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Getting Paid, And Knowing Your Going To Get The Sale

That’s the beauty of an hourly sales job.  They pay you by the hour, whether you sell or not, and you do the work.  Sure it may not pay as much as a commission sales job, but that’s also harder to do.

When the company has invested in you, the sale comes naturally.  You find your people.  They will talk to you.  They will have you a little longer than most of the people you talk to.  You find them a few times, maybe if your lucky 4, throughout the day.  I try to make their day a little better.  Sometimes it’s like it’s working.

All I know is that I haven’t even been working there 2 years and I’m already doing what the owner was doing.  Food presentations.  Lunch and learns.

And I really think I gave a great presentation at my last meeting.  It was with a dozen people and I did 5 minutes.  I almost want to do longer.  Really get my presentation skills up there with the best of them.  I made my audience laugh a couple of times, and at one point I had to stop to answer a question from the audience.

She wanted to know if her sandwich came on lettuce instead of bread, to which she found the answer was yes.  She didn’t eat bread.  She’s a special customer and we cater to her.  God help the people who work there when the special orders come in.

It really is work fulfilling orders.  There’s a lot that goes on with it that the customer might not be thinking of.  If I had a longer presentation i would fill them in on things.  Things like the torch.

The torch is used to glaze the hams and turkeys, and the people, when they are using the torches  are really sweating.  That’s work.  I did it for a little while, but I really wasn’t any good at it, and I got a terrible blister on my left hand from holding the torch.  They found other things for me to do, but they use those things in our stores… it’s amazing what they do to the meat!  Fire and sugar and spice, down into the meat.  Makes for a great flavor.  It’s special to me and it’s what I’m selling.  It’s a good product.

People love it.  They will stand in line for it for an hour over the holidays.  Three times a year, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it’s all hands on deck.  They stand in line, and we work, and they get their hams, and we get their company, and their money.  It’s a fine place if you like ham or turkey, or even vegetarian if you eat that way.  We do it all.

So if you ever need ham, I’m your man.

Especially if your reading this from Baltimore, MD, I love you.  Just reach out to me on the contact page, and maybe we could set up a deal.

Because that’s really what I’ve been doing, is working on becoming a great sales success…

That’s not to say this thing with the lottery is over.  Really it’s only just begun.  I won $50 yesterday, and $1 today.  I did not win the Mega Millions jackpot, even though after I won $50 on the scratch off, I bought 2 tickets for the Mega Millions.

The point is I must have spent over 5 years visualizing for the lottery win, and having dreams about it happening, and did not win the jackpot.

I just thought that the time I could spend visualizing winning the lottery I spend on making my job work.  What’s the worst that could happen if I did that?  It’s either going to work out, or it’s not.  The visualizing isn’t going to hurt anything.  Or will it?

Should I just leave it alone and try not to think about it?  Should I occupy my time with doing housework or reading?  The answer to these questions must come from within me.  I say onward, and lifeward.  If that means visualizing yourself getting a big deal, even though it makes your symptoms worse, keep visualizing getting a big deal.  When you get it, it might even come as a surprise you’ve waited so long for it to come.

And it will come.  You’ve done the work.  You wear the sales uniform.  They have your phone number.  All it is is dropping the information off with the secretary.  I don’t actually talk to the people in charge of doing the fundraising.  It would be good if I could meet those people right there when I’m giving out the information.  They however are not in, so I have to work with the secretary.  They usually like me to just say hello, drop off the information and leave.  I don’t stay very long, unless they let me.

What I should say to them is I’ll give them $100 if they don’t buy what I’m about to sell them.  I heard that on a Tim Ferriss podcast.  There was a guy who sold credit card processing on transparency, and service and outsold everyone else in the company.  That’s what he would say to them when he walked in the door, he said he would always have their attention.

I don’t know if I would say that to someone in a school, which is what I’m focusing on this month of August 2017.   But that might be a good line for a business person.

The point is, I don’t visualize for the lottery, I visualize for great sales success.  What it looks like so far is reading and journaling.  And I want to get this work done for my family.  I have a son, and a daughter.  I have reasons to work.  Not to say you can’t have reasons to work if you don’t have kids.  I’m saying that having kids can’t hurt your reasons to work.

Those are my sentiments for this day, I hope that your days are great, and that you have many more ahead of you,

Jesse Creel

What I Learned By Not Winning The Lottery Last Night

The jackpot was at 100 million again.  That’s one of my numbers.  I play the most when it’s at 100 million.  And for the really big jackpots.  I have a bill made out for 100,000,000.00 dollars.  My mom gave me a bill for one million and I added two zeros on the end with a black marker.  Because that was how much I wanted.  I still play the lottery even when it’s not at 100 million so it must not mean that much.  I would be happy with any size jackpot.

To be one of the few who win big.  There have only been about 9 jackpot winners this year for the Powerball.  That’s less than one a month.  But if you think about it almost one a month is a lot.  That’s a lot of people winning millions of dollars.  The question I asked myself this morning, after I had checked to see if I won… was how can I create the energy that manifests a jackpot win?

I feel as though it’s coming to me right now.  I felt that way for the jackpot last night.  I still feel that way this morning after I didn’t win.  I feel like it’s coming to me.  It being a jackpot win.

I have thought about honing my powers and becoming the first person in history to win multiple jackpots.  Like 3.  Some would say that it’s not possible.  But I say anything is possible.  Give or take I probably have 68 years left.  That would be plenty of time to win three jackpots.  We could live in a 7 million dollar house.  The one I saw that is the most expensive house in our area.  A nice area.  And the house has a pool!

But really all we need is about a 500,000 dollar house.  That would suit us nicely.  Not too expensive but expensive enough to give us the room we need for our family.  And big enough to throw a party for our friends.

That’s probably what I would do with the first jackpot.  Buy a 500,000 dollar home for my family.

But really I didn’t win the 100 million dollar jackpot and my focus should get back to work.  I have to improve this holiday season… Christmas is right around the corner only 10 days away and I’m going to be working a lot of hours.  I love the paycheck.  But I do it for more than just a paycheck.  I do it to work the cigarettes off… to keep my sanity… to love what I do… to interact with different people…. to be a part of the team…. and bearing repeating to get PAID!

And I would never tell the people I work with this but my job is really… easy.  It’s easy working those long days when your on the road for most of it.  Just drive and deliver.  Get back, load up… drive and deliver.  It’s simple.  It’s an easy job.  There are some hard jobs there and I have a lot of respect for the people that do them.  And like lifting heavy boxes for hours, they probably think it’s not that bad.  Good exercise.  A man’s job.  Men mostly do this job.  It’s like glazing the hams.  You have to hold a torch in one hand and a can of sugar in the other.  You coat the ham with sugar and then take the flame over the sugar.  I tried to do that stuff but I couldn’t get the hang of it so they made me a delivery driver instead.

That and I do prep work for the store.  Make salads, ham salad, turkey salad, chicken salad, tuna salad.  Slice the ham and portion it out for sandwiches, I do that too.  Clean the store, I do that.  I do a lot around the store to keep it running smoothly and improving.  I have asked myself the question how can I improve my value to the company by 15%.  The answer I came up with was to sell it.  I would make money and be providing more value to the company by being a healthy salesperson.

I didn’t make any sales for the Thanksgiving holiday and it looks like I’m not going to get back out there before Christmas so so far I haven’t been productive.  But I have a burning desire to become productive.  It’s like the lottery, and winning the jackpot.  It’s work and something I love to do.  And I have that burning desire for outstanding success.

But I have the day off so I do laundry…. my wife asked me to put my sons Christmas present together, a bike, so I’m going to do that.  I should get to the gym today.  I should make a commitment to get to the gym today.  I pay for the membership…  I want to use it.  To get healthier.  And I really have to stop smoking.  I just can’t afford it.  It’s killing my health, it’s killing my bank account, the smoking lifestyle is bad for kids.  And I have two of them.  I’ve got to learn discipline and take control of my life.  I’m out of control being 14,100 dollars in debt.  I have to pay my card off.  I must have a zero balance.  And the only way that’s going to happen is if I stop spending my money on garbage.

But smoking does relax me.  It has consquences though.  And I’ve been thinking about those consequences and the voices have been talking about bad things that could happen for I don’t know how long.  I want to embrace Tony Robbins’ acyronim CANI!… constant and never ending improvement.  And I could turn my life around if I could change my lifestyle.  I could get out of debt and give more money to my family.  That’s probably the biggest challenge I’m facing right now.  Quitting smoking.

So all this is what I’m thinking about on the day I didn’t win the 100 million.  Again.  I still believe I’m a jackpot winner.  And I still think it’s on it’s way to me.  But winning can wait for another time.  I have work to focus on, and improving along this holiday.  What I know is that family is the most important thing.  My dad taught me that after several of my own mistakes.

For now I bid you good day.  Have a great day.  May it be filled to the brim with countless blessings for you, yours, and the entire world.  Thanks for reading.  Take care.

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