Creative Visualization For Happiness

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This page is about how creative visualization can make you happy.  When you’ve finished reading this I highly recommend you come up with a plan to work a half hour of visualization into your day.  I propose if we do this everyday, we will become happier.

The picture here is of my personal journal in which I record my visualizations as I proceed to visualize them.  Maybe some of them will show up in my life, maybe they won’t.  It doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m taking action that is going to lead me to a better life.  By visualizing and then taking action I feel like I’m doing the right thing.  By writing this to you, in order to help you make your day brighter, I feel that I am doing the right thing.

My suggestion to you is if you want to be happier start putting visualization into your daily routine.  On September 11, 2017 I started an hour and one minute a day, and now I’ve settled on a half hour a day.  I was just so ready to change my life, it’s strange that it happened on 9/11.  Although that’s how  much my son weighed when he was born.

If you can just put a half hour a day into creative visualization then your motivation for taking massive action will increase.  Just before writing this I recorded what you see in the picture and more, doing just one half hour of creative visualization.

Personally I like to visualize things like being a multimillionaire, or living in my families dream house.  These things are beautiful to me and it’s pleasurable to visualize them.  What are some things you would like to see happen in your life?  Visualize them!

You should probably take action more than you visualize, but visualizing helps you to know what your next action steps are.  For me, creating this website is one of my action steps that’s going to bring me closer to my desired end result of being a multimillionaire.  Maybe it will happen this way, maybe it won’t, but I’m opening up the door for it to come through to me this way, and isn’t that all we can do.  We have to let the universe work it’s magic and the details out in the fastest, easiest way that it’s going to happen.

Creative visualization can make you happy.  I say that it will make you happy with time when you manifest what your after, and even during the creative visualization by letting you experience the feelings of your dream life as a reality.  Be that a new house, a new car, a flourishing relationship, smart kids, whatever your after.  It could be a better job, with twice the pay and holidays off.  It could be your blog really taking off and getting that 2,000 subscribers so you can launch your first ebook product.

Whatever the visualization, with action, it has the potential to become a reality.

I have to be honest, I have had and sometimes still do have a lot of trouble with creative visualization.  Because I’m a schizophrenic, sometimes it gets weird.  A lot of times it gets tragic, but I just can’t let it be like that.  I turn myself around.  I know what I don’t want, because the voices make it so clear to me.  No cancer, no arrests, a good family life, a good job or income, friends and laughter, and lots of money.  Living the good life.

That’s just how I want it to be and that’s what I visualize.  Having an abundance of money to buy my family and I whatever we need, not to mention make some donations to causes for schizophrenia and other things. I just have to make that happen with my actions.

That’s the beauty of this blog.  Writing it is an action I can take that I propose leads me to my dreams of being a multimillionaire.  Maybe just writing won’t do it for me and I’ll have to do something else, but if I can make a million dollars off my writing, then I think that would really be doing something.

Really though I would have to double my income if I really wanted to be doing something, and that would be something like making $2000.00 a month off my blog.   That would give me enough to retire from my job.  So my next creative visualization should be about that.

I would say though that action trumps visualization.  Even if the action is so small it seems like you’ll never get any results.  Just taking action moves you closer to your dreams.

That’s not to say creative visualization is no good because it is.   I gotta say that Mike Dooley is really the man.  His “Notes From The Universe” has been great to me, and it’s free.  In his book “Playing The Matrix” he says he visualizes for only 4 minutes at a time, just as long as you do it everyday.  He says once a day is enough, and he doesn’t recommend that you do it any longer than 15 minutes a sitting.  That’s just what he says.

Eddie Coronado, who wrote “How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction”  says he and other lottery winners visualize for 15 minutes three times a day.  Once in the morning, once at lunch, and once before bed.

You decide what is going to work for you.

I’ve settled on 30 minutes a day.  I think once day for 30 minutes gives me enough quality time with my vision that I feel like it’s a successful visualization.

It’s what makes me happy.

What I am saying though is creative visualization, when done for any period of time, daily, can make you happier.  I’m the proof.  I’m as happy as can be.  I’m working on my dreams.  I’m working a day job, where I get a steady paycheck.  I love my day job.  I’m taking good care of my family.  We are celebrating each other as we go along.  I’m as happy as they come.  I don’t even have much.  Still happy.

I’d be happier if my families needs were met for the rest of their lives.  I’d be happier if my credit card had a zero balance.  I’d be happier if I had a best selling book.  I’d be happier if I went to a blogging conference.  I’d be happier if I had bluetooth.  Still I’m happy.

I want to learn still how to become even happier.  That’s my quest and that’s the path we tread down now together.  How do we become happier?

Maybe try visualizing what would make you happier for 4 minutes and then write a blog post.  Success will inevitably come and you’ll be happy you did what you did.  Because this site is not only about happiness, it’s about blogging, and it’s about starting a business online.

Creative visualization, I believe, can make you happier, even before you get what it is your visualizing for.  That’s because it’s like it’s already happened.  You feel the way you would feel if you already had it.  It’s like unfailingly getting what you want.

Unfailingly getting what you want.  Wouldn’t that be happiness?  But isn’t that what we get every day of our lives?  You could argue that it is.

Aren’t the bad things in life just there so we can persevere and pick ourselves back up.  Isn’t it a valuable lesson to do so?  Aren’t the good and the bad things just there to serve us, to help us help ourselves.

The schizophrenia.

When I’m doing something it doesn’t bother me, I look at people more, acknowledge them.  Know that they can’t hear my voices.  Even though they say things like they can.  As far as I know I don’t hear any more than anyone else.  As far as creative visualization goes it’s a trip.

I would never recommend hallucinogenic drugs for myself or anyone else.  Maybe they have healing effects, maybe they trigger mental illness, I don’t want to play that game.

That said, schizophrenia is a trip.  I find when I have presence of mind the hallucinations work in my favor.  It really adds flavor to the creative visualization.  Not to mention writing on the stuff.

My journal, which will be covered on another page of this blog, so feel free to look around this website, my journals are filled with schizophrenic voices.  I don’t mention it on this website anymore because I didn’t think it was helping anyone and I wanted to teach happiness instead of dealing with negativity and self doubt, hence the creation of what’s here now.  Happiness Now!

By journaling, and creative visualization, being abundant, working a day job, reading, running a side business, exercising, paying off your debt, having family time, having stability, having friends and laughter, not being too sensitive, knowing how to deal with weird feelings, creating positive change, taking action, and having a vacation once in a while, I believe we can be happy.

So that’s what I’m going to cover on this site.  Along with my blog, which will continue to be added to, I’m going to start a business.  I’m going to hit all the top blogs, be a valued member at all the forums, announce it on Facebook, keep telling my coworkers about it.  I’m sure I’ll get some traffic and some more subscribers.

I thought about having a table at a local bookstore that had my name on it, “Happiness Now!” and my business cards.  Maybe there’s something else I can do to get my name out there.  Maybe that’s going to happen.  Part of what I would tell people about would be creative visualization.

How I visualized serving people, and writing well and being happy for doing those things and I felt good.  I thought that writing could really help people to be happy and writing to make other people happy also makes me feel good.

That said the question is how can I make you happy on the topic of creative visualization.

The answer to that question I think is simple.  It’s a list.  It’s a list of creative visualizations, and here they are for your inspiration.

  1. I creatively visualizing living a life of complete abundance.
  2. I creatively visualize writing a great piece.  (Feel the feelings of what it’s like to write a great piece.  Ask yourself as you visualize: What does it feel like to write a great piece? )
  3. I creatively visualize matching 6 numbers.
  4. I creatively visualize getting a million visitors to my site in a year.
  5. I creatively visualize having a list of 2,000 people that receive my emails.
  6. I creatively visualize living in a mansion.
  7. I creatively visualize reading at least one book a month.
  8. I creatively visualize filling another journal in 6 months.
  9. I creatively visualize taking massive action towards my dreams.
  10. I creatively visualize wisely spending my time and saving time.
  11. I creatively visualize being a multimillionaire.  (What does it feel like to be a multimillionaire?  Great, astounding, fantastic, healthy, fit, smart, wealthy, wise, famous?)
  12. I creatively visualize being a great husband.
  13. I creatively visualize being a great dad.
  14. I creatively visualize being a great role model.
  15. I creatively visualize being a rich and famous author.
  16. I creatively visualize living a pain free life.
  17. I creatively visualize being a non smoker.
  18. I creatively visualize being capable of going a year without drinking.
  19. I creatively visualize what it’s like to have real loving fans.  (What does it feel like to have real loving fans?  Great, outstanding, full of love, better relationships, more money, the desire to become even greater?)
  20. I creatively visualize making/earning, my first million dollars.  (What does it feel like to do the work that earns you your first million dollars?  Accomplished, relief, becoming a provider for your family, more responsibility, more charity, more freedom of choice-where you want to live, where you get to vacation, what you get to eat, what you get to drink, what you can buy for your children, what you can buy for your spouse, work when and how you want to…?)

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to happy creative visualizations,

Jesse Creel

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