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People Are Civil, Doordash in Columbia/Hanover, MD Is Ok

I wanted to start this post by saying people are civil.  It’s what makes societies peaceful.  By and large, people are civil.  If you make it through to old age, living and working around Baltimore, Maryland I’d say that God is on your side.  May God be with the righteous, and by our sides.

Granted we are all sinners, and Jesus died for us, to forgive us for being human so why shouldn’t we be civil.  You could say we owe it to God.  Not saying bad things don’t happen, because they do.  Just be thankful your not one of them.

I was a Dasher for Doordash this last Sunday.  I made $38 and change that day after expenses.  If I did that everyday I’d be a millionaire in 91 years.  Not that I have that long left.  To put it in perspective, I’m not making a lot of money.

But I am incredibly happy.  I’m happy with my wife, I’m happy with my life, and I have no problems.  At least I have no problems I can’t fix.  Or that I’m working on fixing.

I find that because I love God, and treat people with wits and the golden rule (of treating others how you would like to be treated), God takes care of me.  He gives me what I need to live.  Although it’s not luxury, I’m eating everyday, have shelter, have a working car to get to my job, and I am able to slowly pay my debts (slowly, but surely).  Paying my debts is where my focus is on right now, because once those are paid off there will be more money for my family.  It’s a battle, but I’m winning, and may the righteous always win in the end.  I think they will.

I know all this talk about God may be different from just talking about blogging.  That’s the beauty of blogging.  You can talk about anything.  I hope your not offended.  I do love God, because I believe in a God, and think he is benevolent and has my best interests at heart.  I think it just comes naturally when you think this way.

But I don’t read the bible everyday, and I don’t agree with everything in there.  Some of it I think was just meant to control people, people controlling people.  Didn’t have much to do with God.  That’s how I feel about some of the stuff in the bible.  I can’t be specific.

What I can tell you is I want to make money off this blog, so I would love to hear from you so you could tell me exactly what it is you want from me so that you would give me money in exchange for it.  I would write what you wanted.  Record what you wanted, and I would sell it to you for you to enjoy.  Let’s face it, if it’s going to take me 91 years to make a million dollars with Doordash, I’ve got to find a faster way to do it.  God has a way of working things out, and I just feel if you work it, it will work out for you.

I also feel that sometimes God hands things to you for you to keep and take care of.  Things like your house, your car, your wife and kids, your job, your body.  It doesn’t have to be perfect because your a human being, and human beings aren’t God so we’re not perfect.  But with His help we can live good lives.  We can be civil and give and not be harmed by our fellow human beings.  Even though there may be some instances where human beings have harmed you in the past.  You can remember that and take strength and wisdom into the world, but you also can take civility.

People are civil, it’s what binds us.  We may say some nasty things to each other, but we don’t fist fight.  This isn’t the school yard.

People are civil, and if your not going to pull the trigger on yourself and kill yourself, why do you think anyone else would do it, even if you are in Baltimore city.

Tips To Be More Peaceful For Bloggers

In reading “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer I find a great book.

In it he calls for one to embrace oneness with God.  To be God.  He suggests you use powerful, positive descriptors when saying “I am” about yourself.

In some instances, I like to say “I am Peace”.

In light of these thoughts I wanted to blog about what you can do to become more peaceful yourself.  These are my insights.

State That You Are Peace

By saying to yourself “I am peace” you are tapping into feelings that will manifest peace in your life.  The books say that your feeling is your destiny.  When you feel peaceful by repeating the mantra “I am peace”, the chance of you having a good day will be better.

Peaceful moments that turn into your life are rays of sunshine.  Without that ball of energy we call the sun, we wouldn’t exist.  I encourage you to bring more of those rays of sunshine into your life by practicing feeling at peace.

Maybe you have difficult moments or don’t want to think you’re compartmentalizing so that prevents you from stating that you are peace.  Well I’m a man of solutions so I want to get you over that hump by suggesting to you that you…

State That You Are Love

Just say this to yourself.  I don’t recommend telling your coworkers what you think you are because that may trigger their ego and they could try to stop you from thinking that you ARE indeed love.  Especially at first, just say it to yourself.

What would love do to the pain your in?

Would love get you through the pain?

I know love has gotten me through at lot of things, and is getting me through it still.

I like feeling God’s love.  When I state that I am God, or I am Love, I feel love.  When I feel love, I do better.  Really, I’m grateful to be a blogger, because that’s such an easy thing to love.  When I blog thinking I am a problogger, I work harder.  I play harder.

Maybe if you can be love, and feel love, you’ll be more open to becoming more peaceful.  To feel the healing of love work within you.  Is that maybe the solution to your pain?

I encourage you to take action and try it.  Try stating (to yourself) that you ARE love.  Then state that you ARE peace.  Feel the feelings of love and peace.  Dwell in them.  Soak in Love.  I guarantee your going to feel good.

 Act As If You Are Already Peaceful

When someone asks how your doing, if your not busy, respond to them by telling them you are good.  When you say your good, your opening yourself to that which is good.  And as they say God is good.

A lot of what I might be saying I hope puts you in touch with your divine nature.  I believe when we are acting as if we were God, or love, we are capable of so much more.

When someone refutes what you say you must be able to go within and replace that doubt (someone eles’s doubt), with your affirmation that you are indeed peaceful.

Gratitude might be helpful when trying to release anger and depression.  Be thankful for what you have, even if all you have right now is very little.

Start A Blog And Write Your Successes Of Living A Peaceful Life

When you align yourself with peace, you’ll no doubt have experiences that reflect a new found sense of peace.

You may find an employer where the people you work with are kind and understanding.  You may have more intimacy with your spouse.  You may form better bonds with your children.  You may be able to start a business and become self employed.  These things lead to fulfillment and happiness and wouldn’t that make you more peaceful?

I remember the days I was in sales.  I would blog about it.  Driving around and going to businesses and talking with the people there.  I had some success with it.  I blogged about my successes.  Getting business.

I found that sales wasn’t for me, at least not selling for somebody else.  For my day job, I prefer physical labor.  It just melts the stress away.  Being in sales isn’t easy for anyone, but for a schizophrenic, it’s even harder.  That’s why I’ve found I’m best at providing cheap labor, and just working my best on my blog in my free time (which I have plenty of).

What you can learn from my story is that you’ve got to do what’s going to help you sleep at night.  Something that gives you peace.  I’ve found it at my day job and with this blog, and of course with my family and friends.  I log it all on this blog, and I have a personal brand that has the mission of helping people to blog.  That’s only a taste of how I feel about blogging.


I hope you have gained some insight into how you can become more peaceful.  I know that I’m working on these methods and they are working great for me.  That coming from a schizophrenic should say something to you.  It works for everybody!

If you would like to purchase (I’ll get paid at no extra cost to you) the book I’m reading that’s giving me all these ideas, click the picture below and you can get your own copy.  I love mine, it’s really helped me.

I also, if you would like to join my email list, I would send you an email every once in a while, with my best most up to date writing that should be a blast for both you and me.  Any ways you can join here, or anywhere on this site.

Here’s to You,

Jesse Creel

Working 9 And A Half Hours For 7 Days Straight

That’s what I’m working now, I’m in the middle of it.  It’s Wednesday and my next day off is Easter Sunday.  We are very busy this time of year, a lot of work to be done, for long hours, and for days on end.

It really will be a ten day stretch for me.  And this probably isn’t even a big deal for a lot of you who just work your jobs during the Holidays, and get your hours.

But I really do love the holiday.  I work long hours and I get huge paychecks.  Huge in comparison to what I get the rest of the year.  And because they’ve given me raises since last year, this Holiday should be my best check yet.

But I’m sure it will all balance out, and even though I’ll be making more then when I started, I will not be making it like I did at my first good job.  One that was a terrible loss to take.

I increased my hourly pay from 10 dollars an hour to 18.50 an hour in 2 years.  That was a great success of mine.  I really know how to work hourly.  But I lost it all because of interpersonal ineffectiveness, and I couldn’t get along with the group.  But more than anything I was being driven into rock and roll and business.

So really, I want to focus on my strengths of getting promoted rapidly and I can worry about keeping the job after I get the raises.  I think now, looking back on it, an attitude of gratitude could have really helped me.  I was hating what I was doing.

Now I love what I do, and I love the people I work with, and it almost seems like a accident that it all happened like this.  I’m being promoted along with another friend of mine that also works there, and she started not long after I did.  She’s already an assistant manager!  So it’s the two of us going up together and it’s pretty cool.  Her as a manager and me as a salesperson.  Really, their only salesperson.

But I really think that anyone could get it, though something tells me that not everyone could do what I do.  But I think everyone has that potential, and really there’s only one way to find out if you can do something, and that is to DO IT!

I have a pretty long list of things I cannot do.  A lot of sales jobs.  I give all the credit to God for my current success, and when I look at it that way I can’t help but think that God just wasn’t with me when I was failing.  Maybe I should look at like God is always with us, and we merely have to be valuable people to make it in the world.

For me, because of my massive failure at my first really good job, I almost want to take a class on interpersonal effectiveness.  Although I do have a therapist, and he helps me with some of those things.  So it’s not like I haven’t really done anything about my problem with interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m working on it.

But as I mentioned earlier, I really think being grateful for my first job would have helped me get through and improve on those rough days with the people.  You can only keep your head down and work for so long before you have to take notice of what’s going on around you.  And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

In fact, that should really be the first thing you attend to when you get in.  Interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m not good at it.  It’s gotten me fired before.  I am lucky to have another chance at growth at a different job, but it was a long hard road getting from the first to second job.  And a lot of sales jobs and failures along the way.

Thank God I now get paid hourly to sell.  I’m not making 18.50 an hour but I am making more than when I started.  Three dollars and twenty five cents more.  It’s taken me almost two years to do that.  So not as good as the first job, but still good, still advancing.  Something to keep you interested.

But what I do right now is make almost $20,000 dollars a year, working at my hourly job.  I want to be able to take that and make it my MONTHLY income.  That would definitely be an achievement.  Something worth writing about.  So I’m set out to do it.  And I’m going to write my way there.

At least that’s the plan.  I also want to get an album together.  Something I could put up for sale.  I’m really going to give this internet thing a shot and see if I can make a million dollars.  Really I need 15 million, but a million is a start.  You gotta figure, after you make your first million, the other 14 have got to come easier.  At least that’s the way I see it.

But the way I see it, if you do it with passion, the money will come.  If you make something valuable, people are going to buy it.  If you are a good salesman, who lives your life in balance, you will sell things.  If you are a good worker, and do your job well, your boss will take care of you.  Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just the way I CHOOSE to look at things.

And I think that choice effects my reality.  It makes my life better.  I am taken care of because I am a good person who gives and takes care of other people.  Not that bad things won’t happen, and less bad things will happen then you think they will, but life is not without it’s struggles.

Take Jesus Christ for example.  His life was filled with suffering, and the way he died was no exception.  You gotta figure good people suffer everyday.

So if your good and your suffering, my heart goes out to you.  I wish I could give you twenty dollars.  My money goes to the church and to my family, and to my cigarettes and wine, and to gas and food.  And of course to my credit card.  Which the good news is I’m paying off.

But I do plan to give more to my church, so that people who are suffering can live a little bit better of a life.  If I really make it, I might look into other donations of charity.

For now, I want to sell ebooks and rock and roll so that I can buy a bigger house.  So I’m writing everyday.  I hope you have enjoyed this days post, I know I have enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for reading, take great care of yourself.

Peace and Love,

Jesse Creel

So I’ve Been Hearing Clicking Sounds On The Computer Screen

Yes, it’s been weird with all the voices at work but it’s been fun and it’s been good too.

But I’m paying my wife more money.  I’ve been working more because of the Thanksgiving holiday so I had more money to give.  So it’s going to be a nice Chirstmas.  We’re going to get our tree tonight.

We have a birthday party to go to.  A friend of ours.  Her daughter.  It should be good to see them.  They gave me the weekend off at work, which was like a dream come true.  So I have time to do things with my family.  Tomorrow I’m changing the brakes in my wife’s car.  My dad is going to help me do it because he’s more mechanical and has all the tools.  It doesn’t take long to do it.  Just have to take the tire off and pop off the brake pads, put the new ones in and pop it back on.  Then put the wheel back on and your done.  I’ve seen him do it a few times.  I help.

I had some wine last night, my wife bought it and two pizzas. I hadn’t had anything since last weekend.  I’ve just been so busy working that there was no time to drink, no money, no health to drink.  I needed food when I was working.  That’s what kept me motivated.  And I was making money!  Happy as a clam.

And the company I work for is great.  They give you all kinds of free stuff and bonuses during the holidays.  They say it’s the most important time of the year and if it weren’t for the holidays they wouldn’t exist. So they give you money and wish you peace and love in their letters to you, the ones that come with money, and they tell you your important and thank you for working.  It’s really very nice.  Makes you want to work there.

But I’ve been driving the truck and I hope that I can keep driving it.  I love driving the truck.  I love doing the deliveries.  It’s something that I can do.  I can also lift and I do some of that too.  50 pound boxes over and over again.  Taking them from one spot to the other.

But I love my wife and I love my family and it’s my number one priority to spend time with them when I’m not working.  We went to Laurel racetrack on Thanksgiving.  It’s a tradition that we started 4 years ago to go on Thanksgiving.  We see and pet the horses and place a bet on one of the races.  They give away free coffee and donuts, and if you buy a program, which only costs 3 dollars you get a free pie on your way out.  I bought the program just for the pie.  They also had basketball games that cost a dollar per turn and air hockey that we played.  We took lots of pictures.

Just wanted to update my blog, still have things to do today… hope your holiday goes smoothly and many blessings to you and yours.  Thank you.  Jesse Creel.

Schizophrenic Plays The Blues Guitar And Sings Improv For Son

This song is about my feelings of being happy for my son’s first birthday.  I want to give him good advice so he can be an outstanding success in all areas of his life.  This is why I find it so easy to improv over E.  But I’m a schizophrenic and I hear voices and it drags me down.  The question is how can I use the schizophrenia to better my life.  The answer is to get the Cancer voices to help me stop smoking.  And all the other non useful and hateful garbage.

But this is just a taste of what a schizophrenic can do on the guitar and with his voice and with his mind.  If you have authority out there and want to look into developing me, you and I could strike a deal.  Play music, record albums, play shows.  I don’t know how much of that I would have left in me though.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.  All the pot, cigarettes, and alcohol.  I am having a glass of wine right now.  It’s the last of my wine.  My wife still has some white left I think so I may be stealing a glass of that later.  Stealing is such a bad word though, it’s more like I’m in the process of replacing the wine.  But really I’m not going to be buying any more alcohol for a while.  I just am valuing the money.  Spend it on food.  And drink water.  That’s the plan.  And after my body is recovered from the smoking I can start running.  That would be an outstanding success if I could do 2 miles 5 times a week.

But who am I kidding, I love drinking and smoking.  I just got to stop though.  That’s all there is to it.  Start running.

But i must win the lottery.  My standard for money is to what I want with who I want when I want to do it.  The lottery will give me that.  And It will feel good.  I feel good now just thinking about it.  You have a credit card to pay off the voices say.  That reminds me of a zero balance.  Great the voice says.  She’s in front of me a little to the right.  I must win the lottery I think to myself.  I must stop smoking cigarettes even more than I need to win the lottery, which is alot.  My book might sell, you never know, and that could give me the money I need.  I could get a record deal.  That could pay me.  I’m not ashamed of it either, I’m doing it for money.  And for love of the art.  To create. And be paid for it.   Professional.  I can still write 7 books and work a part time job.  I do need to pay off my credit card at least 400 dollars a month.  But I can keep the rest I make to live off of.  And I could write 7 books.  My life story.  2 decades.  I’d be happy with a 7 part series.  Leave my work behind.  I think life is worth what you make it.  I’ve just made mine worth millions of dollars.  At least that’s the goal.  I would like to make over 100 million dollars one way or the other.  That’s the goal.  Really I must win the lottery to realize that kind of money, because I just don’t know that there’s any other way for me to get that kind of money.  Could 7 books do it?  If they were massively successful, each book selling 20 million copies I probably could make over 100 million dollars selling books.  The experts will tell you I’m crazy, but I’m not.  I just see it the way I want to see it.  And i can, and I must win the lottery now.

I want to live that life now.  And write my books on the beach.  That would be the life… why wait until your books become successful when you can have it now?  Write books, play the lottery… you never know what could happen.  Especially if your actively focusing on winning the jackpot like I am.  I’m certain that one day it’s going to happen, and I’ll win an outstanding jackpot.  I was thinking about tonight’s drawing earlier today and I was thinking will I win tonight?  The answer I heard in my head was no, tonight was not the night.  Despite hearing that I wrote all this shit down.  You’re not even supposed to share until it happens, but it’s just part of my life, some people might even call me addicted to gambling.  But i’m not addicted, I’m in the process of winning the JACKPOT!  That’s just the way it goes.

But I love you and want to thank you for reading this.  And listening to me freestyle on the guitar.  Thank you and I love you, please leave a comment.

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