If we were to love just a little more each day, wouldn’t that make our lives better?  Wouldn’t it make the lives of those around us better?

If your like me, bringing more love into the world is a hard thing to do.  There’s judgement, anger, and attitudes that fight us on our path to bringing more love into the world.  But again, if your like me, you will find it a worthwhile pursuit.

In this post I’m going to share some thoughts on how we can bring more love into our world in order to make earth a better place to live.  My hope is that you find at least one gem in this post that you can apply to your life everyday that brings you more fulfillment and more happiness.

Here it goes.

Ask Strangers How They Are Doing

If you want to show the world that you love and care about it, then you may want to consider asking a caring question to the people you see as you walk down the streets of your neighborhood.  That question is of course, “How are you doing”.

This could improve your day.  It could be that that person is having a bad day and they either say nothing to you and snub you, or they could give you a good answer like “good” or “great”.  If the person you talk to gives you a negative answer you can just keep on walking.  If the person you talk to gives you a positive answer that could lead to a conversation that could make both of your days better.  Talking with positive people about positive things can be an uplifting experience.  It might even make your day having that conversation.  If all that happens is you exchange a “I’m good”, or “I’m great”  then you are still on the up and up.  You’re letting your neighborhood know you care, and your making it a positive place to be.

This is just one way I think we can start to create more love in our world.

Read Books About Uplifting Stories

What happens in your mind is going to effect what happens when you leave the house.  I find it good practice to read inspiring and uplifting books as it helps me stay optimistic (some could say overly optimistic, which I believe is a good thing) about life.  This will lead you to having uplifting conversations with your friends and family, and the strangers you meet on the streets of your neighborhood.  Good, uplifting stories can really be a catalyst in setting the mood for a positive day.

The books you read are up to you, but it could be a religious or spiritual book, or a collection of stories of success in the area in which you want to achieve your success.  I really like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  That’s a good starting point if your looking for success in business and it’s full of success stories.  If you would like to buy the book, click the link below and you can purchase it from Amazon.com (I will receive a commission from your purchase through this link).

I read many many books on the subject of personal development, Napoleon Hill’s classic is one that I found many years ago when I was trying to start a network marketing business.  I found it to be extremely inspiring and it helped me persevere until I reached the point where the cost of running the business wasn’t adding up anymore.  I have to admit, I was a failure in network marketing, but that failure (and my many others) have not detracted me from continuing the pursuits of an entrepreneur.  Books really have been great friends of mine on the path of becoming a success.  Studying people who have done what I want and need to do has been extremely helpful.  Learning those things about how to be successful have helped me have positive conversations with family, friends, and coworkers, and those positive conversations I believe have brought more love into the world.  So I say, go on and read those positive books, and have the conversations and take the ACTIONS that will accompany the reading of them.  You’ll be sharing wisdom with the people you care about and helping be a light in their lives and you’ll also be taking action in the direction of your dreams.  In this way you’ll be adding more love into the world.

Serve Your Spouse And Your Children

I realize that not everyone is married with children, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be at some point.  So really this point could serve both those who are married with children, and those that will be in the future.

Today for instance, my wife Megan went out to brunch with her friends.  It was my job to watch the kids.  By watching the kids I was serving my wife.  She was out for a while and so I had to feed the kids lunch.  It was a simple task but one that I did and loved to do.  The smiles on their faces as they ate their chicken nuggets satisfied me.  Really, as I was serving them I was also serving myself as I got to spend quality time with them just dad and the kids.

Simple things like doing the dishes and the laundry can also take some stress off your spouse and make their life a little easier.  Personally, again, I can find doing the dishes and the laundry to be a kind of stress relief so by serving my wife, I’m also serving myself.  It’s a win win, and that’s the kind of deal I love to love.

Give To The Homeless

When a homeless person asks you if you can spare any change, happily give them a dollar or two.  If your reading this, I know you are likely in a position where giving a couple dollars can only help you.

I know myself that sometimes after giving a homeless man money I question whether I did the right thing or not.  Am I only feeding their dependence on other people to survive, further crippling them, or am I helping them?  These questions no longer arise in my mind as I know that I am more fortunate then they are and I have a responsibility to help other people who aren’t as good off as I am.  I care for more than just myself and my own family.  I care for all the people of the world and homelessness is a problem for these people.  The very least I can do is give them a dollar when they ask me.

I believe that by giving to the homeless, and helping those who are less fortunate than we are, we are adding more love into the world.  By caring enough about a perfect stranger to help finance their lives, we are contributing to the overall health of our society.  Whether you agree or disagree with me on this point, I would love to hear what you think in the comments of this post.  Be sure to leave one.

Always Tip Your Delivery Driver

When your ordering food to your house, be sure to always tip.

You don’t have to tip like your wealthy if your not.  But something is always better than nothing.  Your pizza delivery driver works hard to get you fresh hot pizza as fast as possible so reward him with a tip.  I believe tipping shows you care.  If you show you care I believe you are adding more love into this world.  It’s something simple, maybe you already tip well every time you get pizza delivered or have someone make a sub for you, but the practice of giving includes giving to those that are providing a valuable service to you (even if that service is merely delivering a pizza it’s still valuable).  Go ahead and start tipping whenever it’s applicable, and again it’s going to be also a self serving discipline.  What you get is equal to what you give so if you want more, give more.

When You’re Doing Things You Don’t Like, Instead Of Hating It, Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude could help you with anything from your job to doing housework.  You can’t be grateful and angry at the same time.  When your doing something you don’t like to do, instead of hating it and cursing the reasons why you have to do it, instead look for things about it that you can be grateful for.

When I’m at work, doing something that I don’t want to do, I simply tell myself “This is what I MUST do, I’m getting paid, so I might as well be happy about doing it”.  In addition to getting paid to do things I don’t like to do, I also get valuable work experience, working with others to get the job done.

Another instance from my life where I practiced gratitude was in doing the dishes.  Instead of thinking, “Well, my wife has been off all day and instead of doing the dishes she went out and ran around”, I think “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my family, I don’t have to do these dishes, I GET TO”.

Each day is a blessing and one we should be grateful for.  Instead of thinking that you have to do something, instead think that you “get to” do something.  Not everyone can do what you do, so be grateful your in the unique position to live your life to it’s fullest potential.

Cut Back Or Eliminate The Things That Aren’t Serving Your Greater Purpose

If you want to bring more love into the world, then you can start by loving yourself a little more.  Try and try again to cut back or eliminate the things that aren’t serving your greater purpose.  For me, identifying those things has been easy, but eliminating them has been a real challenge but one worth doing.

I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.  I smoked American Spirits and they cost me about $8.18 a day.  I realized that feeling the way I was feeling because of the smoking wasn’t serving me.  Neither was spending almost $10 a day on the addiction.  So in late November of 2017 I decided again, that it was time to finally quit and replace it with something new.  That new thing was the vaporizer.

From experience I can say that the vaporizer is a lot better for my health and is much much less expensive then buying cigarettes.  So I’m saving my health and I’m keeping more of my hard earned money, and on top of it all I’m still not really sacrificing anything because I still have my nicotine.  The vape helps me get out of the bed in the morning, helps get me through the day, and it helps me sleep.  It has completely taken the place of cigarettes, and I’m very grateful for it.  It’s been a triumph for me eliminating cigarettes, and I give the vape the credit for that.  It’s been really really great using the vape instead of smoking, because it tastes and smells better, I can do it inside, it helps me feel healthier, and I save A LOT of money.  Smoking cigarettes wasn’t serving my greater purpose so I’m glad that I was able to stop.  What could you stop that isn’t serving your greater purpose?

When you start taking better care of yourself, you’ll be better able to take better care of others, hence bringing more love into the world.  So go for it, and cut back or eliminate those things that are causing you pain and misery, and embrace a more empowering life.

Pick Up An Additional Stream Of Income

I read in “Reinvent Yourself” that the average multi-millionaire has an average of 7 different streams of income.  If you want to love yourself, and therefore be able to love your family and others better, it’s time to add another source of income to your life.

By adding another source of income to your life you’ll be better securing yourself and your family in the lean and fat times.  You’ll have more money for yourself and for your family, and you’ll have more money to give to charity.  My grandfather has told me that charity starts at home, so the better you can take care of your family, the better you’re loving them.  The more you do, the more the universe can do for you so don’t delay and pick up those multiple streams of income as fast as you can.  Once you begin to give your family more money, you can look into giving more to charity.  Again, what you get is equal to what you give, so if you want more, give more.

For me, picking up additional streams of income means not only working my day job, but also picking up a second job that I can work nights and weekends.  Along with picking up a second job, having multiple streams of income also means working on this website, commenting on other blogs, writing articles for other sites that link back to my site, and networking with other online entrepreneurs.  From what I understand, that’s what you need to keep doing if you want to earn incomes from your blog.  So that’s what I’m going to do, what are you going to do to earn other streams of income?


If you want to bring more love into the world, start first by loving yourself better.  The more you can love yourself, the better you will be at being able to love others.  Once you’ve got a foundation of self love in place, then you’ll be able to branch out into helping your family better, and then from there you can really start to make an impact on the world.

I’m sure there are many ways you can bring more love into the world, I’ve just listed a few.  Feel free to brainstorm your own ideas and put them into practice in your life.  By loving more, you can start to help change the world for the better.

Here’s to a better world for you, me, our children, and everyone on the planet.

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