Book Review Of “Manifest Your Millions!” By Eddie Coronado

“The universal law will never work for you until it can work through you”

-Eddie Coronado

I bought this book because I had the ambition to win the lottery.

I wanted to know more about how people won the lottery.  Eddie Coronado satisfied that desire.

The beauty about this book is that although it illustrates his own success with winning the lottery using the law of attraction, the techniques can also be used for other things (in my case now with blogging also).

One of the things he says in the book is to not limit yourself to any one avenue of expression.  Your prosperity could come from any way the  universal law sees fit.  So you had better not pin your desires solely on the lottery, or blogging, or your job because that can block the flow of good into your life.

The money you desire could come from ways you don’t expect.  So one thing I learned from re-reading this book is to stay open to the money coming from any channel.  In this way the universe will have the easiest time getting you what you want.

The book highlights four ways you can shift you consciousness into providing you with more prosperity.  Affirmations, visualization, gratitude, and living in balance.  Coronado identifies living in balance as the most important part of the equation.

He also highlights the importance of visualization.


One thing I learned from this book about affirmations is that they shouldn’t feel like a lie when you say or write them.  Instead of “I am a professional blogger” you could say “I am in the process of becoming a professional blogger.”  In this way you are telling the truth and you can feel better about the affirmation (as if it’s not a lie).


I learned from this book about visualization.  In “Manifest Your Millions!” Coronado says that you should incorporate different senses into your creative visualization.  Imagined seeing, imagined feeling, imagined hearing, and imagined touch.  Coronado says that the feeling is the most important part of your visualization as the universal law speaks in the language of feelings.


What I learned about the practice of gratitude from this book is that a good strategy for it would be to write 20 things down a day in your journal that you are grateful for.  I always say thanks for my food before I eat it (or as I’m eating it), and I often give thanks throughout the day.  Writing down 20 things just gives your gratitude a shot in the arm and I wasted no time in starting that as I was reading this book.  I immediately wrote down 20 things I was grateful for.

Living in Balance

The quote from the beginning of this post is from the chapter on living in balance.  I think what he means by living in balance is not doing things that make you feel bad.  If as he claims your future is in your feelings, then you want to do things that make you feel good.  This means not drinking or smoking excessively, going to work everyday, and making sure your family and friends are taken care of.  In this way the law of attraction can work thru you, and give you more of what you want.


This book is short and sweet and can be read in two sittings.  If you like the idea of like attracting like then it might be a good read for you.  Whether your goal is to win the lottery, or to become a professional blogger, the book is useful in attuning to increased prosperity.  Coronado says sometimes all it takes is a small shift in consciousness to open the floodgates of prosperity.  I know it’s been helpful for me.