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Working A Job To Pay The Bills

Nothing special here.  But I think you can make the mundane into something spectacular with your attitude.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~ William James

So part of me thinks that  I just need to adopt the attitude that the drinking and smoking is good for me and that I’m better off with it than without it.

Because I’m doing it even though I want to stop.

I tried quitting this week.  Just led to more drinking and smoking.

I still work though, I still love my family, I still take care of my responsibilities.

You could say the drinking and the smoking ARE good things.

What can I teach you?

I can teach you how to read good work…. because if your drinking and smoking and feeling like it’s killing you, but are doing it anyway, you may as well write and see what comes of it.

Probably nothing will come of it at all…

But I don’t believe that’s true for me, and I don’t believe that’s true for you either.

I believe we have to work towards our dreams and making something great of ourselves.

Even if we’re not living by our values.  We can still do pretty good as drunks and addicts.

I guess that’s my message.

If your messed up, keep going, whether you have a choice or not depends on how deep you’ve gone.  Maybe it’s too late.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I like drinking and smoking and part of me wants to keep doing it.

What good is this for you?

What can this do for you?

Maybe you could call me entertainment.  Something to read.  Something to look at.  Something special to see.

I don’t know, you make the call.

What I can tell you is I love my life and anyone can do this, even if your drunk.

But I’m not drunk.

On most days I don’t get drunk, no matter how much I drink.

4 or 5 glasses of wine and I’m feeling better but not drunk.

This is probably just a reason to send me to rehab.  This blog.  But I think I can really make something of it.  I think I can make this my job.  GET PAID to do it.

We’ll see how it goes.  For now I’m just writing and hoping I can build an audience.

Judging by the comments I’m doing a pretty good job connecting with people, but I want to do a lot more.  I want YOU on my list.

And in order for that to happen I really have to write some pristine stuff.  Something of great value to you.  And I really want to do that.

Part of me thinks that I can entertain you with my delusions.

I’m a schizophrenic and most people won’t hear about this stuff when I talk to them in person, so what better place to put it down then my blog.

Maybe that’s a mistake, and it’s just going to piss you off that I put myself out there, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  I might be able to touch people.

Like when I hear the voices and then I hear real people talking like the voices, not talking to me, but saying things out loud when I’m near them, that make me think they can hear what I’m thinking.

It’s all a delusion.  That’s part of the disease.  But you can really make it into a lifetime of spiritual experience if you adopt the attitude that the voices are a blessing.

Sure their are good voices and then there are bad voices, but the bad voices only serve to force you to find empowering meanings to the things that are happening to you.  So you can find good things in the bad things as well.  And plenty of bad voices talk to me on a regular basis.

Nothing really bad has happened to me in this life, so far.  In fact, I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed.  I have a beautiful wife and family.  2 kids.  A girl AND a boy!  I was so excited when I heard I was having a boy.  Thank God, someone who can replace me when I’m gone.

Not that having another girl wouldn’t have been a blessing.  It would have.  But we had a boy.

That was after a miscarriage, when we were going to have another girl.  But I guess that just wasn’t meant to be.  It disturbed my wife a little.  But we’re fine.

I’m telling you all of this because I like writing.  And because I think you might enjoy it.  And because I think that somehow, someway I could make money off of this blog. Is that really such a bad thing.

Some people would probably call me a scammer, selling overpriced information to the masses just to profit and watch the majority of them fail to their own detriment.

But I believe failure is just learning.  And that you MUST fail before you become successful, so really, who doesn’t want to fail.

But now the time has come for you and me to succeed.  I MUST succeed.  Success is my only option.  I am overly optimistic about the future.  I am going to be a success.  The world loves drinking and smoking.  There is nothing wrong with me.  This is NOT heroine.  I guess that’s just my justification.

Where do we go from here?

Improvement is the answer.

The voices tell me the answer is to die.  I just can’t believe that.  I can’t die.  I have a family.

The answer is to improve.

When the voices tell me to die, I think about how I can improve instead, because what else is there to do when you think your dying?

You can either go with the voices and visualize your life ending, or you can rise above it, be empowered, and think how you can improve your life.

When I ask myself how I can improve my life the voices tell me to quit smoking.  Maybe their right.  Maybe I will stop smoking.  But right now I’m addicted and can’t quit.

I spent my last $11.00 on cigarettes and a Rockstar energy drink.  This morning.

And I went to work and did my job.

And that’s what I’m going to do all week.  Go to work and do my job.  I have to be there at 10am tomorrow.  I might even get to do some sales calls this week and that would be good because I get mileage money.

But I guess I can’t expect you to listen to me when I’m only making $20,000.00 dollars dollars a year.

I’ve got to do better and make more.

Although that’s probably not going to happen.

So what do I have to do to improve?

I think I just have to write the best stuff on the planet so I can make my living off writing.

Or is that bullshit?

Is it bullshit to want to write for a living?

Many people I think would say no, it’s not bullshit.

But I think there would be some that say you should only do it for the art, and not to make money.

At this point I’m going to write whether I’m paid to do it or not, because I like to see the comments.

And I’m trying to split the atom here people.   I couldn’t do it with rock and roll so I’m giving writing a try.  Maybe I will come off better.

Because I’ve put it out there that I was the lead singer of Tigerstyle from the Old Bowie Town Grille.  I’m not going into that.

Other than to say I had a terrible time trying to be a rock and roll lead singer.

But I would do it again, and this time better, and we would make money from being a band.  People would WANT us to play for them.  And they would pay money to do so.  That’s just the way I see it.  And if I ever get rich and have time freedom, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to start another rock and roll band.

And make the absolute most of it that I could make.  Like I do with all other things in my life.  Make the most of them.  Make the most of my family, of my job, of my writing, of my drinking and smoking, of my walking, of my eating, of my showers, of my life.

This will be bad and good.  Writing all these things down for the internet.  My voices hear things I write on the blog and they tell me so.  It happens immediately.

As soon as I write it on the blog my voices are already talking about it.

But I can do it.  I know I can go to my job.  That’s really what this blog is about.  My job.  My income.  $20,000.00 a year.

I’d like to take it to $60,000.00 a year.  That would be a big jump and easy enough to fuel my drinking and smoking habit for as long as I wanted.  I would have to get a new job though and that would be scary.

I would definitely want some money saved up in case I didn’t sell and had to go back to my old job.

But the way I look at it is, I want to put at least another 3 years into my current job, and see if I can really take off as a salesman there, and then decide if I want to move or not.  They did tell me that I might be able to get an office job.  That would probably come with a raise and it might be worth it to stay.

I figure any job is a good job as long as your doing it.

And I can do my job.  I’m actually really good at it even though I’m a schizophrenic.  It’s incredibly easy work.  There’s no selling you HAVE to do in the store.  You just make sandwiches and sell ham and turkey.

I of course like to add an element of selling to everything I do.  So when I’m pulling ham and turkey out for people I’m really giving them the whole show.  The whole deal is designed to please the customer and I love being a part of that.  There is money involved and other people’s good feelings.  It’s really nice to be a part of.

This job is the second best job I’ve ever had, that I’ve done the best at.  The first was making guitars, and I got paid a lot more to do that than to sell hams…. but I couldn’t do it anymore.  I had to get out of there.  I really messed up for my to-be family.

But now I have the dream of writing and I’m optimistic that I can make it happen for myself.  For YOU, to make YOUR life better.  That’s what I want to do, because I figure that’s how you get paid.  Make people’s lives better, and you CAN get paid.

So really now, I can’t even play a lick on the guitar, even though I spent almost 15 years doing it.   I can however write to you and tell you how dear you are to me, and that I wish only great success, health, wealth, and wisdom for you.  Brings a tear to my eyes.

Because I know that you are just a part of me, and there is no better way to treat myself than to wish for my own success, health, wealth, and wisdom.  So go out there and make something of yourself that you can write about.  Go out there and blog and do the thing you were made to do.  Make it happen for yourself and your family and do the right things.  You can do it!  I believe in you!

Thank you for reading, you inspire me,

Jesse Creel

How To Blog 6 Days A Week For A Month

I think it comes down to just doing it.

That’s what I did.  The posts are up here for you to read.

And I love it.

I love writing.

It helps me grow.

And that’s immediate.

That’s an immediate return on investment.

The investment being time, and the money it takes to host this blog.

So I think it’s worth it.

Plus you never know, I might be able to get a 6 figure business out of this website before it’s said and done.

I might sell the Empower Network to my list once it gets big enough.

That depends on what I think of the Empower Network at the time.  It might be something else.

Or I’ll just sell my ebooks to my customers and learn how to profit starting small.

If I do well with ebooks I might get into making other products.  Information products.

I would probably get a lot of complaints though, if the comments are any indication of how I’m doing.

Today I had over 20 new comments.  A couple good a couple bad and the rest spam.

Still, I am inspiring people to take action and leave a comment.

So anyways, if you want to write everyday for a month, go for it.  But don’t forget to take one day off a week.  It will be good for you.  Even God took one day off.

For me today is a day of rest.  I’m going over to a friends for lunch and beers.  I have to drive so  I won’t be drinking like I do at home, but I’m going to wrap up my drinking today and get back to work tomorrow and make my money.

I’m also going to try and quit cigarettes again.

God help me.

Though part of me does think I might be better off smoking.

And part of me, the better part of me thinks I should give it up.

I think I might go sober and smoke free and THEN play the lottery to win the jackpot.  I might get better results.

I might get the result of winning the jackpot.

I had a dream that my Uncle, one who never comes around, who used to smoke and drink and gave it up, he gave me a lottery ticket.  In the dream I thought it was the winner.  Maybe the dream is telling me that in order to win I have to give up drinking and smoking.

I don’t know.

All I know is that so far I’ve been drinking and smoking and haven’t won, so maybe it’s time to try something else.

I also know that I love writing.

I love writing down my adventures of work, the lottery, blogging, family life, income, and everything about my day.

The best part is that maybe if I put out some really valuable stuff then I might be able to make a living off of my writing.  I’ll just have to see.

My friend has finished his editing of my first ebook “Take Action and Improve!”

I’m going to try and pick it up from him today.  I have another day off on Friday so I think I’ll use that time to re write my book.  It might take me longer than a day, but with my enthusiasm, I’ll probably work on it all day.

Because I’m really excited about making this website better.  I want to get my picture on the top of it so you can see me.  I also want to give my ebook away for free to my email subscribers.  That’s in the works.

But I’m very excited about working.  I love working on myself and my website.  It gives me something to do with my free time that makes me feel like I’m making progress in life.  It’s rewarding.

But it’s not easy.  Especially when your trying to put out 2,000 quality words everyday.

Some would say my content is not quality, but I say there’s value in there.  I believe in my work.  I think that by selling people on reading about my life, they are benefiting.  And I think the benefit is entertainment.

Not to mention a few gold nuggets of information in there as well.

And really I’ve got to keep reading.  I want to become MORE valuable.  And I think that can be done by reading.  So really, YOU are making yourself more valuable by reading this.

And I’m here to tell you you can blog for 6 days a week.

I’m going for 90 days of blogging 6 days a week.  I have two more months to go.  By the end of it, I’ll have a lot more content on this website.  And I will have grown.

Keep checking back to see if I’ve quit smoking and drinking yet.

That’s a work in progress.

If figure I’ll be a lot better as a sober, non smoker, runner.

But if you want to blog 6 days a week.  Get ready.  People will screw with you and tell you you suck.  Haters.  Just gotta keep playing to win.

But I’m not worried because I’m getting better by the day.  My writing is improving and I’m becoming better.  A better storyteller.

I’ve been thinking of writing something fictional.  Something about the workplace.

The drama of the bosses and the workers.  And the customers.

Maybe I’ll write a fiction about a marriage.

Loosely base it on my own marriage, after all people, we are supposed to be writing what we know.

I don’t always do that, please forgive me.

I’ll try to do better.  And write what I know.

And I do know how to blog for 6 days a week.

I’m into my second month doing it.

There will probably be plenty more of this to come as well.  The 90 day periods of blogging over the next 8 years.  Even if I only did one a year I would have a lot of content by the end of that 8 years.  And I would also most likely be a lot better writer.

And if your going to blog for 6 days a week, a good way to look at it is you have got to make time for it.  Everyday.  No matter how your day was at work.  6 or 9 hours.  Both days you have to blog.  You’ve got make time to do it.

And it’s even harder when you have a family to be a mom or a dad to.  And a spouse you have to be a spouse for.

But I figured out how to do it, so there’s no excuses.  You can do it too.

I aim to be helpful.

All I need now is a list with 150,000 people on it.

Then I could make money off this website.

Launch with 150,000 people on your list.  Your bound to make some money.

Maybe you could quit your job.

But that’s not the point for me.  I might even keep my job.  To keep the income.  I don’t want to get out of where I am now.  I just want to make it better.

And my life would be better if I had a list.

That would be an accomplishment.

So I’m writing with the goal of people reading it and then getting on my email list to get more of my stuff.

And it is HOT stuff.

The comments say so.

So I just gotta keep cooking up the good stuff and try quitting cigarettes and alcohol to make my life better.

It would also help if I won the lottery.

The jackpot tonight is for 130 million dollars dollars.

I already have two tickets.  I bought them yesterday.

I journal about winning the jackpot.  I’ve done a lot of that in the past, and I still do it.  I did it today.

I ask myself the question how?

How do I win the jackpot?

Last night the answer was prayer and meditation.  I did both and I didn’t win the Mega Millions last night.  I think I’m going to journal more and keep asking myself the question how do I.

I could probably put my focus on something else, like how do I sell e books?

But the lottery is a lot of fun and you could turn into a multi millionaire overnight.

Although part of me does think it’s a bad idea to suddenly have millions of dollars.

I guess I haven’t worked it out with my subconscious yet.

But I’m working on changing that.

I want it to feel good to win, and for it to be a good thing that I won.

And I think it will feel that way with anything I do.

On the other hand sometimes you have to do things when you don’t feel like doing them, and it’s worth it to do them in those times.

So maybe having reservations about winning and then playing anyways isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just me doing what I MUST do.  Which is to find a way to make a better life for my family.

Granted the lottery is only one way you can get what you need.  There are many other ways, one after the other, always coming at you, for you to be a success and receive income.

This is what I blog about.

What do you think you would blog about?

Just a question to get your mind working on how you could improve your life.

Maybe leave a comment in answer to that question.

Be a part of the community here on

But I feel strong and able to accomplish what I need to do.

And what I need to do is write this blog.

You can have subscribers or even readers if you don’t write.

And I figure if you want to be world class at something you have got to start with what you’ve got.

And I’ve got an hourly sales job.

I can write about that!

And if I clean up my life and live in balance, I’m sure I could get a good commission sales job and clean up on income.

And then I would be writing about success in commission sales!

And that would be even more worth reading.

I can see it now.  Going from $20,000.00 a year to $100,000.00 a year.

How to grow your income by $80,000.00 would be the blog post.

I definitely think I should be reading more.

If I got my life into balance I’m sure I would read more.

All the bad habits gone.  Replaced by good habits that serve to earn me more money.

And I can see it now, lottery jackpot winner.

I could write a book about my methods of getting there.

To winning the jackpot.

That would be great.

And it would be even better if I could win 2 or 3 different jackpots.

Then I would really have a story on my hands.

I don’t think anyone has ever won more than one jackpot in their lifetime.

So I would be breaking new ground.

It’s possible.

Anything is possible.

I dream big.

But I can say investing my time and money into this website is more important than buying lottery tickets.  I’m an entrepreneur first, then a lottery winner.

At least that’s my estimation of myself.

I’m more than that, I’m a worker, a family man, a salesman, a rock and roller, a writer, a poet, a composer, a listener, a neighbor, a friend.

I’m a lot of things.  I’m working on being a hero.  For my family and for the world.

And if things go according to plan, and I make money off of this website, then I will be a hero.

I will be able to say I’ve made it.  I designed it.  I live the life I want to live.  I create and people consume.  The world is a better place because of what I do.  That’s my goal.  That’s what I’m striving for.

And I think we can make this world a better place together, by blogging and working and taking care of our families, and being the best friends we can be.  And all the good things of life.  We can make that for ourselves and for others.  And be a light in the darkness.

Thanks for reading.  Take good care of yourself,

Jesse Creel

The Day In Day Out Work Of Writing

And that work is to write the most valuable content on the internet.

How are we going to do this as bloggers and ebook authors?

I say we have to read books that are going to help us achieve out short term goals.  If we work on our short term goals and consistently meet them then we will be closer to our long term goals.

But I do think we should always be thinking long term.  People are living a lot longer these days.

So really we need to do both.  The Yin and the Yang.

I am a schizophrenic and at one point when I was having trouble working I thought I was Jesus and was telling my wife all about it.

She was going along with me on it, and that made me even more crazy.  I think I was drinking a lot at the time.  And I was trying to sell Aflac insurance.

I really was a crazy man.

So maybe you can’t be like me, but I say you might be highly entertained by me.

The best part is I’ve made myself a success again at an hourly job and now I’m swinging for the fences everyday, on every blog post, to write the most valuable content in the world.

How do I, how do WE do this?

I say we just ask ourselves the question, how do I write the most valuable content in the world?

See what answers we get.

It all leads to writing, good and bad.

But I say you make BOTH the good and bad stuff spectacular.  Make it the most entertaining thing the reader has ever read.  I think that’s how we can really improve this blogging movement.

Some people make a lot of money writing books, e books or paper books.  How do we become one of them?

I say the first step is to write everyday.

I say the second step is to make sure your reading at least a half hour everyday.  Which truthfully I don’t get everyday.  But when I do read it’s for hours.

Again, don’t be like me.  I’m a sick person.  But what I do have in common with you is if you can read and type you can have a blog.  And we can both be bloggers.

And YOU could come up with the most valuable content on the planet, and join the club.

And we could do it together.

Because I’m not there yet.

My friend is editing my e book and he tells me I have a lot of work to do.  I’m probably going to have to take out some pages and re write some of it.  Maybe put another 10 hours into it.  I’ve already logged 40.  So that would be 50 hours of my work that at my job I get paid $12 dollars an hour for.  You can figure out how much I would have made if I put that time into an hourly job.

And if figure the work I do with my mind will pay a lot more than the work I do with my hands.  Sales is a good example of how you can make more money.  And it takes more brains!

So I must have that going for me.

Because they did promote me to doing sales calls, so I must be showing improvement.  And I do sell!

They pay me hourly so I get paid whether they buy or not.  Which is a blessing.  I love sales but because of the drinking and smoking it makes it difficult to work on commission.  So when your getting paid hourly and working for a company who’s food people love, it’s easy to drop off a free lunch, say your spreading around some love and letting people know my company cares about them.  It’s the easiest sales job in the world.  I only see people for a minute, maybe two and then I’m off to the next place.  I can get 8 sales calls done in 4 hours or less.

And in one month I made 6 sales!  So people are buying because of the work I’m doing.  And it doesn’t matter that the voices say they are calling me as I’m doing the sales calls.  People love the ham and turkey!  And they love that I’m being called to die and still working!  I am friendly and only want to make the most of my day.

Enjoy the ride.

So that’s what I do.

So far I’ve been smoking cigarettes for the sales calls and I think that’s going to stop.  But even with the cigarettes people still buy.  My company really has a gold mine.  Ham.  People love it.

But I am working for someone else.  I want to be working for myself.  I want my e book to sell and become a millionaire.  And then a multi millionaire.  And then I’ll be living the life of my dreams.  How is this of value to you?

To know there’s another person out there who is crazy enough to think they can get rich and become a multimillionaire.  No matter where they are in life.  So long as they had a decade or two to spare.  That really might be asking quiet a lot.  But when your doing something you love, something that’s going to help you grow, you shouldn’t be looking at it in terms of decades anyways.  You should be looking at it as your life’s work.


Do and write really good stuff.  The best stuff.  Think what you’ll have in ten years?

Think what you’ll have in one year.


I’ve got to make sure I get my half hour of reading today after I’ve written this blog.  Get back on track.

And I will, because I want to keep providing more valuable content each day.  Just because you may be producing the most valuable content on the planet doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

Really you MUST make it better because that’s how it’s meant to be done.  You could make a song out of it, and I do.  You might even be able to get your hands on it for a price.

Because really, we all gotta eat.

And I WILL have products for sale up on this website at some point and I hope you buy and enjoy them.  I will sell them no matter what my friends tell me about them after I share it with them.

I may edit my ebook a lot before I put it up for sale, but I’m still going to take my 40 hours of work and make something of it.  Something that I can profit from.  Why shouldn’t we profit.  It’s not a crime.

In fact the government encourages us to profit.  They get more money!  And that’s what governments need.  Along with great leaders.

But I really wanted to write hard for the purpose of providing you the most valuable stuff you’ve ever read.  Let me know in the comments whether or not you think I’ve accomplished this task.  And maybe how you think I might be able to improve.

Because really, this blog is alive.  There are people that comment on it everyday.  Today I had something like 11 comments.  Yesterday I had something like 8.  And it just keeps coming.

My most popular posts are Value Based Writing For Those Who Want To Improve and Selling And Getting 20 Dollars An Hour.

The comments come in everyday and have been for a while now.  It must have started about 2 months ago and now I’ve got many comments.

But what I want to do is keep improving and write even more posts that get as much traffic and are of better quality.

We all can travel this path.  The path of self improvement.  And I think we can increase our incomes dramatically because of it.

That we can get more friends too.  And effect the lives of more people.

And for the most part I think most of them will be happy they found us.  Sure their will be a couple of complaints but for the most part it will be good.

That’s just what I see based on experience working at other businesses.

So you may have to field a couple complaints, but you’ll be EARNING money and you’ll be working towards living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Don’t worry folks, the ebook “Take Action and Improve!” is coming.  Consider it en-route.

For now I’m focusing on just providing you with as much free content as possible.  That way IF you do want to buy something it will be easy.  I’ve already earned your money!

Well not really, your going to get the product, but really this is valuable stuff isn’t it, let me know in the comments.

Because really I don’t know if it’s like this for everybody, but at this point I seemed destined for success.  A success with what I want to do.  And to ride the wave high.

Right now I’m riding high on the hog, in more ways than one, but I intend to make this blog my income.  You can blog too.  I suggest you go for 90 days and see what happens.

I’ve still got another 2 months + to go.  But I’ve been pretty faithful in my dedication to writing the blog everyday.  I think so far I’ve only taken 2 days off.  In a month.

God is resting more than I am.

I should really take more time off, at least one day a week, but I figure it’s only 3 months, what harm can it do to do something you love each day for those three months for your benefit and the benefit of the people who read your work.

But if you can only give them a 1,000 words one day, then just give them 1,000 words.  At least you got that in.  I know, when your working a job and taking care of a family you can get tired.  But I say for the most part, go the extra mile and try to get a good 2,000 words in.  You can do it!  And think just how much more valuable that post will be!

Your writing hard for the purpose of making the world a better place.

I don’t see any downside to writing.  Your only going to become better at what your doing now.  For me I see everything in my life getting better because I’m writing.

That’s just the way it goes.

I hope your better for reading this.  I want to be of value by relying my experiences to you so you can be entertained. Because God help me I’m not very scholarly.  But I am alive, I am a human being, I am part of the world, I am creating new human beings to be the future, and I’m highly optimistic about the future.

But I am living in the present, so for now I’m just thankful for my job and for my family, and for food, and for shelter, and for everything I have that is good in life.  And I’m thankful for all the lessons the failures and bad things have taught me over the years.  They have helped me become the person I am today.  And today I am a valuable member of the community.  I feed people.

If I didn’t work I’d have to write about something else, and that’s going to be the reality at some point in my life if I can do it.  And because I’m so optimistic about the future I’ve already decided that success at blogging and selling ebooks is my destiny, and I will have it good bad and ugly.

But really it will, like my company, be mostly good.  And worth doing.

This is an accomplishment.  I worked 9 hours at my job today and wrote until I had 2,000 words.  And I really tried to pack the value in there.  The value being that I love you and if I can do it, a schizophrenic, you can certainly work your hourly job to help support your family.

I care about the world and want to see it get better.

Thanks for reading this post,

Jesse Creel


Living Each Day To The Fullest And Making It A Masterpiece

Because that’s what I do.

Today I worked a four hour shift.

Not much to it.  Some work, then two deliveries and some more work and then I was done!  Nothing to it!

After I got off work I proceeded to write a rock and roll song for the album I’m getting together.  It’s going to be 12 songs long.  They will all be different but they will also all be the same.  I’m certain I’m going to turn some people off.

But that’s okay.  I think what I’m going to get in return will be far worth the trouble.

Then again, I may never release it.  The voices in my head get me thinking twice about it.  Do I really want to release that onto the world, knowing my family could get wind of it.

Because really, I’m not much of a guitar player.  The words are my instrument.  I love composing them.  I love writing them with a pen.  And I also do love the free style guitar in E that I play all day long.

And solo too.

I really make masterpieces with the guitar.  I think.  And I also think I’m going to find out how valuable it really is.

It’s probably not that valuable, then again it could be a million dollar miracle.  Only time will tell.

But I think it’s good and I definitely think it’s good enough to sell, so I might just do it.  You can find out what happens by checking back to this blog or signing up for my email list.

If I really wow you, you may want to.

And I think I can do that by telling you I’m kicking ass, and you can kick ass too.

I’m a schizophrenic AND I’m holding down a job.  Even better this job gives out promotions for more than just manager and assistant manager.  You can be a salesman.

And I am doing remarkably well at it.  I sold 6 sales in a month and at least one of them has ordered more than twice.

That’s one of my goals.  Repeat business.  Long term relationships.

Work, my sales life at my job, really does teach me a great deal about how to be successful.

You can really model your companies success and launch a business of your own.  At least get a blog going at least.

Really I could completely change my life, and my families life if I quit drinking and smoking.  There would be more energy and a lot more money.

But then again I am in the habit of drinking and smoking everyday.  It’s not good.  I’ve been doing it since my twenties, getting blacked out drunk at my 21st birthday, I really took my liberty.

And I’m grateful for it, but really it’s about time I moved my habits to something more constructive like running, pushups, crunches, walking, whatever.  Anything but smoke.  I will for the first time in my adult life be really in shape, which is a great thing but also kinda sad it took me so long to do.

I guess I had to go through the drinking and the smoking.

I wasn’t very frugal.  And now I have an addiction to break and I know that it’s going to be hard.  But it will be alright, and I’ll get better.

And that will be living my life to the fullest.  I’m sure I’ll get more reading done.  I’m sure my skills will skyrocket.  I’m sure that I’ll be better able to serve people.  All of those things are great things.  All because I didn’t smoke.

Or drink.

Sober, non smoker, runner.  That’s what I should be.  I could write about running.

But I think I’ll always write about income.  It’s just so interesting to me.  Right now I’m making almost $20,000.00 dollars working at my job a year.  I plan on creating additional income through this website, but I think I’ll keep my day job all throughout the whole thing.  Even if I have to work Holidays.

It’s a good income and it’s a job I like to have.  Plus it gives me time to work on my writing throughout the year.  I only have to work 60 hour weeks 3 times a year.

So really it’s not bad.  I have a lot of work to do on myself, and my job allows me the time to do it.  It’s a good job and if it weren’t for the cigarettes and alcohol it would give me all the money I needed.

So it’s really an exciting time for me, knowing I could change my life any day now.  I could quit cigarettes and be free of the addiction and all the bad things that come with it.  Maybe I just will.  I know I will.  I’m going to have to.

And another thing I know is that I’ve got to keep typing.  If I’m going to make something of myself, I had better get my words down.  And get really valuable words down so I can make even more money.  More so so I can build long term relationships, but also for the money.

I guess I’ll learn as I go.  They say an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes there is to make in a given field.  That comes paraphrased from a source I don’t know, something a college professor would hate about me.

But that makes sense, no matter if you have the source or not.  And if I’m going to make mistakes, at least I’m making them in the name of supporting my family and giving to charity.  I’m really trying to be of service to world!

And if your like me, I know you are too!  Trying to be of better service to the world.  And I say we can do it all blogging.

You gotta figure you have gotta write some ebooks too.  But you can make it on the internet in a year they say, I say maybe you may want to put a decade into it.  Really master the art.  That’s what I’m going for and this 90 days straight blogging will be one of many throughout the years.  At least that’s what I think I’m going to do.  Everything is subject to change.

You’ll find out what happens if you subscribe to my list.  It will just be one voice in your inbox that lets you know what’s happening in the world.  How one schizophrenic is making it.  And doing it at a job and online.  You’ll come to find out how I improve my life, so that you can duplicate that success in your life.  God help you, you will.

Or I could simply be here to entertain you.

Whatever the case, I’m writing and I’m not going to stop.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Jesse Creel

How To Get 178 Good For Approval Comments On Your Blog

And the short answer to that question is to blog everyday for a year and a half, and you’ll eventually hit the nail on the head a one or two of your posts will take off and get other people writing on your website about it.

And I have been blogging for a year and a half on this domain and I haven’t even been blogging everyday.  This is my first go at doing it everyday for 90 days.  I only have something like 74 posts as of right now.  For a while I was only writing once a week.

But I was still moving.  Now I intend to pick up the pace, and get more traffic and more subscribers, and more buyers to this site.  And I intend on doing that by creating valuable content.

So here’s my story.

I’m a family man, a worker, a salesman, a rock and roller, and I’m a wannabe millionaire off of ebooks.  That’s what my first ebook was about, upon reflecting on it.

It’s the story about how you can blog and create income.  And that it’s possible for ANYONE to do it.  The way I see it, I’m a writer first and then a business owner second.  The part of me that makes the money comes after the work itself.  Really though time will tell all.

All I know is that I MUST keep writing.  No matter what.  Wine or not.  Cigarettes or not.  I must keep writing.  That’s my ticket to freedom.  At least that’s what I believe I can free myself from my job with.  And after I finally do it, I’m going to tell everyone exactly how I did it, and how they can do it too.  And I’m going to create products people can buy that will put me into profit, but more importantly bless people.

Because I think you can bless people if you adopt the attitude that all human life is valuable.

And so far I’m making it.  Considering I’m a schizophrenic, just holding down an hourly job is an accomplishment, no matter how much I’m making.

Getting raises at that hourly job is even more of an accomplishment.

Now really my focus should be on HOLDING that hourly job and continuing to grow there. Because that is what is paying me right now.  That’s what I’m living off of.

But Lord is there room for improvement.

But even if I make no money at all off of my writing I still wouldn’t regret doing it.  I think it’s valuable and serves a purpose no matter what level of involvement in the economy I’m in with it.  But at the same time I’m highly optimistic.  I really believe I can make a million dollars writing, maybe I’m wrong.

But I don’t care and I’m not going to be reasonable on that.  I’m going to be UNREASONABLE and believe that I will make a million dollars and more off of my writing, songs, and network marketing. Doesn’t it make you want to get in and go for a ride?

Because writing for me is living my dream life.  You can escape to anywhere or anything you want with writing.  And your TAKING ACTION.  I say you can really go places with writing.  Definitely for me.  Definitely for us.

Plus you can get really good comments even if your not making any money off of it yet.  Like I’m getting.  They say nice things to me, and it makes you feel good that your brightening people’s days.  I love it.  I love my commentors.

And I can’t wait to get a few people on my list so that I can start loving and writing those people.  I think that’s a fun way to build a relationship.  Through email.

I am going to get this business off the ground and start selling a million copies of one or more than one of my ebooks.  I’m just going to write until I have that much value.  I’m going to write until I die or reach the masses.  Most likely though, I will just write and die, and not sell a million copies.

But you never know.  I’m keeping my options open.  I’m leaving myself open to the possibility of success, no matter how slim the chance.  That’s the way I think everyone should look at it.  Take the chance and do what you want to do.  It might work!

For me it must work.  I must free myself from the slavery of an hourly job and working for someone else.  But I’m not going to quit my job or anything.  Not until I’m making what I made in a year, in a month.  Once I’m at that spot, I can quit my job and find more effective ways to profit on my work from home.

I suppose there are a lot of ways you could make money online, but I think blogging is what I support the most.  I think it’s the gateway to all the abundance you could ever desire.  Is that valuable?  Does that make you want to write a blog?

I hope it does, and you can write about whatever you want, even if that’s video games.  I personally myself am not a gamer, I’m a reader and a guitar player.  But I know there are a lot of people that are gamers and I know it’s popular.

So if you can find a way to make money off of the games, go for it.  Maybe you can use some of the ideas on this blog to help you become more profitable.  Because that’s really my job.  That’s what I’m taking on.  EARNING PROFITS.

And slowly but surely I think I will get there.  It’s just gonna take blogging everyday, and eventually writing more ebooks.

But I do have one ebook that I think I could sell.  And the only way I think I can put it is that it’s “good shit”.

It’s shit, but it’s good shit.  It might even have the power to get you high.

Ever think about a reading high?

I get one when I think about all the things I could do to live the life of my dreams.

And when I’m talking about the life of my dreams I definitely am talking about taking a lot of vacations.  And living in a bigger house.

I figure I can have the home base and my family and I can travel the world, and then come back home.  I think that would be ideal.  That would be a masterpiece.

I would probably only need one or two million to get started.  Get the house and take the first vacation.

The dream life is really one that I’m living right now though.  And I think that’s valuable.  I’m writing my blog!  And this COULD turn into an income producing activity.

And I would probably write 10 books a year if I knew I could sell them for a profit.

I think this tells me I really just need to start on a new ebook, the next one I’m going to put up for sale after the one I’ve already finished and am having peer reviewed.

I can’t wait for the feedback.

I COULD site examples of bloggers that have made an impact and are PROFITING.  Intuition tells me that this can be done, and my counselor tells me that I have as good of a chance as anyone else would.

I say I have to work harder to overcome the voices, so I can just live and work.

But their not so bad.  I’ve never been restrained before, mostly because I don’t talk like a crazy person, but I’ve heard about other schizophrenics who have been.

It doesn’t seem like a pleasant experience.  That and being force fed medication.

I take my medication happily.  Antipyschotic.

The voices tell me I’m handsome or that I’m beautiful.  Sometimes I wish they were real people.  Other times when they tell me they want to kill me I would rather avoid that in a real person.

I’m sure at times my boss has wanted to kill me.  Or my wife.  Or my inlaws.  I’m sure this is the case for a lot of people.  Really though, I think overall everyone is pleased.  I’m succeeding at selling my product, and I’m suiting up and showing up.  I’m EARNING an income.  And for the most part it’s easy!

But it’s even easier to write, and I simply love to do it.

What’s the value here for you?  What’s the million dollar value?

Love what you do.  Even if your working for someone else.  It could really come in other ways and you could love what you do even more and make a masterpiece of a life.

And if you took what I wrote here and ran with it, and started blogging everyday for 90 days, nonstop, then you COULD make some money selling ebooks, and that COULD be worth a million dollars to you.

For me it doesn’t come fast enough so I just went out and bought a Powerball ticket.  I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news but when I folded the ticket and put it in my wallet, and then pulled it back out when I got home, the ticket was stuck together.  Some of the numbers stuck to the other side of the paper.  If I were to win I don’t even know if they could redeem the ticket!

It’s for 90 million dollars.  Plenty to retire my wife and I.  I would never have to work another holiday again?

What’s the value here?

What’s the million dollar value?

If you do play the lottery and you do keep a blog, you could write about playing the lottery on your blog.  That way if you won you could go public with your website at the press interview and your traffic would skyrocket!  The masses would read your work!  Wouldn’t that be lovely.

But people would also hate it, and I would have to deal with that.

I guess it’s give and take.  I’m ready for the responsibility.

Well, the powerball number is 17, and I think I have a 3 and a 7 in there as well as a 66.  We’ll find out tomorrow if I won the jackpot because I probably won’t stay up and check it tonight.

Then again, I might.  This would be the second time in a week I’ve stayed up to check the numbers the night of the drawing.

But the most I can lose tonight is 2 dollars so it’s not that bad.  But I’m optimistic, and I’m holding out hope that I’ll win.  That my sticky ticket is the jackpot winner.

And the way I see it is there is no other choice than for me to believe it is.

This could be the road to madness.

Or it could be the ticket to millions of dollars.

Only time will tell.

But really I don’t have to win the jackpot.  I still have this blog, and at minimum, even without ebook sales, I still have an hourly job.  So I’m working, but I’m also enjoying the weekend, and it could really lead to more money.  I’m working so that it does.  Time will tell what results I get.  I think they are going to be good all around.

But what if I win the jackpot tonight?

That means on Monday I put my two weeks in.  Not that I don’t like the job.  I just don’t want to work for anyone if I don’t have to.  I would go from the worker to the boss.  The one writing the checks.

And the voices entertain bad things that would happen to my marriage if I ever was a millionaire.  I fight those voices.  I love my wife, I love our family together.  I love what we do for each other.  I cherish her.  And that’s the way I’m going to be, or better, for the rest of my life.

And if I DO WIN THE JACKPOT tonight, I’m going to celebrate tomorrow and make sure I write about it on this blog.  Maybe people can learn from me and manifest their own lottery jackpot wins.  That’s my hope for the future, or one of them at least.

Here’s to you having a great day, I thank you for reading.  Take care.

Jesse Creel

The Process Of Writing And Then Putting An Ebook Up For Sale

Because that’s what I’m doing right now.

Right now I’m waiting.

Waiting for my 2 friends that would read it, to read it, and then tell me what they thought of it.

For one of them I even printed it out so he could take notes on it like we had talked about in our text message.

I don’t name names.  But I will in the Thank You part of my ebook.  To my two friends for reading it.

Then again it could be that they tell me they don’t like it and I shouldn’t put it up for sale.

I put 40 hours into the ebook.  That’s a workweek.  And if I’m good that could pay me.  And I REALLY want to see how good I am.

And I want to get better with each day.  I want to improve.  And I want other people to improve also.  And I love it when I get on with people that are moving in the same direction as me, doing the same stuff, and their growing too!  It’s amazing.  I love it when people are improving.

And when the bad voices come I just have to find an empowering meaning for things.

I was finishing the pack of cigarettes and I kept hearing this noise, like an animal was moving around in the gutters of the house and when I looked up it didn’t look like it was possible for an animal to be messing around in the gutters.  The sound didn’t even sound like it could have come from the areas where the gutters were.  It was bizarre.  The voices said it was the devil and the jist of it is here’s because I’m smoking.

I finished the pack.

I don’t want to buy anymore, and I have off tonight, and the next two days, so I’m going to try and get a head start before I have to go back to work on the quitting the cigarettes thing.

Then again, part of me wants to buy a pack right now. And in the past I’ve written about quitting and then bought a pack right after I finished writing.  I guess you could say I have a problem.  And it’s a legal problem.

The government allows people to drink and smoke.

I don’t recommend it though.

Sure a glass a day of the red is good for you.

But really past that is excess and your kicking your own ass.

The voices for me tell me a lot to get drunk.

I mean that’s really what I’m in the process of doing anyways.  They just want to see me continue on doing what I’m doing.  Drinking.

Not that it can’t be good for you.

But really I just need to stop it and clean up and get my act together, and pay off my credit card, and be sober and deal with the suffering of that.  And be a good person who loves God.

I guess that would really be my dream life until my ebook sales took off and I started to have more money.

Because you know if I’m rich I’ll be drinking.  I’ll have plenty of money to have a bar in my house.  People could come over and drink.  Not too much though.  I don’t want to be providing all the good times for everyone.  Really I’ll buy the bar so my family and couple friends I still have left could come over and have a drink.  Maybe one time I may pick up a homeless person and bring them over my house to eat.

On second thought, I’d probably save them the suffering and just give them a hundred dollars.  That’s a dream of mine.  Having a 100 dollars, or even just 20 dollars to give to a homeless person, or someone in need.

I bet if I stop drinking all that wine and smoking all them cigarettes I would have it when other people needed it.

And first and foremost my wife.  Because she’s taking a paycut for the summer and is going to be short on money.  This is not good.  I’m going to have to come up with extra money.  My family needs me.

And I will come up with it, and maybe some of it will come from the e book sales.  I’m only days away from getting it up f0r sale.  But the best chance of me coming up with extra money right now is to quit the cigarettes and the wine.  That would save me hundreds of dollars a month.  Money my wife will need just to pay the bills.

So I will be sure to keep you up to date on this blog as to how it goes.  I’m going to be writing everyday for a while so it’s going to come out.  That’s one of the bad and good things about writing for 90 days.  You go deep.  It can be uncomfortable.  But you grow tremendously if you keep going.

And I know that if we aim to improve we are going to get better.  So there’s no need to worry or fear.  Most of our worries won’t come true anyways.  So what’s the sense in worrying about anything!

What’s the million dollar value for you here?

It’s that if you’ve been drinking and smoking for years, and for years you’ve had no success, take heart, if you keep trying you can find success!

I’m a prime example of that.

I tried for years to make it in a sales job, and it’s not until recently that it’s just started to work out.

Granted the voices tell me that I’m throwing it all away by smoking, I’m still having success.  And really i may never quit.

I may never experience the holy spirit as the thing that fills you up.   I’ll fill myself with wine and smoke, and write, and make a living at it.

Then again, I may be sober.  Only time will tell.  And Thank God your reading this blog, because you will get to know.

That’s all I can say at this point.  But I’ve got to say that I’m a writer.  Otherwise I couldn’t do this 1,000 words a day.  And i say the same could be for anyone.  And all you need to do is start a blog.  And people will read and comment on it.  It will be an experience for you.  A good one.  And it could pay if your good enough!

Because PEOPLE, the ebook is coming.  And it should be a success!  I put 40 hours of hard work into it, and I think that I’ll have to sell more than 2 copies to get 1 hour’s pay from my hourly job.  So if I worked 40 hours at my hourly job I would get paid 480 dollars before taxes.  We’ll just have to see how writing stacks up against my hourly job.

I KNOW it can do better.  I think profits are better than wages and that’s what you can get from an ebook, and THANK GOD for that.  Thank God we can free ourselves from our jobs, are at least TRY to.  I know this has to be of value to you because I’m really putting my passion into this.

And why is this valuable for you?

Why is this million dollar value?

Because I am like any other human being, and I too have a million dollar miracle inside of me.  I can make it happen in my life so my life and the lives of the people around me get better.  And I really believe that ANYONE could do the exact same thing.

So here’s to you, here’s to you really going out there and getting it.  Working harder on your life in your personal time than you do at your job.  And you work hard at your job.  But you work harder at your life, so you can sell ebooks and blog and making a living as an entrepreneur selling from anywhere in the world.

This is what I think it takes to get a business off the ground while your still working your hourly job.  Work harder on your launch than you do on your job.  And work hard on your job.

That’s all for now.  I really want to write longer posts for all of you, and I’m working on that.  Thanks for reading, may you live a blessed life.

Jesse Creel

What It’s Like To Write Almost Everyday, And Live Your Dream Life On Your Day Off Without A Lot Of Money

And I think it all comes down to take good care of yourself.

I’ve been taking it easy because I’m getting some time off from work after the Easter Holiday.  This week I get 4 days off.  This is my second.

I didn’t write yesterday, but I am doing remarkably well with this 90 days so far.  I’m going to keep writing until the end of July to make sure I get the whole 90 days in.  Then I’ll probably take a break.

But really I’ll probably start writing the blog everyday again in no time and I’ll get back to work.

Because this is really what I want to do, and I think anyone could do it.  I’m two people away from reading my first ebook, and after they read it and tell me what they think of it, the chances are good I’m going to put it up for sale.  It’s an extremely exciting time.

Who knows what that book could pay me.  But I’m very optimistic it will be a lot.  Plenty.  And that I will be able to make even more in the future.  And that’s the way it should be for everyone.

Because I really want to make something of this.  EARN enough money to retire my wife and I from our jobs.  I know that’s a possibility.  And I think it’s an even better possibility than winning the lottery, so I have even more hope for success with the ebook than I do with the lottery.

But I still hold out hope for both.  And for a happy ending for my marriage.  Die when we’re old.  She will most likely live longer than me, but maybe she can find a nice boyfriend at the old folks home.

Some of those places are really nice and promote connection among the elderly.

But I do live my dream life.  I blog, and that’s something.  I also take my time to relax with wine and cigarettes, but I feel that time is coming to an end.

Really I partied all through my twenties, I’m 32 now and I’m almost ready to just go sober everyday, and quit cigarettes.  Part of it is a shame because that’s fuel to create art, although I must admit it can be garbage.

I think the garbage is the excess.  Past one glass a day.  Smoking.  The stuff that kills you.  I could really do without it.  I’d have a lot more money, and I’d be healthier.

The writing would suffer, or so the voices say.  But I think I could get through it and become a better person.  I think writing an ebook while I was drinking wine was a good experience, but maybe I’ll try to write the next one sober.  That’s part of the improvement process, I think.

I hope your enjoying this 90 days so far.  I hope your inspired to read more of my posts, and then live a better quality of life.  I really think I could do that for people, no matter what state I’m in, and I think suffering may actually be good for me, and I know I would suffer if I was sober.

Really I just don’t know how much.  I think I would get better, but I don’t know how to do it.  Maybe I should try AA.  I don’t know.

My psychiatrist suggested I get religious.  I already am a little.  I go to church about twice a month.  I always give them money.  Sometimes they don’t take my money.  But I always want to give to them.

And to my family.  I always give to my family.  I work a job now, and now is the best place to start, so I give to my family.

I can’t afford to give much at this point in time, I make less than $20,000.00 dollars a year, but I do give from each check to my wife, the one who pays all the bills.

It’s really a sorry state to be in when your paying your wife not even what it takes to pay the whole cell phone bill and shes paying all the rest of the bills too, including the mortgage.

The voices tell me it’s a crime.

All I can say is that I’m working tirelessly to change my life.  Granted I do take one or two days off.

And Thank God for the rest.  I need it.  Especially after working the Holidays.  It only happens a few times a year though, so really I’m going to be writing more and working less so that’s a good thing.  That’s pretty much the way it goes throughout the year.  30 hours a week.

It would be a good thing if I worked 40 hours a week everyweek and had the holidays off, but I figure it’s my penance since I didn’t work for so long after I got fired from my first real job.

That is an entire story on it’s own.  Suffice to say I was ready to move on.  I had to move on.  It wasn’t for me.  I hadn’t mastered myself.  I didn’t yet have an attitude of gratitude.

A lot of things have changed since I lost my first good job.  And now I have a second chance.  And so far so good.

What’s the million dollar value here?

It’s if you can make it at your hourly job, and get raises, and make sales, and get bonuses, and do the job well, what’s stopping you from selling a lot of e books?

This is the question and there’s no answer for me other than YES!

And so it should be with you.

It’s going to take years to make any money at all, but if your valuable you will get the opportunity.  That’s just what I believe.

I also believe that every single human being on the planet is that valuable.  A million dollar miracle in each one.  And then from there the sky is the limit.

Because we all have pure experience.  And you can write home about that and what you make of it.  And you’ll grow and progress and get better.  It’s really genius.

That’s all I have for you for now.  Thanks and Peace and Love to you.

Jesse Creel

The Greatest Post Of This 90 Days Blogging Thus Far, I Expect Tomorrow To Be Better

Art baby.

That’s what this is all about.

Because when your drinking while your writing how can you expect to help people take action and improve their lives.  This should really be educational but I think it’s more like art.

Writing I think is an art.  A great thing.  And something one can become great at.

It just takes time, years and years of working on writing to really get it there.  Really if you decide to write then you might be looking at doing it for the rest of your life.

Because it’s not about retirement with writing.  You could make 100 million dollars and still want to write.  Because you have the passion for it.  Because you know you can make money.  So you do the work it takes to become valuable, by reading, and through life experience, and then you can write!

It’s a good experience writing.  Especially when you get stuff done and it pays off in traffic and comments.  I still have a list up and you can get on it if you want and you can buy things from me.  Be it rock and roll recordings, ebooks, or network marketing.  You can definitely come to me to help you boost your income.

Because I can tell you people like to party.  It’s a fun time.  And you can meet people.

Then again the voices and images in my head tell me maybe some people don’t want to be bothered.  I think I should take it on a case by case basis as any fair person would do.

Because the voices would tell me things that aren’t going to effect my actions.  I’m not going to worry about my son dying before me because I won the lottery.  Because unfortunately today that’s what the voices were talking about.

I was in the box truck for 4 hours starting at 9:15 this morning.  I drove to Fredricksburg Virginia.  From Severna Park Maryland.  There and back.  I picked up 12 boxes of ham.  I don’t really know why they make me do this, for only 12 boxes, but I do it because I don’t make the decisions about what I do.  I am their slave.

Because during the holidays I have the habit of going to work for almost 60 hours per week.  And to be away from your family for every holiday is hard.  But it does help the bank account.  And that helps my family.  So I’m really doing them a service to be picking up all those hours during the holidays when a lot of people are off.  I’m working and helping to support my family.

And God help me pay my credit card.  If I only made $$15,000 I would still be able to get out of credit card debt.  And I think that’s a reasonable goal to want to achieve off of selling your first ebook.  And that would really be an accomplishment.  To be debt free.  Of course, I really want $$$$15,000,000.00 to retire and stop working if I want to.  I think I might be able to get those kinds of numbers in network marketing.  I don’t think I’ll make that much off of ebooks and rock and roll albums.  Then again, I might!  Who knows.

What I do know is there is a whole lot of work that needs to get done to get me there.  So that means not only do I have to write this blog for 90 days straight, I also have to write songs, and read books, and take care of my family.  So really I have a lot of work in front of me.  But really it’s the work I want to do.  That’s what I do when I’m selling and I’m only getting 4 or 5 hours a day.  I spend the rest of the time working on myself.  So far it’s gotten me to you.

And I really want to love you for reading this so I’m going to keep writing.  I ‘m going to try and get some real value to you.  Hopefully get you to take action in your own life and start blogging, or blog everyday.  It could set you free from your job!

And don’t I want to write about some exciting things.  I think if I won the lottery I would take it anonymously and then just write an ebook about it and sell that to people.  I’m sure if I won the lottery I would be getting a lot of attention.  My traffic would probably skyrocket once word got out.

I would tell people how I won the lottery.  So that they hopefully will be able to duplicate the feat.  And I bet if it was a good book, some people, 2 or more would win the jackpot because of reading it.

Maybe that would take a little time, but I’m sure they would write in to tell me that I helped them and now they are rich and can give more to the people they love and to charity.

And I think that’s a good story.  I think that’s where the lottery helps people out.  When it’s in the name of giving.  To family, friends, to strangers, to charity.

I was thinking about giving to the 700 club.  They build wells in foreign countries for the people there to have better lives.  I think that’s cool.  I want to be a part of that.  I think I would be helping the world.

But I do give to the church.  I had a hard time with it on Easter Sunday though.  The guy would only take my donation for the first collection.  I had the twenty all ready for him and I held my arm out with the money and he just took the basket away.  The guy next to me made the comment that I couldn’t give it away.  We both almost laughed.

The voices at church were giving me a hard time about drinking.  Some good some bad, some stuff about my family, but everyone was civil.  Although there was a loud noise that was made that made the preacher stop and ask if everything was alright.

Right now the voices of the priests are in my head telling me that I should leave.  Really it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.  I have gotten into the habit of staying places, like marriage, even when I’m told to leave or go home.  And that habit serves me.  It keeps me together with my wife.

But I have to admit it’s taken a lot of work to get my relationship with my wife to where it is.  Admittedly she helps me a lot, but I also have learned to live with her.  When she’s screaming I just have to live with her getting that way sometimes.  I do love her a lot as any good husband should.  Really I would like to be a GREAT husband and retire her.  I really believe I can do that.

So that’s why I’m working everyday.  That’s why I work on this blog.  Because I believe in passive income.  Work once and have it pay you forever.

But that’s not going to keep you from continuing to work.

You gotta figure you gotta make a lot of money.

And you know when you have a family you need money.  Everybody needs money, but when you have a family you have more you need to provide for than just yourself.  As anyone would know.

But maybe what they wouldn’t know is how to blog for 90 days straight, and get more traffic as a result of working that much.  Because my traffic is going up each week and at this rate I’ll have a 100 visitors a month in about a week.  That’s up from 50.

If you want to buy something from me, because you really love this writing and want more of my stuff I’m going to make that a possibility for you.  I’m going to be working on that for the next two days, I have those two days off, the first two consecutive days off in a while.  And my family won’t be home so I’ll have the house all to myself.  I’ll most likely be spending most of my time in the basement.  Where the books are, the computer, the guitar…

You can do it all, I really believe that.  And I know bad things are going to happen.  You can’t stop that.  But the meanings you take from those things and questions you ask yourself are either going to make you or break you.  We have to find empowering meanings to the bad things that happen to us.

That I think is worth a million dollars or more.  You tell me in the comments what you think it’s worth.  Tell me what you think this blog post was worth to your life, and if your going to take action and improve your life as a result of reading this.

I love you, many blessings to you now and forever.

Jesse Creel

What It’s Like To Drive A Box Truck For A Living

Because that’s what I do, especially during the holidays.

I drove the box truck for 7 days straight for the Easter holiday.

It’s fun and the time passes quickly.  It is a little nerve racking though, as driving can be dangerous.  You have to use caution and move safely.

I started my day today driving the truck.  I went to help break down the off site location and that took about 2 hours.  Then I was off to the storage unit for the first time of three times there today.

The rest of my day was driving.

Thankfully they sent one person to help me for the second part of the day.  It really helps to have a second person.  He helped me move two kiosks and a store full of tables and chairs.

It was a busy day and tomorrow I’ll start my day driving the box truck again, this time to Virginia to pick up ham.

I really wanted two days off after the Easter holiday of working 10 days straight, but I have to work tomorrow too.  That’s alright because I have four days off this week so I get a break.  I think I’m going to get my e book up for sale on this site so I can begin to see a trickling of money.  And the idea is to turn that trickle into an avalanche.  I can see it already.  I won’t have to work holidays and I can spend more time with my family.  It will be wonderful.

But I really want this to be of value to you so what I can say to you is if you hate working and have no motivation, there could be something that comes along that could change all that for you.  It could give you your mojo back.  Hold out, hang in there.  It could happen for you.  I got lucky, and it is happening for me.  Driving the box truck and selling the ham is a good job.  What’s even better is that I can make it selling e books and I won’t have to work a job anymore, then I’ll be writing about writing and making money off of it.

Because that would be PURE EXPERIENCE.

But for me, I’ve been working this job for almost 2 years and the voices have gotten more outspoken at times, especially since I took the sales job.  I think a lot of has to due with me living or not living my life in balance.  But even if  I wasn’t drinking or smoking I think I would still hear voices.  I’m a schizophrenic and I don’t know that that’s something I can change.  I don’t know that I would want it to change.  Sometimes it makes me feel good!

But yes I missed yesterday blogging.  It was Easter Sunday.  I took the day off.  I spent it at church, and with family.  I drank about 8 beers and had my wife drive us home.  I had the day off!  I went right to sleep after I got home.  I spent time with family.  And I ate food.

I got a free 70 dollar ham for working almost 60 hours in one week.  Perk of the job.  I shared it with my in-laws and my grandparents.  I got food at each of their houses.  It really was a busy day.  A busy day for a busy week.  Thank God I got four days off this week.  I’m going to spend those days off getting my ebook up for sale.  An probably working on a rock and roll album.  It will all sound the same and all be totally different at the same time.  I’m really not much of a guitar player, but I get by.

And I get to express myself.  Who knows how many albums I’ll dream up.  And put them all up for sale.  As my work, that will allow me to make a profit.  So I can quit my job.  Sound like a dream, it is.  But I’m working towards it everyday.

And every week I’m getting more traffic.  That’s something.

That can be of value to you.  If you want traffic, write!  You will grow and other people will love you.  Some will hate you.  Others will love you.  It’s worth it to do.  And you can build a business once you get good at it!

You gotta figure, how many 90 day periods do you have to go through blogging before you make your first dollar? 1? 2? 3?

How much time are you willing to invest in yourself so you can make a profit?  Will you invest the rest of your life?

Because for me, that’s what it takes.  It takes your entire life to be a writer, a family man, a rock and roller, a worker, a salesman.  You had better get good so you can live a good life.

But I say, burn baby burn.  Do your thing.  Do it with PASSION.  Make it happen.  Be the best you can be.  Work an hourly job if you have to.  Work on your dreams too.  Make it happen.  You can do it.  You can be the best.  God Bless you.

Because I really do think God is with us, even if we’re drinking too much wine and smoking cigarettes.  The voices at church on Easter Sunday really had me thinking about quitting drinking.  And what I really was trying to do was quit cigarettes.

So I went to church first thing, the voices said don’t drink wine, then I ended up drinking 8 beers and today now I’m having my third glass of wine.  I think it’s good for me.  I like it and I don’t see any reason to stop.

But there are reasons.  But really I don’t really drink that much.  I drink enough.

There is a rich poetic tradition of drinking and writing, so I’m really in good company.  And I think a drink is good for business too, not that I ever drink when I’m working.

But I probably could do a lot more if I were sober and smoke free.  I would have a lot more money to do other things with.  I just can’t see a better way to spend my money right now.  Wine and cigarettes.

This is art, I don’t know that people would ever buy network marketing from me, but I could be a hell of an e book author, or a heavens of one, if your religious.

My bosses voice in my head told me that I was a great mix of hell and creation.  The voices seem to have their own ideas and say things I would never have come up with on my own.

Because you may get some good writing out of drinking and smoking, but beware, there’s a whole lot of suffering that comes along with it.  And you could be better without it.

But for now I drink and I smoke and I write.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  Here’s to you, Good nite.

Picking Up The Workers From Baltimore City

I’ve been doing it since Sunday.  It’s now Friday.  I have one more day and then it’s Easter Sunday.  Tomorrow is our biggest day of the Easter holiday.  Today, like a lot of days, I drove a lot.

I start my day driving, and I end my day driving, and I drive inbetween too.

Sometimes I work in the store.  But that’s only for a few hours at a time.  The holiday is crazy though.  It’s busy busy busy non stop.  I just try to work steady so I don’t die.

Because the smoking is getting to me again, and the guy I’ve been driving all week is trying to get me to quit smoking cigarettes.  And drinking wine.  He said the wine Christ was drinking at the last supper was non-alcoholic.

I don’t know if I believe that.  But I can say that people do get high on God and this guy is just one of them.

He said he used to prostitute himself and a couple of the guys wanted to kill him.  He’s also been arressted four times.  He had a drinking smoking and crack problem and when he was in trouble he cried out to God.

He now has been sober for two and a half years and he goes to church 4 times a week.  He says he really likes it.  He gets high on God.

I’ve thought about quitting cigarettes for a long time.  I thought 2017 was going to be the January I quit.  It’s now 4 months in, April, and I’m still smoking.

I only smoked a half a pack today because I felt sick of smoking them.  This guy I could really use to change my life, because he wants me to quit smoking.

But I bought a pack when my inlaws were over, because I couldn’t stand it.  I needed to get out of there.  My mother in laws voice was saying she hated me.  And she probably should because of the things I did to my relationship with my wife.

And her voice has also said that this blog would end our relationship.  I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  But I do know that my wife hates it when I tirelessly talk about blogging and selling e books and rock and roll albums.  I do it everyday, so I have something to say about it.  I like telling friends, and moms and dads of friends about my blogging and my work, not that I don’t love telling my wife about it.

Luckily for me, my job is interesting, and there’s plenty to talk about.  This is what I’m talking about.  Income.  Income producing activities.  Not the voices in my head of my mother in law that tell me she hates me and makes it impossible to talk to her.

But then again I’ve done the unspeakable to my wife and her mother SHOULD hate me for that.  That says I’m just doing my job.  I have a hater.  And my number one hater is my mother in law.  Not that that’s really the reality.  That’s just what the voices in my head tell me.

But it’s kind of wild because the voices in my head almost seem to dictate facial expressions of other people, and other behavior like moving from the table with me to the couch with my daughter and father in law.
All in a day.  My day at work was more interesting.  I worked 12 hours.  I made $144 dollars.  In one day.  I do good there during the holiday.  I feel very lucky to have the job.

The only downside is I don’t get to see my family.  My wife always has the week off, the week I’m the busiest at my work.  So that doesn’t really work out, but the money is good.

And I do really need to be working as my business is still up and coming.  In fact I really think I need to be more proactive about getting my e book up for sale.  I put a rock and roll song up on the site, you can read the post and listen to the two and a half minutes of me rocking it here.

I’m thinking about getting an album together and selling it on this website.  I think that would be a great way to make money.  Off art!

But the way I see it is I’ve got to keep writing.  For 90 days.  Get more traffic.  Get more quality content.  Get more value.  Get more PURE EXPERIENCE.

I had a friend I went to high school with who is now on the radio.  It’s just the city college station, that’s listener supported… 89.7wTMD. 

I love that station.  It plays some real music.  There’s definitely some rock and roll in there.  I love it.  It’s great!  If your ever in Baltimore, check it out.

But I pick up the workers everyday for a week this Easter Holiday, and take them to work and drop them off when the day is over.

Today they waited for me for an hour an a half.  The work was done, but I wasn’t back yet from a delivery so they had to wait.

This was my experience today.

It was a good day.  I made a lot of money.  Tomorrow I should make just as much.  And they are supposed to give me a free ham.  Not really free, but for working.

My Aunt in law has been bugging my wife about me bringing a ham over for Easter Sunday, so I guess I’m donating my ham to my in laws for Easter.  I was thinking about getting two of them, but then again, I do eat it all the time.

And I gotta say, it is good ham.  I would almost even go so far to say it has healing powers.

But I love it, and I put love into when I’m handling it.  Cutting it or moving it.

Because sometimes I’m working in the store.  I’m not just a salesman, I work hard in the store and I drive deliveries.  And I cut up the meat to make the sandwiches.

When you get a ham sandwich, the .20 of a pound of meat was bagged my me.  I trim most of the fat off, and I put it into a perfect portion for you.  I can do it fast too.  Because the company values speed.

So IF YOU want to take action and improve you could do whatever you do faster, because my company values speed and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones, so do it faster.  You’ll be more valuable.

And I can make that sandwich meat pretty fast.  About three buckets in a hour.  Maybe go through 2 buckets in a day if it’s super busy.

Some days my boss says she gets her butt kicked.  Working the weekend and on top of that being super busy.

I gotta tell you I want to write more, but I got my 1,000 words for the day, and I’m signing off for the night, wishing you a good one filled with masterpieces.  Thanks for reading.  Cheers!

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