I wanted to start this post by saying people are civil.  It’s what makes societies peaceful.  By and large, people are civil.  If you make it through to old age, living and working around Baltimore, Maryland I’d say that God is on your side.  May God be with the righteous, and by our sides.

Granted we are all sinners, and Jesus died for us, to forgive us for being human so why shouldn’t we be civil.  You could say we owe it to God.  Not saying bad things don’t happen, because they do.  Just be thankful your not one of them.

I was a Dasher for Doordash this last Sunday.  I made $38 and change that day after expenses.  If I did that everyday I’d be a millionaire in 91 years.  Not that I have that long left.  To put it in perspective, I’m not making a lot of money.

But I am incredibly happy.  I’m happy with my wife, I’m happy with my life, and I have no problems.  At least I have no problems I can’t fix.  Or that I’m working on fixing.

I find that because I love God, and treat people with wits and the golden rule (of treating others how you would like to be treated), God takes care of me.  He gives me what I need to live.  Although it’s not luxury, I’m eating everyday, have shelter, have a working car to get to my job, and I am able to slowly pay my debts (slowly, but surely).  Paying my debts is where my focus is on right now, because once those are paid off there will be more money for my family.  It’s a battle, but I’m winning, and may the righteous always win in the end.  I think they will.

I know all this talk about God may be different from just talking about blogging.  That’s the beauty of blogging.  You can talk about anything.  I hope your not offended.  I do love God, because I believe in a God, and think he is benevolent and has my best interests at heart.  I think it just comes naturally when you think this way.

But I don’t read the bible everyday, and I don’t agree with everything in there.  Some of it I think was just meant to control people, people controlling people.  Didn’t have much to do with God.  That’s how I feel about some of the stuff in the bible.  I can’t be specific.

What I can tell you is I want to make money off this blog, so I would love to hear from you so you could tell me exactly what it is you want from me so that you would give me money in exchange for it.  I would write what you wanted.  Record what you wanted, and I would sell it to you for you to enjoy.  Let’s face it, if it’s going to take me 91 years to make a million dollars with Doordash, I’ve got to find a faster way to do it.  God has a way of working things out, and I just feel if you work it, it will work out for you.

I also feel that sometimes God hands things to you for you to keep and take care of.  Things like your house, your car, your wife and kids, your job, your body.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because your a human being, and human beings aren’t God so we’re not perfect.  But with His help we can live good lives.  We can be civil and give and not be harmed by our fellow human beings.  Even though there may be some instances where human beings have harmed you in the past.  You can remember that and take strength and wisdom into the world, but you also can take civility.

People are civil, it’s what binds us.  We may say some nasty things to each other, but we don’t fist fight.  This isn’t the school yard.

People are civil, and if your not going to pull the trigger on yourself and kill yourself, why do you think anyone else would do it, even if you are in Baltimore city.