Success Hourly


Jesse Creel


This is a short, concise three part book that will illustrate to you how you can achieve growth and continue to grow at your hourly job.  These increases will not come quickly, like they could on commission, but they will be steady and as long as you are improving… so can your paycheck.

That being said you have to put yourself out there so you can find the right thing at the right time.  Being at the right place at the right time can really help you out.  But the most important thing you can do is to add value.  We’ll get into that in this book and we’ll dive into the three step process of increasing your paycheck.




Step 1 – Work Hourly

Step 2 – Improve

Step 3 – Grow




The purpose of this book is to get you to take action on the course of increasing your income at your hourly job.  I propose it can be done in three simple steps. Follow the steps and with time and hard work, your paychecks will increase.  I find that working hourly has worked out with more stability in my life than working on commission… which I have done.  When it’s difficult to sell, which it often is especially when your first starting out, or plunging into it, you make no money on commission.  When your working hourly you can rely on a steady paycheck to keep you stable.  You may even be able to make enough money you want to change your lifestyle to make improvements on your health and improvements with your finances.  Because your doing so well at work, you want to make improvements on the rest of your life so that you can be in balance with your success.  I know that you can do it, because others like you have done it.  If it can be done, it can be done by YOU!  I did it twice.

I’ve gotten eight dollars and fifty cents in raises over a two year period at one place, and I’m working on duplicating my success at another place where I’ve gotten three dollars and twenty five cents over a year and a half period, and I’m working at earning even more there!

The point of telling you this is not to brag, but just illustrate to you that it can be done.  It can happen to a schizophrenic like me, it can happen to you no matter what your going through.  I believe in people and you are a person and therefore I believe in you.  Especially because you took action and bought this book!  That tells the story of someone who wants to improve!  And the story’s we tell ourselves about ourselves is very important.

So it’s time you start telling the story that you add value to a massive number of people.  Take action now and start to give.  Give in a big way and pray for success out there in the world.  I really believe God takes care of his people and that with good karma you can be a force to “nourish life and generate love”( Quote from the “Tao of Sales”).

And even if you don’t have good karma, you can always start making it now.  You can turn around your life and start making it, just work hourly and work hard.  Find a job you can do.  And do it well.  I have found that that behavior is rewarded.  And I personally am doing great.  I am just writing this for you, because I want to tell you how I did it, and what I believe works.  Because I think it does work and I would venture to say that it could work for anyone, anywhere if they follow these three steps.  You can always write me to tell me what you think.  You can reach me at

But I’ve written one book so far, and started on another one that I didn’t finish and the point of this third book is to add value to a massive number of people.  A massive amount of value to a massive number of people.  So much value that you will never have to use the guarantee for your money back.  You will happily pay for this information and find it a blessing.  At least that’s my sincere hope.  That what I write becomes a blessing for you and that you in turn are blessed as a result of putting this information into action.

Because now your cooking with fire!  Now your hot in the kitchen!  And it’s all good because your adding value to your company, to your prospects, and to your customers!  They’ll love it, and if you’ve done your job, they’ll come back from more!  And you become an example of a valuable member of the community!

And whether your schizophrenic or not, don’t we all feel good when we’re contributing to the community?  You are or can be a valued member of society.  You just have to give.  You just have to add value.  And the more people you can add value to the more valuable you become as a member of your community, of society.  Because I don’t know about you, but I feel very blessed and want to give more as a result.   I heard the “Jackpot Guru” say he was addicted to giving when he would give away frequently winning slot machine tickets to strangers in the casino.  He believed he won for a living because he had good karma.  There’s gotta be something to that guy.

But I’m not talking about making a million dollars here.  You’re, unless your Donald Trump, have got to start small.  And working hourly is the perfect way you can do that.  Which leads me to step 1.


Step 1 – Working Hourly

I recommend working hourly because I know what it’s like for a young person to work on commission.  Chances are with commission you can make more money, but that’s only if you sell, and as your navigating the waters of creating income and supporting a family you’ll want a steady paycheck.  There are things we all have to pay for in order to live.  This is why I recommend working hourly.

I sold a lot, or tried to sell, a lot of different products.  I tried selling cell phones, I sold credit card processing machines, I tried to sell Aflac, and I tried to sell a network marketing company called the Empower Network.  In a way, I had to give up on sales, and submit to an hourly job in order to pay my bills.  I did have some success as a credit card processing salesman, but I was on the road and I missed my family so I figured it just wasn’t the job for me.  Really, I spent more money than I made in sales and ended up going into debt, one that I haven’t recovered from yet.  The good news is that I now have an hourly job, one where my paychecks have been increasing (more on that later), and I have an opportunity to become debt free in 5 years if I quit smoking and drinking.

But working hourly will give you stability, and for me personally, especially being a schizophrenic, the more stability, the better.  Also, you become a valued member of the community.  You get to know the people you work with and your customers and add value to those relationships as you go about your day.  If you can just suck it up, and take orders from your bosses, you’ll get your paycheck and you can spend it (or save it) as you please.

This is no easy task for a schizophrenic, or anyone else for that matter… but if you have the drive, which can come from anywhere, you can do it.  You can work hourly.  My personal drive comes from wanting more in my life than I currently have, and it also comes from my family.  I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children.  I don’t pick favorites with my children, I love them both equally, but I was especially happy when I found out we were having a boy.  So my wife and I have replaced ourselves with a girl and a boy, but now we have to take care of them and see them into adulthood.  Not to mention be there for them when they go to college (if they do), get married (if they do), and start families of their own.  I know my dad has helped me tremendously especially after I got married and I want to do the same for my kids.  My family really is my world, and I love them with all my heart.  I want to be able to give them, from my own heart, and my own wallet, the things they need to grow into great human beings!

Don’t get me wrong, we already live a very blessed life, and have many things to be thankful for, but we could really use a bigger house, and I can’t rely on help from my parents to get me that.  I have to do it on my own.  And one thing I can do to help myself out is to stop using my credit card and pay it off as fast as possible.  What’s the value here?  The value is you can have a lot and still work for more.  You don’t have to settle for less.  Go forth and “do the thing and you will have the power” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

But working hourly isn’t like working on commission.  On commission your more like your own boss.  No one is going to tell you not to smoke.  You have to make that choice on your own.  Because of the debt I’ve gone into I would recommend not smoking so that you can save and give more of what you earn.  I also recommend giving 10% of your paycheck to your favorite church.  I actually do that, so I’m a good example of giving, at least some, to a good cause.  At church, they feed and clothe people, and sometimes even give them a place to stay.  My grandmother, who I’m blessed is still alive, used to be an accountant for one of the churches in the area, so I spent a good deal of time there, working with her.  But the point of giving 10%, or any amount you wish, is to give.  At least that’s the way it is for me.   I want to give as much as I can while I’m on this earth, so people can be blessed as a result of my work.  With that said, I can’t go without saying that you, by giving, in turn will see more blessings come into your life.  You will do well at your job, you may even be able to branch out and create other streams of income, so that you will have even more to give.  If you say 10% is too much, or you don’t want to give, ask yourself, could I use more blessings in my life?  And if you give, I say that’s exactly what will happen.  You will be blessed.  So really I’m asking you to really consider giving part of your paycheck away.  To a good cause of your choice, it doesn’t have to be church, just give.  And there will be plenty more where that came from when your working hourly.  No need to worry about getting sales to survive and pay the debt you’ve created with your needs and desires… you have a plan, and your going to stick to it, and your steady paycheck will, eventually, get you out of debt.

This is why I recommend working hourly.  It’s a lot easier than working on commission, and for me being a schizophrenic, I value ease.  Not that I don’t value hard work, I do.  And I do work hard, but the stress of talking to people to build relationships makes your life more difficult.  Some people say no, sometimes, many people say no.  You don’t have to do that to yourself.  You can get an hourly job, and just work hard everyday and it will pay off.  This is not to say when I have some money saved up and I’m out of debt, I won’t go back into selling something… but now is not the time for that.  I have priorities and one of them is to get out of debt.  I can do that by working hourly and changing my lifestyle.  There’s no risk involved in working hourly and that’s another huge advantage.  You could go weeks or months, or even a year without selling anything, and be out what it takes to live through that time.  You’d go into debt, all the while working your tail off for no real results.  In Tony Robbins’ book “Money” he told the story of Sir Richard Branson before he launched Virgin airlines.  Branson bought 5 planes to start the airline on the condition that he could return them if it didn’t work out!  How’s that for taking no risk, with only rewards to reap.  I had to learn that lesson the hard way, I had not yet read that story and I bought into Aflac which after not selling anything cost me 2,000 dollars for the service you had to be a part of to sell it.  I bought the insurance thinking I would sell and it costed me.  I also bought into the Empower Network, going “all in” and spending about 5,000 dollars, which I couldn’t get back.  There’s a 14 day return policy now, but it’s been years since I bought the products so there’s no refund for me.  14 days is hardly enough time to sell the product anyways, especially if your just starting with no list and no idea what to do.

I will say that I learned a lot from selling and especially from the Empower Network.  There were a few people making a lot of money off that program, and they would tell you exactly what they were doing to make all that money.  I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for the Empower Network, so really it was a blessing.   The key component in that product is video.  Another thing I learned.  You add value when you add a valuable video.  People like watching videos.  It’s almost better than reading!  But information like that contained in the Empower Network is expensive and you will learn a lot, but you had better be ready for the consequences.  You might not sell!  And you could be out!  And then you’ll have to work off a debt!  So now I’m striving to be more like Sir Richard Branson who could have returned his planes if his company didn’t take off.  Take as little risk as possible, there are still massive gains to be had even when there’s little risk.  Before, I thought taking risk was just part of making a lot of money.  It’s not.  Lesson learned.  Work hourly, get stable, then work on your dreams.  You can do it!


Step 2- Improve

“ Formal Education will make you a living, but Self Education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

This is why I suggest you become a lifetime learner.  And by that I mean reading books on personal development, and the areas your interested in, and keeping a journal.  By reading the books you’ll be expanding your knowledge, and by keeping a journal you’ll be retaining that knowledge and expanding on it further.  There is never an end to lifelong learning.

So you’ve got this hourly job and you want to do well with it, and grow with the company.  I have found that asking myself the question “How do I improve?” while I worked really served me in becoming more valuable.

And I get raises!

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, it’s about improving at this point, until you become so valuable to the company they want to promote you.  And you can do that by reading, and keeping a journal.  I can’t stress enough that you have to read, as many books as you possibly can in this lifetime, and you must keep a journal.  The journal is a key component in your personal development so you can’t leave it out.  You have to take notes on the books you read, and journal your after thoughts about it.  You’ll get some really good results the better the book your reading.  And you can also journal your goals.

If say, you want to win the Powerball jackpot, you could write about what you would do with the money.  Really get it into your mind, and let go and let God.  Everything happens for a reason, you just have to pick up the positive things as you go.  Even if it looks bad, get something good out of it.  That’s the way to real progress, and that’s the way to improving.  Get something good out of it!

If you get fed up with visualing, and praying all the time to win the jackpot, maybe you could put your energy into something different for a while and see what kinds of results, or better yet what kind of enjoyment you can get out of it, in that area of your life.  I know I want to win the jackpot, or maybe even split one with one or two other people… but I can’t just sit and wait anymore.  I have to take action!

So I want this to inspire you to right now, go find a book you want to read.  It can be any book, or it can be a book on self improvement… or maybe sales.  Then write in your journal.  If you don’t already have one, stop now and go out and buy a spiral college ruled notebook.  One you can save after you’ve used it all up.  And collect those spiral notebooks.  They are goldmines, and something you can refer back to later… for inspiration, or just self examination, self learning.

If you would like a suggestion, I definitely recommend reading “Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.  The book helped me almost quit smoking, and has really fueled success at my hourly job.  Tony writes for the best of us, who really want to improve, and if you can read and finish that book, you are ahead of most people already.  Putting the principles to use, the skills you can learn in the book, you are that much more ahead.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other people out there who are just as hungry or hungier than you, and there will be competition.  But that’s also a blessing.  You can put competition to good use by staying on your best game.  That way you can earn business.  But what I recommend you do is learn, and learn from the best teachers.

In my humble opinion, Tony Robbins is in the league of best teachers.  He may not be up there with Jesus, but he’s good, and he’s definitely been a blessing in my life.  I definitely recommend my friends and family all read his work.  He’s good.  And he’s inspiring.  He can really help you change your life.  A lot of it starts with living life according to your values.  At the top of our list should be health, and then love, because what else is there at the top.  That’s just what Tony thinks, and that’s also what I think.

There are many others, Passion, Adventure, Freedom, just to name a few, but you’ve got to know them and then take actions that will get you to live by those values.  And if you don’t know what your values are then prepare for pain.  That’s just what the book says, but I think Tony Robbins material is trustworthy and that there’s something to be said for it.  If you bought this book, you obviously value knowledge and want to improve, and I’m telling you to read.

I’m also telling you to read “Awaken the Giant Within” because the book could change your life.

I am also telling you to keep a journal and write your ideas down.  Your ideas count, and you could even sell them on the internet!  You could become an entrepreneur! A writer!  A personality!  And you will be paid in relation to the value you provide.  At least that’s what I believe.  If you do the thing, eventually you’ll break through and be paid to do it.  I say go for it.

And part of my personal process of improving has been to keep a blog.  You write your public thoughts down and it becomes a part of you.  Especially if your blogging under a website with your name attached to it.  Another thing I highly recommend… buying your domain.  Also, I’ve heard of a couple successful people also buying the domains for their children’s names.  I want to do that, but I haven’t got around to doing it yet… I’m trying to keep all my expenses to a minimum right now….

But you never know, I might make it on the internet and be a good example for my children that they can live their dreams.  They can make it in sales.  They can make it on the internet.  And have their domains already bought for them.

But I’m getting comments on my blog, so I know there’s people out there reading it, and I just wanted to write this for you so that 1, you would have something new to read 2, so I could further our relationship 3, so I could provide some value to the world 4, To have fun.  I’m really just trying to enjoy the ride, so I’m not really focused on results.  Although I want them, I haven’t been putting in the massive action it takes to make it happen, so I figure this is going to come slow.

I of course am talking about making and selling ebooks on a blog that provides value and is well written.  I am having success at my hourly job right now, but part of improving for me is making it on the internet, and I just want to inspire you, if you want to improve your life, to start a blog… along with your journal, so you can write the world.  And add value.  And become a blessing for other people.  And of course so that you are then blessed in return.

But you have to put the work in first.

This is an extremely short ebook, but I just wanted to get something out there.  Something I could sell, or give away for free.  I want to give, I should really give more to my church.  What goes around comes around, but you usually don’t hear that until someone does something bad.  I want to say it when someone does something good, like giving money to their church.  You know their just going to feed hungry people, give them clothes, and a place to sleep sometimes, and the community is going to be blessed because of your gift.  Just saying, what goes around comes around.  I encourage you to do the right things.  Not just for an afterlife, but for YOUR life, NOW!

But the point of this chapter was to get you to read books, keep a journal, and always be asking yourself the question “How do I improve?”

This way you become a more valuable human being, and can be more valuable at your job, and be improving, which leads us into the next and most important chapter….


Step 3-  Grow

As you increase your value, you should see more opportunities to increase your pay.  Don’t get me wrong, part of this is being at the right place at the right time, but the more you increase your value, the more opportunity you will have for economic abundance.

Take me for example.  I started a job at 10 dollars an hour, and because I was in the right place at the right time, I was able to increase my starting pay by 8 dollars and fifty cents.  I was making 18.50 a hour!  And it was because I was being more valuable to the company.

Part of this is interpersonal skills.  How to get along with other employees.  But that’s not what this book is about.  It’s about increasing your pay.  You can figure out how to deal with other employees after you get your raises.

Really, I lost everything.  I lost my 18.50 an hour, and my life went down the tubes into debt and frustration, and lack of motivation.

The good news is I’ve recovered, and am now in the process of not only making what I once made, but making even more and this is the second time I’ve been in the right place at the right time.

I’m being promoted!  I’m getting hourly raises and better jobs!  In a year and a half I’ve gotten 3 dollars and twenty five cents more than my starting rate.  So if your going to do better than what your doing now, you can definitely get something from me.

As your becoming more valuable, you’ll be offered better jobs with more responsibility and more money.  Take them with open arms and be grateful for the growth.  I’m out talking to people now, giving away free samples of the product and being paid mileage for driving!  I’m doing sales and I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for me not complaining, and always telling my bosses I’m in the process of improving.

One thing I want to mention that I learned from Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within” is CANI!  It stands for constant and neverending improvement.  I apply CANI! To my life and I get good results at my job.  I’m always looking for ways to improve.  And it makes the day go by faster when your really looking to add value.  Besides your being paid to be there so why not make the most of it!  You could get a raise!

But if your learning, and your becoming more valuable, and your in the right place at the right time, you could really do well.  And that’s what this book is about.  You doing well.  Getting promoted, getting hourly raises, earning a steady paycheck, contributing to the economy, and a host of other great things!

So I’ve done it- being promoted- at two different jobs now, and I figure that I might be able to pass some tips along to you to help you get promoted too.

Don’t complain, do what they ask you to do, have a positive attitude, if possible work with your family, ask yourself “How do I improve?”.  These thing will get you noticed for doing the job well, they will trust you, and they will ask you to do the primo jobs.  This is just my experience.

You could say that I’m just lucky, but I really believe in reading and writing.  I think it really helps people to know themselves and the world they live in.  And knowing what’s going on is invaluable.  There are a lot of other reasons to read and journal, but knowing yourself is a big one.  I thank God for books and journals and find they are a blessing.  I’ve paid for a lot of stupid shit in my day, but one thing I will never regret buying is a book and a journal.  Not that I have any regrets, I don’t… only lessons, and wins!

But success leaves clues, so if you want an hourly raise, take my words and learn from them.  Adapt one thing about this book that you learned and apply it to your life.  That alone would be worth the 5 dollars you spent on buying it.  I’ve paid a lot more for knowledge than 5 dollars… and my prices will probably be going up in the future, so if you did get this book for 5 dollars, or for free, count yourself as one of the lucky ones.  To get it before it got too hot.  And I believe it’s going to get very hot.

I could be wrong, as I sometimes am… especially with believing I’ve won the jackpot.  But writing ebooks and a blog is different than praying for the lottery.  It gives you something to do..  You can take action.  And really, it does take massive action to get to living your dreams.  It’s not going to happen overnight, as with getting hourly raises.  But if you work hard, and keep learning, I believe you will have your success.  You will get what you are after.  No matter what age you are.  You can do it!

So if you want hourly raises, talk the talk and walk the walk.  Tell people you feel great, and mean it, tell your bosses.  Tell them it’s outstanding to be there.  Tell them you really appreciate what their doing for you.  Mean it.  You’ll get somewhere.  I really believe that, and you should too!  This is not a bunch of hocus pocus.  It’s real stuff that works.  You tell them you are a success, you act in ways that are going to make you successful, you are successful, and you thank them for the opportunity.  In that way you’ll stay open to even more pay.  That’s the ticket.

This is not a lot of fluff, it’s my experience, and it’s short and to the point.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time on this, because I figured I could still write something great in a short amount of time.  Get off to a fast start.  But I know long term success is going to mean a lot more work.  And it’s going to mean a lot more pages.  I’m ready for the challenge and I welcome it.  I want success and I want you to be successful to.  I encourage you again to write a blog and see where it takes you.  You may even want to market your own ebook on your blog if you start to get enough traffic.  Let me just tell you content is king, so if your going to start a blog, just know, you’re going to have to write.  And you should love it.  You should love what your doing, it will make it turn out better.  That goes for anything you do, hourly work or writing ebooks and a blog.  I plan to make it both ways, and this is my test to see if I can make it happen.  I hope this has been of value to you, and I hope you can make it happen in your own life.  Get promoted, be of value, do the job well.  And make your dreams a reality.  I can work the hourly part well, so if your looking to do that, well your in good company.  The dreams part I will just have to wait and see, but you can be sure I will write you to let you know how it turns out.  I’m optimistic.

That’s all, take care, I love you, thanks for reading.

Jesse Creel