Yes, I am a schizophrenic.  And yes, I am getting promoted at work.  The goal of this post is to let you in on my secrets, to overcoming the voices, and to finding success at your job.

Most of what I hear is my father in law screaming my name.  He doesn’t say much other than “You won’t win!” in reference to the lottery.  He also says I shouldn’t drink beer, wine, or whiskey.  I drink anyways.

But really, I’m mostly sober.  There’s no time to drink when I’m working, and I work a lot.  If I’m not working my job, I’m at home reading or writing, which I still consider work.  Even though I’m not getting paid to write at this point, it’s still work and something I treat as if I AM getting paid to do it.

But the good news is that I keep getting promoted at my job.  I work at Honeybaked Ham, as an associate and as a salesman.  I just recently got the title of Sales Coordinator, which includes the responsibility for selling for all three of the stores in the company.  I started out with only one store, they added another to my duties and now I have the third as well.  It’s a lot of responsibility, seeing that they’ve given me another raise to go with the third store, and I do not take it lightly.  This adds to my stress level though, and as a schizophrenic I have to be careful what I take on.  I however am optimistic about my new position and think I will do very well with it.

So I started out at 8.75 an hour as an associate a year and a half ago.  I got the sales position in October of 2016 and they gave me another 1.25 making my hourly wage an even 10 an hour.  Now that they’ve given me another raise, I’m making 11 dollars an hour.  Not much really, but I’m growing in the company, and that is, invaluable.

So I’ve been going out and giving free samples of our lunches to companies, and I’m working on getting some really good results.  Just last week I had a couple of people tell me on the spot that they would definitely be ordering lunch from us, and I made sure that they would give my name so I get credit for the sales.  I’m doing the work now and my boss, or really my boss’s boss, the president of the company, told me that I may even get a desk in the office.  I’m assuming that’s only if I sell a lot and do really well.  So that’s my aim, to sell many many deals.

But writing about my sales success is for the future.  Right now I just want to tell you about my raises and how I’m doing well, and how you can do it too.

My recommendation to you, if you are schizophrenic, and want to increase your income, is to work your tail off.  Do what your bosses tell you to do without complaining, and do the job the best of your ability.  My boss has told other employees that I am her favorite associate, and I think that’s because I just do what they ask me to do and I never complain.  I think that’s a gold mine for them and I just want to keep doing what I’m doing, so I can keep these increases in pay coming.  And mostly what I’m doing is asking myself the question on a daily basis, at work and at home, is how can I improve?  How can I increase my value to the company by 15 or 20, or even 50%?  These questions lead me to work harder and smarter and make sure that the store is running at top effectiveness.

But if you want to get promoted, by increasing your value, I also recommend reading books about self improvement and writing a journal of what you learn and your thoughts about it.  These are the tools you can use to increase your value and should be used on a consistent daily basis.  Don’t just read anything either… it has to be something of value to you, like books on self improvement.  “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a good place to start.  “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey is another good one.  And “How to Make Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is another great book.  These are only the starting points though.  You should take these books, read them, take notes on them, journal your thoughts about what you learn down, and then move on to other books that YOU think are going to help you on your journey of self improvement and making yourself more valuable.

From everything I’ve heard, over and over again, I’ve heard “Leaders are readers”.  In fact the president of my company was called “Debbie do no wrong” when she was in school.  She always had her nose in a book and she told me that it “served her well”.  She is a leader, she knows what she’s doing, and she gets the job done.  She also improves and she gives people the opportunity to grow with the company.  It’s really a great job, except for the fact that they don’t have a 401k.  That’s something I would have to get on my own if I wanted to keep working there and save for retirement.  But for me right now, my savings account does the work of a 401k and I don’t have to worry about all the fees eating away at my money.   My money is safe, even though it’s not growing.  I do plan to invest in the stock market at some point, get into some low cost index funds and keep adding to my investments over time.  But it’s going to take some time to do that.  I’ve just got to keep working… working at my job, and working on my dream of creating another stream of income with this blog.  So that’s what I’m going to do, and if your a schizophrenic and need a job or want a promotion, that’s what I recommend to you as well.  Keep working on your life and you will see results.  They may be little at first, but you can build on even a small result and over time, with steady hard work everyday, you can as I’ve seen, build an empire.

So what’s the value here for you?

The value is that even if your schizophrenic, you can work, and you can grow.  You can grow with your company and you can grow in your personal life.  It’s possible and I am a living example.  Even though the voices tell me that I’m killing myself with cigarettes I still succeed and am being given the opportunity for more success, and MORE MONEY.  And little tid bit that I can give you in the way of my example of success is to CARE.  Care about your company, the people you work with, and your customers.  It will show, and your bosses will most likely give you more responsibility as a result.  My bosses have said to me that they know I really care about my work and because of that they trust me to do things like take large deposits to the bank, and to do sales calls.  You have to be trusted to do those kinds of things, and I have been able to capitalize on that trust and reap rewards.  It’s very inspiring for me to know that I’m at a place where hard work, at work, and on yourself, is rewarded.  I know that may not be the case for everyone, everywhere, but I think the chances are good that if your consistently adding value to what you do, you will grow and have more opportunity for economic abundance.

So, in conclusion, to quote Tony Robbins… “Add value to a massive amount of people, and you will have the opportunity for economic abundance”.  I am adding value to my company and they are rewarding me with hourly increases and the opportunity for even more money through bonuses, or commission.  You can do the same!  Read, journal, improve yourself, ask yourself the question “How do I improve?” everyday, care about your work, do what you do with love, do what you do with passion, and do everything in your power to add massive value to a massive number of people.  Do this and things will begin to fall into place, I am an example of that.

I thank you for reading and I wish great economic abundance and love to you,

Jesse Creel

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