I just read day 2 of changing your destiny at the end of the Tony Robbins book “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Day 2 is about your physical destiny.

I definately am going to start jogging everyday.  I am going to make exercise part of my identity as Robbins’ suggests.  I am going to become a runner.  I already have the shoes.

I was also thinking about joining a gym.

I will join a gym when I win the lottery.  For now I’ll just run laps around my neighborhood.  It’s raining right now so I’m not going to go out running.  Fair weather runner.  I would like to go today though.  I just read the chapter on physical destiny and I want to start now.  Start running.  Who knows I may even stop smoking.

I’m listening to a Tony Robbins audio right now.  I just turned it on… it’s called Lessons in mastery.  It’s 7 hours long.

It’s not what happens, it’s what they make with what happens that shapes us.  Do it with passion, these are my notes on this Tony Robbins audio.

So let me make this post about what I hear from Tony Robbins.  That’s working on myself.  And I’m sharing it with you outstanding people here.

If you want to stop smoking change your identity.  What I love used to be smoking, what I hate now is smoking.  What I used to hate is running, what I now love is running.

These have to be my new loves and hates.

I now hate smoking.  But am I going to finish the pack I have now… or am I going to throw them out.  I already want to go running.  Quitting smoking would just be the bonus.

But I hate smoking because it makes you feel sick.  Because it makes you cough.  Because it creates strange sensations in your body.  The voices tell me those strange sensations are cancer, but they come and go so who knows what they are.  Sometimes I associate the feelings in my body with that of winning the lottery.  I say to myself that what I feel is the jackpot inside of me.  Really it’s probably just smoking making me feel sick.  When I quit I’ll be a better example and my identity of a untrustworthy person will change to that of a trustworthy person.  I’m sure there will be some pain, not just in my body, but out there in the world when I make these changes.  But that pain will only be temporary and the change will be worth the pain.

I love running because it increases my endurance, it gives me more energy to live my life to the fullest.  I love running because I’m in good company.

Tell your children that they are gifted.  We are all gifted and we deserve to know that and let it be part of our identity.

But Tony Robbins wanted me to stop the tape and write the answer to the question who am I?

I’ve done this before and I’ve gotten some great answers.  The not so great answers I would like to change.  I’m a smoker, I do pot, I’m a drinker…. those I want to change.

I think I’m going to join a gym.  I think I’ll ask my wife if she wants a membership too, then go tomorrow to get it.  It’s only 10 dollars a month for the basic membership to Gold’s gym, which is at Marley Station Mall.

This change in not smoking will mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  God willing I’ll write many more chapters in this life.  Tony Robbins would probably advise I stop smoking right this moment, and take up exercise as my new identity.  I don’t feel like running when I’ve been smoking a lot so quitting will take care of that problem.  I want to make this change long term and be healthy and fit.  I want to write about the state of my health and for the positive health of all those in the world.

And I want to sell Honeybaked ham.  I want to follow up with the places I drop the samples off too.  I’ve already started… now I’m just following up with places.  I’m going to try some new places next week and follow up with all of them, and then follow up with the places I went to before that.  Keep the sales funnel full.

And work with passion.  Sell Honeybaked Ham with passion.  It’s incredible meat.  The best you’ll have.  The best your employee’s will have.  The best ham in the world.  And I’m selling it.  I have the best job in the world!

But back to the question, who am I?  I would like to take another chance to answer that.

I’m a nonsmoker, I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m an entertainer, I’m a salesperson, I’m a lover, I’m a multi-millionaire, I’m a lottery winner, I’m a writer, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a prepper, I’m a worker, I’m an outstanding worker, I’m an outstanding salesperson… it bears repeating, I’m a decent human being, I’m someone who makes positive change in my own life and in the lives of others, I’m one with God, I’m powerful, I’m healthy, I’m fit, I’m debt free, I’m wealthy, I’m happy, I’m a business man, I’m an artist, I’m wise, I’m trustworthy, I’m honest, I’m stable, I’m balanced.  I’m an empowerer, I’m a teacher, I’m a coach, I’m smart, I’m fun, I’m all of the things I want to be and none of the things I don’t want to be.

Time to resume the Tony Robbins tape.

I think that in order to be what I want to be I have to have more discipline.  Not smoking is the key to a better future.  Really I’m tired of saying it and I want to start living it.  non smoker, sober, runner, healthy eater.

I’m writing this and it’s taken me all day to do.  I’ve been smoking the whole way through it too.  I don’t want any more cigarettes though.  I think I’m done smoking for the night.  I should really throw the pack out now.  And stop smoking.  I know I will and this is it for me.  I will start speaking and acting with integrity.

I think I need to get on with it and act.  Start running, quit smoking, drink the absolute minimum of alcohol.  I drank through the workweek cause I had the cash, but now I don’t have the cash, so I’m not drinking.

All this is shit and I have to work harder to make my life the way I want it to be.

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