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Because this blog is now about blogging, I wanted to share with you 4 ideas you can put into action in your life to help you blog daily.

If you’re going to get paid for blogging, you are going to have to be a really really good blogger.  That means time invested in the art of blogging.  If you want to get really really good, then you inevitably will with daily practice.  Even if you only do 2 hours a day, the consistency of doing it daily will bring you to new heights of development.  As within, as without, as the spiritual teaching says.

We can try to feel what it feels like to have 7 different streams of income, and then take action and write our blogs.  If you felt like you had 7 different streams of income (like the average multimillionaire does) and you took action by blogging with that feeling everyday, what do you think would happen?  I can tell you from my own personal experience that your actions begin to unfold the opening of channels to receive wealth.

I can’t give you advice on how to make/earn money off your blog, yet, because I’m still working on making it as a blogger myself.  What I can tell you is that I blog consistently (although it could be more) and I strive to do it on a daily basis.  I can also tell you that I know my blogging has improved since I started in 2016 and now I believe it is more helpful, more useful, of more service, to the people that are reading it. So I am going to continue to write this blogging blog because unlike in visualizing that I win the lottery, I’m striving to be of service to other people.  And there’s art involved.  For me, it just doesn’t get any better than blogging.

I hope my enthusiasm rubs off on you.  Here are the tips:

4 Tips To Help You Blog Everyday

1. Know Your Reasons Why

When you know your reasons why, you’ll push through the months you don’t make any money, and keep blogging.  A lot of what I have read, especially thinking of Tony Robbins and his book “Awaken The Giant Within”, went over discovering your why.  Why do you blog?  Come up with a Good answer.

To be of service is the answer to my own personal question on why I blog.  All the masters say it should be done to be of service, and service to others is what’s going to lead to ultimate fulfillment and happiness.  That’s just my take on what I’ve learned from reading all my books.  You can come up with your own answers on why you blog.  It could be for love, for connections, for art, for money.  It’s whatever works best for you and will get you through the tough times when the going gets difficult.  Find your why!

Here’s a question you can write down and answer in your journal: What why is going to be more than strong enough to get me through the tough times and is ultimately going to lead me to health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness?

Maybe it’s your children?  Maybe it’s your spouse?  Maybe it’s because you really want to make something of yourself so you can feel accomplished.  To be able to say You did something great.  I’m only making suggestions, you should come up with your own answers that fit you as a unique person.  Part of the reason I do it, and it’s an easy one to embrace, is for the love of it.

2. Stay Consistent

I would never tell you to do anything I haven’t already done myself.  That said you don’t have to publish a new post every single day of your life.  I’m not the only one that thinks posting daily is too much.  Some people only post once a week, granted it’s a long form work, 4,000 or 5,000 words.

What I’m recommending you do is write 2,000 words at least every two days.  Maybe you can write more than that and that’s great if you can, but try to stick to 2,000 words every two days as a minimum.  Really, that should be an easy goal to reach.

If you spend 2 hours a day writing your blog, you could probably write 4,000 words every two days easily.  The word count isn’t as important as you doing it everyday.  Doing it everyday, or as close to everyday as you can make it, is what builds mastery.  That’s the only way your going to get to the 10,000 hours that it supposedly takes to master something.  If you put two hours a day into it, 6 days a week, you’d have your 10,000 hours in 16 years.

When you’re putting in the hours, you’re on the road to mastery.  Mastery, in the opinion of this blog is a worthwhile pursuit even if you never make any money off of it.  You’d even be happy to pay for the privilege of blogging that is a miracle of this day in age.  I know I am.

3. Do It For Mastery Over Money

If your doing it for mastery, you’ll hang in there on those tough weeks where it’s hard to blog 6 days a week.  On top of that, commenting on other blogs everyday.  When your mastering blogging, your also building connections with other people on the blog-o-sphere and out there in the world.  The process of mastery in blogging is beautiful.

What would it feel like if you were the main speaker at a blogging conference?  You made so much money off blogging that people wanted to feature you.  How would it feel to have that adulation?  Your going to have that adulation when you earn a million dollars a year from blogging, so you had better get used to that feeling, as the Google dictionary uses “Unspoiled by all the adulation he’s received”.  As I read in Wishes Fulfilled one must be humble with the wealth he’s received (Or health, wisdom, or happiness, or blogging mastery).  When we are doing it for mastery and for the love of blogging, I believe we open ourselves up to these good things.  Besides, if your going to be speaking to a room full of people, all those hours you spent on your blog are going to serve you when your serving them when your speaking to them.  Being a master can only aid you in your quest to help people.

One of the beauties about mastery over money is that you’ll do it even if your not getting paid yet.  Further, I cannot foresee anyone blogging for 10,000 hours and not pulling in at least a 6 figure income, if not a 7 figure income.  I see a 6 figure income a lot sooner than 10,000 hours at that.  Just think how good you’ll be at writing sales copy at that point.  Mastering writing sales copy, as well as mastering the writing of your blog (which the two could really intertwine) makes people a lot of money when you’re really really good at it.  There’s proof of that all over the world of people already doing that.  How would you feel if you were a master blogger?

I know you’d have a lot of connections in the blogging world.  Other bloggers who know and love you.  I know you’d have a blogging income.  I know that your business would love you and you’d love them.  It’s easy to love someone when they also love you back.  That said it’s also worth it to love them even if they hate you.  I read that Saint Francis of Assisi asked of God that he would “where there is hate, sow love”.  I really like that sentiment.  I also believe that’s part of mastery.

4. Also, Do It For The Money

Now that we’re set on being masters over earning/making money, also do it for the money.

How would you feel to make your first sale?  You would probably be very excited.  Feel that excitement now.  Write with that excitement in mind.  Money can be an excellent motivator, so take massive action with that motivation.  Blogging, and the things relating to it, can earn you money!  It’s so exciting to write knowing that one day you’ll be paid for it.  You don’t have to currently get paid for it to know that you inevitably will be paid for it.  Know that your going to get a blogging income like you know what your doing makes it a sure thing.  Guaranteed.

Even when your not earning 7 figures from your blog, you still blog feeling like you are a multimillionaire and that feeling translates into better writing, writing that will serve others better.  Continue on this path everyday and see what the future holds.

Don’t mind what other people think about you, especially when your speaking your world into existence by telling them you want to help people live a contented life blogging by helping them to love their blogs.  I’m sure what people think of it will be some good, some bad, some indifferent.  Something I learned from my days in sales.  Learn how to deal with the indifferent and the bad, and be your own ultimate guardian of what you allow your mind to dwell on.

Dwell on thoughts and feelings of health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness.  When your doing good work, it’s only right that you get paid for it, and I think it’s good to love that fact.  Feel what it feels like to get paid for your blog, especially when your not getting paid yet!  Write daily from that place of love.


I hope that these 4 tips for blogging everyday has inspired you to take massive action everyday for good reasons.  I encourage you to start a blog, and write it everyday.  Think of your why’s, think of staying consistent, think of the path of mastery, think of the money that will be involved if you stay the course.  Above all, blog everyday because you love blogging, because you love writing.  There are many good reasons to love writing, my favorite being the personal development you get from it.  The thing that I love about blogging specifically, the most, is that you are publishing your writing for the entire world to see.  For me, and you, only good things are going to come from that.

Thanks for reading,

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