I’ll tell you it’s changed alot since I started it.  First it was about the book and winning the lottery.  Then It was about Network Marketing.  Then my therapist talked me out of Network Marketing because he thought I would feel bad if I sold to a bunch of people who could never be successful at it.  So now this blog is stagnant.

I’m writing my book, slowly, about a page a day.  It’s coming along but I run into my issues along the way.  Like for instance right now the attachment wont send to my email address and I wanted to print it out to get a page count.

So really this blog is about marketing the book now, as that is what I want to do.  I want to get rich writing.  Most people will probably tell me that’s not possible, but I think it can be done and I intend to do it.

I have nothing else to do but write my thoughts and the voices I hear in my head to tell everyone what it is that’s going on with me.  I think people will find the book a breath of fresh air and an interesting read.

Or I could have a publisher do all the marketing for me and I wouldn’t have to write this blog, I could just focus on the book.  And maybe they would have other writing gigs for me to do and I could start to write full time.  Work from home…. That would be awesome.

I’m not going to let the schizophrenia hold me back.  True, I can’t sell stuff.  I suck at it, and the schizophrenia messes me up with it.  But I can write, and I can work a little job so I do both of those things with success. I have goals and dreams.  I want the book to be done by 2017.

That gives me a little less than 6 months to do it in. And I want to sell copies of this book to the public.  I can do it.  I could do it all on my own.  Who needs a publisher when you have a blog that people visit.  And I could get more traffic.

So what is this blog about?  It’s about schizophrenia, and life, and drinking and sobriety, and smoking and not smoking, and working and writing and trying to get rich one way or the other.

The voices tell me I’m rich because of the polo shirts I wear.  I feel rich.  I have a rich attitude.

I’m broke though.  I’m barely paying off my credit card.  I have very little money to last me over the two weeks it takes to get paid again.  Really I’m poor and I want to change my situation.

And I think writing this book is a good thing for me, whether I make any money off of it or not.

My credit card will be paid off in a few years and I will then be able to afford to give my wife more money for bills.  We may have enough to even move into a new house after my credit card is paid off.  It makes me excited for work tomorrow.

But I know I’ll be fine and that God will take good care of me.

Thank you for reading.  I love you.

Jesse Creel

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