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Playing To Win 25 Million

It’s a thrill.

Buying 4 tickets.

Two of them being powerball number 4’s.  Bought at the same time.  On my trip with the kids to get cigarettes and m&m’s.

I bought other tickets earlier when I was out taking the kids to the park.  Today I had to take the day off to watch the kids.  No one else could do it.

Tomorrow I get back to work, and I do my sales thing.  That will be regardless if I win or not.  But hopefully it will be WITH me winning and I’ll be a multimillionaire driving around selling ham.

Because I definitely wouldn’t leave my company hanging.  They have done a lot for me.  I would work until they didn’t need me anymore.  Until they’ve found my replacement.

Then I would probably travel the world.

I’ll give you a taste of what I would do.

I’ll share with you what I wrote under my first entry into a new note in my Iphone.

It’s entitled “Dream Dialogue”


I’ve won the Jackpot.  I feel great.  I made 15 million in cash overnight! My family and I are moving into a bigger house and we’re going to get two puppies.  I’m going to give 10% to a church.  I’m going to give $1,000 to each of my coworkers.  I’m going to buy a $500,000 house and make $250,000 of improvements to it and make it worth a million dollars.  I’m going to retire my wife so she can be a bigger part of raising our family.  I feel splendid.  I’m going to keep my job for as long as I can.  I’m going to get drunk and write rock and roll poetry.  I’m going to keep my blog.  When I retire I’m going to start a world class blues band.  My wife is going to retire.  I’m going to write a book on winning (the jackpot).  I’m going to go public ad in the press interview I’m going to plug my website.  The more readers I have the better”.

That was what I wrote.

I’m planning on keeping my dream dialogue going until I hit the jackpot.  Write one for every time I play.  If something happens, something happens.

I would say that what I do wouldn’t ever hurt your chances of winning.  Writing it down can only help.

Then again, like my counselor would say, writing it down isn’t going to do anything.

For now all I can say is that I have 4 tickets and the cash option for this drawing is 15 million, and that’s what I need to retire.

Although I wouldn’t get all 15 million because I would have to pay taxes.  But I still would get several million dollars.  Enough to make my dreams come true.

You gotta figure it.  If I take my website to the masses on that press interview I’ll get a lot of exposure.  More and more and more and more people would read my work.  I would have a better shot at getting email list subscribers.  And once you have subscribers your on your way to your own business that pays you profits!

And I could make the transition into profits from wages.  Not to mention I would have a fat nest egg to do what I want with.

I discussed it with my daughter today and the first thing we both would do is to buy a bigger house so we call could live comfortably together.  And that would lead us to getting two dogs.  The two go together.  New house, two dogs.  That’s the dream.

But if I do win and this does go public then I’ll have an instant following ready to read my work.  And some of them may even pay me money for it.

I would sell an ebook, maybe even get a real publisher to publish one of my books.  Something on how I won the lottery.  A how to letter from a winner to the public to help them discover how to win.  I’ve heard to two stories of people who knew they were going to win and won.  One young guy and one middle aged woman.

The young guy heard voices in his head telling him numbers and when he told his family and friends they told him to play the lottery.  When he put the numbers in the voices stopped.  He said that experience lead him to know he was going to win.  He won that night.

The other woman who won lost her brother in an accident and took on his 4 kids to raise.  She must be a good person.  Karma must have liked her because she won 112 million.  She wrote out 112,000,000 on a piece of paper and put it under her pillow.  As the story goes a few weeks later the jackpot was at 112 million and she won.  She was all smiles.

I figure if I win it will be unheard of.  A blogger who wrote about winning hours before it happening.  More likely I won’t win and this will all be a bad joke.  But I don’t think about things in those terms.  I’m constantly positive.  I COULD win.  And not only COULD I win, but I work myself into a state of winning.  I did win a dollar or two 6 or 7 times in a row.  That was about a year ago.  I must have been doing something right.  I think it’s possible I become rich tonight.

And take that ride.

And if I win I could do my best to lead other people to winning the jackpot too.  In the USA there’s a drawing 4 times a week.  That’s a lot of chances to win.  That’s more than half the week.  And people could read my work and be inspired to start a journal and write about all the things they would do if they won the jackpot.  And it’s a possibility that some of them would win the jackpot too!  I’m talking the two big games.  Mega Millions and the Powerball.  Win one of them.  Make yourself a multimillionaire overnight.

Well, it probably wouldn’t happen overnight.  Really it’s taken me years to get to my current level.  But at this point I think I’m about to pop and the jackpot simply MUST be waiting for me on the other side.  That or maybe I’ll just die.  I hope I live though, and I hope I win the jackpot.  For my family, friends, and people I don’t know.

My dad however was telling me he has been reading the bible.  He said that in it he read that when you publicize your good deeds and do them on a mass scale, for your own glory, then your not doing the right thing.  And I guess to some degree I do have some of that in me.  I want to be rich so I can give more to the world.  From what my dad told me that’s a bad thing.  He’s probably right.

But when your giving to the church, and to schizophrenics, and to teachers, I don’t think your doing the wrong thing.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  And that’s just what I want to do.  I want to give.  I don’t want to keep all the money.  I want the money I get to also work on making the world a better place.

So this will most definitely not be the last you hear from me.  Whether I win tonight, tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday the 13th… I’m playing to win now.  And you’ll know if I win, you can be sure of that.  So make sure you check back and read the new posts and subscribe to my list.  I’ll send you primo content, the best of Jesse Creel.  And I’m worth over 100 million dollars, so you can be sure your getting good stuff.

Thanks for reading, here’s to your health.

Jesse Creel

How To Become Successful At Your Hourly Job And Get Raises!

Yes, it can be done, and it can be done by anyone anywhere.

At least that’s what I believe, and so I’m writing this post.

The point of this post is to help you to improve yourself so you become more valuable, and more valuable to your company, so that getting raises is easy for you!  I’ve written a short ebook on the topic titled “Success Hourly”.  It’s only 12 pages but it’s only a three step guide.  The steps are….

1- Work Hourly

2- Improve

3- Grow

When you work hourly that’s where it all starts.  In my book I outline the differences in working on commission vs working hourly and I favor working hourly.  Even if your promoted to salesperson you won’t be getting paid for sales, you’ll be getting your hourly rate.  It makes for a steadier time.  I don’t discourage anyone from working on commission though, it’s just not for me, and I’ve gone into debt because I didn’t sell.  Don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

The next step, step 2 is to improve.  Simply put, it entails you reading and keeping a journal of your thoughts.  Thoughts designed to help you improve your life.  Personal life and business life.  It also involves asking the question, “How do I improve?” on a daily basis.  Everyday, and in as many moments as you can, ask yourself “How do I improve?”

The third step is to grow.  This is the best part because your working hourly and improving pays off.  You get raises!  Your hard work on yourself, balancing your life, and becoming a better person, pays off.  You get raises!  And they should come in droves, with you making big improvements on yourself and your bosses recognizing your work ethic and your attitude, and want to promote you because it’s in their best interest to do so.

These are the basic steps outlined in my ebook, and I hope this brief outline helps to shed some light on what you can do to become more successful.  I do say in my book that part of getting these raises is being at the right place at the right time, with the right people, but if you do your work you can rest easy at night knowing that it’s on it’s way to you, if your not yet there.

For me part of my success has come from learning not to hate work.  And to take it a total 180 and love work.  That has really helped me.  And when you put love into what you do, you can share that with your bosses and they will be pleased.  You may even take them by surprise!  And wouldn’t that be a nice surprise knowing that someone at work is putting love into what they do!  All I have to say is that I know it makes the work better when you put love into it.  It’s that extra something you can do to make your work really the best.  Go for it, and do it with everything you have and then some.  You’ll be getting paid your hourly rate, and getting opportunities to make even more money.  That’s what’s happening for me, and I want to be the one to say to you, it can happen to you to.  Just do it!

So if you want success at your hourly job, your going to have to give your company more value for that raise to make sense to them.  You can do this by asking yourself the question “How do I improve” on a regular basis, and acting on your answers.  You can also improve your personal value by reading more books, and keeping a journal.  You can refer to those journals in the future to help you out with anything you may be working on, or to give you a reference point for where you came from and get you better on the path to where you want to go.  The point is, you can do it, just take massive action in the direction of your dreams.  The harder you work now, the better off you will be later.  And that includes living a balanced personal life. Eat right, sleep enough, read, write, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs.  That’s part of living a value based lifestyle.  If you value your health you will take care of yourself.  And we need you around so you can be of value to the world!

But that’s really all I have for right now.  If you want a raise, it’s as simple as becoming more valuable.  Have faith that you will be rewarded for your efforts, but do it simply to be of service.  That way you aren’t focusing on the results, your focusing on doing the job well.  And there’s value in that for you as well.  You’ll feel good being a valued member of society.  I know I do, especially as a schizophrenic.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless you.

Jesse Creel

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