back to a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.  I am successful.  I have cultivated an energy of wealth within myself.  I know I will receive 100 million dollars, one way or the other.  I shouldn’t even be telling you this because your supposed to keep your manifestations a secret until they happen but I just have to think, speak and act as if it’s already happened.  I give 10 % to God.

The word count on that last paragraph was 777 so I must be doing something right.

I love you the voices say, they are helpful sometimes.  The only time they are not helpful is when I’m smoking too much or drinking too much wine.

But this is a story about a schizophrenic who became successful.  It’s not the time to talk about how I’m quitting my vices.  Now is the time to talk about how I am successful in working a job.  It took a while and I had to go through some jobs.  But I found one that loves me and at work I see the number 777 all the time too.  I think the place is lucky.  The storage units number is 7F.  Everything there works around 7’s.  I was late one day and my manager called me and I told them I was 7 minutes away.  I think I’ll win the lottery there.  The time is now.

I’m going to buy a ticket.

I love you, more peace and love into the universe now.

Thank You,

Jesse Creel

Schizophrenia, Making Money Online, Writing, Writing as a Profession, Winning the Lottery

So schizophrenia, sometimes it isn’t helpful.  It’s full of death and decay and loss and hatred.  Other times it’s a blessing.  Like when the voices start talking about me winning the lottery.

But I think this blog could be my platform, to financial freedom, and time freedom.  That’s what I want.  And I want you to have it to.  That’s why I fully encourage you start your own blog and write about whatever you want.

I like to write about schizophrenia, and working to support a family, or really to pay off my credit card.  I had a pretty good time with it and now I’m done.  The only thing I use the credit card for now is my Netflix subscription and the fee for the website.

I use GoDaddy and they only charge 8 dollars for hosting the wordpress site so I think it’s a pretty good deal.  I got the domain name for 10 years.  That cost my 90 dollars.  I figure you save if you go big.

I was lounging a little in the chair and the voices told me to get to work.  That’s encouraging and is helpful.  The schizophrenia is a blessing.  It also tells me not to smoke, it was just begging me please.  I should really stop for more than one reason.

But I have to smoke when I’m working and I really like having those cigarettes on deliveries.

Because that’s what I do for a job.  I cut meats, and make whatever they need me to, and I drive deliveries.

Today there was 4 big orders for box lunches.  They had two entire tables setup making sandwhiches.  The meat all layed out on the bread.  The managers get right in there and help and they always talk about doing it fast.

He’s going to be doing deliveries for a living one of the voices says.  While I’m thinking about the main manager who runs the whole show.  I won’t mention any names because I don’t want to drag anyone else into my personal story.  But there they were right in the thick of it, making sandwhiches and directing the people on what to do and how to do it.

And how to do it fast.

I hear voices talking but I can’t make out what their saying.  One of them says that I’m doing it.  I am doing it.  I’m doing it right now, and so can you.  People will give you money for this sort of thing if you do it the right way.  But it all starts with traffic.  I know this because I was part of the Empower Network.  I learned all about network marketing, online marketing, offline marketing, and a blog is great way to market yourself for free on the internet.  I had a blog I would write on and all I wrote about was how to make money online.

He’s getting his appearance from honey ham and I can hear the managers voice in my head.  Powerful people write this stuff another voice says.

But I was into blogging.  I like to read and I like to write.  I think it’s good for the mind body soul.  I also like running.  I go 2 times a week.  I would like to go more, I like going on my days off.  I haven’t gone yet this week, it’s gotten away from me, but I want to go more, and smoke even less.

I hear another managers voice but I can’t make out what they are saying, I hear they now saying what chew.  What chew writing for they say.  Maybe they don’t like me to write about them.  My laptop just suddenly died on me and I lost a third of a book I was writing.  I shouldn’t speak any more of that.  I still want to write a book.  Something I could sell on this site.

When I think about writing the book and selling it online and offline for 10 dollars a copy I see in a vision the number 6.66.  It just came to me.  I think about God and Jesus and how he died for my sins and I thank him and all his great works.

And I thank him now for receiving 100 million dollars, now.

And for more peace and love in the universe.

And may we all have fun.

We got work to do the voices say, there’s no time for fun they say.

I have to be at work at 7 tomorrow. Which is way different than 10 and still different from 9.  Which are the times that I usually come in.  There’s a huge order for Preakness.

My boss let me go early today by a half hour.  I was there until 3:30.  I went in at 9:15, I had to get my tooth fixed which fell out.  I have an implant where there was bone grafting done by an oral surgeon.  That’s pretty permenant but that’s just a metal rod that comes out of my gums.  The tooth is a separate part and the cement just wore off and as the dentists assistant put it, it failed.  But they got the sucker back in there and cemented it.  I haven’t had any apples yet but it seems to be in there good so far.  I guess I’ll have to keep cementing it on there whenever it falls off.  I’m going back there for a cleaning on Tuesday.  Which I should be off for.

I’m glad I worked the whole week.  I’ve been on 7,8, and 9 hour days so far and they’re not bad.  I like the money.  I love the money.  And I love getting good tips.  A 20 is a good tip and we split it all back at the shop.

My managers voice says that I have a check for you.  The other voices say it’s for 50 million dollars, I think I could really work with that.  I could proliferate the ideas on this blog and get something going.  It could be massive.  People joining network marketing companies like nobodies business.

700 dollars is a lot of money to you the voices say.  I think that a billion dollars is a lot of money, I only want 100 million.  The impossible number the voices say.  I believe that one day I hit the jackpot, and the voices say that time is light years away.  And I think that it doesn’t have to be exactly 100 million either.  It can be for whatever’s being played for.  100 million and up.

August 13th, we move into a new house the voices say.  I added in the moving into the new house part, because we could if I won on May 29th.  Which the voices have also said I would hit the jackpot.  If no one wins the powerball it will be right up there around 100 million for that weekends drawing.  Get back the voices say.

I should really call it the schizophrenia for SEO purposes.  Or would the voices be better.  Really I’m just writing from the heart and letting the traffic come organically, just like the cigarettes I smoke.  American Spirits.

At least that’s what I’m trying to cut back more on.

I got the trash taken out and the bins brought in, finally after 3 days of sitting there.  I don’t think the neighbors mind me, they all like the grass. It was Meg’s idea, getting the grass done.  So we sodded the whole front yard.

Had to tear it up first.  That was the real work.  Once it was all soil the sod went down easy.  It was raining for some of it, and the voices were just in my head telling me to write other voices down, I guess instead of theirs.

My dad did come over and helped cut a root out of the ground, both Mr. Bob and I were grateful he came over so quickly.  He was working in the rain with us.  He stayed and helped carry some sod too.  Working with them is awesome.  They know how to do things and they get shit done.

But I want to manifest money and I’ m looking for people who are like minded who enjoy reading this blog enough that they want to pay me for it.  I could offer other things too like original guitar recordings with freestyling by me Jesse Creel.  It’s raw stuff but it’s real and you can hear it on this blog.  I could put together a package for you that would include music tracks just for you.  Recorded fresh and made to order, or at least that’s how I would start this off.  Eventually the work would all be done and I would just be generating an income.  I want your help.  I want your advice… do you think it’s right for me to start another network marketing business after I get rich playing the lottery?

I could still rely on natural traffic from this blog and I could ad to it with paid advertising.  Get people to the blog, get them hooked on the writing, and go with the flow.  Have a dream and run with it.  Do what you love and the money will follow an old teacher told me.

Make money online, I can show you how to do it. I’m doing it right now in front of you.  You write.  You market yourself.  You get people to know you and like you.  I put it all out there with the whole cigarette smoking thing and the drinking and smoking pot.  I know there all vices that makes me a bad person pretty much.  I want to stop, but the pot really mellows me out and I like to smoke before work.  It motivates me.  It’s also good before a run.


I just went out for a smoke and as I was walking in the culmination of the voices outside told me to go home.  I’m going through a hard time with the quitting of the smoking and I have one in cases such as these.  It stimulates the mind but it hurts the body and I really need to cut it out.  I’m addicted though and have to smoke at work.

The power was out today for about an hour and half and it delayed the writing.  I called BGE after talking with Meg and they said, the recording said there was a crew on site and they were working on it now.  Now the power’s fine.

Would a weaklink manifest 100 million dollars I ask the voices after some time thinking about things I don’t want to write about.  Yes! the voices yell.  You didn’t tell me it was me they say.  It’s because I’m not naming who they are.

Your freebasing cocain with that money the voices say, a combination of them one finishing the others sentence.  I am not freebasing anything all I do is smoke a little reefer and most of the people I’ve hung out with don’t even consider pot a drug. It’s harmless most of them think and it’s a culture to smoke it and be part of the culture.

The voices say drinking confuses my people.  I just can’t believe anything contrary to my goals.  And one of my goals is to have a happy following massive in size.  And I’m taking over one blog post at a time.

DO you even pay attention to yourself the voices ask me.  Yes I pay attention to myself  I’m alone all the time.

See what your doing to yourself by drinking way to much wine the voices call out.  I don’t think I’m drinking too much, I’ve only had 2 glasses today.  It’s 6:35 and I’m doing fine.  Lucky numbers…. But then again their all lucky numbers.  They’re not the voices scream.  I’m lucky and I’m going to win the lottery despite my wife hating when I talk about it.  She doesn’t like the lottery or network marketing, both of which I love.  I guess we just have different tastes in life.  She thinks network marketing is all bullshit I quote but I think it’s good and good to make lots of money with.  It’s a hard life doing what you do the voices say.  I say my life is easy and there are lots of shortcuts to money the voices finish.  I can do this, I can do network marketing, I can win the lottery, I can write a book, I can get traffic to this blog, I can become healthy again.

I’m thinking about one of my coworkers, a girl with a newborn and a helpful partner, and about and sharing with her and I hear the voices say they don’t want to be part of this club.

The wine is good and I want subway.  I got 15 dollars today at work, driving a delivery to Laruel Racetrack.  12 bags of 9 and 1 bag of 2.  It wasn’t much trouble finding Susan, the food and drink manager.  They’re getting a delivery tomorrow and on Saturday.  I won’t be there Saturday.  One more day and I’m off for the weekend.  Whoo Hooo!

I don’t want you sticking up for me the voices say.  The ice in my wine crackles.  The schizophrenia is a blessing, but it is constant.  I’m always hearing it.  Schizophrenia this and schizophrenia that.  I told a house remodeling sales leader that I wanted to be empowered by the schizophrenia and look at it as a blessing.  Something to support me and uplift me.  We are the voices yell.  We’re empowering you to drink more they say.  I am almost empty and could use another.  I get a kick out of drinking and writing.

But as I wrap this up I was thinking of having a collection of blog posts published and sold as hard and soft covers.  I could get publishers to read my blog and get hooked up that way.  The point is not only to make money online but to connect with people in a meaningful way.  But making money online that’s my jam.  And you can do it to.  Connect with me and we can talk business.  It’s only 125 a month to start and from there you can spend 5000 on the rest of the products.  It pays 100% commissions so the resell is awesome.  That is if you can get a million people to join.  And buy the masters course.  The schizophrenia says real.  I have another sip of wine.    TO wrap it up I believe I hit the jackpot, I love my family, and I love my time, which equals my life because I once read that that’s what life is made out of, time.  So if you love life you love your time.  And I love what I do.  And I love you to.  More peace and love into the universe now.  I thank you for reading.  God Bless.



So My Book Is Lost

That’s right, I lost my laptop.  It’s at least 3 years old and it just shut down on me yesterday when I was writing.  I was writing about the voices when Meg was in the room and it just shut off and would refuse to start again.

That would take my book out of commission.

Baby, you high the voices say.  And your drinking they say.  I feel kinda sick from the last cigarette I just smoked.  I’ve smoked 2 bowls since I’ve been home from work.  One while my mom was upstairs giving Cali a bath and one when Meg was putting Charlie to sleep.

I know you don’t know these characters yet but they will come into play often in the story of my life.  Which is this blog.  It’s fascinating and it’s amazing and I should get paid to do it.  And so should you if writing a blog is what you want to do.  I encourage you.

And yes I’m a schizophrenic and I hear voices and I write about them.  I hear them right now.  They say nopin.  I guess their not in the mood to share.  We are they say.

I had a third of the book done and now it’s lost.  I wanted to get something out there that you could read and be inspired and entertained and moved.

I’m feeling better now and I think I’ll have a sip of wine.  there, now I feel better.  This blog is full of grammatical errors and I’m sorry for that.  It’s not very professional and I’m very sorry for that.

The voices tell me that on may 29th I will win the lottery.  I believe them.  I want to believe them, so I do believe them.  I will win 100 million dollars on May 29th.

My tooth fell out today.  It’s an implant where they did bone grafting.  It shouldn’t be hard to get the tooth back on there.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

I don’t even know why I believe winning the jackpot is going to happen when I don’t even know that it’s going to happen.

I think about the blog and the voices say it’s bad.  They say I’ll regret posting on here.  I don’t think so.  It’s an expression of the God force my writing and I like it that way.  I am eternal, infinite, immortal, and what I am is beautiful.  And I’m poised for the next step.  The next step in manifesting more money into my life.  This blog could generate traffic, or should I say , will generate traffic and I will be able to collect a following of people I can sell things to.  I t will be awesome.  I’m really looking forward to having people who read and love my writing.

I sneeze, the voices say I shouldn’t write this stuff.  That I shouldn’t write what I just wrote.  But I love you and I hope you love me too.  Because that’s what the world needs, more peace and love.

The devil the voices say. The devil what I ask, knows everything the voices say.

May 28th is your freedom day the voices say.  What if I won 100 million dollars on that day…  That would be amazing.  I would buy a house, a few cars, give to the church, take a few vacations, buy my wife a new wedding ring, and do a bunch of other cool stuff with the money like Yoga classes.

Maybe the schizophrenia will pay me.  It does the voices say.

I just smoked my third bowl of the evening and I’m feeling good except for the hiccups.  That’s what the neighbors voices say in my head, that I’m feeling good.

the wine is good and I’d like to get some more but I’d have to have a 30 dollar day tomorrow to make that happen and I haven’t had one of those in a while.  I guess I’ll just have to do without the wine for now.  I have 100 dollars in my checking account and I wanted to save that for Preakness which is coming up this Saturday.  My work gave me free tickets and a parking pass.  The house cracks.

I should look up the horses that are running on Preakness so I can bet.  I’d go with the favorite and just ride it out.

But really, I’m at 700 words in this blog post and it should really be going in the book.  It sucks that my laptop won’t work now. I had a third of a book written!

That’s the thing about the blog.  It’s on the internet so you can get to it from any computer.  And it’s there forever.  Go rasta, it makes me cough.  Money and lots of it, love from family and friends, donations.  It goes on forever.  Network Marketing.

Which my wife doesn’t want me to get back into because of the cost.  If I were a lottery jackpot winner I could do it no problem.  It’s only 200 bucks a month.  And it can pay you 3000 dollars cash.  At least that’s if your part of the masters club, which cost s 3500 dollars.  But you can resell that and make money.  You just have to have traffic or an ad budget.  I can show you either.  I’m a member of the Empower Network and some people will call it a scam, but I learned a lot about marketing from the videos and doing the work they tell you to do.  Listen to the audios and so on.

But I lost my book.  Sucks because I wanted to finish it so I could market it on this site.  The Brightside is I have this site… a place to write, to generate traffic to interact with the world.  A beautiful place full of lovely things.  You tell me what lovely things you would like to fill my universe with.  Write me.  I drink probably too much and I smoke cigarettes about a half a pack a day and smoke pot but I still think I can help you.  I’m pretty mellowed out right now and I’m feeling pretty groovy.  I hope  you have as good of a night as I’m going to have.

Good nite for now.

Jesse Creel


My intention with this blog is that it helps people.

I would like to earn money off of it.

If I genuinely help by working hard enough I think it’s a given I’ll make money.

And I need a lot of money, so I really need to be working hard, putting a lot of time into this blog.

I aim to help people improve.

Improve their personal lives so that they can make more money.

I think I can do it, I’m a very positive person.

So really my intention with this blog, as of right now, is to EARN $100,000.00 by helping people so much they are happy to pay.

I am confident I can accomplish this feat, along with much much more, but this is a starting point where I can launch from.

I am extremely excited about this blog and the future possibilities.

I hope only the best for YOU, as you will be buying from me.  I am here to serve you.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you,

Jesse Creel

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