I’ve tried.

I’ve been in sales for years and I tried several different network marketing companies and nothing worked for me.

I’m in it now writing a book and I’m hoping that I can make money with my efforts.  I’m hoping that I can get traffic to this blog and start a list that grows and sell my book to the list when the times comes.

It would really help if I had a publisher to back me so I’m going to work on that once the book is done and edited.

But I love blogging.  I love the whole idea of it.  Getting your thoughts out there to the universe and to the people of the universe. It’s beautiful.

And I hope I win the lottery.  I’ve been working on it for a while now and I really want to win.  The only thing holding me back is the drinking and smoking I do.  I don’t think it’s good for me and my vibration.  And the key to manifesting the lottery jackpot is to have a good vibration.

I think my vibration is good but I also think it could be better.  I get sick often and want it to stop.  I should really stop drinking and smoking but I like to alot.

But the good people of the world, I ask you to prepare to buy a book about a schizophrenic.  It’s not always pretty, but it’s poetic and it’s about winning the lottery.  I hear voices that tell me I’m going to win.  I think I will, it’s just a matter of time.  It makes this blog worth while because I get to write from anywhere in the world.  Lucky me.  I’m happy and I hope this inspires you to win the lottery and write a book too.  If a schizophrenic like me can do it you can do it too.

The key to this is to write everyday.  I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for the writing.  I would be lost.  I would have nothing to do.  It’s creative and it’s fun and it makes me feel alive.  Like I’m really doing something.

It’s like network marketing without the guilt of taking people’s money.

I hope to make a million dollars writing a book but the experts say that that’s not possible. I don’t think my book provides much value to people so the experts are probably right.  I don’t think I’m worth much, I’m just a schizophrenic.

But then again I think I’m worth a jackpot lottery win, and that would be millions of dollars so I do feel wealthy inside.  This blog is just a way to keep my thoughts, words, actions and feelings alive.  I just got my business cards today.  They read JesseCreel.com on the front.

I don’t know who I would hand them out to now that I’m not a network marketer.  But I want to be able to hand them out to some people.  I have 500 of them.

But I would suggest you get rich writing a book.  It’s possible.  I have this blog and I can show you how to write.  I have a passion for making money.  I want to get rich.  It doesn’t have to be quick either.  That would be nice if there was an instant windfall like the lottery but I can wait and put in the work until I get rich the slow way.  By writing.  It’s possible.

I’m thinking of calling my book The Schizophrenic Lives on Part 1.  My wife thinks that’s a good title.  I value her opinion but I don’t always agree with it.

I hope my hard work on this blog and writing this book pays off.  I really hope I win the lottery.  I hope I get rich one way or the other.  I tried sales and network marketing and my family has sworn them off, but they like the idea of writing a book.  Then again they like the idea of me working my job and I think I’ve had just about enough of that.

But no, I’ll work, and I have no problem working.  I just need more money.  I’m barely making it as it is.  I give 10 % of my income to God and the other 10% I give to my savings account and I pay 200 dollars on my credit card each check.  That leaves me with 100 dollars every two weeks which is hardly enough.  Especially considering I’ve been smoking.

But my book is about me quitting a destructive lifestyle, about winning the lottery, about making a million dollars writing, it’s about my daily life, and it’s about building value for the reader.

I think I do a nice job getting 2 pages per day done on my book but I want to write this blog on a daily basis too.  Alot has changed since I started this blog and I could write about it.

And really, if I didn’t win the lottery, which I don’t think is going to happen, but if I didn’t win the lottery and all I had was my job and this writing I could still be happy.  I could still be happy with a publisher that wanted to fly me around the world signing books with my family.  I could be happy making money as an author.  I could be happy as a writer.

I could lose my mind as a writer.

I could die penniless and in debt, but if I am the master of my own life, if I can exert any kind of influence over my own destiny, I will have more than enough to make my way through the world a happy man.

And that is what I say to you.  Be happy.  you are making it.  You are alive and blessed.  I love you and so do others.  I know this for a fact.  And you can make money any way you want to.  I just know I can make it writing and I think you can make it any way you want to.  I encourage you to go for the gold and make it happen for yourself.  Just put the time in.  Start  a blog.  At the bare minimum you will grow because of it.  And at the best case scenario you’ll get rich.  And I hope all your dreams come true. I hope you win the lottery so you can write your books on the beaches of the world.  Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Thank You for reading.  God Bless.  I love you,


Jesse Creel

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