Yes, it’s been weird with all the voices at work but it’s been fun and it’s been good too.

But I’m paying my wife more money.  I’ve been working more because of the Thanksgiving holiday so I had more money to give.  So it’s going to be a nice Chirstmas.  We’re going to get our tree tonight.

We have a birthday party to go to.  A friend of ours.  Her daughter.  It should be good to see them.  They gave me the weekend off at work, which was like a dream come true.  So I have time to do things with my family.  Tomorrow I’m changing the brakes in my wife’s car.  My dad is going to help me do it because he’s more mechanical and has all the tools.  It doesn’t take long to do it.  Just have to take the tire off and pop off the brake pads, put the new ones in and pop it back on.  Then put the wheel back on and your done.  I’ve seen him do it a few times.  I help.

I had some wine last night, my wife bought it and two pizzas. I hadn’t had anything since last weekend.  I’ve just been so busy working that there was no time to drink, no money, no health to drink.  I needed food when I was working.  That’s what kept me motivated.  And I was making money!  Happy as a clam.

And the company I work for is great.  They give you all kinds of free stuff and bonuses during the holidays.  They say it’s the most important time of the year and if it weren’t for the holidays they wouldn’t exist. So they give you money and wish you peace and love in their letters to you, the ones that come with money, and they tell you your important and thank you for working.  It’s really very nice.  Makes you want to work there.

But I’ve been driving the truck and I hope that I can keep driving it.  I love driving the truck.  I love doing the deliveries.  It’s something that I can do.  I can also lift and I do some of that too.  50 pound boxes over and over again.  Taking them from one spot to the other.

But I love my wife and I love my family and it’s my number one priority to spend time with them when I’m not working.  We went to Laurel racetrack on Thanksgiving.  It’s a tradition that we started 4 years ago to go on Thanksgiving.  We see and pet the horses and place a bet on one of the races.  They give away free coffee and donuts, and if you buy a program, which only costs 3 dollars you get a free pie on your way out.  I bought the program just for the pie.  They also had basketball games that cost a dollar per turn and air hockey that we played.  We took lots of pictures.

Just wanted to update my blog, still have things to do today… hope your holiday goes smoothly and many blessings to you and yours.  Thank you.  Jesse Creel.

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