Yes, you can do it and I highly recommend it to everyone, that is… blogging.

But especially if your a schizophrenic, like me, and the best that could happen is one adds value to a massive number of people and that results in economic abundance for one.  And I think, especially if your a schizophrenic, you can do it!

“For a system to remain alive, for the universe to move onward, information must be continually generated.  If there is nothing new, if the information that exists merely confirms what is, then the result will be death.  Isolated systems wind down and decay, victims of the laws of entropy.  The fuel of life is new information–novelty–ordered into new structures… Not management of information but encouragement, not control but genesis”

-Margaret Wheatley quoted from the book “The Tao of Sales” by E. Thomas Behr, PH.D.

And that’s why I feel blogs are so important.  They are new information, coming up everyday, every week, every month with people really trying to add massive amounts of value to their work and giving large portions of it away for free.

In “The Tao of Sales” it also says that the good mans fortunes are deep, because the more he gives the more he has to give.  It’s a good way to look at it, and I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to give just a little more of myself everyday, into my work, into my life. But before we go any further lets get some value for you…

Here’s why, if your schizophrenic you should start a blog, within a website that has your own name on it.  Take mine for example.  It’s  That’s my name!  And I can blog about anything I want!  I can associate myself with anything I want!  And shouldn’t I choose wisely.

And so should you.  Find a good niche, and I think it’s part of doing something your passionate about.  For me sales and schizophrenia are a great niche because it’s about two things I both love.  And they go well together.  It’s kind of a feedback system between me and the universe.  If I’m smoking when I don’t have the money, or I’m not feeling good, then I’ll probably get some bad feedback from the schizophrenia.  If I’m not cleaning up after myself at home I’ll get some bad feedback from the schizophrenia.  The schizophrenia also tells me to floss!  Go figure.

So schizophrenia has been a big part of my life for the last 7 years… I’ve had some ups and downs.  Now I’m stable and doing well.  I’m becoming a long term success at my new job in sales.  I’m reporting my progress on this blog.  That’s the beauty of blogging when your a schizophrenic… you can write about your sales job and all your experiences doing it as a schizophrenic!

I should have noted that I would recommend consulting with a talk therapist before making the jump into sales, and what kind of sales…but I cleared it with mine, all systems go, he told me that I had as good of a chance as anyone else.  And I already made 3 sales!  I haven’t told my counselor about my sales yet because I only see him once a month.  Because I’m doing so good, otherwise I would see him every two weeks and I have seen him every week before.

At any rate, the value here is that talk therapy is valuable and if your a schizophrenic like me, I think if you can get over any obstacles you have to it and are open to the idea that you can recover with the aid of medication and therapy together, hey it might work for you!  I was in a position of having no motivation to go to work altogether, and seeing my psychiatrist and my therapist has coincided with promotions at my job again.

And not to mention, and this is a hot announcement… but I’m now at work on an ebook.  It’s going to be my product, and I’m going to offer it for sale.  I’ve already done some research by reading Pat Flynn’s ebook “Ebooks the Smart Way”  you can get at his website  It was definitely a good read I would recommend to anyone who wants to write an ebook.

But tell me what you think about it, and what you think about me charging 19.99 for it.  Is that too high, too low… leave a comment and let me know what you think.  After all we are talking about adding massive amounts of value here… you get what you pay for.

But blogging is for schizophrenics because in order to write something good you have to serve your audience.  You have to add value.  The more people you add value to the better off you will be.  In fact I don’t even know if there is a Sales for Schizophrenics niche.  I may be making it up as I go.

But I think at the least, to a regular person, or maybe even another salesman or would be salesman without schizophrenia, it should be an entertaining read, with lessons about learning that can be applied to anyone, schizophrenia or not.  The point is, if you like sales, or love sales, and I want this coming ebook to be for you.

Whether that be sales in network marketing, sales at Sears, sales at Aflac, sales at Walmart, sales at a car dealership, any kind of sales you could think of, vacuum cleaner sales.  My story will hopefully be of inspiration to you and add a certain level of curiosity to your life.

Dave Wood of Empower Network said of writing blogs to do 500 words and then you’d be done.  I usually go on for a bit longer than that.  I have been known to do 2,000 words consistently.  This one’s only 1,000 but I’ve doubled Dave Woods recommendation.  I want to give a little more value.

But I did learn a whole lot from David Wood, and that will also be in my blog.  Stories about the Empower Network.  I had a lot of fun doing that.  Didn’t make any sales, blew thousands of dollars, but I had fun.  I also had a psychotic breakdown involving things I cannot mention, while coming back from traveling to an Empower Network event.  So it was bad and good.

But I’m doing much better not paying anything to work, and getting paid a steady hourly rate.  I also get mileage, which they pay in cash, each day I work the sales runs.  So three days last week, three days this week.  I have three days coming up, starting with tomorrow, day one.  I made 3 sales last week off of my three days, and I’m getting three more days this week.  This is the most I’ve done this sales work at my job, I’m mostly in the store cutting up the ham, and helping the customers.  It’s really an amazing opportunity and I’m very blessed I have it.  I thank God everyday for another day, and for everything I have!  For everything I am able to give!  For everything I am able to repay!  For everything I am able to save!

Go forth and do the thing you have set out to do.  If your a schizophrenic like me, go into sales and kill it, and write a blog as a leading learner, telling the world about your progress.  Read books and learn, and keep a journal.  Do these things and watch your life begin to improve.  Do them earnestly and I know they will.

Thanks for reading, have an excellent time,

Jesse Creel

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