Because it happened to me in 2010.  And I’m just now starting to build it back up again.  I took a huge loss, but really I’m in a lot better spot now then I was then.

It would take a special kind of person to drive over the bridge everyday for the rest of their working life.

I really wasn’t ready for the commitment.  Which was bad news because I was about to get ready to get married and start a family.

But I lost it all.  $18.00 an hour, I worked up from $10.00 over 2 years.  It was the biggest rise in income I’ve ever had, and up to this point that’s all I knew how to do.  Was work.

But I was really good at working.  All the bosses loved me.  I didn’t talk or mess around, I just did my job, and I did an excellent job.

That’s why I got all those raises.

But in the end I had long hair and was TRYING to be a rockstar and I wanted out of there.

I wanted to be the one PLAYING the guitar.  Not making them.

I gotta say though, it is a cool place, and still must be to this day.

I really did love working there.

But I’m lucky, and I got a second chance at this new job.  So far they’ve given me another $3.25 an hour.  And I did that in under 2 years.

So it’s not as much as the guitar factory, but it’s still good and I’m serving good food so that’s a plus.

You need food to live.  Even guitar players.

So really, the story is good.  I’m in a better place now.  I not only like but love the people I work with.  Although all that could be changing in just a short time.

The story goes on and I don’t want to get too deep into the drama, but suffice to say the person they pick up as the next assistant manager, that I’ll be working closely with may not be as nice as the person they have now.

But one things for sure, no matter who’s there it’s not going to stop me from working there.  And we sure do get a lot of people in there during the Holidays.

I told my boss on the phone when I started doing the sales calls that in two of the places I was visibly shaking to the point one guy was staring.  I gave them the free lunches and then I was on my way.

It’s not really free because you have to talk to me.  But it’s free.

And really so far it’s been enjoyable for some people so much they want to order!  And I am eternally grateful for all the sales I’ve had so far.  I’m so blessed to have them and I am grateful.  And I’ve only got 6.  Just think if I could get 100.

Really I don’t know how to approach it.  But I’m doing it!  I just look up the businesses on Google, get their addresses and phone numbers and make a list for the day of all the places I’m going to visit.  I usually have to do 8 in a day.

And I just do the work.

What I can tell you has helped me is personal development.  I haven’t yet been able to duplicate my hourly work success as an entrepreneur with my own business but I’m working on it.  And I know the personal development I do TODAY is going to help my writing, which is really the way I want to do it.  And really the simplest way for anyone to do it.

Because going from being fired to getting another good job took 5 years.  In those 5 years I spent my time trying to make it in commission sales, buying into network marketing companies, blogging at the Empower Network, doing all kinds of crazy things to sell and make money.

For a while I would sell credit card processing machines out of hotels.  I would spend a month and a half on the road and then I would be out again for another month and a half.

I quit about the end of my second go at it.  I was making money, but I really wanted to be home with my wife.  So that was that.

But I was thinking about getting back into selling credit card processing machines, before they gave me the sales job at my work.  I decided one sales job was enough so I stopped going after businesses to sell the Flashbanc.  The processor in Florida.

But if you want to know how you can go from being fired to becoming successful at things, just know it’s going to be slow.  It took me 5 years before I started really earning an income again, so you gotta figure, like blogging, finding another job will be slow.

But hopefully you can shorten the time you’re not working by going after those hourly jobs.  Because when your struggling, commission can really kill you. I’ve been there.  I sold nothing and put it on my credit card.  Thinking I could sell.  I went into debt and I’m just now starting to pull myself out of it.  By working an hourly job.

And that’s what I do.  I’m back on track.  At a job where I’m getting raises.  And a bonus check too.  Plus a little extra on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s really nice.

I almost don’t even want to leave there.  If I make enough money blogging I might still keep my job.  It’s that good.

It is hard work though, so I would like to make enough money so I don’t have to do it when I get really old.  It’s not a place for older people.

It’s super busy, and hot.

At least that’s the way it is during the holidays.

The rest of the year I work 30 hours a week.  So you know I like those Holiday paychecks.

It’s not for the weak though.  You have to be STRONG if you want to do it day in day out.  And strong people work where I work.

So I’m in good company.  I do love the people I work with and that’s a conscious choice.  I’m also grateful to have the experiences they bring into this world be a part of my world.

That’s all I’m trying to do.  Add a little love in to the world.  And really, I’m trying to add a lot of love to a lot of different people.

But I figure you have to start somewhere so it might as well be at my hourly job.  And I think that’s another thing you can learn from doing all the personal development you can do in 5 years is.  Small results can turn into massive results.

But I can’t tell you to do anything other than what I’ve already done.  And if you want to make it in sales and you can’t work on comission, just get a job that will pay you hourly to sell it.  Your making more than the average worker, and you do a different job.  You’re out of the store.

I can’t be grateful enough.

Still, I seek improvement and I want more.  For my family and for the rest of the people I would support if I had more funds.  Doesn’t everybody?

Don’t at least schizophrenics who want to work again?

Don’t you think that if you were schizophrenic you would benefit by reading books on sales and then getting a sales job.  Don’t you think that would be an adventure?

I don’t know, sales probably isn’t for your average schizophrenic, but I’m not assuming you reading this are average.  I’m assuming your a possibly or already a multimillion dollar miracle maker.  Like me.  Like attracts like right?

I say you’ve got at least a few million dollars inside of you considering you were born and have genitalia.  What you make of the rest of it is up to you.  Maybe you want more than a few million dollars… Maybe you want a billion?

All I know is if you want to make it back you’ve got to be open to new opportunities and seize them when they come.  You are unstoppable, nothing is going to stop you from doing it.  Yes!  This is the ticket!

You can do it.  I’m going to make it blogging for you so I can tell you all about that on this blog.  For now I’m an hourly worker, and I’m going to write about my experience as an hourly worker, but I’m going to keep reading books.

And I’m going to educate myself so I have not only the emotion to help you but the knowledge.

And don’t get all hot an heavy because it’s going to take me years to do this.  You can get on the email list and get updates on how I’m doing, and I might even be able to do it in another year, and that would be awesome.

I love my list and would do my best to serve you.

And considering the ramifications I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if it were the most valuable content in the world.

I think we could start an army of bloggers who write the world’s most valuable stuff.  Write the worlds most valuable stuff and you can be in the club.

It must be done.

We have to do it.

I read an ebook about how to get started in less than a year and he cited references of artists who make a small living on their artwork online.  It’s enough where they don’t have to work a job and can pursue their passions.

That WOULD be cool if you were making enough money blogging that you didn’t have to work a job.

I think there is an army of people out there doing this thing right now, and I want to join the party.  I am definitely here, but it’s time to make this thing into a money making machine, because that’s what I really want to be blogging about.

Making money from blogging.  And selling ebooks.  I don’t think it could ever get old.  When you’ve made some money off of the first e book, you write another one and go through the editing process and then put that one up for sale too.

Or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you die in your own vomit.  The Johnny Cash song comes to mind “Sooner or later God’s going to cut you down”.

Maybe I’ll die before I ever make a dollar off any ebook I put up for sale.  Although that seems unlikely.

What’s more likely is that I’ll sell a few copies and if it was good, people would buy more.

That’s why after having a friend read it I want to heavily edit and rewrite some portions of it to really whip it into shape.  Because I’m not going to let 40 hours of my time go to waste.

I’m not going to stop.  I’m going to keep going.  I’m going to keep writing.  No matter what the voices say.  I’m going to live a good life.  I’m going to capitalize on my failures.  I’m going to keep learning.  I’m going to keep writing.

You never know, my wife could divorce me and take half of my blogging money.  I could become such a success she couldn’t handle it anymore and she took our kids and left.

But like imagining dying, this way of thinking does nothing for you.  What I SHOULD and WILL focus on is how I can improve my current relationships so we can have a better quality of life.  NOT what the voices say.  But a life of my OWN design.

I suppose that’s what I’m leaving you with.  Sign up for the email list because if you do I’ll treat you good.  I’m a writer, what else can I say.

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Creel

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