What more could you ask for… health, wealth, and wisdom.  I tried to cheers to that at family events and my grandfather only wanted the health.  But I have a dream.

And my dreams are turning into reality.  I have a plan.  One I can make public which would make it all the better.  Document the road to riches.  The road to great wealth.  That’s the end game.  Die wealthy.

Leave a legacy.  Something the world can live off of after your gone.  That’s doing a service to the world.  And Tony Robbin’s books will still be around after he’s dead.  Hopefully that won’t be for many years.

But in “Money, Master the Game” Robbins says ” The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does.  Become more valuable.  Do more.  Give more.  Be more.  Serve more.  And you will have the opportunity to earn more.”

And that’s exactly what I wanted to make this blog post about.  Becoming more valuable.  And translating that value into the written word.

I’m valuable at my job.  I make 10 dollars an hour there.  Not bad considering I don’t really have to do much.  There’s not much heavy lifting involved.  It’s a pretty easy job.  And I love it it’s so easy.  And I get paid to do it so I love it even more.  Even if they don’t pay much.  They are flexible with time, so I can take time off to see my therapist or write, or spend time with my family.

But I can give more.  I’m taking my family to church tomorrow and I’m going to give the church 40 dollars.  I could and really should give more, but I want to give at least two twenties to them to get the karma wheel going in the right direction.

Because I’m going to invest and I want my investments to mostly work out.  It won’t bother me if some of them don’t work out, but by and large I want the vast majority of them to work out.  Consistently and on the long term.

But isn’t that every investors dream?

Really I have no idea what I’m doing as an investor.  My plan for tomorrow is after church I take my family over to the community college and I sign up for the winter class which is basic investing.  My wife was helping do the research on the class and wants to go with me.  She is excited I’m going to be taking a class.  I’m exciting I’m reading and writing again.  I really took some time off there doing nothing and listening to the voices and playing the lottery.  I definately want to get back into it in a big way and I’m doing it everyday now.  I don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.  I miss reading one night and the next night I miss writing.  I’m writing a new book, don’t you know and it’s about quitting cigarettes.  It’s going to be good.  I’m giving myself all of 2017 to write it.  Write everything.

The goal is to write 2 pages a day but I don’t get nearly that much, maybe half of that.  If that.  But I still write on a regular basis and I do that for a year and then find out what I have.  I have to put on my to do list to print out my last book from 2016 that I haven’t re-read yet.  I want to edit it and maybe even sell it on this site!  Wouldn’t that be fun!  Content is king, and baby I got that.

I think the main answer to my question of how I can become more valuable is to read more books.  I read some, but I read slow and I buy books and they sit on the shelf.  I only read when I get really jazzed up about something… like money, or God.

And aren’t they really the two ultimate things? That and family.  And friends, and work, and life all together…

And my question is why can’t you have both money and God in your life.  What’s wrong with having a lot of money and loving God at the same time?

The voice tells me there’s nothing wrong with that.  It tells that to me now as I’m writing this.  It speaks to me as I write.

Sometimes I write down what it says, sometimes I don’t.  It all depends on how it’s going.  Schizophrenia is not something I share with people right off the bat.  It takes a few conversations before someone knows that and knows I have a blog and a book.  And that I’m writing another book.  It’s on the way.  There will be many if I live to 100 like I plan to.

But how long I live will depend on my quality of life I think.  And that’s part of the reason why I want to quit cigarettes.  So I feel better.  And I’m doing it now.  I haven’t had a cigarette since 9 am this morning.

I have been hitting the vape a lot though.  What purpose does this serve you you may ask?  It’s to tell you there are alternatives to smoking.  Smoking is bad but there are alternatives that are less bad that you can use until your ready to go cold turkey. Just don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs, and don’t drink.  Some would say let them do those things but I want you to get wealthy so I think you should avoid anything that is going to waste your money.  All you need to live is food and water.  And shelter and clothes.  Things like that.  You don’t need cigarettes, or pot, or alcohol…

Even though I bought a 16 dollar bottle of port that is just sweet and hard to drink.  My wife got the idea to get a bottle so I went out and bought one and I don’t think I’ll ever buy port again.  I just got it because I heard about a couple famous writers who drank it and liked it, so I thought I would try it to.

I did not like it.

I’m still drinking it though, for the feeling.  Even though it’s sweet it still gives you the feeling.

That and I have the vape.

What value is this to you?  Well, I guess I’m telling you that you can vape and drink one bottle of wine and be fine and enjoy yourself because that’s what life is for, just don’t smoke.

Really, I feel like I’ve already achieved the success I want in my life.  I’m just happy to spend time with my family and grow old with them.  This is really going to be an amazing journey with money and not smoking and being sober.  I have a sober friend that supports me so that’s awesome.  Really all things are an outstanding success in my life right now and it’s only getting better.

Why am I telling you all this…?  Because I’m a schizophrenic who is not supporting myself completely right now but I’m supporting myself and my family some and desire to support them more now.  And if I can go from not working to working and saving money and taking care of my responsibilities then I think that anyone will a strong will could do the same thing.

So the question is for me, and for anyone else who desires… can a strong will be developed?  Can the weak become strong?  Can one turn one’s life around completely and become wealthy?

The answers to the questions must be a resounding yes!  You need hope, you need a future to look forward to.  You need improvement.

We can do this together.  I know it.  We can write and read, and read and write, and go to college and invest in the market 10 percent of what we earn and we can get rich writing by providing the best value with our writing known to the world.  Something different, something new, something better.  I give a lot of credit to Tony Robbins for setting these ideas into motion in my life, but I think I always knew the right things to do, it just took Tony telling me to do them to get me into action.

And I want to take what I learned, and I want to take my art of writing and turn it into an empire.  Write everyday, write every week, write, every month, write, every year.  Until I die.  Die with my boots on.  David Bowie did.

But hopefully I won’t die for many years… I’m only 32.  I have a family to support and the better part of my life to live.  And with books as my aide and writing as my tool I think I will be able to accomplish anything with this life.  I am so happy I started this blog under my name so that every one knows exactly what I’m about….


That’s exactly why I’m vaping right now instead of smoking.  Hope you think it’s funny.  I still relate.  People are fucked up.  We’re each our own brand of insane.  And other people bring it out in us.  This is just my philosophy and the value it brings to you is to let you know that it’s all ok.  Like in the Micheal Franti song… “all the freaky people make the beauty of the world” and aren’t people a lot like art.  You don’t have to have a college education but it helps.  Tony Robbins only has a high school diploma, like me.  I went to Severna Park High School.   I would go so far as to say that’s the best high school in Maryland.  And I screwed around at college.  Didn’t take it seriously.  Didn’t want to be there.  Thought 12 years of school was enough.  Boy was I wrong.  The more school the better.  Now, I value education, that’s why I’m going back.  I’m going back to school to learn how to invest.

And the trillion dollar value in this for you is that there’s nothing stopping you from going back to school either.  Just save a little money and go back one class at a time… get your associates.  Then take your bachelors online.  Go back for your masters and before you know it your a therapist.  And wouldn’t that be better than working for 10 dollars an hour.

As a therapist you could probably get 50 dollars an hour or better if your good.  And the best I would have to be.  The best you have to be.  That’s my trillion dollar value.  Is that I mean for you the be the best… put your passion into it.  All of it, your heart and soul.  But don’t cut yourself.

Now, I could be wrong, but I think that the way to wealth is through words.  It’s through creating content.  Creating something of great value.  For other people it could be a song or a painting.  For me it’s blog posts and books, and every once in a while freestyle blues guitar playing.

But I just started this thing and I hope you’ll join me for the long haul.  To see how it goes and to improve along the way.  I will let you know if I make it with this blog and with my books and I’ll keep you up to date on how things are going at my job, as a worker and as a salesperson… and I’ll let you know if I win the lottery.  I’ll let you know if I’ve been drinking or smoking and hopefully that’s to a bear minimum.  I’ll provide blog posts and books that are worth trillions of dollars everyday in every way because I love you.  I want you to read and write and live life and enjoy.  And improve along in your hard times.  I hope you’ve immensely enjoyed the read and wish you a wealthy day and night.  If you want me go to the support page and write me.  I might arrange for you to purchase my book.  If you like the blog you will love the book.  Thanks for reading.  I love you.

Jesse Creel

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