When it comes down to how to get more money I believe creative visualization can be helpful.  Here is a page to get you motivated to implement a creative visualization to get more money plan and take action on it on a daily basis for the rest of your life.  I say the rest of your life because as long as we are alive there is no stopping point, we never stop growing.  As it should be with our creative visualizations.

Creative Visualization For Getting More Money

The beauty about creative visualization is it can be about anything you want.  I personally do it for at least 8 minutes a day, everyday, and it really helps me take action on my dreams.  Another beauty about creative visualization is that your goals become refined through new information you take in daily and your creative visualizations take on a new and better path.

Creative visualization helps you believe you can achieve your goals.  Along with asking your subconscious mind every night of one request, creative visualization can help you tune in to what you want, if you want to learn how to get more money.

Here are some creative visualizations you can use, just pick one that you like and sit with it for 8 minutes. They are about how to get more money, but in my version of the topic on how to get more money, there are a lot of other positive things about life that are included.  So here is an A-Z list of creative visualizations you can pick from and try out for each day for the next 30 days.

A-Z List of Creative Visualizations That You Can Use Today, That Will Help You Believe You Can Get More Money

    1. I creatively visualize having wealth and abundance.
    2. I creatively visualize having $1,000 cash in my savings account, I can see my account in my mind reflecting a $1,000 balance.
    3. I creatively visualize my credit card having a zero balance, I can see it on my smart phone online that my credit card is at a $0.00 balance.
    4. I creatively visualize overpaying every month on the 15 year mortgage of my dream home.
    5. I creatively visualize having a better job that pays me more, where I have a matching 401K, paid time off, and more hours.
    6. I creatively visualize my blog earning me an extra $1,000 dollars a month, I can see in my bank account every two weeks a $500.00 deposit.  It feels great.
    7. I creatively visualize taking more pictures that I can use for my blog to make it a better experience for my readers.
    8. I creatively visualize having a successful time vaping over smoking.
    9. I creatively visualize exercising everyday, I feel what it feels like to do pushups, crunches, squats, and walking everyday.
    10. I creatively visualize having plenty of cash to pay for whatever I need to live and create more income.
    11. I creatively visualize being a millionaire success story. Action Step- Journal What your story of success looks like looking back now that your a millionaire.
    12. I creatively visualize being a great service to a massive number of people.
    13. I creatively visualize having lots of friends and laughter.
    14. I creatively visualize living sober for a year.   What does it feel like to have saved $200.00 a month, every month for 12 months?
    15. I  creatively visualize making what I used to make in two weeks at my job, I make in one week off my blog.
    16. I creatively visualize my blog making so much money that I can retire my spouse.
    17. I creatively visualize being healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    18. I creatively visualize doing my best with my time.
    19. I creatively visualize having a great family life with my spouse and children.
    20. I creatively visualize being intimate with my spouse daily.
    21. I creatively visualize paying off our dream house and having money saved up.
    22. I creatively visualize living in our dream house.  What does it feel like to live in your dream house?
    23. I creatively visualize paying cash for a vacation to the islands.  What does it feel like to pay cash for a vacation to Tortola island in the British Virgin Isles?
    24. I creatively visualize working from home and retiring my spouse.  What does it feel like to make so much money working from home that you can retire your spouse?
    25. I vividly imagine being able to retire my wife because of my blogging income.  What does it feel like to make that much money from blogging?
    26. I creatively visualize my emotional reason why I want to make that much money blogging by asking myself the 7 why’s.  (The 7 Why’s can be found in this book,

Creative visualization about how to get more money can be about anything you want it to be about.  It’s really a beautiful process.

So how can you really make the most out of your few minutes each day creatively visualizing how to get more money?  Ask yourself that question.

For me the answer is simple.  That is presence of mind.  No daydreaming, no just listening to the voices talk, real presence of mind on what it is I’m visualizing.  I’m starting a business here so this is serious.  What I’ve found is that you can be in your pajamas and still be serious.

It’s going to take time to build up your blog so it gets traffic and ultimately email subscribers that you can serve and earn money from.  You had better put full time hours into your blog if you even want a chance at success.  An hour a day of writing is not going to cut it.  You need to get serious if you want to earn income, so it’s going to take all the hours you have available to get something going.  Creative visualization can help you with this.

Maybe you could creatively visualize typing for 3 hours a day, everyday, and see if you can take action on that daily to get your website into shape.  Try putting the work in up front and even if you make no money at all in your first attempts, you will still be learning, and the light at the end of the tunnel will be coming closer and closer.

Blogging can be a substantial source of income as evidenced by SmartBlogger.com and many, many others. The first and most important step after your blog is set up is to create content that gets a lot of traffic.  That’s where I’m at in my journey to become a professional blogger.  Getting traffic isn’t easy.

I’m sticking with it though because of my deep emotional why that I learned about in reading.  It went like this for me:

  1. Why am I reading “Millionaire Success Habits”?

Because I want more money.

2. Why do I want more money?

So I can take full responsibility of the support of my wife and children?

3.  Why do I want to support my wife and children?

Because that’s what a good man would do.

4.  Why do I want to be a good man?

Because that’s what my wife and children deserve of me, that’s what the world deserves of me.

5.  Why do your wife, children and the world deserve a good man?

Because the universe is Good and produces better, more evolved good for the future.

6.  Why does the universe evolve?

To reach higher levels of consciousness.

7.  Why do we want to reach higher levels of consciousness?

So we can better fulfill our missions on this earth.


So there you have it.  My why is so I can fulfill my mission on earth.  My mission on this earth is to help a massive number of people get more money with my money getting and saving strategies.  I’m really talking about helping people become healthy, wealthy, and wise because aren’t we operating at the higher level of evolution when we’re in a peak state and helping others to improve their own lives?  I’ve got to keep this blogging thing going, but I’ve also got to find a way to get a better day job, or pick up a second night job that pays me more money too.  If as a community college dropout I can’t find a job that pays me much, I’ll work a better job, or two jobs to get by until I can figure out how to blow it out of the water in business.

I’m telling you my life story so you can use it as an example of what to do when your in trouble.  With $16,800 in credit card debt and my family in need of a new house it’s time to take action.  Getting a second job, working on this blog and sacrificing sleep will be an act of maturity, along with giving up drinking and smoking.  I’ll save, I won’t be racking up any more debt, and I’ll be paying the debt down.  It’s the responsible thing to do when you have kids.  Who knows what kind of job I’ll have in the next five years.  It may even be this blog that takes off and gets us into our new home.

Really, I don’t care how it happens.  What matters to me is the end result, having a home and being debt free with a substantial savings. Not saying it’s the lottery that is going to give that to me, I am saying that I’m creatively visualizing and taking massive action.

I’m also reading.  How about you read 45 books a year like Pat Flynn.

I just now finished reading and I recommend it for any beginning blogger or entrepreneur.  It was a great book. (Note: I will receive a commission if you click the links and buy these books.)  That said she quotes a lot from bloggers who make 6 figures or less.  I’m talking about making millions off of your blog.  My only gripe with this book is that it doesn’t think big enough.  I’m sure Ruth Soukup would have something to say to me if she ever read that.

What I’m currently reading, which I think goes along great with the creative visualization to read 45 books a year, or maybe even 60… is.  I’m only yet into the introduction but I’ve already learned that the people who started Problogger.com are hard working people.  They work for their income at a job or online.  They do both, especially when their blog isn’t yet turning a profit.  Plus they set deadlines for when they want to make what.  All that from just the introduction!  I’m looking forward to a great read.  I love studying and I believe that love serves me.

I also love working because it leads to income.  You could visualize yourself at play at work and doing what you love for money.  Just a suggestion, these all are just suggestions.  Take it or leave it.  I’m a leading learner and your learning from the best of them.  Wouldn’t you like something like a relationship where you got all the intimacy you could ever need or want?  I’m very good at intimacy, my wife loves me dearly.  But I digress.

Another thing I’m really good at is making $1,000 a month off my day job.  I know it may not seem like much but for a schizophrenic it’s good money.  And it’s good to be busy.  That’s another thing you could use creative visualization for.  Vividly imagine your job going well and because your ambitious visualize getting another raise!

Creatively visualize your hourly rate going up by $2.00 an hour, for doing your absolute best.  Visualize how much bigger your paychecks would be and visualize that money going into your checking account every payday.

If you want to get more money, getting a raise would help you with that.  If you want to get a raise I’m just suggesting that you creatively visualize it happening.  I’m not telling you what to do, you have to come up with your own answers.

Action Step:  Write down your answers to the following questions in your journal.

  1. Why do I want more money? ( Ask the why question 6 more times building on each answer.)
  2. Can I make blogging my job?
  3. If I creatively visualize a raise, will that help me get one at work?

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Thanks for reading,  Here’s to your success!