So I watched a video this morning and it was Tony Robbins talking about his 10 keys to success.

Really it was just a guy who put together some clips from Tony Robbins’ seminars and called it Tony Robbins’ 10 Keys to Success.  Either way it was helpful and got me thinking about my life and what I believe and who I am and how I can make my life more of what I want.

First, and what seemed to be most important, as he spent the most time on this point, was that you’ve got to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

What that means is that you have to make unacceptable limiting things that are holding you back by raising your standards for what you will accept in your life.  Robbins’ says you don’t always get your goals but you always get your standards.  If your standard is to just pay your bills every month then that’s what you’ll get.  But if you raise your standard to having enough money to do what you want when you want with who you want, then that’s what you’ll get. He said it’s simple but true.

I don’t know how much of this stuff I’ll be able to put into practice in my life and make work for me.  I’ve stopped drinking and smoking so that’s a major triumph but I must have more money to do the things I must do with my family to make my life work.  I think that maybe my karma just sucks and that I’ve screwed too many people over in my life and done too much bad shit that that is the reason why despite all my efforts to be successful I’ve failed.  I really want to turn my life around though.  Get out of debt and contribute more to my family.  That’s a new standard that I can work towards and make progress towards.  Once I hit that standard of living I can move on to raise my standard where I am taking care of my family and we can do what we want when we want with who we want all the time.  That would be a truly glorious life.   I hope that one day I am forgiven for my trespasses against my fellow man and that I can rise to be an outstanding success in all areas of my life.

Robbins’ also says about raising your standards that when something is a must you will find a way.  That’s alot different than a should.  A must is something that must happen.  You will find a way.  Humanity has an amazing ability to accomplish things when they become a must he says.

So it’s important we all find out who we are.  Ask yourself who am I?  What kind of answers do you get?  You’ll find that your behaviors, or your rituals as Robbins calls them are in line with who you believe you are.  I think I am an ex smoker.  I believe I am an ex smoker and that I’m sober and my actions are lining up with that.  I’m drinking a copious amount of coffee and taking my life to the next level.   Robbins’ says we stay consistent with who we think we are.  He also says that wants don’t get met consistently but standards do.  I need to raise my standard NOW to have enough money to do what I want when I want with who I want.  NOW.

The second key to success is to be truly fulfilled.  Robbins’ says there are three gifts people have either one or all of them.  Talent, management, or entrepreneurship.  For me my gift is writing.  I can write.  I can write well, at least that’s what I tell myself.  That I’m a gifted writer.  I love writing, and I love blogging, and I love writing a book.  I love leaving a legacy behind me in the form of words.  Something that people can read and find out who I was.  Something I can read and find out who I was being.  A tool for personal growth also as well as a form of artwork.  For me being truly fulfilled means writing, and writing with passion.

The third key to success is that progress equals happiness.  If your making progress towards your ideal life then you’ll be happy no matter where you are in the process.  I’m happier even though I’ve only been smoke free for about two weeks…. although that doesn’t count the couple times I cheated and smoked some cigarettes.  I’ve got to stop that though and be faithful to my commitment to myself and quit smoking altogether.  I’m making a lot of progress though and it does make me happy.

The fourth key to success is to love your customers.  This key would mean more to me if I were still in sales.  As loving my customers would mean more meaningful connections with people, more repeat business, and in the end, more money.  I work a little job in a sandwich and ham shop where I get paid by the hour, but still I think I will put into practice this key even if it doesn’t mean I will get paid any more.  It will probably make my life better anyways bringing more love into it.  Love for people.  That’s been one of Tony Robbins’ personal keys to success.  And I do love people.  That’s just the way I am.  I would like to help them more, to serve more, to do more.  And it comes from my love for them.

The fifth key to success according to Robbins’ is to add value.  If you add value to what you do people will look at you as an expert and seek more of your material.  Right now I am trying to add value by writing this report on what I learned from this Tony Robbins video.  It has enriched my life and I think my diagnoses of it will help enrich your life as well.  That’s just what I think.  We’ll see if that’s what it does….  but I’m certain it will help as many people as there are that read this.  I try to add value to the book I’m writing by talking about not smoking and not doing drugs and not drinking although I used to do a lot of those things and I did them for years.  It changed for me when I woke up one more and had several cigarettes and I smoked a bowl of weed and then threw up.  Throwing up was something I was becoming accustomed to and I would continue to smoke the bowl even after I threw up.  It was disgusting and I never wanted to do that again, so I gave my cigarettes away and I’ve been done with them ever since.  That was on June 23rd, 2016.

This is where Tony Robbins sort of loses me.  I’m no CEO of a fortune 500 company and I’m not even selling anything right now, but the sixth key to success is as he says, to have an exit strategy.  I think by this he means know when and who your going to sell your business to if the time comes when you want to have to sell it.   If you want more information on this step I highly recommend you watch the video yourself and see more about this information.  It’s worth it to watch the video for the first step alone.  Go bananas and watch the whole thing.

The seventh key to success is to be resourceful.  Robbins’ says that leaders don’t believe in limited resources.  I guess you could say that they could come up with the means to make something happen even if where it was going to come from wasn’t first apparent.  Robbins’ says that resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.  I would love to cultivate more resourcefulness in my life, but mainly, right now I think it comes down to me working as much as I can.  And I’ll be able to work more at a highly level of quality now that I’m sober.  I think I’ll feel less like vomiting on a regular basis and that will be good for everyone.  I’ll have more energy to accomplish my goals and become an outstanding success in all areas of my life.  Which, really is the only thing I will accept at this point in my life.  To become an outstanding success in all areas of my life.  That is my new standard.  So be it.

The eighth key to success is to pay attention to the little things.  Small failures add up to big failures or catastrophes and it seems like one thing came crashing down on somebody when it was a bunch of small failures over time that really killed them.  For me it’s sleeping.  I went to bed at 10 pm last night when I hadn’t written anything in a week.  I really wasn’t even tired, and I could have stayed up a written but I went to bed.  This is a small failure that if I keep up will add up to a big failure of lack of discipline which will lead to regret.  Robbins’ says that discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.  At least he heard that from somebody and shared it in the video.  It makes me want to get some coaching.  Get somebody to look over my blog and tell me what I can do to make money with it.  Tell me what I can do to improve it so I’m adding more value to people’s lives…. tell me what I can do to become an outstanding success with the blog and my book and my life.

The ninth key is to look for leverage.  This was a short point but as Robbins’ put a powerful one.  I’m not even sure what it means though.  Clearly I need a lesson on leverage.  One of the quotes in the Tony Robbins book says that you give me a long enough lever and a strong enough triangle and I can single handedly move the world.  I guess this point means that given the right tools you can multiply your strength and do more with less.  Powerful.  I should look for ways I can multiply my own strength and do more with less.

The tenth and final key to success according to Robbins’ is to change your mindset.  As I said earlier Robbins’ said that one of his own character traits that has led him to success is that he loves people.  He wants to help them, as many of them as he can.  He also said that he demanded from himself to be in an outstanding state all the time.  He didn’t elaborate too much on this point and the video went pretty quick after he got through the first key, but it was still good to watch the whole thing.

I think Tony Robbins is an excellent role model and an outstanding human being.  I must be more like him in my own life.  I hope you got something out of this post.  I love you and hope the best for you.  Thank you for reading…. Jesse Creel.

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