It can drive us, it can push us to succeed.  It can unravel us.  It can hold us together.  We can weather the storms with our families and take comfort in their presence.  We love them.  They are the most important people in the world to us.  And we have to work for them so that they have everything they need to be a success.

Family can make us.  If we can adjust to having sex with just one woman for the rest of our lives, we can really do some good in the world.  Just imagine, that when you jerk off, you only jerk off to your wife.  Images of your wife and what she COULD do to you.  For you.  I say that would make for a healthy ride.

Why visualize other women?

In my experience that only leads to nightmares.  Nightmares of asses and roast beef.  So I say stay clean.  Have sex with your wife and when you jerk off think of her.

But this post is about supporting your family the best you know how.  I am a schizophrenic, and I was diagnosed as a result of my inability to function in the workplace.  I thought I had cancer.

As it turns out I do not have cancer, and I hear voices in my head.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it bad, but any way it comes, I’ve learned to love it.

And because I’ve had so much trouble in the workplace at one point I was a pretty sorry excuse for a husband and a dad.  I was contributing nothing and taking money from my wife.  I’ve since got my act somewhat together and am now giving my wife money.

But it hadn’t always been that way.

The way I see it, my wife has had it pretty good with me being an influence on her life.  And she took on the burden of having me go on a sales/debt/network marketing binge after I lost my job, not knowing what to do, and she loved me the whole way through.

I didn’t think she was loving me, but she was.

And now it’s time to repay the debt.  It’s time for me to make something of myself.  How do you contribute to your family?  By doing the very best that you can.  You can do it!

And I have been repaying the debt.  I’ve given her 150 a few times, 200 once, and 100.  Not much but it was enough to buy her tires and insurance for the tires, and an alignment, without her having to do anything.

Anything but wait.

She came with me and the wait for them to put the tires on and do the alignment was 3 hours.  They said it was going to be an hour and a half, so it was a long wait.

But we got it done, the tires are on there, and I paid for it.

And I’m going to keep giving her money.

I just got a bonus that after taxes I got 415 dollars, and I could have kept that money to myself, but I told her, celebrated, and gave her 100 dollars.  I put 200 on my credit card.  The rest I saved for her birthday present, and I bought a book.

But really, I’m barely making it through.  The problem is cigarettes, and if I didn’t buy cigarettes I would probably be able to live within my means.  But the credit card is there and I fell to the temptation to spend on it, when I didn’t have the money to back it up.

It was so freeing to spend that money.  And I learned a lot from doing that.  Probably one of the biggest lessons of my life.  Credit should be used to make more money, and you should never just lose money.

For instance, if I bought a list on my credit card, say from Aweber, that would be a good investment in myself, that could return a profit.  I could make money from having a list!  That would be an instance where the credit card would serve you well.

But buying cigarettes and alcohol on credit is when your losing money.  Sure, you may be having a good time, but you gotta ask yourself… is it worth it?

How many hours would I have to work to pay off that debt?

How does that feel?  Still want to do the same thing?

I’ve done it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t feel good.  Nor does it help you support your family.  So really, I guess that’s an example of what NOT to do.

I do think a glass of wine a day is good for you, maybe even two.  And that a cigarette a day isn’t going to hurt you.  You could save money by not buying either, but don’t you want to enjoy yourself a little?

All I know is that me personally, I could really use a break.  Some sort of financial windfall that helped me get out of debt, and into a better place with my family.

I’m supporting my family to some degree, but I definitely want to improve and earn more.  I think that’s going above and beyond doing the best you can for your family.

Work on yourself harder than you do at your job, and you’ll be fine.  That’s what I say.

So you may do what you can for your family with what you’ve been given, but you want more and so what?  What are you going to do about it?

I propose we blog and write ebooks.  Maybe come up with a series of videos we sell.  Get into the information market and provide more value there than anyone else is giving.

If your doing well at your hourly job, be hungry for God’s sake, and want to do more.  More for your family.  Buy them a house and a college education.  Do well for them, get them off to a good start.  The rest is up to them, but they better do good.

But I say that the best we can do is be a great example for our children.  To help lead them up the path of life.  So don’t you want to become more valuable?  Don’t you want to create something that provides more value to the reader than anything they’ve ever read?  Or at least in the league with the best they’ve ever read.

Because of the few, there are many who are good examples.  You just have to become one of those people.  And I propose you can do that by reading good or great books and writing a blog and e books.

It’s simple really.  If you want to support your family in a way that realizes your dreams, you’ve just got to become more valuable.  And the best way I’ve found to become more valuable is to READ.

So that’s what I suggest.  You READ.  And read fast.  Read as much as you can, as fast as you can.  Even if that means taking notes on what you’ve read, and slowing yourself down a little to absorb more.

This may come as common sense, but I think it bears an exclamation point.  Read!  I try to read as much as I can.  I read for 2 hours today.  It’s the weekend so I have more time, but I try to read at least a half hour a day.

And I think the world would be a better place if more people read a half hour a day.  At least that’s what I propose.  Even the average hourly worker.

I think they would move up in the company, and be more valuable, and live better personal lives as a result of them reading just a half hour a day.

That is, of course, as long as they were reading books on personal development and self improvement.

Because, I propose that is what you have to read if you want to become more valuable.  And when you have a family, money is important.  And the more valuable you can become, the more the opportunity for you to increase your income.

So I focus on improvement, and it’s working, even though I’m a schizophrenic.  That’s part of the reason I believe this stuff can be done by anyone anywhere in the world.

Work your hourly job, do the best for your family that you can at the time, write your blog, work on your e books.  Be stable and work towards a better future.  It will take time no doubt, and I almost want to tell you you could do it in 90 days.

But really it takes years, if you haven’t started yet, to make any money at all on the internet.  You have to establish yourself, and create an audience.  That’s about the stage I’m at now, but I’m a leading learner, and I’m reporting on how I’m doing as I go.  I think it could help people improve.

And how I’m doing now is that I’m getting a lot of comments on 2 of my posts, and I’m creating some engagement with the beginnings of my audience.

The comments, a lot are trash, just to be honest.  There are some that approve of what I do and encourage it, there are one or two haters, and there is a lot of spam.  I love it all.  I’m in love with doing this.  With being a part of the internet.  God Bless America and God Bless the World.

But you can only do what’s best for you and your family.  We can’t control when the world is going to end.  We can only seek to improve.  And with reading and writing, I think we are well equipped to do just that.  Improve.

That and a lot of hard work.

But I propose that if your smart you can work now and get paid later, and then you can relax.  Enjoy the profits.  That’s what I say.

I do however live by the principle that one should die with their boots on.  Never stop doing what you do.  Do it to your dying day.  David Bowie died just last year, and he had just made a new album!  He died with his boots on.  I plan to write until I’m dead.  See what comes of it.  See if I make an impression.  I propose that YOU can make an impression.  I propose that YOU can be one of the few who succeeds and makes millions of dollars.  Maybe there’s even a potential billionaire out there reading this right now.  Whatever your goals, just know that I support you in living a better quality of life.  I support you in improving.  I support you in reading and writing.  I believe it’s good for the human race.  For the world.  Just do your best to be the most valuable you can be, and see where it takes you.

Why don’t you see if you can become the most valuable person in the world?

That’s what I propose, and a few of you, I believe will do it.  You WILL BE the most valuable person in the world to a lot of different people.  To many, many, many, many people.  Just self educate, and write your blog, and write your books.  I believe the rest will follow.  The wealth.  Become the most valuable person in the world, and receive the money.  As the most valuable person in the world, you will probably give away most of your fortune to good causes, that is of course, after your family is taken care of.

So just do the best you can for your family now, and strive to do more for them in the future.  That’s the lesson I’ve learned from being in a bad place and doing the wrong things with mine.  Fortunately for you, now that you’ve read this post, you don’t have to take money from your family because you have no motivation to work.  You can skip that part, and build your future, not waste any time, and improve and become more valuable now, instead of wasting your twenties trying to figure it out.

So my advice to you is to go buy your name as a domain and start your first blog post today.  Then build.  Then improve.  Then become more valuable.  Make a career out of it.  Make it on the internet.  You can do it!

The point is now that you’ve read this to go TAKE ACTION and provide a better life for your family.  Sure, do the best that you can, but work to make your best a little better each day.  You can do it!  I believe in you!  Just for God’s sake, do the right thing.  Don’t cheat, and don’t steal.  Do good and have good done to you.

Thanks for reading.

Jesse Creel

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