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Creative Work Might Pay You In The Future

Yes, Work On Your Creative Business

Creative Work Might Pay You In The Future

Passion, Pleasure and Pain

Maybe you paint pictures.  Maybe you build growth rulers.  Maybe you work on cars, maybe you write children’s books.  Perhaps you write songs, poetry, and novels.  Maybe you could get an album together and put it up for sale for $10.  Maybe you could get a book together and put it up for sale for $20.  Maybe you could sell your paintings for $50.  Either way your creative work could be paying you.

I say, YES! Work on your creative business.  I’m setting a goal today to work on mine, everyday, not for money but just for practice.  So I get better at my creative work.  I’ve worked on it here and there, but I haven’t really been blogging daily.

From what I was reading, there is something that happens when you work on it daily for a year.  Things in you change, and you become what you want to become.  The beauty of me starting this daily blogging (which is a promise I probably won’t be able to keep EVERYDAY) is that I already have a head start.  As of this writing I have 17 email subscribers and I’m growing.  All from doing what I’ve already done.  And if I never did anything else, it would probably still grow because of the system I have in place.  But I want it to grow faster, so I’m continuing to work on it.

And yeah, I’m sure one day I will make money with blogging, but I’m fine with working my passion with enthusiasm in the meantime.  The only problem is knowing what to say, and we can solve that problem right now.

If you in a position where you don’t know what to write about meditate on how you are valuable to other people.  Many ideas should spring up to you in the ways you are of service to other people.  Keep in mind your thinking of valuable things you do in life that way when you write, you will already be bringing value to the table.  The more you can act on your values, the better you will be able to write in a way that serves others.

And when you want to make money off your blog, service is the name of the game.  You provide an  e book, they provide $20.  Simple as that.  An exchange of service.  But no one is going to pay you if your not valuable.  That’s why personal development is so important, because you want to be living by your values everyday.  Personal AND professional of course.  We all have day jobs.

When you’ve really got it nailed down in your personal and professional life, then your writing will automatically take on that value that you bring to the equation by living your life the right way.  The way you feel is right.  On a side note you shouldn’t let other people think for you, you should think for yourself (to as much of a degree as you can, we all have our programming). When your living your personal and professional life-what you do outside of blogging- the best way you can, it’s going to make everything else you do in your life better too.

Just remember to meditate on some of what the bible says on a regular if not daily basis.  I remember a story about Job from the bible, about how he was an afflicted man.  Even though he was in despair, he loved God.  I read something about how even when there is no harvest you should glorify God.  Something to think about as your putting your value into the artwork your creating.  Even if it’s not paying you, you should glorify God.  You are still able to follow your passions and achieving bliss by acting and that is still something great to be thankful for.  Your creative work will be an achievement whether you ever get paid for it or not (and I believe when you do it the right way, it’s inevitable your going to get paid for it).

We all just have to do it the right way, and let the harvest come to us.  We have to first write our blogs, then we have to write things for other people, we have to put articles out there on other websites, we even have to go so far as getting on other people’s podcasts.  But let’s take it one step at a time.  If we are talking about blogging, the first thing we have to do is blog everyday for a year.  Going for at least 500 words a day.  Not for profit, but for practice.  At the end of the year we are going to be a lot better at writers, because we as writers age like wine.  The longer we practice our craft, the better we are going to get at it.

But blogging everyday shouldn’t stop you from doing other things to help your blog everyday, like commenting on other blogs, and posting your blog posts (and others work) on your social media accounts.  With time our blogs will tend to grow and it’s like the old saying “the more you put into it, the more you get out of it”.  The more you put into your blog, the faster you’ll get to your 1,000 subscribers so you can launch your first e book.

What I say we do, and you can let me know what you think about my approach in the comments below, is to write free e books to give to our subscribers, updating every so often with new and better e books and giving it all away to the people on your list as you go.  As you update your current free offer, you send a copy of the new free e book to your current subscribers, thereby adding value to their inbox.  With each free e book you send them, you be building the relationship.  By the time you have 1,000 subscribers you should have a list that is eager to buy your $20 book.

This is what I wanted to do with this post.  Lay it all out there.  My exact plan for building a business.  In the name of authenticity.

If your not already on my list, do join anywhere on this site.  I promise you will have no regrets.

Jesse Creel Takes On Honeybaked Along With Flashbanc, The Opportunities Rise

When I asked my daughter today what I should write about on my blog she told me to write “Jesse is… the best”.  And that’s what I am.  The best.

The best father, the best husband, the best family member, the best friend.

I want to be the best for you, with either Honeybaked or Flashbanc.

It may be taking on too much with Flashbanc on top of Honeybaked.   See, I got a promotion and an upgrade in status as a seasonal gifting associate.  My job is to sell local businesses gift cards that they will then give to their employees.  Something nice for Christmas time.  I am getting paid to read, take notes, research, get out in the field (I get paid mileage), and to follow up.  I haven’t been out in the field yet, but am supposed to be going next week.  So I’ll let you know how that’s going.

But it’s taken me a long time to get back to this website.  You see I’ve been spending time with my family.  It was the weekend for me and my wife so we all went to the mall on Saturday, and to the Farm on Sunday.  There was alot of playing around.  And it was cheap, it was only 2 dollars for a pony ride.  We went today with my mom to the farm.  She paid for my kids to get in.  I want to thank her and tell her I love her.  I will tomorrow when she comes to pick my son up.  She’s watching my daughter for us tonight because my daughter just had to stay with my mom.

But it was a fun weekend, and it was fine to put the work away for a time, only to come back to, for the family.

I’ve been dropping off my business cards.  Instead of fighting with my wife the other day when she was yelling at me… I went out and got a haircut and got my oil changed in my car.  I gave the guy who cut my hair my business card.  Who knows maybe he’s reading this right now.  But I told him I could save him money on his credit card machine and he didn’t pay me much mind.  I know the deal is there I just have to take what’s given to me until it comes.  I’m excited and ready for the next deal.  I’m ready to provide value to the customer through the products I provide.  Both Honeybaked and Flashbanc.  I’m really going to focus on Honeybaked though with the Holiday coming up their really going to need me with my A game in there and making sales.  Yes! I got promoted and I am now a salesman along with my other duties at Honeybaked.

And I’m going to give up cigarettes.  I have some now, not too many but what’s left of a pack and that will probably last me through tomorrow.  But I really can’t afford to buy anymore.. Maybe a couple packs but not enough to fuel a pack a day addiction.  I just don’t have the moo-lah and I don’t want to make my health any worse than it already is.  I mean I’m a healthy 31 year old male, but I feel sick alot of the time from the drinking and smoking.  I just get along with it.  It’s normal for me to feel like shit.  I almost like it.  But I’ve got to change and feeling better will be just one of the many positive consequences of not smoking.

And I want this to be a real ride for you.  For you to genuinely get something out of this.  Whether that’s just to be entertained or whether you want to get real value out of these posts I want it to be for you.  And really I’m just writing for the hell of it.  I think there will be some people that read it, but not many and maybe not even any business owners who make decisions about who gets hams and turkeys and who does their credit card processing.

And I’m really excited to be selling Honeybaked Ham.  Their going to give me platters of ham and turkey to take to prospects to help them make the decision to buy gift cards for their employees.  Basically that’s the deal.  I give you free turkey and ham and you give me your business.  Maybe that’s not always the way it would work, but I’m excited that it will work and I’ll be helping customers fill their pockets with gift cards for ham and turkey.

But shit, it’s only 8:45.  I could write for another hour and 15 minutes and still get to bed at a decent hour.  I’ve got a full week ahead of me with Honeybaked and Flashbanc and getting my rest is important to me.  And I need more sleep than the average outstanding person because I’m a schizophrenic.  But it doesn’t really bother me anymore and I’m making better decisions with the help of my wife.  Not smoking and drinking is a good thing for me.  Even though I’m having a glass of white wine right now and planning my next cigarette break.  I love drinking and smoking, but I can’t afford it and it’s bad for my health so I’ve really got to just give up on the things that I can’t sustain in my life.  For my health, for my credit card, for my family, for the change that I want to see in the world.  Though I know other people will keep on smoking, that doesn’t give me the right to ruin my life and have to resort to begging my family to help me out of hole that I can’t get myself out of.  All I know is that I’ll save alot of money not smoking and drinking, and maybe I can still even do a little of drinking and smoking when the 2 weeks are almost over and I still have some money left over.  That would be nice.

Or I could just save the money.

For my wife’s new wedding ring.  Something I’m saving up for.

But I want to either save you money or provide you with the solution to you gifting needs for your employees and make Honeybaked your place for them to shop.  I can see you now, wondering what your going to get for your employees this Christmas and here I walk in with free ham and turkey and there it goes, deal maker down the hatch.  Let’s make a deal.  Let’s do it.  It’s good, let’s get it on.  I want to, and I think you do too.  Let’s make a deal.  Ohhh, this is going to be soo good.

And I hear voices, and after smoking a hit of weed, having a cigarette and coming back in with half a glass of wine the voices tell me I’m fired.  And if Honeybaked ever found out about this blog they would probably have me as their credit card processor.  But I’ve got to give it all up and get sober and make the dream come true for my family.

To live in a bigger house, preferably one with a pool.  I smell pussy.  I have olfactory hallucinations.  Sometimes I smell flowers, sometimes I smell garbage.  When I’ve been thinking about going on my sales calls I’ve been smelling garbage.  I probably need to clean up my act.  And really I’m only days away from it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Check back with me and see where I’m at in the future.  I thank you and I love you.

And the dream, ohh the dream.  To live in a house big enough for my family and guests.  With a pool.  I smell bandages.  The dream is also to have a relationship with you.  I liked it better when i was smelling pussy.  I smell perfume.  This is all the schizophrenia and alot of people think it’s interesting.

But I think I can be in sales because I think I’m the best at what I do.

And really what I think I’m the best at doing is convincing you that you can win the lottery too.  People do it everyday.  You can do it too.  And win big, that’s what I say.  Win the Mega Millions or the Powerball.  Win 100’s of millions of dollars.  Do what then?  I would probably build my own Jam factory where I could pump out blues songs like nobodies business.  With a drum set.

Who am I kidding, I’m not even really playing now.  But I could be. If my son weren’t sleeping.

But this is what I am supposed to be doing now.  Getting my name out there.  ex-pot smoker, ex- cigarette smoker, ex-drinker.  Pro family, pro work, pro lottery, pro sales, pro money, pro God, pro gratitude.

That and handing out my business cards to people. says it on there as plain as day.  That’s all they have to do is type that into the web browser and they will come here.  To my home.

And come  out the other side a Flashbanc or Honeybaked customer.

The voices tell me that my writing will warp people.  That’s not my intention.  My intention is to provide value to people through my writing that they can use in their everyday life to make it better.  One of my favorites is a story from a Tony Robbins book where the guy was at the seminar and when interviewed he said that it was so easy for him to feel good.  He said that it was so easy because every day that he wasn’t underground was a good day for him.  That became a favorite of the Tony Robbins crew and one of my favorites as well.

But this has been a short journey but one I hope you enjoyed.  For now I retire for cereal and a cigarette.  Finishing off my wine now.  I drink to your health and the health of the world, and to claiming our birthright of wealth now and forever and prospering our families.  Love, Jesse Creel.

Why Save With Flashbanc, and with me…. Jesse Creel

Hello and welcome to my world.

I have recordings of blues guitar and lyrics on this website.  Go have a few glasses of wine and listen to them all if you feel like it, just feel good.  That’s what I say.  Feel good.  Bears repeating.

The tracks are designed to reach out to you and connect one soul to another.  I talk about hearing voices in the music and it’s easy for me to do that.  Some crazy shit comes out of it.  I love it.  I hope you do too.

And I’ll tell you my life story right now.  Read on, it’s worth it.

I was a rock and roller from the age of 16.  Smoking pot and everything.  Playing guitar, singing and writing songs.  I even worked at a guitar factory for 5 years.  Best job I’ve ever had.  Hated it though.  I loved it too.  I just had to get out of there, I had to live my dreams.  And shortly after I got fired for asking some guy to fight, because the schizophrenia had me thinking they all hated me and were out to get me…. I thought asking the buy guy in the group outside would be a respectable thing to do.  He just looked at me and told me I was crazy.  I was dismissed about an hour later.  After they talked me down.  I could have worked there my whole life.  I was making 17.50 an hour there when I left.  I haven’t gotten close to that since.  It ended in 2010 so it’s been 6 years in October.  I was also born in October, on the 14th.  1984.  In 31 years old as of this post, be 32 in less than a month.  And I finally found a job.

After I left the guitar factory I got into sales and network marketing.  Mostly didn’t make any money doing any of it.  In fact I went into debt, 5000 dollars here, 2000 dollars there.  All trying to make money.  I joined a network marketing company where I spent the 5000 and didn’t make any sales.  Not one!  That was a few years ago.  I was living with my grandparents at the time.  Not to get sidetracked, to get to the point and to stay focused I must have success in sales.  That’s one of my standards…. and I have had some success in sales, it was only really a taste though.   I didn’t live the lifestyle for very long.

But now I have I job where I’m a success.  I’m a delivery driver and a prepper.  If the box truck needs to go somewhere I’m your man.  I deliver 25 cases of water at a time to each of the stores.  It’s alot of lifting, but it’s good exercise.  Something I should get more of.  So things are going good where I’m working at now.  And I’m a schizophrenic and it’s been hard me working all these regular jobs after being in sales for 5 years…  but I finally found one where I can work, but it’s only part time.

So I figured I could use my sales experience to sell something again, and do it part time.  It wouldn’t matter if I never sold anything because I would still have my job.  But I can take my entrepreneurial spirit and run with it.  Make more money.  Better your quality of life and the quality of lives around you.  I have dreams, you better believe it.  And I pray that your dreams come true.  Especially if we do business together.  Take that for what it’s worth.  But what would be worth more than me praying for you is if I saved you some money.  And who doesn’t want to save money.

But who knows maybe Flashbanc isn’t for you, maybe you just want to surf this website and be entertained.  That’s fine.  I’m still going to keep looking for sales.  Or maybe I should just market my music.  Who wants to do business with a pot smoking, cigarette smoking, drinking schizophrenic blues guitar player.  Maybe I could market “unknown poetry” as a keyword and go for number one match on Google.  I’ve been around long enough now where I’m showing up on Google.  Sometimes it’s even up the day after you post it.  I’m ranking for “schizophrenic plays the blues”.    I was rereading my blog today and found that I really just need to keep posting.  New stuff.  New perspectives, new opportunities.  I really do want to sell this Flashbanc thing though. If that means cleaning up my act then hell I might go for it.

But I’ll probably always want to smoke and drink because that’s what I’d be doing if I were rich.  Some people it doesn’t kill… I just leave it up to God.  You never know, you could die tomorrow.  Love your family.  If I hit the lottery I would buy a house around where I live now, just on the water, with a pool.  I would spend the rest of my days selling Flashbanc and improving lyrics and playing blues guitar.  Not to mention raising my family and retiring my wife.  I’m a schizophrenic and because of my rocky work history my wife pays all the bills because she’s stable.  All I have to handle is my credit card bill.  And I could really wack that down with a few good sales with Flashbanc.  That could get me out of debt faster.  And since I’m already working part time and paying it, why not work some more and pay it some more.  And to have fun too.  Have fun selling.  No one has to know I have smoked a lot of pot in my day, and that I used to drink often, and that I used to smoke cigarettes.  In fact I’m still smoking cigarettes.  I bought a pack today.  I have to stop doing that.   I want to quit.  It’s just damn hard.  And that’s probably the way the sales are going to be, damn hard to get.  But I’m not going to fuck this up.  I’m going to sell until I make sales.  That’s all there is to it.  And I’ll report to you how I’m doing.  How many sales I get.  I have this website for 10 years, and I’m planning on keeping it for the rest of my life… so you’ll get to know all the details.  so if I win the lottery you’ll know about it too.  I’ll be writing from the beach, keeping in touch with you.  For now we talk about work, about sales, about Flashbanc, about customers, about blues guitar, about lyrics, and lots of other good things too.

But if you bought Flashbanc from me, and really I don’t think you have to buy anything, they should save you money…. but you may have to pay for the machines, I’m not sure how they do it.  I’ll have to ask Ron.  He’s my guy and he knows all the answers to your questions about credit card processing.  I’m just the guy here to entertain you while you wait for your service.


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