How To Get More Money By Having Conversations With Everyone

Always be talking to people about your goals and ideas.  You will get valuable feedback that will help you evolve into a better creator.  Conversations with people about how to get more money, I propose, will inspire you to create new and even better ideas, or it might be that you don’t get really any feedback, there’s just a “that’s good” and silence.  That’s all a part of having conversations with everyone about how to get more money.

That is precisely what this site has become, a site about how to get more money.  I hope you like it, and I hope you sign up for my email list, where you’ll get a free book and notes from yours truly.  Really though, I hope that you muster up the courage to open your mouth about what your doing with your blog.  Open up to the people you know, family, friends, coworkers and tell them about your idea on how you can make more money.  Maybe start by asking them what they would think about taking a second job maybe at a gas station at night.  I personally know a gas station that’s practically in my neighborhood and getting a job that close to home would be sweet!  I would have to deal with the people though, but when it comes to getting more money dealing with people isn’t such a bad thing to have to do.

Having conversations just naturally with the people you work with can be a great exercise in testing your idea.  They may like it, they may not, they may say it’s great but then never hear anything about them checking it out, let alone subscribing to your email list.  I personally am at the point where I just need to go with my own judgement and do what feels right.  What you do with your free time when your not at work is your business anyways.  Personally, I wish I were a better small talker.  Then I might be.

Who knows, maybe with having conversations with everyone you meet about how to get more money might have some people threatening you.  I doubt that though.  That’s probably just the schizophrenia talking.  In my real life experience it has been nothing but an enlightening experience.

As a result of my own personal conversations about how to get more money I’ve been told to get off my ass and stop visualizing to win the lottery, and I’ve been told I’m awesome.  I’ve also been told working nights in a rough area at a gas station would be hard.

With that said, having conversations about how to get more money I think is important, what’s more important is dignity.  Although I have called myself a shameless self promoter, when your having conversations about how to get more money, you then have to be quiet and listen.  Once you’ve said your thing it’s going to take a few more conversations to have a dignified way of bringing it back up again.  Also, accept other people’s business cards, as you may have already given one of them of your own to them.  It’s about supporting other people’s business’s as well as your own.

Because let’s face it, we’re all in this together.  Going along, feeling pain, and coming back from it.  We’re all living this life creating it and our perception of others sometimes shapes their opinion of themselves.  When you start looking at how to get more money through conversations you can really learn a lot about yourself, and other people.

What I’m saying is that YOU have a lot to do with how your life comes out.  If you want to be a rich and famous blogger, I know you’ve got that in you, because I have it in me.  At least the work of writing high quality content I have in me.  And I believe you have that work of writing that you would like to learn how to get more money there is a great book called, “Blogging For Profit Without Selling Your Soul” by Ruth Soukup.  Maybe if you check her out you’ll like it.  I would recommend the book because I’m personally using it to improve my website, and take action on producing more highly useful content that’s rich in keywords, and see if I can take this “How to get more money” blog started.  That is the magic of “Blogging For Profit Without Selling Your Soul“.

Maybe if you read that book you can have a new conversation about how you want to get more money.  I know it’s been insightful for me, the book has done many things for me, among helping me to take action- I would only read a page or two before I had to get up and do some writing.  She suggested what works for her, and one thing I implemented was a long term goal plan.  If you would like to learn more, feel free to buy her book.  I love my copy.

The point is hanging on my vision board are 5 long terms goals, and 5 improvements I want to make to this site.  I set it for 3 months to see what I could get in that time, no doubt it will be Great.  I’ll censor the details and just tell you that it’s extremely exciting to have hanging up there.  I looked at it and it got me typing.

Maybe you could have a conversation about what’s hanging on YOUR vision board.  Action step:  Create a vision board and then tell people what’s on it.  I bet you’ll learn about yourself and others too.  You don’t have to keep telling people about it after you’ve already told them, they know you better now.

All I’m saying is that maybe you can test out your idea with other people, and their feedback can help you to evolve.  Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t, but either way your going to be typing.  Conversations about how to get more money can give you something to blog about.

Sometimes when your really into it, and things are going just Great, even the schizophrenia is Great.  But because your a schizophrenic you’ve written a good deal about it, and it’s not the kind of thing you really want to talk about anymore.  So on with writing about and having conversations about “How to Get More Money”.  Can’t go without a plug for schizophrenia.

Because when you talked about being a schizophrenic, and you’ve also said something about starting a business, people might look at you funny.  Just got to keep moving forward.  Keep writing high quality content that really serves people and is Great writing.  I think staying a little less sensitive is a good thing.


You see, and this blog is still in it’s infancy, I think one can master blogging in 10 years.  Definitely have made your first million dollars and your blog is a real business.  Once you make your first million, you gotta figure the rest is going to come a little easier.  I figure that you could have a list of 2,000 people in under 3 months from this day forward.  That by no means aligns with my current subscriber rate, but it does take into account viral traffic and many subscribers in one day, day after day.

And this how to get more money thing is also about a blogging business, which is featured on another part of this site.

The thing about conversations about how to get more money, and conversations about getting money off a blog, the thing is you gotta have balls to bring it up.  Sometimes that takes some time to muster up.  The point of it is you keep working on it.  If it’s not the right time, then it’s not the right time.  When it is the right time you also know you’ll say something.

Just in casual conversation, just lightly bring it up: “Hey, (Name) you ever think about how people could get more money?”  Remember what they say and borrow from them to add another layer to your writing.  You should always quote your sources though, unless you don’t want to name names and then the balls in your court.

Maybe it might be more casual for you to instead of just handing them your business card, first tell them about your website and what you do.  They might think it’s a cool hobby and congratulate you on doing something when your not at work.  It’s just so easy to sit around with your family and just not be at work for some time.

I push myself, I do take due family time, and that’s a rest from work and is a pleasure for me.  Sometimes I may only have an hour to work with.  Not to mention my To-Do list has reading, journaling, visualizing, and exercises.  I need to do a little of each one.  I would really like to put more time into my website, but I know I have a lot of other stuff to do too.

So I figure I’ll just crank it out for for 15 minutes and then get on with the to do list.  Here we are, having a conversation about how to get more money by talking about, and experiment with ideas on people.  See what we come up with.  We may want to revise and move on to a different niche.  When were talking about our more money making idea we’re talking about writing high quality content and then promoting it on social media.  Maybe we’re talking about getting 34,000 visitors a day.  Maybe we’re just talking about a $9,000 a month income.  You could go for a million dollars in a year but I figure it’s all about baby steps so $100,000 a year is a good place to start.  Better get to writing that high quality content!

The way I figure it is, if you have 2,000 people on your list, and you begin selling a product after you reach the 2,000 mark, you could put an ebook up for $10.00.  Even if you only sell 10% you’ve still made $2,000.  That’s real money you’ve earned from your business.  What out six figures, here you come!

That’s what I’m really talking about here, is earning money from your blog.  All you have to do is create high quality content and then promote it.  From what I understand word of mouth advertising, where you’re just talking to people about your website works great.  Get all your friends on your email list.  Get it all together.  You’ll get valuable feedback and you’ll have a bigger list.  Every subscriber counts.

Drawing by Jesse Creel

“I have an idea for a blogging business…”
“Congratulations on taking action”

I can’t go without saying that most of the time you should probably just keep quiet about your side business or blogging business and especially keep quiet about your income goals.  Eddie Coronado talks about how you don’t want to dissipate spiritual growth.  You can dissipate spiritual growth by talking about your income goals.

I take that advice along with Pat Flynn’s advice to have conversations with people about your business idea.  It could take your ideas to new heights.

I have a large stack of books I’m reading right now.  It’s painful because of how slow I read- as a personal note, but as far as I’m concerned that’s part of the work.  In the books I read about how to make a profit blogging the authors say when they were starting their blogs they read everything they could on the subject.  Reading is on my To Do List and I’m getting into the habit of completing nearly everything if not everything on my To Do List.  In other words I’m sure I’ll get in at least a half hour of reading today.

To sum it up, have conversations about how to get more money, but don’t talk about it so much it wears on people.  Take action after you have those conversations or lack thereof conversations about how to get more money.

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Thanks, and Have A Great Day!