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My name is Leonard Jessie Creel Jr.  I go by Jesse Creel.  I work a day job, take care of my wife and two kids, and work on this blog.  I personally love blogging and I think it’s a great tool for personal development and a great business opportunity.  I’m really working hard to make sure this blog is a win win for everybody.  This blog is being updated continuously, so be sure to subscribe to my email list for the latest updates.  I would feel privileged for you to allow me to email you when my best material strikes.  I would treat that privilege with respect, and not email you too often, or email you every time there’s a new blog post.  Only after I’ve written for a while and have a few blog posts to select from, I might email you one or two of them.  I will explain the blog posts like no where on the internet and you’re only going to get that action by being on my list.  There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I started this blog in May of 2016.  That’s when I wrote my first post.  When I put in 2 hours a day into this blog, if you take into account mastery being 10,000 hours, I’ll have it mastered in less than 20 years.  I’m in it for the long haul.  I have 18 more years to go.  I’ll be 52 years young.

My mission is to help other people blog and build businesses around their writing and entrepreneurial skills.  My mission is to be of service to bloggers.

So as I said this site will be continually updated to better serve you and again, you can join my email list to get my best work.

Feel free to explore the blog to learn more.

Here’s to Blogging,

Thanks, Have a Great Day!

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