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Working The 10th Day Straight For 11 hours

And I worked 12 the day before.

It was a long week.  But the time did go fast.  I did a lot of driving.

But I also drank more wine than I should have yesterday and today the voices of the customers were suffering from sickness.

I can say I really do think love gives things healing powers, and if you put love into the ham it should taste better.  And the more passion and love you put into it it just has to taste better.

And I think it does!

It would sell with or without me, but I am helping it to grow.  With the sales calls I’ve been doing.  I think I could be a better salesman if I didn’t drink and smoke.  I could live my life more in balance.  It’s really a way I could improve my life.  I think at some point I’m going to take action and do it, and start running everyday.

But for now I’m drinking and smoking.  Today it’s white wine.  There’s plenty of food in the house so I’m going to eat something here in a little while and thank God for that.

But writing can really put your thoughts down on something you can see.  I really should go over and reread this 90 days when I’m done writing it.  Will be sometime in July.  I’m not quite sure when I started writing everyday, but it happened and I’ve even been writing after 12 hour days.  And the voices tell me that’s the best stuff!

They really can be a blessing when it comes to writing.  The voices.  They help you out and encourage you.  It’s like getting comments on your blog.

Except I do prefer when it’s real people saying things to me and not just the voices in my head.  I love comments.  I even love the spam.  To me it says I’m doing something right.  If I could only get a list together I could really get a business going.

I should probably do more research online, read other blogs and find out how to build my list.

But for now I just try to write the most valuable content I can come up with.  Something you can use.

How can you use my musings?  To take action and improve your life.  And in my specific case, that means writing everyday.

Want to try it, it’s hard.  It’s really easy if you can just get yourself to take action.  But it’s hard at the same time.  Especially when you’ve been working long days at your hourly job.

But I do it, so I figure that anyone else could too.  I’m a schizophrenic afterall and the voices can really be somewhat distracting when I’m writing, so that’s a challenge.

But what I’ve learned and what I’ve written about in the past, about healing from schizophrenia, is that you simply have to work harder than the average person to get the same results.  It takes conscious work to succeed or even just live.  Especially when your working those hours and smoking cigarettes.  Mostly it makes the day go by easier, but I’ve been smoking them for 14 years and it’s starting to hurt.  It makes the day hard.

But that’s what I’m going through right now.  I have off tomorrow.  It’s Easter Sunday.

I can’t sleep in though because we’re going to church at 8:30.  Then off to brunch at my in-laws, then to my grandparents house in the afternoon.  A day with the family.  On Easter.  I have ham to give them!

They gave me a 8.7 pounder for working all those hours to help them out.  They really work you hard during the holidays.  A lot of stuff needs to be done.  And after you’ve worked 10 days in a row and the busiest and longest of those two days comes at the end of it, it’s rough.  There we’re people still working when I left, and they were working hard.

They’re probably still working as I write this.  They are making money.  But I am working on my dreams.  And writing could become an income producing activity, so it would be good to hone the craft.  And I think you can do that by writing for years.

Posting for 90 days straight.  How cool is that!  And all the while trying to provide the most valuable content in the world.  How do you do that.  I say the first step is to take action and write.  You probably should also take action and think before you write, so that you can write better.

But really I’m not here to give advice, although I do.  I’m here to create art, to drink wine, to work, to write, to play, to smoke, to live, to rock, to roll, and so on the list goes.

First and foremost being that I’m a family man.  And I put time with  my family above all other things.  Really that’s part of why I want to make money writing, so I can have the holidays off!

If your with me say HELL YEAH!  Or if your religious, HEAVENS YES!  MAKE MONEY WRITING!  WE CAN DO IT!  THESE ARE MY WORDS!

Maybe I’m wrong, you can’t count that out as a possibility, but I say that the more writing the better, and don’t forget to read.  I know other people can do it, I say why can’t we!

Really I put my time into my job today.  I fulfilled my responsibilities for the 10 days straight, and everything went smoothly.  I was feeling rough by the end of it, but I made it, and really considering it was the Holiday, they really took it easy on me.

I didn’t go without a 12 or 11 hour day for the week, but mostly I worked 9.5 hours a day for the 10 days.  Big paycheck.  It’s coming.  I’m going to do the right thing and pay my debt off a little extra.  That way I can pay it off faster.

That’s about where I’m going to end it for here today.  I really don’t want to give you too much at a time.  If you want the whole thing you can buy an e book.  They will be up for sale shortly.  IF you want to buy an e book, you will be able to.  My gift to you.  All I want to do is be of service to you.  Whether that’s in value or entertainment or both.  I hope this serves you in reading it.  Leave a comment or sign up for the list.  I would love to hear from you and continue our conversation.

Picking Up The Workers From Baltimore City

I’ve been doing it since Sunday.  It’s now Friday.  I have one more day and then it’s Easter Sunday.  Tomorrow is our biggest day of the Easter holiday.  Today, like a lot of days, I drove a lot.

I start my day driving, and I end my day driving, and I drive inbetween too.

Sometimes I work in the store.  But that’s only for a few hours at a time.  The holiday is crazy though.  It’s busy busy busy non stop.  I just try to work steady so I don’t die.

Because the smoking is getting to me again, and the guy I’ve been driving all week is trying to get me to quit smoking cigarettes.  And drinking wine.  He said the wine Christ was drinking at the last supper was non-alcoholic.

I don’t know if I believe that.  But I can say that people do get high on God and this guy is just one of them.

He said he used to prostitute himself and a couple of the guys wanted to kill him.  He’s also been arressted four times.  He had a drinking smoking and crack problem and when he was in trouble he cried out to God.

He now has been sober for two and a half years and he goes to church 4 times a week.  He says he really likes it.  He gets high on God.

I’ve thought about quitting cigarettes for a long time.  I thought 2017 was going to be the January I quit.  It’s now 4 months in, April, and I’m still smoking.

I only smoked a half a pack today because I felt sick of smoking them.  This guy I could really use to change my life, because he wants me to quit smoking.

But I bought a pack when my inlaws were over, because I couldn’t stand it.  I needed to get out of there.  My mother in laws voice was saying she hated me.  And she probably should because of the things I did to my relationship with my wife.

And her voice has also said that this blog would end our relationship.  I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  But I do know that my wife hates it when I tirelessly talk about blogging and selling e books and rock and roll albums.  I do it everyday, so I have something to say about it.  I like telling friends, and moms and dads of friends about my blogging and my work, not that I don’t love telling my wife about it.

Luckily for me, my job is interesting, and there’s plenty to talk about.  This is what I’m talking about.  Income.  Income producing activities.  Not the voices in my head of my mother in law that tell me she hates me and makes it impossible to talk to her.

But then again I’ve done the unspeakable to my wife and her mother SHOULD hate me for that.  That says I’m just doing my job.  I have a hater.  And my number one hater is my mother in law.  Not that that’s really the reality.  That’s just what the voices in my head tell me.

But it’s kind of wild because the voices in my head almost seem to dictate facial expressions of other people, and other behavior like moving from the table with me to the couch with my daughter and father in law.
All in a day.  My day at work was more interesting.  I worked 12 hours.  I made $144 dollars.  In one day.  I do good there during the holiday.  I feel very lucky to have the job.

The only downside is I don’t get to see my family.  My wife always has the week off, the week I’m the busiest at my work.  So that doesn’t really work out, but the money is good.

And I do really need to be working as my business is still up and coming.  In fact I really think I need to be more proactive about getting my e book up for sale.  I put a rock and roll song up on the site, you can read the post and listen to the two and a half minutes of me rocking it here.

I’m thinking about getting an album together and selling it on this website.  I think that would be a great way to make money.  Off art!

But the way I see it is I’ve got to keep writing.  For 90 days.  Get more traffic.  Get more quality content.  Get more value.  Get more PURE EXPERIENCE.

I had a friend I went to high school with who is now on the radio.  It’s just the city college station, that’s listener supported… 89.7wTMD. 

I love that station.  It plays some real music.  There’s definitely some rock and roll in there.  I love it.  It’s great!  If your ever in Baltimore, check it out.

But I pick up the workers everyday for a week this Easter Holiday, and take them to work and drop them off when the day is over.

Today they waited for me for an hour an a half.  The work was done, but I wasn’t back yet from a delivery so they had to wait.

This was my experience today.

It was a good day.  I made a lot of money.  Tomorrow I should make just as much.  And they are supposed to give me a free ham.  Not really free, but for working.

My Aunt in law has been bugging my wife about me bringing a ham over for Easter Sunday, so I guess I’m donating my ham to my in laws for Easter.  I was thinking about getting two of them, but then again, I do eat it all the time.

And I gotta say, it is good ham.  I would almost even go so far to say it has healing powers.

But I love it, and I put love into when I’m handling it.  Cutting it or moving it.

Because sometimes I’m working in the store.  I’m not just a salesman, I work hard in the store and I drive deliveries.  And I cut up the meat to make the sandwiches.

When you get a ham sandwich, the .20 of a pound of meat was bagged my me.  I trim most of the fat off, and I put it into a perfect portion for you.  I can do it fast too.  Because the company values speed.

So IF YOU want to take action and improve you could do whatever you do faster, because my company values speed and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones, so do it faster.  You’ll be more valuable.

And I can make that sandwich meat pretty fast.  About three buckets in a hour.  Maybe go through 2 buckets in a day if it’s super busy.

Some days my boss says she gets her butt kicked.  Working the weekend and on top of that being super busy.

I gotta tell you I want to write more, but I got my 1,000 words for the day, and I’m signing off for the night, wishing you a good one filled with masterpieces.  Thanks for reading.  Cheers!

The Flavor Of Love

Because afterall, I do make food.  And I do put love into my work.

But really you could put the Flavor of Love into anything, writing.


Because I just saw a product, and I should have bought it, but I didn’t.  It was about how to island hop and comment on other people’s blogs, and make money doing it.  That’s what I should be doing.  Putting my website on other websites.

Reaching out to people.  I thought I might reach out to Bill Gates.  He’s doing it pretty well.  Have him read my blog.  It should be art to him.  At least that’s what I think.

And hopefully he can take action and improve his life, just like I think everyone should do after reading my work.

Go out there and work your hourly job, and blog!  Write ebooks!  Make rock and roll albums!  Sell your stuff.  Start a business doing it.  Get people working for you.  Be a better part of the economy by profiting instead of earning a wage.  That’s just what I want to do.  But I think anyone could do it!

And I’m giving it my honest shot and my real Flavor of Love isn’t my job, although I do put love into my hourly job, my real Flavor of Love is writing, making songs, and i guess it is, working my job…

Although some of the voices in my head tell me that I’m full of it, and reading and writing aren’t going to help you at your hourly job.

That’s just the nature of it, but I still believe in it, I think it just takes time to see results.

I bet if someone did it though, and took reading and writing for 90 days straight, it would change their life for the better.

So really aren’t the voices nice, helping me to clarify what I really think about things.

They truly are a blessing.

But blogging, I want to blog with PASSION!  I want to really get in there and do it.  I want to rock it!  And I can do that in my music.  I’ve recorded a bunch.  Most of it me rambling without writing it out first and then reading off the paper.

But I do have a secret stash of recordings I will probably never release.  Too crazy.  It’s really like me editing everything out, and just keeping the written stuff.  Then again, maybe I will release it to something like members online.  Who knows what I’m going to be able to do with this site, and what I’m going to be able to sell on it.

I could really turn into a phenomenon.  And the best part is my readers can do the exact same thing.  Of course I could be wrong, and this is just an exploration into growth, and I could make no money or very little money, not enough to keep a business going, and fail yet again.

But I’m optimistic, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I think I’ll make a million dollars, and then make 14 million more, and then I’ll be at my number and I don’t need any more money.  Really 15 million is probably more than I need, but I do want to live in a good house.  One for my family to live in.  And my friends to grace their presence with.

Really my friends forgive me for being a dick, the ones that I still have.  I really appreciate them, and I do my best to show it.  Because I have learned a good deal from the friends I’ve had in this life, and I want to promote the lives of the friends I still have, and really make more friends.

A lot more friends.

I have some, and I definitely want more.  I want growth and expansion.

And the Flavor of Love really is about my job too.  I try to work harder on myself than I do at my job, and I do try to do that everyday, but I work pretty hard at my job, and I really do try to put a sales kind of love into it.  Not to sell it, just to be passionate about it.  Not to sell it, to love it.  And love it in front of the customers.

And I think if you really love something, especially food, it can pick up a sort of healing power.  Really good stuff.  And I like selling stuff when it’s really good.

It makes you feel good that by and large your making the customers happy.  That they are getting something they value enough to spend 60 or 70 dollars on.

Because they are nice hams.  One customer called it the best ham.  The company calls it the worlds best ham.  It is good ham.

And we do turkey too, so there’s more to it than just ham.  The chicken salad is spectacular.  It comes on a fresh baked croissant.  The voices tell me we should get another store.  They also tell me it’s all in my hands.

Some of what the voices say I want to happen, other things they say I don’t.  Really, I guess I’m just a sort of sick person.  But I think I’m getting better.

Maybe the schizophrenia is a sort of genius.  Really sometimes, it is!  And I do count it as a blessing overall.  So really I guess I’m just lucky.

But really, I’m lucky to have my wife.  She takes care of me, because really as a schizophrenic, I can’t take care of myself and I’m not independent.  I want to break free and be financially free so I CAN be independent, and I think that’s empowering.

And really, I’m growing at my job, so really I’m on the way there.  And I’m picking up valuable everyday experience.  Experience with people.  And I really do want to love the people I work with.  I think it helps the whole thing out.

But I will leave early if they let me go.  I do afterall have a family I want to see.

Not to mention I have a blog to write.

But I guess that’s the same for everyone.  The people who stay late I’m sure still have stuff to do too, but for some reason they let me leave early.  I think because I’m a driver.  I have a lot of responsibility, and my job is demanding.  You really have to have your A game on at all times.  You have to check and double check the lock on the box truck.  Make sure it’s locked at all times.

It’s really kind of exciting working there during the Holidays.  We sell a lot of ham.  We make a lot of money.  I’m just a slave, but I’m part of the bigger picture at the same time.  You can have a great experience during the holidays if you just look at it the right way.

And that way is putting love and commitment into it.  And living in balance.  And suiting up and showing up.  And fulfilling your responsibilities.  I do my best at all these things.

Sometimes I make mistakes, but I haven’t had to pay them any money.  Aside from the gift card I bought for my father in law for his birthday, they charged me the full $20.00.

Things aren’t perfect, and I could be better if I didn’t smoke cigarettes.  But I still do my job well, and I’m making sales.  God is giving me sales.

I thank God and Jesus each time I think about the sales I get.  I give God all the credit.  Especially since I’ve failed so much, it’s by God’s grace that this job is working out.  I’m getting sales!

And the crazy part is that the sales I’ve been getting have been getting repeat business.  One of the businesses tips 50 dollars every time they get a delivery.  And not only did I walk in there with two free lunches and dropped them off about a month ago, they’ve order 3 times and each time I’ve delivered their lunch.  I am the salesperson and the delivery driver.  Sometimes I even have to make the sandwiches for the delivery I’m taking.

But this especially nice person, an accountant, and it is tax time, tips 50 dollars with each 350 dollar order.  That’s a good person in my book and I know what’s coming to them and it’s going to be good things.  I’ve been the tipper, and a big tipper, for a long time now.  Being on the other end of the tip is an equally good feeling.  We do have to eat.

But I’ve run well over 1,000 words so I’m going to wrap it up here.

My Flavor of Love is work at my hourly sales job, and work on my writing e books and this blog.  And also rock and roll music.  You can get it all on

Thanks for reading.

Until Probably Tomorrow,

Jesse Creel

Working 9 And A Half Hours For 7 Days Straight

That’s what I’m working now, I’m in the middle of it.  It’s Wednesday and my next day off is Easter Sunday.  We are very busy this time of year, a lot of work to be done, for long hours, and for days on end.

It really will be a ten day stretch for me.  And this probably isn’t even a big deal for a lot of you who just work your jobs during the Holidays, and get your hours.

But I really do love the holiday.  I work long hours and I get huge paychecks.  Huge in comparison to what I get the rest of the year.  And because they’ve given me raises since last year, this Holiday should be my best check yet.

But I’m sure it will all balance out, and even though I’ll be making more then when I started, I will not be making it like I did at my first good job.  One that was a terrible loss to take.

I increased my hourly pay from 10 dollars an hour to 18.50 an hour in 2 years.  That was a great success of mine.  I really know how to work hourly.  But I lost it all because of interpersonal ineffectiveness, and I couldn’t get along with the group.  But more than anything I was being driven into rock and roll and business.

So really, I want to focus on my strengths of getting promoted rapidly and I can worry about keeping the job after I get the raises.  I think now, looking back on it, an attitude of gratitude could have really helped me.  I was hating what I was doing.

Now I love what I do, and I love the people I work with, and it almost seems like a accident that it all happened like this.  I’m being promoted along with another friend of mine that also works there, and she started not long after I did.  She’s already an assistant manager!  So it’s the two of us going up together and it’s pretty cool.  Her as a manager and me as a salesperson.  Really, their only salesperson.

But I really think that anyone could get it, though something tells me that not everyone could do what I do.  But I think everyone has that potential, and really there’s only one way to find out if you can do something, and that is to DO IT!

I have a pretty long list of things I cannot do.  A lot of sales jobs.  I give all the credit to God for my current success, and when I look at it that way I can’t help but think that God just wasn’t with me when I was failing.  Maybe I should look at like God is always with us, and we merely have to be valuable people to make it in the world.

For me, because of my massive failure at my first really good job, I almost want to take a class on interpersonal effectiveness.  Although I do have a therapist, and he helps me with some of those things.  So it’s not like I haven’t really done anything about my problem with interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m working on it.

But as I mentioned earlier, I really think being grateful for my first job would have helped me get through and improve on those rough days with the people.  You can only keep your head down and work for so long before you have to take notice of what’s going on around you.  And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

In fact, that should really be the first thing you attend to when you get in.  Interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m not good at it.  It’s gotten me fired before.  I am lucky to have another chance at growth at a different job, but it was a long hard road getting from the first to second job.  And a lot of sales jobs and failures along the way.

Thank God I now get paid hourly to sell.  I’m not making 18.50 an hour but I am making more than when I started.  Three dollars and twenty five cents more.  It’s taken me almost two years to do that.  So not as good as the first job, but still good, still advancing.  Something to keep you interested.

But what I do right now is make almost $20,000 dollars a year, working at my hourly job.  I want to be able to take that and make it my MONTHLY income.  That would definitely be an achievement.  Something worth writing about.  So I’m set out to do it.  And I’m going to write my way there.

At least that’s the plan.  I also want to get an album together.  Something I could put up for sale.  I’m really going to give this internet thing a shot and see if I can make a million dollars.  Really I need 15 million, but a million is a start.  You gotta figure, after you make your first million, the other 14 have got to come easier.  At least that’s the way I see it.

But the way I see it, if you do it with passion, the money will come.  If you make something valuable, people are going to buy it.  If you are a good salesman, who lives your life in balance, you will sell things.  If you are a good worker, and do your job well, your boss will take care of you.  Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just the way I CHOOSE to look at things.

And I think that choice effects my reality.  It makes my life better.  I am taken care of because I am a good person who gives and takes care of other people.  Not that bad things won’t happen, and less bad things will happen then you think they will, but life is not without it’s struggles.

Take Jesus Christ for example.  His life was filled with suffering, and the way he died was no exception.  You gotta figure good people suffer everyday.

So if your good and your suffering, my heart goes out to you.  I wish I could give you twenty dollars.  My money goes to the church and to my family, and to my cigarettes and wine, and to gas and food.  And of course to my credit card.  Which the good news is I’m paying off.

But I do plan to give more to my church, so that people who are suffering can live a little bit better of a life.  If I really make it, I might look into other donations of charity.

For now, I want to sell ebooks and rock and roll so that I can buy a bigger house.  So I’m writing everyday.  I hope you have enjoyed this days post, I know I have enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for reading, take great care of yourself.

Peace and Love,

Jesse Creel

“Take Action And Improve!” An EBook By Jesse Creel

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

“Take Action And Improve!”.

It took me 40 hours to write the book.  I did it in about a month.  I was drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.  Go figure that’s how you write a book on personal improvement.

But I did it.  And the first chapter, after re-reading and editing it, is rather taboo.  I go into detail about how one may want to consider the idea of masturbation as a tool to relax and cope.  Considering that’s the first chapter, on the Physical, it’s not really setting the stage for a remarkable book.

Or maybe it is.

The truth is that how much of it I sell will be the indicator of how good it is.  If it’s really good, it might sell a million copies, and I’d be rich and able to quit my job.  Not that I don’t love my job, I do.

But this is not about my job.  This is about the book I wrote for you to buy, IF you want to, and enjoy to reading pleasure, to the tune of $4.99.

Because I sight no sources on how you can blog and make money, other than that of David Wood of the Empower Network, and because the book is only 75 pages long, I don’t want to charge what other people would for their e books, $29.99.

You could make a lot more money charging that as opposed to $4.99, but to charge $29.99 I would want a 700 page  book full of quotes and stories and citations.

I don’t know that I could ever do that.  I might just write novels and sell them cheap and see if I could go for quantity.  If the word got out that I was good, people would buy more.  And I could really make a living off of the personal work I’ve done to myself when I wasn’t working or spending time with my family.

So I want to keep writing this blog so I can get more traffic and have more people to sell to.  Because I’m a salesman by profession, and wouldn’t it be great if what we were selling was our own products?

Books and music?

And who knows, if you made it with books and music, maybe you could launch a network marketing company and throw a big party for everyone to celebrate the money made.  Really get rich, make your 15 million.

Because if you figure it, you could probably make more in business than you can in books.  Empower Network is a great business for the people who make money doing, and if you join with me, there’s no guarantee you’ll make any money at all.  And you could drop $5,000 or $6,000 dollars on it to try and work it for a couple years and still sell nothing.

That’s exactly what happened to me.  And selling Empower Network is one thing my counselor tells me I would feel bad about, that is, if I did ever sell anything.

Part of me thinks I should get a new counselor.  One that’s alright with taking money from people. Everyone gets what they deserve and besides, at the Empower Network there’s an intense product you get in exchange for your money so you get what you pay for.

Pay $6,000 dollars to sell network marketing, get a $6,000 experience.  That’s what I got.  Valuable information.

But I am afterall, a schizophrenic.  And that stuff messed me up.  Especially when your trying to make money to support a wife and children on the way.

Thank God I found my job.  The basis of all I do.  Without my job I wouldn’t have this website, and I wouldn’t be able to talk to you.  At least not for very long.  My credit would run out and I’d be left with the bill and no sales.

At least that’s the way it’s come out so far.

But I think a change is a comin’.

I think I’m going to write this blog for 90 days straight and get more traffic.  You never know, people may put their email addresses in and my money could really start working for me.  I am afterall paying 30 dollars a month to have that list.

But this is not a sob story about losing it all, after working your tail off.

This is a story about redemption.  About doing wrong, and then making it right.  About being a good person.  About doing the right things.  And I propose we could all live better lives if we were a little more grateful for what we have, and we’re working to improve it.

And that’s really what my book is about.  “Take Action and Improve!” is about you taking your life to the next level right now.  There are 13 different chapters. Each chapter is meant for you to do something that is going to make a difference in your life.  It’s meant to help YOU improve yourself.  That’s pretty much it.  It’s 75 pages long and it should really be a page turner.  I read it in a day.

But really right now, as of this writing, the book hasn’t even been finished yet.  I’ve written and edited it, but I haven’t yet put it into format for consumption.  Something I have yet to do.  But maybe I’ll get it up for sale shortly on this site and maybe another bookseller, and get something going.  I really want to get something going so that I can escape my job.  Although I love my job, profits are better than wages, and I need to learn how to be a business owner so I CAN profit.

And I’m sure you will learn a tremendous amount about me over these next few months, me writing a post a day… I hope it serves you to read these posts and that your life is blessed because of it.  I put hard work into my writing, and I do it even when I don’t feel like it.  I feel like that makes me a better writer when I do it everyday.  It’s going to take quiet a few more years to master this blogging thing so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  But I figure I can take off and start making money a lot sooner than the time it takes to master it.

And as I think for myself, I also think for you…

So here’s to your great success!

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Creel

Working Hard At An Hourly Job When It’s The Busiest Times Of The Year

Because, as you may know, Easter is right around the corner.

And we sell a lot of ham during the week leading up to Easter.  I’m working 10 days straight, without a day off during this Holiday.

And my day starts by picking up the workers from the city.  I’m driving a rented van, and I take it home with me at night.  I’m leaving my car at work for this week.

But I’m very busy all day.  Sometimes I work in the store but a lot of times I am out doing deliveries, in my own car or in their box truck.   I think it’s cool I get to drive a box truck for work.  My son would like that.

So I don’t make much, really I’m not even close to what my wife makes, and that’s a bit of a blow to my self esteem.  But it’s been this way for a while, and now I’m doing as well as I’ve ever done, so I’m really improving and doing better for my family and for my church.

But I’ve been working these hours and now I’m drinking water because I don’t want to be too hard on my body with drinking more than one glass of wine.  I’ve already had my glass, so I’m writing with a glass of water.

And it’s good to be mostly sober.  You can really work hard and give it your best at work.  And it’s good to walk.  I just got back from a half hour of walking, which is doctor recommended, and I’m glad I went out and did it.  Now it’s time for the writing, because I told myself I wanted to do 90 consecutive days of blogging, to promote more traffic, and I don’t want to miss a day because I’m tired from working.

So here I am, writing this to you, tired from work, with 5 more 10 or more hour days in front of me, with the expectation to write for each one of those days and beyond.  I figure the more posts the better.

So now the question is how do I provide more value to you.

And my answer to that question is to be a great writer.  And to tell you about my day in a way that’s captivating, informative, valuable, and able to make your life better in some way.  And I can write my way to becoming better.  And I can be a better example, and I can inspire you to take action and improve your own life, and we can be better together, and make our world a better place to live in.

So really, I do my job happily.  I am happy to be of service.  I am happy to work.  I am afterall a schizophrenic, and if all I can do is great at my work making 18,000 dollars a year, and I never make any money off my blog, then I will still have accomplished something.  But I’m ready to take the next steps.  I’m ready to build a business online.

I’m ready to take my yearly income and make it my monthly income.  I know this can be done.  And working overtime this week is only going to help me.  So really, I’m doing the right things.  Working my job, and working on my dream, at home.

The dream of a home based business.  Time and money freedom.  That’s my goal and I’m going after it everyday.  Take inspiration, and start working towards your goals, a day at a time.  One day after the other.  See where it takes you.  You could get something really great out of it.

So far, it’s been really great for me.  Some of the comments I get are really moving.  So far nobodies joined my list yet, but that could change any day, with my work working for me even when I’m sleeping.  I propose a blog could really change your life!

And that’s really what I want to tackle here, is blogging and writing e books.  Blogging and creating a list.  That’s what I want to do.  Maybe blogging and selling network marketing companies.  Maybe blogging and selling rock and roll albums.  Simply selling something good, and profiting online.  I know it can be done!

I also know that you can sell so many copies of something you become a millionaire.  And with being a millionaire you would have a lot more choices than you would if you were only making 18,000 dollars a year.

So I’m going for it, and I say you should to.  There’s really nothing to lose.  The email list is expensive at 30 dollars a month, but the website costs less than 10.  So you could get yourself a site and a list and come up with paying less than 40 dollars a month to maintain it.  That’s not that bad if your trying to build a business.  You do afterall have to pay to keep the lights on.

But I’ve made my mind up to build a list, so that’s what I’m going to do, and see where that takes me, really I’ve made my mind up that I’m going to win the lottery jackpot, I’ve made my mind up that I’m going to sell a million ebooks and a million albums.  And the way I see myself getting there is to blog everyday.

I’ve already written a couple books, and I’ve recorded a lot of songs, and I know I can readily create my product at any time.  And that with each passing day the quality of my products will improve, and I can be sure I’m improving.

And I know this kind of thing can be done simply by anyone, so I figure, why not me?  And I further figure why not you, reading this?  Why don’t we do this together?

You can get updates to this blog by subscribing to my email list, so be sure to check it out.  Thanks for reading, Peace and Love,

Jesse Creel

Hundreds Of Comments On Several Of My Blog Posts

Yes, people have been commenting.

And some are very nice.  Most of them are trash.  Spammers…

But I still like the attention.  It gives me something to do.

And I love reading the comments, even the really out there ones.

The grammar mistakes, but anyways..

The one guy is telling me to buy safety gates for my children.  It gives me the feeling I should be careful with what I do with my family, for their safety.

I can appreciate there concern for me and my family.  And we do have safety gates in two places in our little townhouse.  It’s little now but I propose that situation could improve and it could get a lot bigger.

I think that could be the case for anyone who wants to improve their own housing conditions.  I mean really, I’m in deep right now.  I barely make more than what I owe to my credit card.   And I’m trying to get a business going again online and I just know that now I’m on my own domain, I can do this.  I can attract the things I want in this life to me, through this blog.

If I had it my way, I’d have 15 million dollars and I could spend one million of it on a house.  Where I want to live.  I really think I could skyrocket to the top, the cream afterall does rise to the top.  Maybe I wouldn’t make 15 million on the launch of whatever product I sold, but I could make something, and then build on that success.

At some point, maybe after I’ve made my first million I’ll quit my job.  Until then I’m working like a horse.

And when I come home I like to have a nice glass of red wine, and write my blog.  It’s something creative I can do, it’s a good release, and people MIGHT read it.  That would be cool to communicate to another soul, what’s happening with you.

Because I think what we do is inter-related to each other.

That’s just based off what I read and experienced.

Today I experienced the start of my day at 7:30 in the morning.  It ended at 3:30.  An EASY day.  They are however going to be getting longer with me staying later all next week.  I have another 7 days straight, I’ve already worked 3.

Not a big deal. I’ll do it, and I’ll like it because I’m getting paid more money.  And working where I am I CAN pay off my credit card in five years.  I just put 900 dollars on it the other day.  That is to say, I took 900 dollars off my balance.  I got that money from our tax return.  I let my family keep the majority of it.

So really I’m not doing too bad.  I do have to get my car fixed and I’m not sure how much that’s going to be, I hear 500.  Don’t know.  Just have to get it fixed to I can ride it down the road.  Rock it till the wheels fall off it.

So I’m working and I’m doing fine, but I also want to start a company and make more money.  EARN more money.  And I think I can get your attention by writing and making videos, that is if Google doesn’t stop me.  Because they do ban people.

But if Google did stop me then I would just go somewhere else.  All I know is that it just has to get done.  I want to do it.  I must do it.  It could lead somewhere.  Who knows how big my list will be in a year!  Let alone another 8.

I figure by the time I’m done mastering blogging, in another 8 years… I will have a pretty good list to go along with all the posts.  Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know yet.  Don’t take advice from me, I’m not making any money online yet.

Although I have made almost 50 dollars, with some strange program.  I didn’t see myself making a lot of money doing that.

But I get obsessed with things.  With doing them consistently on a day to day basis.  I obsess about writing this blog, about walking, about doing the dishes, about reading, and other things too.  But I just have to get it done.  Sometimes I even obsess about sleep.

I figure that hard work leads somewhere, I do it at my job, and I do it at home.  I work on myself and try to become a better person.  It’s working out at my job, and my personal life is getting better too.  I really think the game of improvement can be for anybody, at any stage in there life.

In my life, I’m at the stage of working a job for income.  Trying to get enough people on my list so that I have a chance at a good launch, and might be able to make a lot of money at one time.

So I keep writing about this blog.  I keep obsessing with it.  And I think if your going to blog, you should obsess over it too.

Now there’s healthy and unhealthy obsessions, you make the call on where you want to be.

If it means your writing a blog everyday, to get more traffic, so that there’s a better chance you’ll get a subscriber or two, and you can leave it at an hour of your time…. Then I say go on and keep that obsession.  Even if you want to blog for ninety days straight, like I want to, to see what kinds of results I can get.  The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

So I’ll keep writing, really I’m not writing that much, only 1,000 words, but I want to keep it short and sweet.  If you like it, love it, subscribe to the list.  I’ll send you cool content right to your email address!  Thanks for reading, Love you…

Jesse Creel

Passion And Taking Action With ANYTHING You Want

“We must act out passion before we can feel it.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

And I was afterall in a rock and roll band, or getting one together, for 10 years.  And just the other night, I was at a friends house, and he has a drum set in his living room.  Along with guitar amps and base amps, he even used to have a microphone.

And I just had to ask the one guitar player that was over there if he would want to start a band, him playing guitar, my other friend playing drums or bass, and me being the lead singer.

He said, the one with the guitar, that you had to be a one man band.  I’m not sure I agree with him, but he was and is entitled to his of view of things.  He didn’t want to start a band.

But I think my other friend thought that maybe it would be a good idea, and it SEEMED like he was trying to talk the guitar player into my idea of the band.

I think you could really write some great ROCK AND ROLL songs about improvement and sales.  Money.

But I want to write them, because when I get to rambling there’s no telling what’s going to come out and I don’t know that I want anything out of my control coming out.

So I choose to write the songs.  I may even come up with an album and put it up for sale to my list.  Maybe that, along with some ebook sales could make a life for me.  We’ll see.  Only time will tell.

But I’m optimistic.

But really, passion.  You gotta live with it.  It will help you get stuff done.  Big stuff.  You could use your passion to fuel the life of your dreams.  You just gotta do it.

And there are a lot of ways to do it.  You could paint!  I say get them started young doing stuff and maybe they’ll stick with it and really become masters.

Or they’ll go off and do their own thing, like I did, and try and become a rock and roll star.  Really, I did it.  But there wasn’t much dancing from me and sometimes I would forget the words to songs and that would sort of ruin it.

I was at the point where I had to keep a binder up on a music stand to get through the set.  But I was in a band and we were playing good covers at times.

I really did pursue rock and roll for about a good ten years, really a little more.  And Snoop Dogg said that that’s what it takes to master something.  I don’t know that I’ve mastered it, but I can do some form of it.

It would really help if I had a band that came to me to make decisions.  The last band I was in named the group Tigerstyle.  A name that I didn’t really get.

But we went on and played, and I was their lead singer and sometimes guitar player.  And it was a hard thing to do.  I wanted it bad!  I would totally put myself out there in a rock and roll way, a little on the quiet side, and say take control of the crowd.  Like a rock and roll lead singer can potentially do.

Because I did spend a good deal of time on it, and I wouldn’t want to go without including it on my personal blog.  And I just did a little more of it, just yesterday.  I wrote a song before a friend got there, and recorded it in the short time after he left.

All I can say about it is it’s a good release.  It just might be something you want to do.  Play the guitar and sing songs.  You could really be you.  It’s fun!

It also can be dark.

But that’s where I think writing shines a light on rock and roll.  Because the words can be deliberate!  Not just schizophrenic rambling.  And we can write about grow, passion, improvement, and things like that.

I think that could really help people, and the music would be even better!

So I’ve composed this song I’m going to share with you, along with the lyrics for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Without Further Adue

“How Do We Make A Million Dollars”


I wanted to write a song for you

Don’t know what to do

Just gotta take action

Do what you do.

How do we make a million dollars,

How do we make a million dollars

Join a network marketing company?

Sell ebooks online.

What I know is you gotta have a blog

And you gotta have a list

That’s how you get customers,

That’s how you give your gold a kiss…

How do we make a million dollars?

Can it be done by blogging and making videos?

I know it can be done,

There are others already doing it…

So there’s the house, the vacations

The charity, the church,

Homeless people, and people you know

Giving it away to your family and friends.


Thanks for reading and listening,

Jesse Creel


6 Sales In One Month As A Schizophrenic Salesperson

Because I just got a phone call yesterday from a prospect that wanted to place an order.

I forwarded them to my team to place their order.  But they called me!  My cell phone number is afterall on my work business card.

But with the call and hopefully sale of another deal, that makes my number of sales for one months work 6.  That’s really not that big of a number considering long term business, but it’s something.

And as a schizophrenic, I see it as an accomplishment that I’m having success at my hourly job as an associate and salesperson.  I haven’t really ever had it this together and my life is really great.

But I want more and I think most people do, do I’m writing to make more happen in my life and the lives of other people.  I think writing is an action we can all take that will improve our lives if we what we seek is to be of value.

So we are really writing to try and improve the world.  The world we live in and the worlds of other people.  And what I’m talking about is really being GREAT and reaching a massive amount of people.

But as of writing this post, I’m not there yet.  Although the amount of traffic I’m getting is going up.  From 50 visitors a month to 70.  And it’s all because I’ve been writing on a consistent basis.  I really think any could do this and START A BUSINESS!

So I work my sales job and my responsibilites as an associate, in the store, with my job, but I also work on myself by reading, keeping a journal, and keeping a blog.

So I figure this COULD really lead somewhere, and that result could mean MORE MONEY!  And with this whole money thing being so important to having a family, it would be good if I could increase my income to a higher level.

And I’m sure many people, a massive number of people, want to increase their income.  And I think that many of them will be open to the idea of blogging to create your presence and tap into your audience, and really put the value down.  Bam bam bam bam.

Because if we want to increase our income, we have to become more valuable.  The more valuable you are, the more the marketplace will want you and the more money you make.  That’s just what I see happening.

So for me, as I hope it is for you, I seek to become more valuable each day.  I think it helps with sales especially!  And making more sales at your hourly job can only help you sell things online.  And if your like me, you’ll want to learn how to sell things online, so you can create passive income.

And passive income is great because that’s where work you have already done is sold and continues to be sold each day, and you keep getting paid for it.  It’s what’s behind monthly memberships to network marketing companies.  You pay to play.  And if your successful, then you not only will recoup your money spent to play, you’ll profit!

But before I go any further I want to explain my personal paradox.  I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes, I think it takes long hard work to be successful.  But I don’t think get rich quick schemes are without their value either.  If you have your stuff together, you COULD make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

But I say writing is like investing in the stock market.  It’s a long term game.  And you play it because you WANT to.  Maybe you might even be obsessed.

At least you make it a habit, and do it everyday.  Even if it’s only for an hour.  Do an hour each day and you will really have some work to show for it!

Imagine doing 90 consecutive days of blogging.  A post per day.  An hour per day.  It really wouldn’t be that much time and I believe you would really be doing yourself a favor.  I propose you would grow and become a more valuable person.

And if I’m right, which sometimes I am not, really often I’m wrong, but if I’m right, you can make money off your writing.  Build an audience, get their email addresses, provide that list with valuable stuff they can only get by being on that list, and then IF they want to buy something from me, they can!

And if your being of value, I propose you will have no trouble selling what you think is right.  How big can you get?  You certainly can become a millionaire by writing.  Just search the internet for proof.

Sure there are some articles I’ve read that says the average e book only makes a few hundred dollars in it’s lifetime, but I choose to focus on those stories where people do make a million dollars selling e books.  There IS proof it can be done ALREADY OUT THERE.  You’re not even reinventing the wheel.

I would go further to say that it should be easy to duplicate the success of countless others and make money blogging, but I know it is NOT easy.  It takes hard work and failure to amount to success.  At least that’s the way it seems.  It did take Thomas Edison many failures to invent the lightbulb.  I’m sure he was working hard on it.  He just never quit.  And he found a way.  That’s what I propose we do.

And it’s going to take that hard work, and it’s going to take you not being noticed for a while.  But if you learn from your failures, and keep trying, I propose that you are destined for SUCCESS.

I propose you be one of the stories people look to when they look for successful people who are making it on their blogs.  People who have escaped their jobs for a better life with more money and time in it.  Although I must say, now that I’ve had to relearn how to work an hourly job I’ve got to say that that process has been good for me.  I love writing about my success there, especially coming from a great deal of failure.

Because really it hasn’t been very successful for me up to this point.  I’m doing better now than ever, and each day is better than the last, but it wasn’t long ago I was basically income-less and putting too much energy into visualizing I’d won the lottery.  I was really a mess.  And I hated working.

That has changed with the gift of my current job.  My bosses have taken good care of me and I take good care of them.  It’s a win win.  I don’t mind taking orders, and I don’t complain about the job, and I’m always looking to improve.  And there’s room to grow there.  Especially with me taking on a sales job for the three different stores.

I told my boss that I wanted to work for Tony Robbins as a salesperson and they gave me a promotion so that I would have the chance to succeed and then my resume would be in better shape to work for Tony Robbins.  And I’m really off to a great start with my new position.  I don’t know that I wouldn’t want to just make it writing and not work a job and be my own Tony Robbins, where I have my own salespeople working for me, I think that might be a better deal.

But if I had to work, I think working for Tony Robbins would be a good gig.  I also think my current gig is great too.  Even though I don’t make much money, it’s still good work and it supports me.

But still I seek to improve, so I want this writing thing to work out.  For writing to be an income producing activity for me.  And I want it to be the same for you.  For writing to be an income producing activity.

I don’t think everyone who reads this will make money writing, but I think there will be some success, maybe even A LOT of success with people who have read this and then taken action to be of value and write.

And I propose those people who ARE of value, and really create something of great value, THEY WILL make money.  Earn money.  And YOU could be one of those people.

That’s what I say, I’m very optimistic about the future.  And “The future depends on what you do today” -Ghandi.  So if your like me you’ll want to get busy on your writing, because that’s what’s going to build your business.

“Content is king” -Bill Gates.

So I would go further and say that valuable content, valuable writing, valuable videos, are king.  And the more valuable they are, the better the king.

That’s just what I say.  That’s just what comes to me on my journey.  And I have the obsession of sharing it with you in the hopes your life will transform and become better.  That’s a lofty goal, but I propose I will become better at doing it with each day.  And really I would like to master the art of being the catalyst for other people to create positive change in their lives.  Because you have to ask yourself the question of why your writing… and the better quality of question the better answer your going to get.

So I figure that’s why I’m writing.  To get people to improve their lives.  By writing things of value and creating a business online.  Because I think you can live a better life that way than just working the normal job.  That’s just what I say.

Although working a job has it’s benefits.  Work is good for the soul.  It supports your life and depending on how much you give it supports the lives of others as well.  And I propose that writing can support life as well.  And that you could be paid for it!

That’s all I wanted to come here to say to you today, I’m going to create a video to go along with this post for your viewing enjoyment.  If you love what I do and want more of it, subscribe to the list.  Thanks for reading.

Jesse Creel

The Voice Just Said “Give Us Something To Talk About”

The voices also said I could sell 500,000,000 copies.  That’s a big thinker, and so am I, but really past a certain point, it wouldn’t matter how many copies you sold.

All I really need is 15 million, I counted it up one day.  All my expenses for life.  With some left over to give to my children.  And to the church.

Because afterall, I have a family.  I have to provide for them, and giving 40 dollars to the church every two weeks helps me.  It makes me feel like there’s enough.

And I always get by, even though I’m smoking.

I buy cigarettes still.  Even though I should SAVE the money for food for the next week and a half.

But I’ve been living this way for a while, and I always get by.  I’m relying on my wife a lot, and she really is what keeps our family together, and I love her for giving me the gift of children to help raise.

But in all reality, my wife raises our children.  Get’s them where they need to be, and then home again for bedtime.  I can’t imagine life without my wife.

So I take the bad things the schizophrenia sends to me and take my energy and set it to improving my life.  IMPROVING my relationship, job, writing, money, living circumstances, vacation possibilities, and so on.

It could even come with the lottery!  THAT’S A POSSIBILITY!

I say everyone should play regularly, you could win!

But really you shouldn’t get to wrapped up in it and buy more than a couple tickets at a time.  The jackpot gets real big and people spend 20 dollars playing and don’t hit a thing.

I say take a little risk for a big reward.  Spending 2 dollars on the powerball isn’t going to make or break you.  And you could WIN BIG!

I say visualize it, and that’s what I’ll tell people to do if they want to win, if and when I win.

I’ll write an e book on it, and put it up for sale, as it’s valuable information and there’s a price to pay.  Some may not like that I win the lottery and then put information up for more profit.  I say it’s better to DO something, and EARN money than to do nothing at all.  WRITE!

I say it can be done, and it’s being done right now by other people.  David Wood and David Sharpe of the Empower Network are good examples of blogging and paid advertising combined.  Wood the blogger, Sharpe the advertiser.

But really, I think it all starts with an hourly job.  Because your going to have to work your way up, and it’s going to take money to get going.

But you can do it, I believe it can be done by ANYONE.  Anyone that can read, write, and work hourly can do what I do.  And I do, as you can see from the comments I get, have people talking.

Maybe this post will have a lot of comments, maybe it won’t.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m doing it for the writing in me, and I’m trying to put as much passion as I can into it.  To really write like the fever of riches.

And I say you can calm yourself down by giving.  Spend your first half of your life making all your money and spend the second half of your life giving it away.  That’s what I say.  I say you can be good, and give, and be spiritual with your money.

They say, someone said, that money is a God force.  I don’t know if I believe money is God, but I say it can do a lot of good.  Think education.  What could your money do for your church, but what could it do for the kids of your community being educated?

More libraries, more schools, more good in the world.  Because education is a great thing!  It makes you smarter and better able to earn money!  And if you have a family, your going to need money.  And if you live in an affluent area your going to need a lot of money.

So the task is set, earn as much money as possible.  Enough to buy a house, and cars for the rest of our lives, and buy college educations, and weddings, and so on.  With the family and the world.  Be good and give.  It will help.  The rest really is up to them.  You can’t control what their going to do.

I said the Empower Network was going to be the last Network Marketing company I would ever join.  I learned a lot from doing it, but I didn’t make any sales in about 2 years of doing it.  So I turned my membership off and stopped paying the $125.00 to keep the business going.  I might turn it back on, and try to start the business again.  I did afterall, buy a $3,500 product I could resell and make $3,000 dollars a pop off it.

And anyone could do it.  I would say if your even considering joining Empower Network or any other network marketing company whatsoever, write your own blog first, on your own domain.

And get a good sized list going.  People you could sell to.  You may not like selling but I love it because you have to be good to be successful.  I propose you could not only be good, but that you could be GREAT and IMPACT THE MASSES.

And I propose it can be done in about an hour a day, writing your blog.

But that’s just me.  I guess you could really do it any way you could think of.  Maybe winning the jackpot would do.  But I propose you could win the jackpot AND write, so that other people benefit.

Because writing and keeping a blog can really be a lifestyle.  You can put your life down and people can read it if they want, and you could help to improve and wouldn’t that support life?

“I believe life supports what supports more life. In other words, motivation does matter.  If your just trying to take care of yourself, you’re part of life and I believe life steps in and gives you a certain level of insight.”  -Tony Robbins

And last I checked Tony Robbins was worth 500 million dollars.  That’s an achievement!  All I think I need is $15 million.

But it can be done and it’s being done all over the world, right now, and I propose we can be a part of it.  We just need to get people interested in us by blogging and putting our best, and better than our best, out there for everyone to enjoy!

If they take action and improve their lives all the better!

Because I believe everyone is of value, and can do what I have already done.  And what I’ve done is write for 2 years on a blog of my own domain and I’m getting comments like crazy!  There is a lot of “noise” as Tim Ferriss put it.  But there are also some really great comments!  And it further inspires me to write more.  To be of more value, to read more and to live more so that I can give more in the way of my money and my writing.

So the question becomes… how do I better serve my audience?

How do I improve my writing and my blogging?

How can this be done?

And I propose you will become a better writer the more books you have read.  So it’s easy to work on your dreams.  All you have to do is read and write!

Because it doesn’t matter where your starting from.  The last I checked I only had 113 books!  That’s nothing!  Tony Robbins has read over 700 books from what he said.  Now I’m sure I’ve read more than 113 books, but that’s all I have in my library!  I really need to improve my situation!

So I should buy another book with my next paycheck.  Or my tax return money.  MORE INFORMATION PLEASE!

And I am a provider of information.  Some of my information will be for sale.  And I propose that you could make it with time and money freedom, so you wouldn’t have to work a job, and you could just run a business from your home.

That really WOULD be a dream life, at least for me.  I propose that there are many many many many people out there that share my dream.  And I propose that we can do it together, blogging.

I got the idea from David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network.  He really inspired me.  And I learned a lot about network marekting, selling on the internet, time freedom, and life from David Wood.  He’s a valuable person and his worth reflects that.  Last I checked he’d made $7 million from his personal sales of his Empower Network product.

My brother told me at one point that I should be the David Wood and I should sell MY OWN product.  And get other people selling it for me.  Then I would be making it.  That’s just what my brother said.

I say you can do it selling other people’s products, and David Wood just so happened to make a product I really enjoyed.  It was worth the $5,000 dollars I paid over time, maybe more than that, to have my business opportunity at the Empower Network.

Because I went ALL IN.  I went all the way with it.  I wasn’t a wussy. I had a $3,500 dollar product for sale!

But I didn’t sell any, that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.  And whatever I do, I’ll make sure I report it on this blog so you know what’s happening.  If I do make 15 million dollars, and have enough to quit my job, I’ll be sure to share my success.

And that’s what I propose you do.  Share you little successes along the way as you go.  Little habits can add up to big change in your life over time.  So go do the thing everyday, for the foreseeable future.  I’m sure you will be happy you did.  I know I am.

But I really want to be of value to you so I guess the value here is the inspiration to write.  You should take action and write after reading this blog.  Even if you don’t quote me, or you don’t even think about this post as you write, at least you’ll be writing, and that I believe is of value.

But hey, what do I know.  I just work for 12 dollars an hour and write this blog and get comments.  For sure I’m doing something, but I’m not yet a millionaire.

So do your research, and don’t take my word for it, you can make money blogging and selling e books.

I say you just have to read and write.

And if you can do that, you’ll have as good of a chance as anyone.  Believe that!

Law of attraction baby, it works!

Here’s to your good fortune, may God Bless You, now and forever!

Jesse Creel

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