If you would like to reach me I prefer email.

I think it’s better than Twitter because you can write for as long as you like.

Sometimes you need to write a few paragraphs to get across what you want to get across.

Part of that is signing up for the email list on the home page, or just sending a line to creel.jesse@gmail.com


I would love to hear what you think about this website, and if you have any suggestions on how I could improve it.  Maybe even what YOU would like me to write about.

Should I write about schizophrenia and sales, or schizophrenia and just work?  Should I write about schizophrenia and personal development, or should I just write about personal development and maybe do some book reviews?  I’m really working on getting a business going, where I help a massive number of people, what do I write about?  What do I master?

Asking these questions and getting your feedback on your answers will help me improve YOUR experience.  I get better by the day.  As it will be with this site.  I really appreciate you wanting to reach out and connect with me.

So again the email is creel.jesse@gmail.com.  Just copy and paste it into your email to me.  I check my email everyday and at this point this site isn’t so big I can’t handle a few personal emails, just to really connect with someone…

Write me, and you could be one of the first.

I would also love to hear any stories about schizophrenia and succeeding in sales when the delusions tell you people love you.

Feel free to write me!  I would love to hear what you think of my ebook “Schizophrenic Sales Success” too!  Just jump on the email list, and you’ll get your free copy.  I promise I won’t email you too often.

Thanks for reading, I hope your inspired to write me!

Jesse Creel