In order to get more money, or in this case, save more money, we need to take a common sense approach to our spending habits.  These are some of the spending habits I’ve broken that are leading me to having more cash in my bank account.  If they apply to you, maybe you will consider making some changes in your own life so your living responsibly and paying your debts, instead of creating debt.

First, and for me foremost, is the stopping of the cigarette smoking.  The statistic is that almost 90% of schizophrenics smoke, so for me this stopping of the smoking is making me the minority.  Because I need something to ease the pain of schizophrenia I’ve transitioned over to vaping.

Vaping and Tea

The initial rig will cost you about $50.  The new coils you will need when the hit starts to taste bad will set you back $25 but that gets you a pack of six of them and each one lasts a week or two.  Then you have to buy the juice.  I’ve had the bottle I bought for $20 for the last two weeks and I’m about halfway through it.  So even if you count buying the vape itself I’ve still only spent $95 and I’ve been going for two weeks.  Cigarettes for those two weeks would have cost me $114.52.  So I’ve saved $19.52 in the first two weeks, and if you consider that I only have to buy juice and coils from here on out, which will cost me $30 a month, the vape will pay for itself, and then start putting money in my account.  Cigarettes at a pack a day for a month will cost $229.04 so I’m saving almost $200.00.  When I’m talking about getting more money, I’m also talking about spending wisely with the money you get leaving you with more extra money you can use to pay your debts or save.

When I chose to stop making poor  decisions with my money on in November of 2017 my life changed.  I cut up my credit card and made the decision to switch to cash only for purchases.  That means all I have is the cash in my wallet and what’s on my debit card.

So far it’s going great.  I bought my wife’s Christmas present with cash and that was a sizeable purchase.  I got her Ray Bans, the real ones, and I paid cash for them.  Not to mention the second thing I’ve given up, which I didn’t buy on the way home from work today, and that thing is beer.

At this very moment I’m drink hot Georgia peach tea instead of beer.  I really think it’s time for a which means no drinking and no smoking.

At this point I have a $16,800.00 credit card debt and at least a $1,000 a month income.  In order to stop using the credit card for basics I had to cut it up, and stop buying alcohol and cigarettes.

I know it’s going to be hard but I think it will ease the pain having the vape and knowing that I’m doing the right thing.  It’s the right thing to do because not having a debt and building wealth will be good for my family.  WHEN the dream is realized, it will mean more choices for us and the people we love.  Being in debt and increasing that debt by living beyond your means is a problem that must be dealt with.  It can be done by cutting excesses, shopping at the grocery store instead of eating out, doing fun FREE things like going to the park with a friend, living beyond your means can be dealt with by elimination.  That’s what holding onto the money you get by getting more money is all about.  Learning those principles before you get your millions will be a valuable experience.

Again, STOP Making Poor Decisions About Spending

Action Step: Cut up your credit card.

Who needs debt?  If you say your credit card is only for emergencies then those emergencies will come up and you’ll end up using the card.  If you didn’t have a credit card wouldn’t you be more motivated to save up enough peace of mind money to pay your bills with cash for a few months if say you lost your income?

I suggest instead of drinking you spend your time on your blogging business, drinking tea, reading, writing in your journal, visualizing, and exercising.  Treat it like a business because it will one day pay you, and your going to be happy you put the time in up front.  That would be a good decision.  Replace the bad decisions with good decisions and then give it the magic ingredient, time.

Write enough kick ass content over time WILL give you traffic that you can monetize.  I’m not saying that writing kick ass content is the only thing you have to do, but I am saying that’s where you start.  There will be another page on a blogging business written on this site about “How to Get More Money”.

This particular page I don’t want to get too far off topic, although this entire site really is about a blogging business so mentions of a blogging business are going to be all over this site.  I just believe if we keep at it, we’re going to produce an income.

That said, STOP making poor decisions about spending.

Another good book for the elimination of an excessive habit like smoking is It’s a great book on how you can beat the cigarette addiction and think thoughts about stopping smoking that serve you.  I’ve found it useful in breaking thinking patterns like there is nothing to lose by stopping smoking, and everything to gain.

So there is no time like the present to get started making better decisions about spending.  The past is gone.  There’s nothing left but the present to create the future you want and need. Strip down to the bear necessities and pay your debt off so you can retire debt free with a substantial savings.

The trick has been for me to cut up my credit card, stop buying cigarettes, only eat out of the grocery store or cheap fare, and stop buying alcohol.  So far I’ve already cashed in my coin collection for groceries.  I have not tapped my savings account, and I might have enough money not to until I get paid again.  This would mean I would save more, be able to overpay on my debt, give more money to my family, and have some left for food, gas, vaping, and groceries.  It’s going to be a slow process but I also believe that I can make it as pain free as possible.

My story is just to explain to you how you can help yourself, especially if you find yourself in a similar situation.

How can you help yourself when it comes to stupid spending habits?

Action Step: Smarten up with your money.

If you can spend $1.50 on coffee or you can spend $2.22, the smart thing to do would be to spend the $1.50.  Buy coffee at $1.50 enough over the $2.22 then you’ll save up enough for an extra coffee in no time!  This is my simplistic, common sense approach to breaking bad spending habits.

If you want to have more money after you learn to get more money, then you should have spending principles in place that protect you from stupidity.  Here is a list of affirmations that you can use to STOP making poor decisions about spending:

Affirmations To STOP Making Poor Decisions About Spending

  1. I always spend less than I make.
  2. I pay for everything I buy with cash or my debit card.
  3. I’m great at saving 20% of my paycheck, and keeping that money in my savings account for life.
  4. I never buy into get rich quick schemes.
  5. I do many fun things that cost me little or no money at all.
  6. I spend my money wisely.
  7. I am motivated and work many, many hours.
  8. I spend free family time with my spouse and children at home and at the park.
  9. I buy things that are inexpensive and useful like books and journals.
  10. I have big long term goals, and I take one baby step after another in the direction of those goals.
  11. I always vape instead of smoking.
  12. I don’t drink alcohol.
  13. I am becoming a better salesman and my blogging business is growing.
  14. I work on my website daily.
  15. I read daily.
  16. I exercise daily.
  17. I eat and live well.
  18. I drink plenty of coffee and tea.
  19. I always have more than enough cash to buy what I need.
  20. My savings account grows every year.
  21. I earn enough off of my website to call it a full time job.
  22. I grow personally and professionally everyday.
  23. I have so much money I am not in want or need of anything.
  24. I have eliminated spending on cigarettes, alcohol and the lottery.
  25. The time is now to take massive action in the direction of my dreams.
  26. I take the time to visualize my dreams a reality everyday.
  27. I take the time to play everyday.
  28. I meet up with friends and enjoy their company.
  29. My email list grows daily.
  30. My content gets better and better everyday.
  31. My social media presence expands daily.
  32. I have many, many useful things to blog about.
  33. I am of great service to a massive number of people.
  34. I am a New York Times Bestselling author.
  35. I earn a six figure income from my blog.
  36. I keep a large percentage of the money I earn.
  37. My family and I live in our dream home.
  38. I tip like a rich man.
  39. I give to charity.
  40. I treat my blog like the multi million dollar business it is.
  41. Everyday I work so, so hard on my website.
  42. I made my first dollar as an Amazon affiliate.
  43. I love books and I read voraciously.
  44. I love journaling so much I do it while I’m reading.
  45. Every night before bed I ask my subconscious mind one request.
  46. I often stay up late working on my blogging business.
  47. I always get up early.
  48. I never get speeding tickets.
  49. I always arrive at my destinations safely.
  50. I have everything I need to create more income.
  51. I have everything I need to reduce spending and increase saving.
  52. The bills are always paid on time.
  53. I always overpay on my debt.
  54. I take action and therefore nothing is going to stop me from making more money.
  55. I do what I love.
  56. My free time is spent learning, growing, and doing.
  57. I inspire other people to build a better blogging business of their own.
  58. I serve people by helping them make shifts to get more money.
  59. I work multiple jobs to get as much income as I can.
  60. I do the best I can do at everything I do.
  61. What I have in me is worth millions of dollars.
  62. I take care of my family and work to make great relationships with them.
  63. I work insane hours regularly.
  64. Blogging is only one of the ways I could become wealthy.
  65. My blog is already producing an income.
  66. I spread word of mouth advertising about my website every time I buy something.
  67. I am a part of God.
  68. I consistently do the right thing.
  69. Everything is changing for the better for me.
  70. I have changed my life for the better many, many times already, and I’m going to keep that up for the long haul.

I hope you enjoyed that list. Here’s an action step for you now that you’ve finished reading the list on affirmations to stop making poor decisions about spending.

Action Step:  Pick your favorite affirmation from the ones listed above and use it daily for one month.

The point for this page was to give you some ideas on how to STOP making poor decisions about spending, but it was also about an overall life review and making changes that will benefit your future.  I sincerely hope it helped you.  If it did, and you would like more help, you can join my email list at no cost and I’ll send you primo information.

Here’s to Elimination.