Happiness I think could be attributed to having your own space.

Maybe you could think about how to attract your own space.  I am a believer in the law of attraction.  Like attracts like.  That’s why I’m always thinking I’m a multimillionaire, and that’s better than thinking what the voices are sometimes telling me.  Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, doesn’t matter.  What matters is I’m taking action in the direction of my dreams.  It’s valuable.

I just wanted to make this site about happiness.  In this section we are going to cover space and how that can make  you happy.

For me, it’s my wife that really makes all things possible.  I love her dearly.  She puts a roof over my head so that I can then later put a mansion over her head, I can only take action on and see it through.  Neither one of us will work outside of home.  We’ll get out to go shopping and out to eat with friends.  It will be gorgeous.

I have this space to write in right now, where I can drink wine at peace, and it’s because of her.  I had better be taking a lot of action to redeem myself because at this point I’m more or less at her mercy.  Which doesn’t worry me as she has been and continues to be more than supportive of me.

So I wanted to write this for you to let you know I’m here for you.  You can subscribe to my email list and we can be friends.  If your looking for a friend, and I know I needed one at one point, then I’m your man.  I’ll send you an email every once in a while to let you know how I’m doing.  You can also feel free to reply.  And it won’t cost you a thing.

Anyways, subscribe to my list.

But ahh space.  Don’t we all need it.  Somewhere we can breathe.

If your reading this right now on a computer, you are somewhere, breathing… doesn’t that make you happy?

That your somewhere breathing?

That your simply alive…

This begs the question, what do you want to do with your time?

Do you want to dance, sing, walk through nature, blog, write, compose music, work, make cold calls, speak, build your website, build your email list, spend time with your friends and family, go to the mall and walk around, I just say, you simply have to do something.  Laying on the couch is for when you’ve worked 13 hours and need to rest your bones.

Laying on the couch for this schizophrenic, when not worked to the extreme, is just a case of wasting time.  That’s not going to lead to happiness, it’s going to lead to dysfunction.  So I try to stay active.  I try to write as much as I possibly can.  One needs space to do this in.

Space can be a part of your happiness.

If you have space you can do the things you have to in order to start a business online.  For me, part of happiness is starting a business online, and having the space to work is so awesome that that in itself makes me happy.  I’m doing it right now, from right where I am, and it’s awesome.  It feels totally life changing.

So if you have a space to work in, feel lucky, feel blessed, feel grateful.  I know I do.  I’m also one step closer to being able to pay the mortgage all because I took action and went to work today.  I’m still working, right now, on this blog.  It’s beautiful because someday it could pay!

But this is about space.

Let’s ask the question how could we make our space a little bit better.

Alot of writing on the vision board

This is a picture of my vision board.  It’s mostly writing and one picture of a bunch of money.  Writing about my goals, about my end results.  There is also a hand drawn picture of a bowflex and a treadmill because my printer is out of commission so I had to draw them.  Either way it serves the purpose of helping me to know what I want.

The vision board is part of my space, so in writing this I also have to ask the question how can I improve it?

How do you think you can improve your own space?  What can you put on your own vision board that is going to make it better?

Maybe you could include more pictures.  Maybe it could be something about the kind of house you would like to live in.  Maybe it could be about making your first dollar on the internet.  Maybe it could be about getting a million subscribers to your list.

Maybe it’s just the schizophrenia talking.  Although I’ve written a lot on schizophrenia, healing and empowerment.  I can say at this point, as of this writing that has taken place over the last 3 days adding a little each day, until I get to 2,000 words.  Taking that action consistently I think hugely benefits me, and I recommend it for anyone.

But I should have a donate button up because someone might even want to give me some money, and I just might open up to that option.  Part of me really just wants to sell a lot of ebooks and really serve people.  All I can say is that I’m getting better by the day.  Every post is better than the last.  When I’m 10 years into this thing they I can say I’ve mastered it with confidence.  I’m learning.

I also read that on the earningjournal.com

He said he was “learning” the craft as well.  Just wanted to plug him on the idea.

I’ll give credit to all my sources.  You will know where I’m getting my information.

I’m reading several books now, and have many more to finish but I’m so in love with taking action that the writing of the blog and website trumps reading.  I only have so much time and content creation is my jam.  So I follow my bliss and I’m happy.

It’s great to have a space of your own that you can do that in.

Really I think it’s what you do with your space that makes you special and different.  Spice it up, that’s what I say and do your thing even better than your doing it now.  Everyday, put in the work of self improvement, at your job, at home, and on your business.  Happiness is afterall part of being in business for me.

It could be part of your happiness too, if you start a blog.  Let’s say when you start a blog for the sake of this work, you could achieve anything you wanted.  Be that your first million, or your 15th.  I’m talking about a sensation.  I could do it, but I think anyone could do it.  If the writing were good enough.

And I always think it’s good enough.  I’m an optimist, as that might surprise you being a schizophrenic, and I always think that things are working out for the best.  I think it’s good, to a small degree to write about it some.  I’ve grown out of it though.  I can’t tell you though how much having a safe space means for this schizophrenic.  And police don’t scare me either, I feel protected.  I’m totally legal.  I’m even protected by the law, but more so I’m protected by a good family.

Hopefully by the time my parents die, which they will most likely live on as voices in my head, I can pay my family back for supporting me, and move my wife and two kids into a better house, really I need it to happen a lot sooner than that.  You gotta figure, I brought in more money then they allow you to make to be on disability.  I really was in sad shape.  I will never allow myself to not work a day job until this business has taken off.  Just going to keep working by day and blogging by night.

Day jobs aren’t going to stop me from writing my website, and this page on space.  I’m sorry I’m sort of rambling but that’s my style of writing.  I’m glad you’ve stuck with me, we’re going to  keep going a ways further.

They are not going to stop me from launching an online business.  Whatever that may be, selling coffee mugs, t-shirts, ebooks, e courses, consulting, probably not cds because although I love it, if I were going to make something of it I would start playing open mics again.  I have a hobby that makes me happy that I do in my space which is recording guitar and singing but I think I may just keep that just for me.  It’s always the same three chords anyways so I would probably wear people out pretty quick.  My wife never listens to my music, and she never visits my website.  I should ask her to join my list, that would be another person and I might even get a critique out of her.  At least I would hope to.  It would be nice.

This is what I want to do with my space, launch an ebook to my list of a million people, get 10% of them to buy at $10 a piece and make a million dollars.  Boy am I in for some work.  And I’m going to put in that work, and if I make even one dollar I with be jumping off the walls.  That’s how I get about having subscribers and I’m not even making money off them.  I guess what it boils down to is that it’s about service, and the more people on my list the more people I can serve, and in this case, for me, more is better.  A lot is better.  So I’m going big, from home.

The way I figure it is in this space I could be a famous schizophrenic who also runs a business and in his free time he plays guitar and sings.  But really though, I could be famous for helping people to become happier.  I think I could really do it. Be somebody like Gretchen Rubin.  

At least, the way I see it is, we all gotta think big.  Top ten results of Google.  Not to mention social media.  When this site is complete, I will release it on facebook, and that should get me 10 subscribers if I’m good.  Who knows, maybe I’m just following my bliss and am going to be working a day job for the rest of my life, and I’ll never be able to put a new roof over my families head, but I don’t buy into that stuff.  I prefer to think that by taking action I’m allowing the universe to do it’s thing and bring about my end result.  I won’t indulge in telling you what my end results are, just that what your reading right now, whether I know it or not, is bringing me closer to that end result.  Space is a beautiful thing.  At times, solitude can be a beautiful thing.  Hard to do when your a schizophrenic, but I know what it’s like.  The way I look at it is I just have to work harder than the average person to get the same success.  So I really take to this writing thing.  Writing about all the schizophrenia sort of dragged me down, so I’m glad I’ve changed my focus to happiness.  I believe that schizophrenics can be happy, just like anyone else.

The beautiful thing is that anyone might want to be happy, or happier, hence this website.  Something for them to read to do just that.  Make them happy.  All with the space to work in.  Beauty.  Happiness.

Happiness On The Road

This picture was taken while I was working, earning money, and the sky was just beautiful I wanted to take a picture of it.  That was a space for me, driving the deliveries in the box truck, and this is just a picture of it’s beauty.  The open road.

That brings me to space again.  Make sure you get out of your space and into the world on a regular basis.  I know for me I would have to go shopping at the mall on the regular if blogging turned into my full time gig.  Just to get out of the house.  I would probably take some yoga classes too, rent some jet skis.  You get the idea.  Work consistently everyday on what you do and over time your work will add up into progress and before you know it you have your first subscriber.

Thanks for enjoying this article on space and how it can make you happy.  If you would like updates to this site sent to your email address then subscribe to my list.  I promise it will make you happy.

Here’s to having the space to be happy,

Jesse Creel