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You may be thinking that you want to start a business so you can quit your job and have more time and money to do fun things with your family.  If that’s the case this is the post for you.  I’m going to break down my personal business model so that you can make the decision whether what I’m doing is right for you.  Anyone could do it, but it’s going to take a time commitment.  It could take you 10 years before you can quit your job, I just want to be upfront here so there’s no confusion that you have to put it in the work.  This is after all not the lottery.  Here goes what I’m doing and how you can get in on it.

The Problem

So you have a job, and you’re pulling in money.  That’s a good thing.  The problem is your working for someone else, making someone else rich.  When you’re paid what your worth, it’s going to be a heck of a lot more than minimum wage.  If you can make $1,000 a month at your job, then don’t you think you could make at least that much out there on your own?

The problem could be with the amount of money your making, or it could be your desire to be your own boss.  It could be that you want to write for a living.  It could be that you want more influence and to have an impact on the world.  It could be that you want to grow personally and professionally.  It could be that you want to expand your life and have more connections with people all over the world.  The problem is you want these things but your not getting them at your current 9-5 job.

Maybe you don’t even want to quit your job because you love it, but want to add additional income to your life.

Whatever the case, I believe I have found the solution.

The Solution

The solution is sounds simple.  Start your own business.

Starting your own business can be harder than working for someone else.  Everything is all on you.  This should not deter you from starting.  Just think how much money you could make if you were the one keeping all the profits.  Do you think you could make 4 times as much working for yourself as you do working at your job?  I do.  That would make money a non issue and your lifestyle would benefit tremendously.  I just look at it as more work, and if your a good worker, then starting a business should go great for you.  I find that a positive, prosperous frame of mind is important.  Take a can do attitude, and take action, because it’s going to be a lot of work.

When I find myself thinking how hard it is, I think of the benefits my work could bring.  Everything is taken care of and I get to spend time with my family.  Plus when it’s your own business, you are in charge of your own self.  No one gets to tell you what to do.  You decide what to do.  The secret is being good at deciding what to do.  This brings me to what I’ve decided to do, that anyone could also do for themselves too.

Building A Great Email List = Building A Great Business

Yes, we are talking about business.  That means putting money in your pocket.  And if you are going to build a business you may as well build a great one.  The cheapest and best way I’ve found to build a business is to build an email list.

This coming from a guy who spent over $5,000 to learn how to build a network marketing business.

That venture was a failure and I didn’t make any money at all, but I learned a great deal.  What I’ve found is a sustainable business model that anyone with a 9-5 could buy every month, for cheap, and take the time and work to build a business over 10 years.  Who knows, you might even do it in 5.  The cheap thing I’m talking about buying is a domain, hosting, and an email list.  The three things you need to start building your business.  I say the email list is so important because those are the people that you have the best chance of serving in a meaningful way.  The better you can serve your list, the better chances you stand of doing business with them.

So you have a fighting chance.

The beauty of building your business around your email list is that it’s so inexpensive.  You get to build an entire brand around $40 a month.  If your working even part time you should be able to afford this.  It’s really an investment in yourself.  With time and effort it could end up paying off for you.

The Strategy Of Building A Great Business Around A Great Email List

Up to this point in my research what I’ve discovered is the process of building a business online.  Again, it takes time and effort but the rewards are great.  My strategy is simple and it’s a result of my progress.

Basically, I write blog posts.  I also comment on other blogs.  Sometimes I engage on social media and forums.  I look out for websites I can guest post on.  I email my list twice a month.  I update my freebie, continually improving my lead magnet to up conversion rates, and then I build a relationship with my email list by sending them the new e book as well.  My list gets V.I.P. treatment when it comes to me releasing new and better content.  In this way I feel good about eventually selling them something because I’ve put in work to serve them.  Not that I’m not already selling.  Obviously, there is Convertkit.

I build a great email list.  I do this by sending them short emails highlighting the best work I’ve come up with recently.  It’s good because my work only gets better with time, as we all age like fine wines.  So you can rest assured that with each subscriber, you’re going to be able to serve them better and better.

What You’re Selling

If you want to break it down into a low cost business model, from my experience, I’m finding that Convertkit is the best way you can make money online, from your content marketing.

If you’re like me you’ll think that everyone can and should blog, and if they want to build a business from it, they are going to need an email list provider.  That’s where Convertkit comes in.  The beauty of it is that for each monthly membership you sell you get at least $8, more if they have a lot of subscribers.  That’s each and every month for as long as they are a member.  If they are in the game long term, talking 10 years or more, think how much money you will get paid for each and every member you sign up.  The harder you work, the faster you’ll be able to retire from the 9-5, and travel and live your dream life.  Not saying all this could be done with only 112 memberships sold, but you would get yourself a $1,000 a month income.

Just think what you could do with another $1,000 MONTHLY income.  That’s money coming in EVERY month, something you can count on to be there each and every month.  All it takes it you spreading your vision and your mission and your message everyday.  You could get a membership at any point in time.  Then you’d be making your first monthly income off your blog, and the sky is the limit from there.

With Convertkit we’re just talking ONE stream of income.  You could do a lot of things to monetize your blog.  This is just one way you could get a predictable monthly income from your blog.  If you wanted to launch an eBook to your list, then you might bring in a couple thousand dollars off your launch if your lucky.  You’d have to keep writing the eBooks and freshening them up if you wanted to keep your income coming in.  So writing eBooks really isn’t passive income, but if you have the writing gene, it might be something you want to spend some time on.

If you want to know how to profit off your blog, try my email list out for size and let me know what you think about the experience.

I can tell you about the low cost business model that you can use to escape the 9-5.  That is selling Convertkit and using Adsense to collect your first monies.  I can tell you how to treat the list you do have, and that is like gold.  The low cost business model is just that, it’s low cost.  For $40 a month you could have a business going and you could be collecting email addresses.  Talk about being able to keep the lights on.  You could work a part time job and be able to pay for your business for the rest of your life.  I’m excited to work my job tomorrow just so I can have the right to blog.  What are you going to do with your time that could lead to more income?




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