They say you’ve got to teach what you need to learn.


The money I managed to get and keep. $27.00

I need to learn how to get more money, hence looking into second jobs, working part time on this blog, and learning how to save.

It’s early December and I’m already planning on having my best year ever in 2018.  It will be the year of the most money I’ve made in a while, and a blog I can call a money making business.

What I say is that once your getting the money, you’ve got to learn how to save.

I always have a couple hundred dollars on hand and by the end of 2018 I want to say that I’ve got an extra $1,000 on hand, in case of emergencies.

You see, I’m cash only now and this blog is really an experiment in personal development.  I want to see if writing about how to get more money I actually get more money myself, and help others to do the same thing.

Since I started writing this blog on “How To Get More Money” and the ideas that come with up it, I’ve managed to start taking actions that are going to get me more money.  It all comes down to working those hours.

Hours I’m not a home, away from my family, out in the world, working for somebody else.  Gotta get that money somehow and I’ll STILL work on my blog everyday, that’s how much I love blogging.

Because yes, this is for bloggers too.  It’s going to take time to earn any money off it, but maybe you want to start one too.  It could become a part time income at first.  Then a full time income.  I believe this is inevitable for me, as I believe it is inevitable with you if you put in the time.  What I’m now writing is some serious stuff that’s going to be read by a lot of people, as I believe it can be for you too as well.

I don’t want to harp on blogging because this is after all about learning how to save money once you’ve got it.  So let’s dig a little deeper.

Learning How To Save

As I’ve already mentioned, I usually have about $100 on hand for emergencies.  I am going to increase that number to $1,000 by the end of 2018.  I will never use credit.  I will have paid my credit card balance by $7,000.  That so far is my best year ever.  Under control and getting out of debt quickly.  Forget a $1,000 in the bank for emergencies, how about $2,400.  That’s what I’m going to do, and if you subscribe to my email list you’ll get updates on when it happens.

So so far I’ve been really good at putting away 10% of my income, but not so good at keeping it throughout the year.  I think part of the blame goes on me for my drinking and smoking habits, but I’m a changed man, and I’m going to have something to show for my work.  My life is already changing for the better.

That $27.00 I took a picture of for this post is probably going to vape juice, but it’s cash and I’ll have food and gas to last me until I get paid again.  Plus that vape juice will probably last a whole pay period.  That’s a ridiculous savings over cigarettes.  The beauty is I just started at the end of November.  I don’t even think I’ve been paid again since I stopped.  It’s probably going to be a shock when I see how much money I have left over, at least after I get these speeding tickets paid off.

Before I would just put the speeding tickets on the credit card but that’s no more, I’m cash only.  The only problem with cash only is you have to wait.  Waiting however is not the problem when you could be working a job, blogging, or spending time with your family and friends.  So you’re doing something positive by paying cash for your debts and your spending your time constructively by working or blogging.

Learning how to save is important in building wealth, or so I imagine.  If you want to learn from someone who has already saved a lot of money then I suggest you look elsewhere as I am in the process of learning how to save money myself.  If your looking for someone is maybe is just a little bit ahead of you then I might be the leading learner you’re looking for.

Part of learning how to save is learning to spend less.  In my case it’s about eliminating alcohol and tobacco.  It’s a good experience when you can delay gratification for the future but if your addicted to nicotine then it doesn’t mean you have to completely deny yourself.  Personally, I vape instead of smoking and it saves me a great deal of money.  If you are a smoker, I would recommend vaping as an alternative to buying a pack of cigarettes a day.  E-cigs add up to real savings when you use them consistently, and your not really giving anything up because you are still getting your nicotine.  My advice to you is that if you are a smoker, give it up and take up vaping instead.  Although your sacrificing real satisfaction, your gaining better health, and your saving money.

Listen, I am not a master of saving money.  If I were, I would have way more than $100 in my savings account.  My plan however is to become a master of saving money and to have thousands of dollars tucked away so I never have to use credit to just get bye.  The plan is coming together, all that is needed is work and time and I WILL have thousands of dollars in my savings account by the end of 2018.

I’m on a .

So far, my “Total Money Makeover” has been about cutting up my credit card, paying for purchases with cash, stopping drinking and smoking cigarettes, and working as many hours as I can.  On December 8th, 2017 I will get my first check as a sober, non-smoking worker and I’m going to have an extra $200 to do with what I have to do with it.

When you make these kinds of changes you may ask yourself, “why didn’t I start doing this 10 years ago?”.  That’s not an easy question to answer when your being truthful.

All I can say is that the past is gone and there is no time like the present to start designing the future that you want.  If your living paycheck to paycheck and your a smoker and a drinker, it might be time to reevaluate how your spending your money.  If you’re spending your savings each week on alcohol and cigarettes just to get bye then isn’t it time to get some will power, embrace responsibility, and start paying your debts and saving with that money?

In the long run, you’ll be a lot better off as a sober, non smoker.

I once was in the network marketing company called the Empower Network.  In it, one of the founders had a whole audio devoted to “Speaking Your World Into Existence”.  I suppose that’s what I’m trying to do with this website, or at least this particular page.  Even though I’m not great at saving right now, I hope to be in the future, and outlined in this post are my goals for 2018.

This page will probably be updated or replaced by something better once I have the foundations in place for a multi-millionaire lifestyle but for now, take it or leave it, I’m giving you my best words at saving money.

“How to get more money” is also about keeping a great portion of what you make.  So even though I’m still learning I wanted to include saving as a portion of this website.  I hope it serves you to shift some fundamental spending habits so you can keep what you end up saving.

This blogging thing can’t be oversold.  If you want to get more money, and keep more of what you save, it will never hurt to earn more.  That’s what I’m trying to do with this website, and that’s what you can try to do with my guidance.  If you want someone who already makes a million dollars a year with his blog, try Pat Flynn and his book “Will It Fly?”.

It’s a great book on testing your business idea.

You see, maybe I’m the man you need to learn from, maybe I’m not.  It’s all about where you are in your journey.  If you are a master blogger, and a master earner, then you may want to look to someone else who writes for that audience.  If you are a beginner, I just may be your man.  It’s all up to you who you want to learn from, and like I learned in the Empower Network, you’ve got to pick somebody you really like.

Maybe you want to learn how to keep $100 on hand in case of emergencies.  If so, then you could learn from me right now.  If you want to keep a $1,000, in a year I’ll have that and then I’ll broadcast it so everyone who wants to learn, can learn.  If you would like to see my progress firsthand, then consider joining my email list and you’ll get to find out WHEN I get to where I want to be.

Really it all comes down to income.  To get income we need to suit up and show up.  To get more income we need to suit up and show up, on time, everyday, without fail.  That’s part of who I want to become as a man, to maximize my income, and get the most out of my work and life experiences.

So along with saving $2,400 dollars for emergencies in 2018, I also am going to suit up and show up, everyday, on time, and without fail.  This goes for my day job, as well as my blogging pursuit.  We’ll see how it goes, and if you would like to stay in touch you could always join the said email list.

I’m in this for the long haul, the game of working and life.  I’m a real person with a real mission, and I’m ready to take anyone who wants to come along for the ride of their lives.  It’s not going to be quick or easy, but it is going to be worthwhile.

That said, 2018 will be the best year I’ve ever had so far, and I only foresee it getting better and better with each passing year.  I’m in the game of personal development, so it’s in my best interest to improve each year.  Not to mention the best interest of my readers, who are, near and dear to my heart.

You see, I’m in this for you as much as I am for me.  For me, serving people is what causes the most happiness in my life and is the most rewarding thing I can do. So I will build this website and this blog up until it serves a massive number of people.  I know, as you should when your blogging, that success is inevitable.  There is nothing between us and a massive service to other people but ourselves.  Commit to those things that serve you and your audience, like blogging daily.  Only good things can come from it, so you had better get to work, as more work will serve you in serving others, and ultimately reaching multi-millionaire status.

Think of how much money you’ll be able to save when your making a million dollars a year, especially since you nipped the bad habits in the butt ahead of time.  You are way ahead of your class and your well on your way up the ladder.  The future holds pay increases for you and you’ll be able to give your family the life they deserve.  Never hold back on working, whether that be at one job, two jobs, or blogging, and reap the benefits long term.  You’ll be happy you did.

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