With this new site I intend to do many things.  A great many things.  One of them yes, to make money.  Another to connect.  I’ve added my personal contact information including my address so you could find me in person if there was something you wanted to discuss face to face.  I would be great with that.  Whatever you need from me go ahead and take it.  I’m here to help.  Sure I drink too much sometimes, and I smoke too many cigarettes even when I’m trying to stop…. and not to mention the weed smoking.  But I’ve been doing that ever since high school and it makes me feel better.  I stop sometimes but I get these urges to buy it and I do sometimes even on credit.

Stop, the voices say.  I’m writing about what happens behind closed doors.

I have to learn my lesson.  And stop smoking weed, especially when the only money I have is a line of credit.  I did to my credit put 300 dollars down on it yesterday so I’m paying it, it’s just slow.  All of it could be wiped out in one good night.  And I could be rich.

My intention is to get rich, one way or the other.  Either by playing the lottery or writing on this blog, or just plain working some job I’m going to strike it rich.  I am wealthy inside, I know I am and I know that the universal law won’t let me down.  I know I’m going to manifest 100 million dollars.  I just know this, be one way or the other I’m going to manifest 100 million dollars.  My intention, but more than my intention my whole being knows I’m going to hit the jackpot lottery game.  It’s going to happen I know it.  The voices have told me it would be on May 29th.  It could be at 100 million on the 28th when they do the drawing.  I’m already a lucky guy and to win the lottery would just be the icing on the cake.  But I intend to have that icing one way or the other.  And I intend to have it now.  That’s why I started this blog, using a credit card.  To get going, to get traffic….  I didn’t even waste any time putting my information about who I am in there.  I had to get a blog post going.  I had to write.  I had to start generating traffic.  I have to get people to the site.  That’s the most important step.  The rest I know how to do.  Getting people there, getting the traffic that’s what I need to do.   And how do I do that?


Content is king they say.  I have plenty.  I’m a schizophrenic afterall and I hear voices.  They give me plenty to write about.  And I write about working for my family.  I have 2 kids and a lovely wife.  I have a great and helpful family.  I am very grateful for what I have.  I feel very lucky.  Right now my wife pays all the bills, the only thing I am responsible for is my credit card.  Which really is enough considering its 11000.  But she pays for us to live at Robin Air in Pasadena, MD.

She is a teacher and I love her.  I’ve done some bad things in my life and I hurt her at times, which wasn’t my highest path in life.  But I’ve also paid and am paying and am suffering in this life which is just part of the whole thing.  I really do have a wealthy attitude though.  Part of the reason I started this blog.  If you like it you should definately reach out to me and maybe you could join my business.  It’s not cheap but you learn alot and can definately turn around and start making money yourself.  I love it.

BUt I love all I do so I guess that’s just normal for me.  I really try to make my life an affirmation of the life I want to live.  I intend to become better by not smoking more cigarettes and running several times a week and working my way up to running daily.  Not to mention finishing my book that I’ve been working on for a couple months.  And not drinking so much.  It’s hard because of the rich poetic tradtion of writing and drinking, and it’s hard because I like to self medicate and don’t see anything wrong with it.

Other than the fact that you could be filling up on God instead of substances but I still drink and smoke pot and cigarettes because I’m in the habit of doing so and I like to do it.  It calms me.  I enjoy it.  It’s also killing me so I need to stop it.

But I intend on talking to some of you on the phone.  I want to connect with you because frankly I don’t make that many connections with friends anymore because really I don’t have too many friends.  I ruined one of my relationships by not going to his wedding.  I was stressed out from the schizophrenia and being broke and not knowing what I was going to do for my family that I had a nervous breakdown and let down my best friend.  It was a sad ending to a beloved relationship that just got weird.

I couldn’t be the person he saw me as anymore.

I was now a family man.  I had to provide for my family.  I still do.  That’s part of the reason of writing this blog.  To provide for my family.  There are things I want to do.  I have alot of dreams.

But I’ve probably overstayed my welcome this first time around.  This will be in the record books as the first day I published on JesseCreel.com my lifeline to this world.

Or at least I hope it to one day be the source of my financial freedom… or something better than I could possibly imagine.

Thank you for reading this post.  I love you.