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Why Writing Is An Art

Writing and Art

Write like your life depends on it!

Writing is an art for the main reason that it’s your brain creating something.  Even if you make it up as you go, you are still creating something.  Your master plan will be revealed, so that you can make your millions, and live your life happily.  As long as you blog.

Oh yes! Writing is where it’s at.  There is a power in words (although you should take that with a grain of salt) and you can use your words to shape your life.  Some things will work, some things will not.  You’ll never know until you try.

If you’re a writer you’ll probably be excited at the idea of making money with your writing.  I can tell you that you really don’t need to do much other than write a bunch of posts and put Adsense up on your site.  The pennies will start coming in.  It’s free to join, as long as you have a blog, you can set it up.  And there is no time limit for how many clicks you need to get to make your first money.

The beauty of this is that your earning can exponentially grow with each day.  It took me about 3 months to make 50 cents.  Just last week I had a day where I made $5.02 in that single day.  Talk about percentage increases.  Just imagine what you could do if you made $100 in a single day off adsense.  If you could do it everyday, you be making a part time income.  When your writing is an art, making a part time income off it is a blessing.

But I’m not making $100 a day.  I’ve had a good day where I made $5 off of doing no more work, and it was all off my art.  If you want to do that, I’m your man.  And it’s only going to get bigger from here.

I have a Convertkit business in the works.  I’m going to switch domain names.  Take all the stuff about the schizophrenia out.  Just have a strictly business blog.  And sell Convertkit.  See if God will allow me to have that.  He’s allowed me an Adsense income.  I think I’ll have better luck on a new domain.

With blogging, maybe you’ll have an income, maybe you won’t, but you do it more for the action of writing.  Writing your art in a public place.  You might rub off on people, and I mean in the best way possible.  Your influence could grow.   Really there is nothing stopping you but yourself.  Take action now and write your next blog post.

So I’m going to make this website about personal development, the law of attraction, and affirmations, along with whatever else I want to write.

Here are some affirmations for a professional blogger.  Feel free to use these examples and craft your own.  I have read that making affirmations your own increases their power.

  1. I am swimming in money from my blog.
  2. I make $4,000 a month from blogging and I’m moving my family into a bigger house.
  3. I will be debt free.
  4. This has the makings of a beautiful story.
  5. My art prospers me now.
  6. I have my home office.
  7. My home office is clean and my vision board is clear.
  8. I keep up on the housework.
  9. I do things with my family.
  10. I work my part time job, but I don’t have to, it’s just extra income.
  11.  I love my life.
  12. I have all the money I need.
  13. I help other people get all the money they need.
  14. I help a lot of people.
  15. Writing is art, and I feel good about my pursuit.
  16. My perfect business is coming to me now.
  17. I perfect the art the writing.
  18. I now have all the money I need.
  19. I prosper in all things that I do, especially writing.
  20. I am a best selling author.

I hope this post and these affirmations helped you.  Thanks, and God Bless.

Have You Ever Thought Of Starting Your Own Business?

Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

It’s done!

(Note:  There is affiliate links that if you click on and buy thru, I will get paid.  This comes at no extra charge to you.)

Have you?

I know I have.

I best I can come up with at this point is a Convertkit business.

They pay you $8 a month for every new person you sign up.  If you buy Convertkit from me, I will hope for your success with it.  The beautiful thing about having a list is that you can sell them anything you want.  Be it an eBook, music, or poetry.  Artists can have a list and make their living off of it.  Have you ever thought of starting a business off your art?

You can do it with Convertkit.  One of the nice things about it is when you send out a broadcast, it tells you how many people open the email.  It also tells you how many people click on the link.  When you are trying to make a living off of your online work, you’ll be working all the time to plant as many seeds as you can, and to make the most of each planting.

I really believe I can make money online.  I really believe I can help people.  I believe you can help people too.  Together we can create an unstoppable money making machine.  Convertkit is one of the products that is the foundation of our online business.  If you’re like me and want to sell the business to others, you can go ahead and market a Convertkit business just like I am.  Go and find your people that want to start their own businesses.  I know my 500 Convertkit customers are out there and that would give me a $4,000 a month income.  Enough to retire from my job happily.  Although I might quit at $1,000 a month and go full time on the blog and see what I can really do with it.  The latter is more likely the outcome.  How much I end up making is in God’s department, but I am praying for sales.

You should pray for sales too.  Why not?  It’s not a bad thing to wish for more good to come into your life.  I wish it for you, why not wish it for yourself.  If you’re going to be doing the work of blogging, you may as well imagine success with it.  Why think yourself a failure?  Leave it up to God.

That’s not to say you should just wish for success.  You should imagine yourself a success and then work everyday to attain that success you imagine.  I imagine having 112 Convertkit buyers that I refer and having a $1,000 a month income just from Convertkit.  I imagine that for you as well.

I also imagine for you that you will be better than me at selling Convertkit.  I’ve been selling it for a few months now and I am still working for my first sale.  You might be able to get your first sale in your first week.  I want you to surpass me in earnings one day.  That way the student does better with their life than the teacher did in his life.  I believe that is the sign of a good teacher.

So go ahead, click on the Convertkit link and buy your list.  When you’ve outdone me and you, you’ll be happy I signed you up.


Schizophrenic Plays The Blues Guitar And Sings Improv For Son

This song is about my feelings of being happy for my son’s first birthday.  I want to give him good advice so he can be an outstanding success in all areas of his life.  This is why I find it so easy to improv over E.  But I’m a schizophrenic and I hear voices and it drags me down.  The question is how can I use the schizophrenia to better my life.  The answer is to get the Cancer voices to help me stop smoking.  And all the other non useful and hateful garbage.

But this is just a taste of what a schizophrenic can do on the guitar and with his voice and with his mind.  If you have authority out there and want to look into developing me, you and I could strike a deal.  Play music, record albums, play shows.  I don’t know how much of that I would have left in me though.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.  All the pot, cigarettes, and alcohol.  I am having a glass of wine right now.  It’s the last of my wine.  My wife still has some white left I think so I may be stealing a glass of that later.  Stealing is such a bad word though, it’s more like I’m in the process of replacing the wine.  But really I’m not going to be buying any more alcohol for a while.  I just am valuing the money.  Spend it on food.  And drink water.  That’s the plan.  And after my body is recovered from the smoking I can start running.  That would be an outstanding success if I could do 2 miles 5 times a week.

But who am I kidding, I love drinking and smoking.  I just got to stop though.  That’s all there is to it.  Start running.

But i must win the lottery.  My standard for money is to what I want with who I want when I want to do it.  The lottery will give me that.  And It will feel good.  I feel good now just thinking about it.  You have a credit card to pay off the voices say.  That reminds me of a zero balance.  Great the voice says.  She’s in front of me a little to the right.  I must win the lottery I think to myself.  I must stop smoking cigarettes even more than I need to win the lottery, which is alot.  My book might sell, you never know, and that could give me the money I need.  I could get a record deal.  That could pay me.  I’m not ashamed of it either, I’m doing it for money.  And for love of the art.  To create. And be paid for it.   Professional.  I can still write 7 books and work a part time job.  I do need to pay off my credit card at least 400 dollars a month.  But I can keep the rest I make to live off of.  And I could write 7 books.  My life story.  2 decades.  I’d be happy with a 7 part series.  Leave my work behind.  I think life is worth what you make it.  I’ve just made mine worth millions of dollars.  At least that’s the goal.  I would like to make over 100 million dollars one way or the other.  That’s the goal.  Really I must win the lottery to realize that kind of money, because I just don’t know that there’s any other way for me to get that kind of money.  Could 7 books do it?  If they were massively successful, each book selling 20 million copies I probably could make over 100 million dollars selling books.  The experts will tell you I’m crazy, but I’m not.  I just see it the way I want to see it.  And i can, and I must win the lottery now.

I want to live that life now.  And write my books on the beach.  That would be the life… why wait until your books become successful when you can have it now?  Write books, play the lottery… you never know what could happen.  Especially if your actively focusing on winning the jackpot like I am.  I’m certain that one day it’s going to happen, and I’ll win an outstanding jackpot.  I was thinking about tonight’s drawing earlier today and I was thinking will I win tonight?  The answer I heard in my head was no, tonight was not the night.  Despite hearing that I wrote all this shit down.  You’re not even supposed to share until it happens, but it’s just part of my life, some people might even call me addicted to gambling.  But i’m not addicted, I’m in the process of winning the JACKPOT!  That’s just the way it goes.

But I love you and want to thank you for reading this.  And listening to me freestyle on the guitar.  Thank you and I love you, please leave a comment.

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