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Improve And Succeed With Your Sales Job

Right now I’m selling.

I do it about three times a week, sometimes two times a week…

But I’ve been getting out there each week for about a month now.  All I know is that they gave me a two dollar raise to do it.  And new clothes.

Plus a name-badge, which really makes me feel official.  I heard the voices talking today about how I was official.  It kind of made me feel nice.  The voices can definitely be a blessing.

But how did I manage to get this job?

Why are they giving me more money, buying me clothes and a name-badge.. engraved… why, why, why….

I think it’s because I pray for sales.  My good thoughts are with the company’s sales.  I used to work with this guy who blew everyone out of the water in sales, and he said it was because he prayed for sales.

So everyone got an email list from some prayer website and got their prayers delivered to their inboxes.

I’m talking about delivering my own email to people to inspire them to take action.  To buy the next book on your path to growth.  To get on an email list that’s going to help you.  I’m planning to have both in store for you.  And I’m also planning on quitting cigarettes because I think that quitting is a good thing.

For now I’m just trying to stick to only one glass of wine a day.  I think that’s good for your health.  Red wine.  A glass a day.

I’ve got a lot of life left in me, I’ve just got to get off the cigarettes and I think I’ll be fine.  But I’m keeping this blog!  I’m doing my thing!  And I’m getting new twitter followers every week.  I should easily be able to turn this website, or any other site, into a  money machine.  And yeah baby, wouldn’t that be “working harder on yourself than you do at your job”-Jim Rohn.

And I say you could do it to.  Anyone could do it, everyone has value.  And your ideas can go for money!  The key to it, at least as far as I can tell, is to build your content up so strong your readers will WANT to buy things from you.  Yes, that’s right… I’m talking about making on the internet with information products people can buy that help them improve.  I think that would be working very hard on myself…. and sharing value with others.  I’ve probably been blogging a year, year and a half on this site, under my name… and it’s changed over time.

It was about schizophrenia, but I didn’t want to limit myself to just my illness, and I wanted to follow my passion, so I started writing things as valuable as I could make them for other people who just wanted to improve their lives..

And if a schizophrenic like me can work on taking over the world with his blog, I think anyone can take the world over with their blog.  They can be part of the “it” thing.  And if a schizophrenic like me can hold down a job for 30 hours a week, where a two thirds the time is selling, I’d say I’m doing pretty good.

And I hear voices.  The truth of it is, sales makes it worse.  Or better, it’s better really.  Because the voices really are a blessing.  And that’s part of my philosophy.

My philosophy is that the more you can count the positive things about your circumstances, the better off you’ll be.  Even if it doesn’t look good, make it look good.  And don’t complain, your bosses will LOVE you.


Value Based Writing For Those Who Want To Improve

And isn’t that all of us… Those who want to improve.

I say the way to improvement is to read books and keep a journal, and most importantly to experience everyday life.

Right now I work hourly and collect my pay.  I’m moving up and becoming a salesperson, and that’s great but as Jim Rohn put it “Work harder on yourself than you do at your job”.

So that’s what I do.  I read and write and keep notes.  It’s hard to put into words how that learning can help you, but I believe it does.  You just have to keep the faith.  Your learning will help you.  So that’s what I do, I learn.

But as they say, experience is the best teacher.  And I get experience at my hourly job.  So that is my best teacher right now.  I hope that this blog becomes my best teacher and that I have an impact on millions of people, but that is yet to come.  Right now the best I can do is work hourly and collect my pay, and learn and read and write in my free time.  So that’s what I do.  It’s simple really, do the thing and you will have the power, so Ralph Waldo Emerson says.

The value here is to tell you, you can do it!  You can be a success at your hourly job and you can be a success writing a blog.  It can be done!  And you can do it too!  You just have to try and try harder and work towards your dreams.  I don’t know that I will ever make a million dollars off of one of my ebooks, but I can try!  I can write it and let the words do the work for me!  And you can do it too!  You just have to try!  And like my boss says at my hourly job, you have to do MORE than just try! You have to DO IT!  So that’s my plan, and that’s what I’m doing right now as your reading this, I’m making it happen.

And you can do it too!  Be inspired to take action in your life and become a success in whatever your doing.  Whether that be working your hourly job, whether that be becoming a success in sales, whether that be becoming a success with your blog and ebook, I’m here to help you.  I want you to succeed.  Take your coffee and drink it, and feel good that your in good company that is really interested in your success.

And if you really want to go over the top, and become a public speaker, then make a video and put it on your blog.  That’s one thing I learned from going “all in” at the Empower Network.  Make videos and put them on your blog.  You’ll learn from them and they will make you into a good public speaker.  You may not please everybody from the start, in fact you may have a very rocky road, but you will learn and you will become better.  So just do it.  You will have the power.  I trust you.  I want you to learn.  Become better, and have a better impact on the world.  You can do it!

Right now I’m writing this and I’ve had a couple of beers and now I’m drinking a glass of wine.  I’m also struggling with quitting cigarettes.  Sometimes they make me feel great, other times they make me feel terrible.  But I figure that with enough income I can live whatever lifestyle I want, whether that be a lifestyle of drinking and smoking or not.  I would be able to do it if I made enough money.  So I’ve got to make more money if I want to drink and smoke.  Otherwise, I’ll have to quit and just work my hourly job and pay my bills.  Pay my bills over time and get debt free.  That’s my ticket, or my ticket is to write this blog, add value to a massive number of people and then make my money that way.  Chances are I would make a lot more money that way than just working an hourly job.  So I’m going for it.  And I want you to know that if your doing it too, I’m in it with you.  I’m in it for the long haul.  I know success doesn’t happen overnight, so I’m willing to work for it.  And work hard I will.  It just takes time.  So time I will give it.  And I know that if I keep learning, and keep working on my blog, that if I keep adding value, people will be attracted to me and want to buy things from me.  That’s my ticket and that’s what I’m working towards.  I hope the same for you.

Because with the age of the internet, anything is possible.  Yes the climate is getting warmer and it’s nice but it’s also scary… are we effecting things in a way we can’t reverse?  Are we doing something wrong as a whole?  All I know is that you can only do what YOU can do, and you can’t put the whole of society on your shoulders and say it’s my fault.  Because it’s not, it’s just our evolution.  And if our evolution is to destroy our planet and everything in it, then so be it.  We’ve had a good run and can’t expect to live forever.  On the other hand we can learn to improve and become better, which is what I’m striving towards.  We can eat less meat, smoke less cigarettes, drink less wine, and live a better life.  That’s what I say, become better.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” -Jim Rohn

Because that’s what you’ve got to do, and by God we will do it.  We will become better, we will succeed.  We will be the best versions of ourselves.  And that’s what this website is about.  It’s about improving people’s lives.  It’s about making the best of what we have.  It’s about taking that best of what we have and making it better.  It’s about taking more from life than life has initially given you.  And it’s about giving.  It’s about giving more of yourself, and doing everything you can to have an impact on people in a positive way.  To influence people to TAKE ACTION and make positive change in their lives.  Please TAKE ACTION NOW.

It’s all about making your life better.  If that means doing the dishes, then do the dishes.  If you have laundry to do, do the laundry.  If you have to take the trash out, don’t hesitate or wait, take the trash out now.  If it means you have to go to work and do your hourly job, then go to work on time and do your hourly job.  If it means you have to write a blog post to inspire the world, the write the God blessed blog post that is going to inspire the world.  Just do the thing.  You will be happy you did.  You will leave a legacy for the rest of the world to know who you were and what you stood for.  I just went on a walk today and this is what I found.

I was thinking about my values because I want to live a value based lifestyle.  I want my values to guide my actions.  I don’t want to act on my impulses anymore.  So I wanted to think of the top 4 values in my life.  This is what I came up with:

  1. Health
  2. Love
  3. Growth
  4. Success

I think these are good values to live by and want to live by them myself.  So that means little to no smoking, and continuing self education until I succeed.

These are just the values I want to live by, you can come up with your own.  You may want adventure, freedom, security, or whatever.  There are alot of values you could come up with, you have to choose your own.  I just thought that for me, this was a good starting point.

The point here is you’ve got to read good books on personal development to get these kinds of lessons.  You’ve got to think and keep a journal so you can write down your own list of values and know what they are so you can live by them.  And not just your values, but how you can work hourly, how you can sell, and how you can blog… and how you can write ebooks.  Because that’s what were after right?  We want to make a million dollars selling our first ebook.  And God help me I will show you the way.  I’ve just got to do it first.  But I believe it can be done, and I’m here to be a leading learner, and show you my results as I go.  Right now, I’m getting comments and getting twitter followers.  I know that anyone else can do the same.  Now I’m set on selling an ebook and making millions of dollars, and when that happens the blog posts I make will be of a different tune.  For now, they are for inspiration, they are for your enlightenment, they are for your pleasure.  As I think they will be after I make my first million.  And trust me, I will make a million dollars on the internet, or much much more.  It’s coming the time when this is going to happen.  Trust me, I’m going to make it happen.  Just wait and see.  Like Jack White said in his “ball and a biscuit” song…. I’m the seventh son, and you might not care about me now, but you will by the time I’m done.

So I leave you with that.

Take care of yourself, and good luck in life,

Jesse Creel

Blogging To Create An Income

I haven’t done it yet, that is create an income from blogging, but I’m a leading learner who can help you along the path to creating yourself a dream life.

I regularly get comments on my blog, and I get new twitter followers every week so I can say that I’m making progress. Now I just need to pay off my credit card so that I can get a list together, get on Aweber for 20 dollars a month.  It’s going to take time to get that list up on this site, so in the meantime I can blog and increase my traffic.

But the point here is to make more money.  And to do it on the internet, with a blog.  Once you have your blog established you can create products that you can sell on your website.  That’s the way I see it happening for me, and if I can do it, I know others can do it as well.

I read in a book that you will take more action if you live as if your dreams are already a reality.  So that’s why I’m writing about making money off of a blog.  Because that’s my dream, that’s what I want to do.  Passive income.  Work once and have it pay you for life.   Of course you’ll want to keep working and updating if you want to keep your customers coming back and buying more stuff from you.  There’s really no end to the money you can make off of information products.  Take me for example.  I spent over 5,000 dollars on information products all to make me a better person.  And it worked or I wouldn’t have this blog and I wouldn’t have a twitter feed, and I wouldn’t be making videos.  All to add value to a massive number of people.  Because that’s what I’m working towards.  To adding value to a massive number of people.

And who doesn’t want to make more money?  And who wouldn’t like that avenue to be a blog on the internet and an information product you make with your own blood, sweat and tears.  For yourself.  Your only boss is God.  I have faith that with enough work I’ll get noticed and people will WANT to buy stuff from me.  You can have that faith too.  I say read books and keep a journal and write your blog.  The people will come when your adding value.  So the value here is to work your tail off and become better each day.  Right now my challenge is beating a cigarette addiction which is costing me dearly, and I will be able to pay off my debts when I do this.

Because cigarettes are bad for my health, and their killing my wallet.  Not to mention I’m being a bad example for my children.  I really have got to stop, no matter what happens.  To get my spending under control and to get my credit card paid off.  The value here, don’t smoke and you won’t have unnecessary spending on your conscientious.

Another thing I have to do is to stop drinking.  Another destructive vice that is killing me, making my life harder, and wasting my money.  I spend 10 dollars a month on a gym I never go to, and I’ve got to start using that too.  I must make these changes in my life and I will be a better example to my children, to my family, to my friends, to my prospects and customers, and to you and the rest of the world.  So I’ve got to do it.

And I’ve got to keep blogging.  I want to build a community that people can come to to increase their earnings.  I’m not the only one doing this, there’s a lot of competition out there, but I know there is room for me.  I have faith.  And I’m a hard worker who does the job well, so I know that my work will result in success.  I’m in the right place at the right time, and the same can be with you… no matter where you are in the world, or what you want to do.  “Do the thing and you will have the power”-  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

But this post is really to add value to your life.  I know people can make it on the internet.  I know people can make money blogging.  I know people can make money selling information products.  I know people can work 4 hours a week and make more than the average American, Tim Ferris of the “Four Hour Workweek” is a example of that.  So take this information and put it to use.  If you haven’t started a blog yet, go out and do it now.  Get your first post done and tweet it.  And then write a post everyday, or as often as you can, and get traffic to your blog.  Once you have traffic you can do whatever you want.  Create an ebook and sell it on your website.  You could make a lot of money!  And better yet, you could really help some people out!

The value here is that you can do it.  I know you can.  There is proof all over the internet that it can be done.  Just make it happen!  Work hard, and smart, and learn, and be a lifetime learner.  Be a leading learner that learns as one goes and reports the successes along the way.  I’m getting traffic and comments to my blog, so that should be an inspiration to someone who hasn’t yet started a blog and wants to get one going.  You can be a valued member of the community!  If a baby can learn a language just by hanging around their parents then you can start a blog and make money off of it.  You can help people and be a blessing in their lives.  Start now!  You can do it!

We all get what we deserve, and the harder you work the better off you will be.  Really put the time in and get something good out of it.  You will be happy you did.  Work your job until you get your blog off the ground and are making enough money to quit and be your own boss.  Sell ebooks, that’s what I say.  Sell your own products.  Network marketing is fine, but your selling the company.  Why sell another company when you could sell yourself.  And you could develop so much along the way!

Good luck to you, and may God bless you with everything you want in life.  Thanks for reading.

Jesse Creel

How To Become Successful At Your Hourly Job And Get Raises!

Yes, it can be done, and it can be done by anyone anywhere.

At least that’s what I believe, and so I’m writing this post.

The point of this post is to help you to improve yourself so you become more valuable, and more valuable to your company, so that getting raises is easy for you!  I’ve written a short ebook on the topic titled “Success Hourly”.  It’s only 12 pages but it’s only a three step guide.  The steps are….

1- Work Hourly

2- Improve

3- Grow

When you work hourly that’s where it all starts.  In my book I outline the differences in working on commission vs working hourly and I favor working hourly.  Even if your promoted to salesperson you won’t be getting paid for sales, you’ll be getting your hourly rate.  It makes for a steadier time.  I don’t discourage anyone from working on commission though, it’s just not for me, and I’ve gone into debt because I didn’t sell.  Don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

The next step, step 2 is to improve.  Simply put, it entails you reading and keeping a journal of your thoughts.  Thoughts designed to help you improve your life.  Personal life and business life.  It also involves asking the question, “How do I improve?” on a daily basis.  Everyday, and in as many moments as you can, ask yourself “How do I improve?”

The third step is to grow.  This is the best part because your working hourly and improving pays off.  You get raises!  Your hard work on yourself, balancing your life, and becoming a better person, pays off.  You get raises!  And they should come in droves, with you making big improvements on yourself and your bosses recognizing your work ethic and your attitude, and want to promote you because it’s in their best interest to do so.

These are the basic steps outlined in my ebook, and I hope this brief outline helps to shed some light on what you can do to become more successful.  I do say in my book that part of getting these raises is being at the right place at the right time, with the right people, but if you do your work you can rest easy at night knowing that it’s on it’s way to you, if your not yet there.

For me part of my success has come from learning not to hate work.  And to take it a total 180 and love work.  That has really helped me.  And when you put love into what you do, you can share that with your bosses and they will be pleased.  You may even take them by surprise!  And wouldn’t that be a nice surprise knowing that someone at work is putting love into what they do!  All I have to say is that I know it makes the work better when you put love into it.  It’s that extra something you can do to make your work really the best.  Go for it, and do it with everything you have and then some.  You’ll be getting paid your hourly rate, and getting opportunities to make even more money.  That’s what’s happening for me, and I want to be the one to say to you, it can happen to you to.  Just do it!

So if you want success at your hourly job, your going to have to give your company more value for that raise to make sense to them.  You can do this by asking yourself the question “How do I improve” on a regular basis, and acting on your answers.  You can also improve your personal value by reading more books, and keeping a journal.  You can refer to those journals in the future to help you out with anything you may be working on, or to give you a reference point for where you came from and get you better on the path to where you want to go.  The point is, you can do it, just take massive action in the direction of your dreams.  The harder you work now, the better off you will be later.  And that includes living a balanced personal life. Eat right, sleep enough, read, write, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs.  That’s part of living a value based lifestyle.  If you value your health you will take care of yourself.  And we need you around so you can be of value to the world!

But that’s really all I have for right now.  If you want a raise, it’s as simple as becoming more valuable.  Have faith that you will be rewarded for your efforts, but do it simply to be of service.  That way you aren’t focusing on the results, your focusing on doing the job well.  And there’s value in that for you as well.  You’ll feel good being a valued member of society.  I know I do, especially as a schizophrenic.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless you.

Jesse Creel

A New Ebook And Possibly An Email List

Yes!  I’ve just finished my first ebook.

It’s a 12 page short book on how to get a raise at your job!  I wrote it from the heart, I know I can write more, but I wanted to get something going right now, so on to better things!

But I’m thinking of starting an email list, do you think you would want to join?  I think I’m going to give my ebook away for free if you put in your email address.  I have to figure the logistics out, and get myself to pay the 20 dollars a month for AWeber but that’s about it.  It should be up any day now.

But I wanted to write this post to tell you I finished my second book.  The first book I wrote took me a year, and the second took me probably 4 hours.  It’s a short read but hopefully it’s inspiring and I hope to write much more like it.  I think I could charge 5 dollars for it, but I think the privilege of having your email address is worth 4 hours of my time.  Besides it adds value, and I want to add value to as many people as I possibly can in my life.

That’s the way I think it should be for everybody.  Add value to a massive number of people and you’ll be fine.  In fact, you’ll be great! and everyone will want to follow your example.  There’s examples of that all over the world.

But I wanted to write this to give you a sneak peak at the book and to let you know what you’ll get if you download it.

First you’ll get the introduction.  Why I wrote the book.  Then you’ll get the three steps to increasing your pay at your hourly job.  I’m a prime example that it can be done no matter what your going through in life, whether your a schizophrenic or someone who is just out there…. there’s hope.  You can do it too.  I call on you, no matter what your going through, to break free and do the thing that gives you your power.  No matter what your going through, you can be a success at your hourly job.  And that success will help transform other parts of your life as well.  There’s really no end to the improvements.

I tend to write very long posts, so I’m just going to keep this one short… just like my first ebook that’s only 12 pages long… but I’m going to leave you with a video.  This video outlines the book and talks about the three steps to increasing your income.  I hope you enjoy it!

My wife came home before I could finish the video, so I don’t get to go over step 3, which is to grow.  The best part!  But I still wanted to share this brief video so that you could better know me.

I am a family man, and I had to take care of my family… but keep checking back on this blog for updates and I’ll be sure to add value in here for you and everyone else that reads this.  I’m so excited!

Will write soon,

Jesse Creel

Selling and Getting 20 Dollars An Hour

Because that’s what I got paid to do it today.  11 dollars hourly for 4 hours, and 35 dollars in mileage.  You figure I spent some gas driving, but 35 dollars more than pays for that.  But you figure I made 44 dollars hourly and the 35 comes to 79 dollars for 4 hours, that’s almost 20 dollars an hour!

This is why I recommend hourly sales jobs.  I landed one, as jobs have in the past just fell in my lap… able to get promoted just because they needed someone to do the job.  More skills, more money.  That’s part of where the voices come in though.

It’s not bad, or as bad as I’ve heard before, but I’ve been getting some.  The voices call it bad energy.  Maybe it’s from living the way I do, with the drinking and the smoking, and the coffee.  I really need to quit the drinking and the smoking though… something I’m working on.

But I ended up landing 3 deals last week, and they’ve sent me out on two more days this week.  Tomorrow will be my third and final sales calls of the week.  For the last day of the week, until the weekend when I have two days off, I’ll be working in the store.  Cutting the meat, cutting the bones, and helping the customers.  There’s more to it than that, but working in the store is easy compared to the sales calls.

The sales calls are a lot more fun though.  You get told no sometimes but most people are welcome to get two free box lunches.  I really have the easiest sales job I’ve ever had because my product is food and they give me samples to give to the prospects.  And who doesn’t want free food!

But I really recommend an hourly sales job for those suffering from schizophrenia, because really, their going to get paid either way!  It takes all the pressure off the sale.  There’s no money involved in the human interaction when I drop off a free lunch.  So if you hear voices that tell you your a bad human being, it’s a lot easier to sell when you know that it’s all up to God… and you can probably go back to working in the store if it doesn’t work out.  That is, as long as you stay reliable.

Along with being a salesperson, and working in the store, I also drive the box truck on the holidays to the Army base.  It’s a good gig because it gets me out of the store, and it requires me to move boxes around, which as a schizophrenic… some manual labor is good for me.  I also like sales because I get to walk around.

But really, it’s all up to God.  I get paid hourly and mileage for doing it, but they said that bonuses are on the way when I sell, so I could get paid even more!  But still, to work 4 hours and get paid 79 dollars is a good deal.  It could be better, but I am now recovering the wage I lost when I had a mental and emotional breakdown.  I lost my job that was paying me 18 dollars an hour, full time and I hadn’t recovered until I started this sales job.  Now I can get back to that wage I was earning, and have the possibility to earn even more.

And not just at my job.  I’m working on an e-book now… one that I’m going to write for an imaginary character in my head, John.

You can make a lot of money off e-books.  Pat Flynn of made 200,000 dollars off his e-book.  And he does a lot more than e-books.  He’s great, I recommend his email list.  He really gives value.  Click the link and check him out!

But to stick to the topic, this post is about making 20 dollars an hour as a salesperson.  And that doesn’t count bonuses!  It’s good work, and I’m happy to do it.  It makes a man out of me.  Now I just need to work on paying off my credit card and giving my wife more money.  But that’s a post I don’t want to write until I have a zero balance, and can pay at least half of the bills.

I could always win the lottery, that’s a possibility.  One that I’ve often entertained.  Often visualized about.  A while ago I picked the number 397 as a size jackpot I’d like to win.  It hasn’t come about yet, so I’m playing to win 310.  That’s the jackpot size tonight and seeing as I only really need 15 million to retire with a lifestyle of freedom, I’d be in pretty good shape.  And wouldn’t we all want that?  I hope that you and I both hit it, and we can split it.  I don’t need a 7 million dollar house.

As for the rest of those people out there that haven’t won yet, maybe there will come a time.  For a few of you, you will win the lottery.  I can’t say who, but you’ll win.

But that’s probably crazy talk.

I just think if your visualizations are strong enough, and you’ve done enough good in the world, and you pray and thank God… you can win the jackpot.

Because that’s the day in age we live in.  One can visualize their way to a jackpot!  And do good works!  I heard Matthew McConaughey say on a music award show that the more we are thankful for, the more there is to be thankful for.  And I believe that is the absolute truth.  So I’m thankful to God everyday, especially just for another day!  I am also thankful for many sales that I tell myself I have already made.  Even though I haven’t… I pray in the future tense.

And I have a set of prayer beads.  They really help me to know what I’m praying for.  Sometimes the prayer changes while I’m doing it.  It takes 108 repetitions to complete.  It’s really a great exercise.  I highly recommend prayer beads.  And I’ll let you know about any future successes in this sales job, where I am currently making money, so you can be inspired to act in your own life so that you can better enjoy the ride.

So for now that’s what I tell you.  Work!  Hard work, smarts, and dependability pay off.  They landed me a sales job where they bought me my own business cards, 4 shirts, and a jacket!  All starting at 8.75 an hour as a delivery driver.  Progress is possible!

And for the love of God, write a blog.  Improvement is the only thing that is possible with a blog.  As long as your really bringing value to a massive number of people.  So really the value here is that even if your schizophrenic, you can work a job, get promoted, and even sell 3 deals!  That’s exactly what I’ve done, and the future looks even brighter.  I hope to live to 100.

But God’s got his own ideas on what happens, and as far as I can tell you have to work hard, read books, and keep a journal.  That way you can research how your going to bring value to people.   And according to Tony Robbins, the way to long term wealth is to add value to a massive number of people.  So I believe that God does everything for me, and that he makes the sales, but I also believe in order to be deserving you have to be doing your part by learning.  And if you deserve it, you’ll get it.

I guess the question is how can we be deserving of one of those jackpots?

Here’s to us splitting it,

Jesse Creel

P.S.  I’ll let you know if I get any more sales.  Right now I have 3 to my name.  Thank God for sales.

P.P.S.  If you think me writing a book on sales, giving you my experience and advice, do you think it would go over well considering what you’ve read here?  Something for schizophrenics and those not, about sales, what it’s like, and how you can get there and make 3 sales doing it.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think, I am writing outlines for the book now, and would love to hear your feedback.  Thank you.



Blogging For Schizophrenics

Yes, you can do it and I highly recommend it to everyone, that is… blogging.

But especially if your a schizophrenic, like me, and the best that could happen is one adds value to a massive number of people and that results in economic abundance for one.  And I think, especially if your a schizophrenic, you can do it!

“For a system to remain alive, for the universe to move onward, information must be continually generated.  If there is nothing new, if the information that exists merely confirms what is, then the result will be death.  Isolated systems wind down and decay, victims of the laws of entropy.  The fuel of life is new information–novelty–ordered into new structures… Not management of information but encouragement, not control but genesis”

-Margaret Wheatley quoted from the book “The Tao of Sales” by E. Thomas Behr, PH.D.

And that’s why I feel blogs are so important.  They are new information, coming up everyday, every week, every month with people really trying to add massive amounts of value to their work and giving large portions of it away for free.

In “The Tao of Sales” it also says that the good mans fortunes are deep, because the more he gives the more he has to give.  It’s a good way to look at it, and I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to give just a little more of myself everyday, into my work, into my life. But before we go any further lets get some value for you…

Here’s why, if your schizophrenic you should start a blog, within a website that has your own name on it.  Take mine for example.  It’s  That’s my name!  And I can blog about anything I want!  I can associate myself with anything I want!  And shouldn’t I choose wisely.

And so should you.  Find a good niche, and I think it’s part of doing something your passionate about.  For me sales and schizophrenia are a great niche because it’s about two things I both love.  And they go well together.  It’s kind of a feedback system between me and the universe.  If I’m smoking when I don’t have the money, or I’m not feeling good, then I’ll probably get some bad feedback from the schizophrenia.  If I’m not cleaning up after myself at home I’ll get some bad feedback from the schizophrenia.  The schizophrenia also tells me to floss!  Go figure.

So schizophrenia has been a big part of my life for the last 7 years… I’ve had some ups and downs.  Now I’m stable and doing well.  I’m becoming a long term success at my new job in sales.  I’m reporting my progress on this blog.  That’s the beauty of blogging when your a schizophrenic… you can write about your sales job and all your experiences doing it as a schizophrenic!

I should have noted that I would recommend consulting with a talk therapist before making the jump into sales, and what kind of sales…but I cleared it with mine, all systems go, he told me that I had as good of a chance as anyone else.  And I already made 3 sales!  I haven’t told my counselor about my sales yet because I only see him once a month.  Because I’m doing so good, otherwise I would see him every two weeks and I have seen him every week before.

At any rate, the value here is that talk therapy is valuable and if your a schizophrenic like me, I think if you can get over any obstacles you have to it and are open to the idea that you can recover with the aid of medication and therapy together, hey it might work for you!  I was in a position of having no motivation to go to work altogether, and seeing my psychiatrist and my therapist has coincided with promotions at my job again.

And not to mention, and this is a hot announcement… but I’m now at work on an ebook.  It’s going to be my product, and I’m going to offer it for sale.  I’ve already done some research by reading Pat Flynn’s ebook “Ebooks the Smart Way”  you can get at his website  It was definitely a good read I would recommend to anyone who wants to write an ebook.

But tell me what you think about it, and what you think about me charging 19.99 for it.  Is that too high, too low… leave a comment and let me know what you think.  After all we are talking about adding massive amounts of value here… you get what you pay for.

But blogging is for schizophrenics because in order to write something good you have to serve your audience.  You have to add value.  The more people you add value to the better off you will be.  In fact I don’t even know if there is a Sales for Schizophrenics niche.  I may be making it up as I go.

But I think at the least, to a regular person, or maybe even another salesman or would be salesman without schizophrenia, it should be an entertaining read, with lessons about learning that can be applied to anyone, schizophrenia or not.  The point is, if you like sales, or love sales, and I want this coming ebook to be for you.

Whether that be sales in network marketing, sales at Sears, sales at Aflac, sales at Walmart, sales at a car dealership, any kind of sales you could think of, vacuum cleaner sales.  My story will hopefully be of inspiration to you and add a certain level of curiosity to your life.

Dave Wood of Empower Network said of writing blogs to do 500 words and then you’d be done.  I usually go on for a bit longer than that.  I have been known to do 2,000 words consistently.  This one’s only 1,000 but I’ve doubled Dave Woods recommendation.  I want to give a little more value.

But I did learn a whole lot from David Wood, and that will also be in my blog.  Stories about the Empower Network.  I had a lot of fun doing that.  Didn’t make any sales, blew thousands of dollars, but I had fun.  I also had a psychotic breakdown involving things I cannot mention, while coming back from traveling to an Empower Network event.  So it was bad and good.

But I’m doing much better not paying anything to work, and getting paid a steady hourly rate.  I also get mileage, which they pay in cash, each day I work the sales runs.  So three days last week, three days this week.  I have three days coming up, starting with tomorrow, day one.  I made 3 sales last week off of my three days, and I’m getting three more days this week.  This is the most I’ve done this sales work at my job, I’m mostly in the store cutting up the ham, and helping the customers.  It’s really an amazing opportunity and I’m very blessed I have it.  I thank God everyday for another day, and for everything I have!  For everything I am able to give!  For everything I am able to repay!  For everything I am able to save!

Go forth and do the thing you have set out to do.  If your a schizophrenic like me, go into sales and kill it, and write a blog as a leading learner, telling the world about your progress.  Read books and learn, and keep a journal.  Do these things and watch your life begin to improve.  Do them earnestly and I know they will.

Thanks for reading, have an excellent time,

Jesse Creel

Sales Success And Getting An Hourly Rate

So they pay me mileage, for what I drive, and they pay me hourly… 11 dollars an hour.  There’s talk about what they call bonuses, but I know it only as commission.  And when your getting hourly plus commission you know your in big business.

And I wanted to write this to you to report my progress and to notify you of the changes this website will be experiencing over the next few days. You see, I want to write about sales now.  I’ve written some about schizophrenia, and I want to move beyond my illness now.  It’s a chemical imbalance in my brain, and not a result of the bad things I’ve done in my life, or so my grandmother says.  I spoke with her on Friday, yesterday, Feburary 10th, 2017.

And I told my grandmother, just as I’m telling you now, that I went out for 3 days and came back with 2 orders!  One was for 450 dollars!  It was only my first full week working the sales job and already I have orders!  I haven’t even gotten my button up shirts, business cards, or name tags, and already I have sales!

This is obviously great news for me, my company, and everyone else involved.  Somebody gets to eat some food they can love, and I get to build a relationship!  How wonderful it is when your work pays off!  This should be an inspiration to schizophrenics and those who want to make it in sales that it can be done!  And it can be done no matter what your going through!  You may have to eat it for a while, working endlessly and getting nowhere, but keep plugging at it and you’ll get there.  I’m living proof.

Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  It’s only two sales.  I don’t want to be writing about building long term sales success after making only 2 sales, but I sure am a testament that if you work hard, read books, and keep a journal your going to do well.

And read the right books.  Things that are going to inspire you to take action in the direction of your financial dreams.  Your relationship dreams.  I want to sell but personally I think it would be awesome if I could set up a passive income stream from an ebook and this website that would be totally automatic!  Do the work once and it pays you for the rest of your life!  While you sleep!  And all the better the good reviews. And if you do your job as a writer then there will be no shortage of good reviews.

And I don’t want to bring politics into it but in Donald Trump’s inauguration speech he said at the end that “God was protecting us”.  And I believe that’s true.  I also believe he’s not only doing it for the USA!, but God is protecting the entire world, and every person in it.  There’s no doubt bad things can happen, but it’s about taking the lessons of those bad things an applying them to one’s life.  That’s about as political as I get.

And when I hear voices, because I do hear voices, voices that tell me their scared, that their mom is scared, it makes me think of how me selling might make someone fear for my life.  It can be a scary world out there, with lots of crazy people…(but most of them good, and interested in forward progress) and these people are concerned for me.  I just tell them I am fine and press on with my day.  That’s the way I know how to do it, I’m a machine.

But that’s really all I wanted to tell you.  I made one sale for 450 dollars and then I made another for 7 box lunches in the same day!  It worked!  I haven’t made any sales in years, and this is my first time back in the game.  I seek to improve and make more sales!  I think you can get an hourly job and work your way into sales! Even if your schizophrenic! Let your bosses trust you and you will get the best jobs!

My bosses are even talking about getting me a desk in the office!  And they were talking about giving me a raise to 11 dollars an hour and they did it.  That’s a lot especially if your getting bonuses.  And there’s talk about getting me bonuses!  I’m so happy I’ve been telling everyone about my success and celebrating it every chance I get.

Really though, now that I’m finishing this post and it’s Sunday, and I have to go back to work tomorrow, the celebrating is coming to an end.  The work will never stop and neither will I.

If you liked this post, and would like to share your sales success, please leave a comment.  Let me know what you liked best about this post and tell me how you think I might be able to improve it.  I would love your feedback.  Also tell me about any successes in sales that you’ve had.  That would be great to begin a kind of community that supports each other.

Thanks for reading!

Jesse Creel

Schizophrenia And Working A Sales Job

“Schizophrenia beats dining alone” -Oscar Levant

And that’s really how it should be with the schizophrenia.  Just friendly voices there to help you and guide you along the way.

But sometimes the voices are not friendly and they seek only to command you.  That’s just from my own experience.

But the schizophrenia bleeds out into the world and other voices, real voices can be heard… and those voices say dream like things that sometimes seem to relate to what’s going on in my own head.  Just from my experience.

But you see, you’ll get a lot of my own experience.  The way I see it, that’s what one should be reporting on anyways.  How one sees the world.  And I also think it’s important for one to be continually improving that vantage point.

So on with the improvements.

And I should have been asking myself that question over the last two days, while I was at work on my companies sales calls.  I have repeatedly asked myself the question “How do I improve?” when I was working in the store.  And it worked!  I was focused on improving what I was doing.  And I gained motivation to go the extra mile with things.  To really do them well.

Well, I got out of the habit of asking myself that question “How do I improve?” and now I have a sales job.  And I’ve been getting distracted because one of the ways I improve is to stop smoking and I’ve been putting that off.  I need to get it together and just quit, but that’s for another post.  One that I don’t want to write right now.

This post is about what it’s like in sales when you have schizophrenia.

When I got off and was smoking a cigarette I heard one of the neighbors say (and I don’t know if he said it out loud or if it was just in my head) he said “He’s on fire”.  It felt like he was talking about me.  How I don’t really feel right but I’m still smoking.

Today, when I was just getting started my day, I was at an office and it was a big score because I dropped off lunches to three different places in one building.  Saves a lot of time when you can hit more than one place in the same building.  And on the second one I started shaking a little bit.  By the third I was noticeably shaking and the guy I was talking to seemed a little distracted when he looked at my hand and saw me shaking.  He didn’t say anything though, thank God for that.  It would have made it a little uncomfortable if I would have had to explain myself.  Yeah, all the cigarettes are taking a toll on my life and sales sometimes shakes me up… who knows what I would have said…  I didn’t have to tell him I was fine.

But the whole thing, the shaking, calmed down and I proceeded with my day.  I felt a little nauseated yesterday and today, but I think all that’s telling me is not to drink alcohol. So I’m on with juice.  Minute maid berry punch.  “Put good in, get good out” reads the label and I love that.  I do kinda catch a buzz from drinking the juice too, and it really beats the wine buzz.  Especially when your talking the next day.

And I really shouldn’t be drinking, but parties get me going on drinking for days at a time.  I just need to cut the shit and be myself.  No cigarettes, no alcohol, no drugs.  And a lot of hard work.  Work at my job, in the store, and on sales… work on my life, with reading and journaling, and work on my dream, by writing this blog.  Not to mention working on my family life and my social life.  And I have time enough for everything.  I just have to use my time wisely.  I do need a little more sleep than the average person, I’ve always loved sleeping.  I do think it’s a waste of time though and would like to sleep less.  I’ve heard of successful people who were so driven that they went by on 4 hours a night.  Tony Robbins is one of those people.  I could get a lot more reading done!

But for now my bedtime is 10pm.  And that’s part of what I attribute my success at my job thus far to.  I always get enough rest.  I’m usually up by 7:30… though sometimes I lose motivation and get up at 8:30…. but it’s all changing now because with this sales job I have to drive farther to get to work, so I have to leave earlier.

But I’m up for the challenge and the voices don’t bother me much when I’m doing it either.  If they are talking they are encouraging me to sell.  So like the quote I started this post with, it’s better to sell with something encouraging you.  It’s really kind of nice.  They yell at me to sell, but I’ve had some sales managers in the past who actually screamed at me and they weren’t shy when it came to using profanity.  The voices I have weren’t as bad as some of my bosses have been when I was in credit card processing sales.

And with the schizophrenia, my bosses get in my head.  Different voices for each different manager.  Their mostly good influences though, my bosses voices.  They tell me to work, and sell, and do things that I should be doing as the valued employee that I am.  So when my bosses get in my head, and it usually doesn’t last long, they tell me to do what I’m supposed to do, which is be great!

I realize that I don’t even know I should be considered a schizophrenic when people I know have friends that have been institutionalized for 20 years.  My voices seem to be a blessing in comparison with what they go through.  Being restrained, being forced medication, being locked up and watched and feeling like the people who are supposed to be taken care of you are just finding you crazy with a grim prognosis.  At least that’s my paraphrase of how schizophrenia was described in “The Center Cannot Hold” by Elyn Saks.  I just finished that book a couple days ago and I thought it was a good read written by a well respected person.  Saks went to several colleges and is a teacher with all kinds of prestigious seats being given to her over her life.  I sure never had it as bad as she did, and I can’t expect to help everyone with schizophrenia work a job.  But I think I can try and help some, and at the very least add some value to the people lives who read this.  I’m supposing the value here is that even if your shaking like a leaf on a tree, you can still do your job, and do it well.  (On a side note, I think doing it well would result in sales, so I work in the store well, but have yet to be proven with the sales job…. as I’m not walking the walk with sales yet, although I pray that I have already walked the walk in sales, I would not recommend starting a sales career as a schizophrenic until I have successfully proven that it can be done… although here is proof schizophrenics can sell stuff too, it’s a story about a schizophrenic who works in the lawn and garden section of sears selling on commission and being the best one around.  And I pray that I sell too).

So here’s to working a job and getting promoted to a salesperson.  I will write more when I get my first sale, bonus, and most importantly relationship.  Really, I’m in the business of building relationships and I can tell you, it’s hard work.  I seek to improve and hope the same for you.  Here’s to your good health, wealth, and wisdom.  Thanks for Reading.

Jesse Creel

Schizophrenia And Getting Promoted At Work

Yes, I am a schizophrenic.  And yes, I am getting promoted at work.  The goal of this post is to let you in on my secrets, to overcoming the voices, and to finding success at your job.

Most of what I hear is my father in law screaming my name.  He doesn’t say much other than “You won’t win!” in reference to the lottery.  He also says I shouldn’t drink beer, wine, or whiskey.  I drink anyways.

But really, I’m mostly sober.  There’s no time to drink when I’m working, and I work a lot.  If I’m not working my job, I’m at home reading or writing, which I still consider work.  Even though I’m not getting paid to write at this point, it’s still work and something I treat as if I AM getting paid to do it.

But the good news is that I keep getting promoted at my job.  I work at Honeybaked Ham, as an associate and as a salesman.  I just recently got the title of Sales Coordinator, which includes the responsibility for selling for all three of the stores in the company.  I started out with only one store, they added another to my duties and now I have the third as well.  It’s a lot of responsibility, seeing that they’ve given me another raise to go with the third store, and I do not take it lightly.  This adds to my stress level though, and as a schizophrenic I have to be careful what I take on.  I however am optimistic about my new position and think I will do very well with it.

So I started out at 8.75 an hour as an associate a year and a half ago.  I got the sales position in October of 2016 and they gave me another 1.25 making my hourly wage an even 10 an hour.  Now that they’ve given me another raise, I’m making 11 dollars an hour.  Not much really, but I’m growing in the company, and that is, invaluable.

So I’ve been going out and giving free samples of our lunches to companies, and I’m working on getting some really good results.  Just last week I had a couple of people tell me on the spot that they would definitely be ordering lunch from us, and I made sure that they would give my name so I get credit for the sales.  I’m doing the work now and my boss, or really my boss’s boss, the president of the company, told me that I may even get a desk in the office.  I’m assuming that’s only if I sell a lot and do really well.  So that’s my aim, to sell many many deals.

But writing about my sales success is for the future.  Right now I just want to tell you about my raises and how I’m doing well, and how you can do it too.

My recommendation to you, if you are schizophrenic, and want to increase your income, is to work your tail off.  Do what your bosses tell you to do without complaining, and do the job the best of your ability.  My boss has told other employees that I am her favorite associate, and I think that’s because I just do what they ask me to do and I never complain.  I think that’s a gold mine for them and I just want to keep doing what I’m doing, so I can keep these increases in pay coming.  And mostly what I’m doing is asking myself the question on a daily basis, at work and at home, is how can I improve?  How can I increase my value to the company by 15 or 20, or even 50%?  These questions lead me to work harder and smarter and make sure that the store is running at top effectiveness.

But if you want to get promoted, by increasing your value, I also recommend reading books about self improvement and writing a journal of what you learn and your thoughts about it.  These are the tools you can use to increase your value and should be used on a consistent daily basis.  Don’t just read anything either… it has to be something of value to you, like books on self improvement.  “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a good place to start.  “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey is another good one.  And “How to Make Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is another great book.  These are only the starting points though.  You should take these books, read them, take notes on them, journal your thoughts about what you learn down, and then move on to other books that YOU think are going to help you on your journey of self improvement and making yourself more valuable.

From everything I’ve heard, over and over again, I’ve heard “Leaders are readers”.  In fact the president of my company was called “Debbie do no wrong” when she was in school.  She always had her nose in a book and she told me that it “served her well”.  She is a leader, she knows what she’s doing, and she gets the job done.  She also improves and she gives people the opportunity to grow with the company.  It’s really a great job, except for the fact that they don’t have a 401k.  That’s something I would have to get on my own if I wanted to keep working there and save for retirement.  But for me right now, my savings account does the work of a 401k and I don’t have to worry about all the fees eating away at my money.   My money is safe, even though it’s not growing.  I do plan to invest in the stock market at some point, get into some low cost index funds and keep adding to my investments over time.  But it’s going to take some time to do that.  I’ve just got to keep working… working at my job, and working on my dream of creating another stream of income with this blog.  So that’s what I’m going to do, and if your a schizophrenic and need a job or want a promotion, that’s what I recommend to you as well.  Keep working on your life and you will see results.  They may be little at first, but you can build on even a small result and over time, with steady hard work everyday, you can as I’ve seen, build an empire.

So what’s the value here for you?

The value is that even if your schizophrenic, you can work, and you can grow.  You can grow with your company and you can grow in your personal life.  It’s possible and I am a living example.  Even though the voices tell me that I’m killing myself with cigarettes I still succeed and am being given the opportunity for more success, and MORE MONEY.  And little tid bit that I can give you in the way of my example of success is to CARE.  Care about your company, the people you work with, and your customers.  It will show, and your bosses will most likely give you more responsibility as a result.  My bosses have said to me that they know I really care about my work and because of that they trust me to do things like take large deposits to the bank, and to do sales calls.  You have to be trusted to do those kinds of things, and I have been able to capitalize on that trust and reap rewards.  It’s very inspiring for me to know that I’m at a place where hard work, at work, and on yourself, is rewarded.  I know that may not be the case for everyone, everywhere, but I think the chances are good that if your consistently adding value to what you do, you will grow and have more opportunity for economic abundance.

So, in conclusion, to quote Tony Robbins… “Add value to a massive amount of people, and you will have the opportunity for economic abundance”.  I am adding value to my company and they are rewarding me with hourly increases and the opportunity for even more money through bonuses, or commission.  You can do the same!  Read, journal, improve yourself, ask yourself the question “How do I improve?” everyday, care about your work, do what you do with love, do what you do with passion, and do everything in your power to add massive value to a massive number of people.  Do this and things will begin to fall into place, I am an example of that.

I thank you for reading and I wish great economic abundance and love to you,

Jesse Creel

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