So I have the plan of using this website to attract buyers to go in with me on their credit card processing needs.  Their not in a rush to make a decision, they have my card which has the name of this website on it.  Here they can find out all about me who I am and what I stand for.  Basically what the customer needs to know is that their GOING to save money and their GOING to feel good doing it.

Like the blues songs I play, I only know one progression so I play the same thing over and over again and do it just to rant lyrics off at the top of my head because well I enjoy doing that.  It’s my passion.  Or one of them.  Sales is another.  Especially the sale, gets you excited.  I’m talking about lots of sales…. a career’s worth of them.  I can do it part time marketing with Flashbanc.  If I get to making enough money I might even be able to quit my day job and go full time marketing.  Expand and grow.  Spend the nite in a hotel and write it off on the taxes.  Travel.  That’d be fun.  And isn’t that part of the reason we’re all in this, for fun.

I only know one joke.  Why does snoop dogg have an umbrella?

Fo Drizzle.

But I can spin that joke of perfectly.  I did it just the other day.  He laughed a little, not really into it though, he’s my brother and he got me the job i currently have so he’s not really into anything I do but working and not thinking about the lottery.  Working has been going pretty good though.  I’m earning a steady paycheck and paying off my credit card.  I’m worth it to you to buy from because I’ve paid my dues.  Because I market myself, because you get value from me.  Or this could be a pile of shit to you, that all depends on how you apprechiate your works. And my works are these writings, my recordings, my job, now sales, I’m adding to the things I’m doing so I have more to do with my time.  And I think I’ll enjoy going out to business parks and malls to meet with business owners.  No matter who they are though, their getting my card and my website.  Not to mention my phone number if they want to set up a meeting.

But I could let it get me down that I’m schizophrenic, and that I hear voices that tell me to die, that I don’t make much money,  that we don’t have a house big enough for our family, and my wife has to work.  But instead I’m going to pull the positive from my situations and make the best of it the best way I know how.  Get out there and use my other 15 hours to make cold calls and visit shopping malls and the severna park plaza where I work.  I think I’ll start there and work my way around the world.  At least the US.  Big dream.  I need a nice hunk of cash for the house I’m dreaming about living in.  That a few other things and some charity and I’d be good.  I think I would still do something to make more money even if I did win the lottery.  Selling something.  I tried writing a book but it became too personal and really just became a day by day diary.  Here I have a purpose, and that is to gain your trust so that you will be comfortable putting your credit card processing needs in my hands and in the competent hands of my boss Ron.  Get in touch with me, I can get you in touch with Ron, and Ron will work his magic.  Save you some money, make sure your up to date on everything, and provide a feel good experience.  He really knows how to listen to people, Ron.  He’d chat with you all day if you wanted.  He is a busy guy though so sometimes he’s got to go.  That’s been my experience so far.

But I told him all about how I was a schizophrenic.  He told me he was sorry about that how I heard voices that were telling me to die.  That didn’t deter him from encouraging me though.  And encouraging he was.  He wants to make some money. Make a lot of money.  And improve the quality of lives of the people who give you the money.  Ron said that was the name of the game and you better believe it.  And I could be the one to help you put more money in your wallet.  Who doesn’t want that?

Someone who’s busy… can’t get ahold of the business owners.  They don’t have time.  When can I come back.  When would be a better time… The thoughts go through my head.  The marketing.  How am I going to get business owners on the phone with Ron.  The answer to that question I think is simple…. Go in, ask if their there… be wearing a suit, if their there ask to speak with them, if their not leave a message, or promise to come back, and leave a card.  Repeat.  Over and over again.  Until the sale comes.  Break the ice, first one.  Maybe it’ll be Honeybaked Ham where I work now.  I plan on asking them.  It’s a secret.   I don’t know if my work will want to buy credit card processing machines from me knowing I’m a schizophrenic.  Just like you… I don’t know if your going to discriminate on me or not.  It happens, but most people are nice about it.  They mostly don’t mind or think that it’s interesting.  But I work for you.  I work for your readership.  I work for the sales.  I work for the music.  I work for the creativity.  I love sales, it really gets me in the mood to write.  The promise of a better life.  I still haven’t given up on the dream of making it on my own.  Ron said full time average sales rep makes 50,000 dollars a year.  If I got to really closing some deals, I mean, really getting in front of people, getting them to my stuff, convincing them they want to work with me, because I put in the work… I might be able to do this full time.  And that would be a step up in pay, a step up in work discipline a step up in status… it would be a win win.

But really, I think it’s time to get back into the game and sell.  Sell credit card processing services.  Save people money and make them feel good.  Work part time at Honeybaked Ham… Been there for a year next month.  Ready to do something else with my spare time.  Tried playing guitar, couldn’t do it in front of a crowd anymore… I forget all the words to the songs and have a hard time playing covers.  So I just do a blues improv thing at home on my iphone.  It gets my messages out there.  My feelings, and my soul.  It does it in a way that only music can.  Even though you could argue that what I do isn’t music.  Really it’s more like poetry.  Just sang over a never ending blues track.

But there is guitar in there.  I play it, and I play it well.  I can really solo.  I learned how.  I could stand to learn more, but I can pass for a song.  It’s pretty cool.  So I’m a rock and roller and that’s not going to stop me from selling credit card processing services.  In fact it should attract customers!  People who like to let it out.  And let it out I do.  And I’m confident it’s art. Really it should be up for sale.  But for now it’s free.  Until I attract a record producers attention that’s probably be the way it will remain.  Hopefully you like the recordings enough to buy the credit card machines from me.  And hopefully I talk to enough of you that I can make the 50,000 a year selling machines full time.  Really though I could keep working at Honeybaked Ham, my job now at 25 hours a week and be fine.  Just quit the smoking and drinking and I would have plenty of money.  At least enough to get by and not spend on my credit card.  It is hard to stop smoking.  I almost want to just make more money so I could smoke.  I want to quit though.  More badly I want success.  Success with the lottery, success in sales, success in working 40 hours a week. Or even 50, success with paying my credit card to a zero balance, success with buying a bigger house for my family to grow up in.  For charity.  All visions, all dreams,  all a possibility with God.  He has a plan for everything and I don’t know what his plan is so I’ve got to keep trying until I get wealthy.  And give more to people, help more people, give to more people.

So my best to you, I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this ride, for a September night in 2016 it sure has been an exciting one.  Join me and let me help you, so you can help yourself do whatever you want with the money you save.

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