Yes!  I’ve just finished my first ebook.

It’s a 12 page short book on how to get a raise at your job!  I wrote it from the heart, I know I can write more, but I wanted to get something going right now, so on to better things!

But I’m thinking of starting an email list, do you think you would want to join?  I think I’m going to give my ebook away for free if you put in your email address.  I have to figure the logistics out, and get myself to pay the 20 dollars a month for AWeber but that’s about it.  It should be up any day now.

But I wanted to write this post to tell you I finished my second book.  The first book I wrote took me a year, and the second took me probably 4 hours.  It’s a short read but hopefully it’s inspiring and I hope to write much more like it.  I think I could charge 5 dollars for it, but I think the privilege of having your email address is worth 4 hours of my time.  Besides it adds value, and I want to add value to as many people as I possibly can in my life.

That’s the way I think it should be for everybody.  Add value to a massive number of people and you’ll be fine.  In fact, you’ll be great! and everyone will want to follow your example.  There’s examples of that all over the world.

But I wanted to write this to give you a sneak peak at the book and to let you know what you’ll get if you download it.

First you’ll get the introduction.  Why I wrote the book.  Then you’ll get the three steps to increasing your pay at your hourly job.  I’m a prime example that it can be done no matter what your going through in life, whether your a schizophrenic or someone who is just out there…. there’s hope.  You can do it too.  I call on you, no matter what your going through, to break free and do the thing that gives you your power.  No matter what your going through, you can be a success at your hourly job.  And that success will help transform other parts of your life as well.  There’s really no end to the improvements.

I tend to write very long posts, so I’m just going to keep this one short… just like my first ebook that’s only 12 pages long… but I’m going to leave you with a video.  This video outlines the book and talks about the three steps to increasing your income.  I hope you enjoy it!

My wife came home before I could finish the video, so I don’t get to go over step 3, which is to grow.  The best part!  But I still wanted to share this brief video so that you could better know me.

I am a family man, and I had to take care of my family… but keep checking back on this blog for updates and I’ll be sure to add value in here for you and everyone else that reads this.  I’m so excited!

Will write soon,

Jesse Creel

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