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The Blog Post To Help YOU Write The Next Best Blog Post

With this post I want to inspire you to take action and write your own blog post.  And if your reading this, and you’ll want to, you’ll want to write the best blog post on the planet.

One day at a time.  One blog post at a time.  Take over the planet.  Set your information free.  Get paid.  I say that’s what it’s all about.

And you can do it and feel good at the same time.

I’m feeling good off of the three beers I had leftover from a six pack I bought yesterday off of my sales mileage money.

Bad habit.

My work doesn’t have the best salespeople.  They drink and smoke, and don’t live balanced lives.  They definitely eat though.

And some times, during the holidays, work buys the food.  Yesterday they bought chicken, and today they bought pizza.  And they bought a lot of it.  The workers were taking home 4 slices a piece.  And donuts too.  I should have eaten more…

But I had three slices of pizza.  Two thin crust, chicken BBQ.  And one piece of cheese.  It felt good, especially since I had already had a turkey sandwich, a banana, and grapes for lunch.  That didn’t really fill me up though, I wanted more.  Especially after not smoking a lot.

I only had 3 cigarettes when I started work this morning, and that lasted me to almost 1 pm.  That was pretty good considering I did a lot of driving.  And when I’m driving I tend to smoke a lot.

I got bye though until about 4 o’clock and I heard my boss bought a pack of cigarettes even though she doesn’t smoke, just to give them out to the holiday help.

It’s not really a holiday, but these workers come in and help us do massive quantities of product, and without their help we wouldn’t be able to do the job.

So they feed them.  And talk nice to them.  Mostly.

They tell you to hurry up, or not to toss the tomatoes so hard on to the foil.  So as not to spray another worker with juice, especially when it’s your boss.

And I had that experience today.

Really I love working.

There is one woman there who says I’m one of her work husbands.  She says she has a lot of them, but I’m one.

And when my boss was telling the story today to 5 or 6 people about how a customer told me my eyes were beautiful, and she was in her 70’s and said she wasn’t flirting with me.

My boss overheard the whole thing and told the story about it today in front of all the holiday help.  And the rest of my bosses at that.

She was also remarking about how I was doing an excellent job doing everything.  Putting the foil down, laying out 2 tomatoes on each foil, wrapping the foil.  I was doing everything.  As it was needed.

When some foil needed to be laid down, I laid the foil down.  When it was better I wrapped the tomatoes, I wrapped the tomatoes, and so on.

I worked with the rest of the team.

And in that factory sort of setting I can really get into a groove.

Do it really fast, with a high quality.

And at the end of the day, my bosses always tell me I did a good job.

And I’m paying taxes.

I’m contributing to society.

And that’s more than some schizophrenics can say.

To be honest it’s a little much for me to take on making money off this blog.  To say that I’m working 30 hours a week and 50 hours on holidays is a miracle. I’m lucky to have my boss who helped me by giving me a job through my brother.  It really is a miracle I’m even working considering I got fired 7 years ago.

Now I’m suffering making half of what I used to make.

But it’s better than it was considering two years ago I had nothing and wasn’t really working at all.

Really what I’ve been up to is spending my money on alcohol and cigarettes and living it up.

Enjoying myself.

Bad example, but fun.

Now I’m winding down.

On Mother’s day I drank 10 beers, and I drank another 10 beers the Monday after that.  I drank 6 the day after, and now I’ve only had 3.

I think it’s about time I change my ways.

Quit smoking and drinking.

Makes me want to smoke just thinking about it.

I fight through it.  I have to wait.  I have to do what I’m doing.  I have a purpose I need to fulfill.  And so do you.  So write that blog post about that.  And do it with passion.  Write the best blog post on the planet.  And then try to do that everyday for 90 days.  I’m trying but I did 6 days a week for a month, and after that I’ve probably only written 3 times a week.

But I’m still keeping up with it.  And I think it’s only a good thing.  I think it would help any human being on the planet.  Become a better person.

For me it’s made me realize that I drink too much and I shouldn’t smoke.  Now I just really need to take action and quit the habit.

I had a meditation tool that I used called Centerpointe.  It was a product that you sat there for an hour with headphones on and it made the two lobes of your brain work together to get whole brain functioning.

It was like meditating for 30 years and then meditating.  All through technology.

One of my sales trainers in my head told me that I shouldn’t use that stuff.  It’s supposed to change your awareness forever.  For me all that happens is the grass is greener.  The sky bluer, my wife’s love deeper.

I’m happy I did it.  I think it may have had something to do with the schizophrenia?  I don’t know.

I certainly didn’t consider myself a schizophrenic when I was using the product.

That was years later that I was finally broken and admitted to a doctor that I heard voices.

After that it was medication and therapy, and has been ever since.

I’ve read in Elyn Saks book “The Center Cannot Hold” about how she would go off her medication because she was taught in a rehab that drugs are bad, and she didn’t want to be taking anything.

But she would always go crazy when she stopped taking her meds.

So I say stick on your medication, no matter what your taking, whether it be medication for schizophrenia, or high blood pressure.

The miracle of modern medicine.  Keeps us alive.

How do you write the greatest post on the planet?

Write about you.  You are original.  There is only one of you out there, and there will only ever be one of you out there.  You have the opportunity to make a masterpiece.  Make a masterpiece.

And who knows.  Maybe if you write good enough stuff for long enough, you ‘ll have enough readers that want to buy something from you and you can sell them things and make money.

Sounds stupid.  But so is drinking and smoking.

I figure I would give the blog a try sober and smoke free and maybe running.

I think I may really go for it.

I think I can do it.

I want to do it pretty badly.

I’m just so ugly.

People tell me I’m attractive, and so do the voices, but my cigarette addiction does make me feel a little less attractive.

The voices tell me I’m sick.  And a lot of times I do feel sick.  Not right.  Just making it.  In pain.  Can’t smoke any more.  Wanting to smoke anyways.  I almost want to go to cigarette rehab.

I try to smoke less and I smoke more.  It’s ridiculous.  At least it gives me something to write about.  Although I could be writing about more constructive things like working out, or running.

That would be better for me.  Healthier.  I would be a more fit person.  I already eat.  So I’m good there.  I just need to exercise and stop smoking and do the thing the best I can do it.

I say all this shit and then I smoke.  I’m addicted.  It’s ridiculous.

I really need to clean up my act and be a better worker.  The only problem with that is that I’m doing great at the job drinking and smoking.

Well I don’t drink on the job, but I do drink after.  And sometimes I do feel it the next morning.  Makes you feel like you don’t want to work.  But I always do.  I go to work.

I just got to quit the cigarettes.  Say it once, say it a thousand times.  Eventually I’ll walk the walk.  And I’ll be a better salesman because of it.  And my works salespeople will get better, and there may even be another promotion in store for me.

How do YOU write the blog post to begin all blog posts?

Write like your life depended on it.  Write like someone was holding a gun to your head.

Or write like you want to get the thing done so you can have a cigarette.

And if you really want to smoke then that could really get you writing.

Give you motivation.

To get the job done.

Not saying you should smoke.  I would never encourage anyone to do that to themselves.

But I do it.

And I say you should be sober too.

Except maybe on special occasions, with family or friends for parties.

There are not enough parties to have a problem as long as your not drinking by yourself excessive quantities.

The point though, especially if you want to write the greatest blog post in the world, is to make money.

I have a family, I need money. The more money the better.  So I’m all about increasing my income.  At my job, at this blog, and at the lottery.

If figure playing THOSE games will leave me rich at some point.  Especially if I can STOP spending my money on destructive things like alcohol and cigarettes.

I think sober I might even write better.

I’m sure it would be harder at first, but I don’t think that would last.  I think it would be better that I could take my wife out every month to eat somewhere, because I had an extra 200 dollars that month from not smoking.

We could go out to eat twice for that much.

And eat and drink and enjoy.  Out in public.  Playing the game.

When I go out and the voices of the other people start talking to me in my head, I don’t really say much back to them in my head.  I just let it ride and listen to them all.  Occasionally I’ll chime in for balance.

Really I like it when I go out and hear their voices.  Sometimes they tell me sexy things, and if it’s a girl it’s pleasing.  Men like talking too.  Sometimes they say murderous things, like they hate people.  All I know is there is no reason to fight and every reason to be civil with one another.

That’s what you learn when you’ve been fired from the best job you ever had in your life.

You learn your lesson.

Don’t fight.

It’s not the right thing to do.

Maybe you could scream at one another for a while, or maybe talk it out.

Or maybe just let it be.  And let someone go off angry and let them decide on how they are going to take it.

Hopefully they make the most of their anger and learn to become better.

That’s all I’m talking about so when you write your next blog post, the one that’s going to begin your journey on writing the greatest blog post on the internet, and write them everyday, think of how YOU can become better.

Write that all down.

That will be a journey for your reader to take with you, and you both will learn as a result.

So here’s to your successful post,

Happy writing,

Jesse Creel

How Do I Improve When I Have Schizophrenia?

The simple answer is instead of visualizing yourself dying, visualize yourself getting better.

The simple question “how do I improve?” is a powerful one.

It will take your mind away from killing yourself and put it to use doing something constructive.

That all depends on your answers to the question “how do I improve?”.

For me I would like to stop smoking and drinking, maybe limit myself to one glass of red a day, and quit cigarettes.  But right now that seems like a far off dream.

But I want to make it happen rapidly so that I can save enough money to start selling on commission again.

You see, that’s where I made a mistake in my past.  I sold while paying my expenses with a credit card.  This time I don’t want to repeat that mistake, so I’m going to save three months of pay and when I have that I’m going to make the jump into commission.  It could really make this blog come alive!

I no doubt would be working more, but I really would have the opportunity to make a lot more.

I read today on a Craigslist ad that one of this companies top earners made $200,000 last year.  And being the way I am I want to be a top earner too.  So I figure that’s the kind of money I’m looking at if I’m successful in my next commission job.

That would be way up from $20,000.

That would be the kind of money I’m talking about.

Once you’ve made that kind of money, you have GOT to know how to improve and make it even better.  On your way to being a multi millionaire.

All through smarts.

And I think books are vital.

I don’t read enough.

I’m always writing.

But I’m going to get back into it, and order some more books on sales.  I want to learn more and become better.  Filled with MORE knowledge.

I just think that’s the way it should be done.

And I’m a successful schizophrenic.  Successful in the way that I earn an income working an hourly job.  And I get promoted at this job.  I am now their salesperson.

I really am making the most of my time at my job.  I doing well.  And I hear voices everyday.  When I try to stop smoking the voices and the visions of people talking to me become more intense.

So I smoke because it’s easier to live.

But I know it’s not good for me, so I’m trying to stop.

I’m only 32 so I figure with modern medicine I should still have a pretty long life ahead of me.

With my own self, taking care of myself, I should be fine.  And so will my family.  They will be fine.

I think I got these promotions at my job by asking myself the question how do I improve?.  And I even told my bosses I was schizophrenic and was trying to stop smoking and drinking.  They liked talking to me.  They say they trust me.

And they must because they send me out with no leads and 16 box lunches to deliver to local businesses.  For free!  I’m giving away two free box lunches to each place I stop at.  That’s my job.

But I figure this blog can only help me develop myself and become a better salesman and ultimately make more money and help more people.

Because in all honesty I’ve thought about it, and I have ways I could make money off this blog, but they are just going to take time.  And I could probably make more money working a commission sales job in a short period of time, then trying to sell ebooks and rock and roll albums.

Although I want to do both.

Really I just have to get incredibly busy.  I’ve got my ebook that needs editing, I’ve got rock and roll songs to write.  I’ve got this blog to keep up with.  I STILL am trying to write for 90 days straight.  So far I’ve taken quite a few days off.

But I’m still writing and I will try to write everyday until the end of July.  That would be something like doing it for 90 days.  I say that would be good for anyone.  I know it’s good for me and this blog.

More content the better.

Even if it’s not your best stuff, your still doing something.  Your still TRYING to add value.  Your working on your masterpiece.  And some of your posts really hit the nail on the head.  You’ve just got to keep doing it.  You’ve just got to keep rocking it.

But my boss told me that if we make more money then we’re supposed to this summer, as a result of my sales calls, I might be looking at another promotion.  At least that’s what I got out of it.  All I know is that I just want to do my job well and do it better than the best I can do it.

I told my boss today, that I just tried to enjoy the ride.  I figure if I’m enjoying talking to people and giving away free lunches, then that will rub off on the people I talk to.  And they will have a better experience.  A free lunch and a good feeling.

And that kind of work pays off.  People buy and tip when you do those kinds of things.  And some of them don’t just buy once, they buy several times.

But selling again on commission, well I could fall flat on my face again.  The way I see it is, that won’t matter.  What does matter is that I did it the right way.  I saved enough money to not work for 3 months, and try commission selling again, and if it didn’t work after 3 months then I could go back to my old job.  Because I gave them notice of course.

So really there would be nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The next step for me is to save diligently until I get to the point where I can do something like that.

And you bet I would buy some nice clothes, maybe even a couple new suits.  If I stopped smoking and drinking I would save an incredible amount of money and could afford to do this much more easily.

That’s the trick.  I’m a schizophrenic and the voices disturb me when I’m not smoking so I smoke.  It’s really very screwy.  Relying on something to make you happy.  I would probably learn a lot if I could ever get myself to quit.  God help me, at some point I will.

And live my life more in balance.

But I figure the best thing I can do in the meantime is to blog.  People are reading my work and commenting on it.  I’m doing a good job with this blog.  I want to keep putting the good work into it so it blossoms into something beautiful.  What that will be at this point I don’t know.  It could just be a mission of personal development.

But I could really stand to make a profit off of my work.  I’ve just got to figure out a way to do that.  I guess I’m going to have to start writing another ebook.  Another one, and one I could sell. Whether it be a commission sales job or this blog I’m going to make a lot of money doing something.  My $20,000.00 a year gig is not all there is for me.

I’m not afraid of hard work.  I’ll write until I bleed if I have to.  In fact that’s the only way I want it.  I WANT it to be a labor of love.  So I’ve just got to keep doing it and make a masterpiece of it.

Some folks say I write about nothing.  But I think I write for you to take action and improve your life.  I think my writing could be the catalyst for you to take a walk or a run and that would make your life better.  Either run out what you just read or savor the material and let it make you rich.

Either way I’m a busy guy.

So how do you improve when your a schizophrenic?

I say when your voices start telling you to die, you simply change your focus to how you can improve your life right now and take action on those thoughts.

Work, blog, spend time with your family, do housework, clean, write in your journal, read a book, exercise, eat something that’s good for you.  Do something right in your life.

And if you are a schizophrenic, don’t forget to shower and shave.  It will be good for you to keep up on your hygiene.  And don’t forget to floss.

How do you take action and improve?

Ask yourself that question for the next 24 hours and see what happens to you.

See if you want to keep asking yourself that question.

I do, and I hope you will too.

When I ask myself that question it leads me to how I can improve this blog…

Get my picture up, offer a freebee for getting on my list, editing my ebook, writing another e book, one I could sell, and that’s a lot for starters.  I could also get off my blog and start commenting on other blogs and putting my website on other websites.

All things I plan to do now that I’m going to reel back the drinking and smoking.

You’ll be getting a better quality of work from me, I’m sure, as each day that passes I get better.  I really think I can make it blogging.  I’m going to keep doing it for the rest of my life and see what happens.

Or maybe not the rest of my life, maybe just for the next 8 years.  I’ve already got 2 years into it, I figure I’ll go another 8 and make it 10 and see what I have then.  If I don’t have a successful business by then, maybe I’ll just hang it up or just blog for fun.

But the way I see it is, I’ll probably have a six figure income from this blog in the time it takes to save enough to start a commission sales job.  And I’ll have plenty of money to start with another network marketing company if I want.  The future does look pretty good.

All because I found a job, thanks to my brother, who I love and am grateful for.

And that job lets me do everything I do.  Without it I would have nothing.  So suiting up and showing up is no problem for me.

And if more mild schizophrenics like me, took the attitude of positivity and made the most of what they were doing, the world would be a better place for schizophrenics and others alike.  I’m just an example of ONE mild schizophrenic who is becoming part of the community.

Not just laying on the couch listening to the voices.

But actively contributing to society.  Earning an income and paying taxes.

Helping to keep everything running.

And I know not all schizophrenics can do that.  But to those of you who WANT to work, just know you can.  You CAN find a job where your boss likes you and wants you to succeed.  You CAN find a job where you can get promotions and feel like your growing in your professional life.  You CAN WRITE! and keep a list of all the things that are happening to you, to let the world know you are alive and kicking and things are getting better.

This can be done.  I know you and I can do this.  We can work, we can blog, we can take care of ourselves and help to take care of our families.  It can be a very beautiful life.  Take action and take control of your life now and start writing.

You will be happy you did.

Thanks for reading,

As always, take care,

Jesse Creel

Sales And Pouring Out Two Blue Tailed Skinks From The Ashtray

Because I did both today.

At my job, and at home while I was drinking and smoking.

The sales calls were good.  A couple of people said they would buy.  Considering I only went to 5 places that’s pretty good.

I got off early at my request and then went home and had a friend stop over.  We drank a beer together and then he left.

When he was gone I saw a Blue Tailed Skink in the ashtray.

Well, what I was using as an ashtray.

It was actually my wife’s mother’s day present she was given by I think my mom and my daughter.

I didn’t have anywhere else to put the butts.

But there was a lizard in there a few days ago, and I tried to set him free by tipping the flower pot over.

He only went further into the cigarette butts.

So I let him be.

Today when I threw a lit cigarette butt in there I saw him again.  He sat there right next to the lit butt and the smoke at one point went into his eyes and he shut them.

Otherwise it looked like he was looking and blinking at me.

I couldn’t stand it so I took the flower pot out back to the woods.

I pour the cigarettes out and the lizard went deeper.

I poured more cigarettes out, ones that were stuck in there, and two lizards came out.  Black with blue stripes.

One looked like a baby!

There were two lizards in my ashtray and I set them free today.

When I dumped them out they took a bit of coaching to scurry off but the big one took off first.

Straight into the woods.

Then the little one was curled up on a cigarette butt and just laying there.

When he took a look at me I could see him breathing more.  His belly was moving.  It wasn’t long after that, as I was picking up the last cigarette butts, he scurried under the middle of my shoe.

I got the feeling that he thought I was his shelter.  I was talking to him afterall.

But I put an end to that and told him he could make it even without his mother.  And he scurried off underneath our shed.

I hope he makes it.

And then there was the sales.

I talked to my wife about getting a commission job and by the looks of it, she wouldn’t mind if I tried making $100,000.00 dollars dollars a year.  I might be able to do it finally.

But really I think I might be better off just writing and trying to sell Empower Network to my list, once it gets big enough.  And if I think Empower Network is the way I want to go.

All I know is that if I keep writing I’m going to get more comments and that engagement COULD turn into email subscribers.  I think my chances will be better if I give something away for free in exchange for them taking the time and energy to put their name and email address into this website.

So I think that I’ve got to do.

Because I WANT to send my list the most valuable content on the planet right to their email address.  I want to get in the business of building long term relationships with the people on the internet.

And I want to do this using this blog and my writing.

Give it away freely, and see what happens.

I hear good things happen, especially when it’s really valuable stuff.

I’m not much on links or headings or that kind of thing, but I think I might start  on trying to improve there.  I think it would do this blog good.

I think that might be for another day though.

Although I thought yesterdays post was really the cats pajamas.  You can read it here.

I’m listening to the rolling stones on repeat.

They talk to me.  They tell me to live.  I like them.

That’s the thing music can do for people.  It can help them live.

I write music.  I’m working on it now.  I’ve got three songs done.  I might even publish it.  Maybe I’ll make it free at first, and then learn and then maybe get something up for sale.  That way by the end of this ten year stunt blogging I’ll have a real business on my hands.

God help me this post was supposed to be about sales and lizards.

But I just write, and I hope you enjoy it!

I’m optimistic and I think most people will.

I have hope for the future.

But if you have a family you need a job, even if your a schizophrenic like me.

And hopefully you can make blogging your job… but until that day comes,  you have to work for someone else who will pay you.

The more I think about it the more commission sales seems attractive.  And I like being on the road.

So maybe I can find another sales job that will pay me more money than I’m making now.

I’d say after another few months working the sales job at my current job will put me into a pretty good position to get another sales job, building on my current success.

I think I can do it.  I think I can make $100,000.00 dollars a year or something selling cars or something.

That would be only if I could find my way to being a hero of sales.

Hard to do, easy to say.

Easy to say your quitting cigarettes.

So on, it goes.

I just keep writing.

On and on it goes, and it will for as long as I live, and I plan to stick around for a while.

I’ll probably improve.  That’s what the writing leads us to.

I’m drinking plenty and eating good so really I’m living pretty high on the hog.  I do love my job and I love my life.  I play to win the jackpot.  I know I’m going to win.

I’ve even entertained hitting the jackpot more than once, maybe even three times.

Most likely I’ll never even win one, but I hold out hope.

It’s a possibility.

And that’s only one thing I’m doing.

I’m also working and keeping this blog.

Who knows what’s going to happen to it.

Hopefully it’s get read, and I improve by writing it.

And write better stuff.

And I think I do.

Yesterdays post might have been my best post to date, and I can only see it getting better with my love and commitment to it.

Not to mention the drinking and smoking.  That must do something to the writing.  Sauce it up.

I do drink all the time, but some people would think that’s healthy.

I think I’d be better off quitting, but I’m having a hard time quitting.

That’s my personal struggle I’m going through right now, but I could just get stronger and just smoke and drink.

But I think the times coming to an end, what are you going to do?

I would say I’m going to live a better life with my family.

Or who knows, maybe I’ll learn how to drink in moderation.

And not smoke.

And then the writing would suffer.  It just wouldn’t come like it does now.

That’s probably mistake one.  Depending on drinking to write.

Though I don’t have to drink to write.  Sometimes it’s coffee.

I like to drink coffee and write in the morning.

I’ll probably do more of that tomorrow.

I have the day off.

My family won’t be home.  I have plans to go out and eat over at a friends house.  It should be a good time.

And I’ll be back in time to see my family before their off to bed.

Then back to work the next day.

All while writing everyday.

And telling the world about my experience, good and bad.

And it’s going great!

But in all reality, I’m probably NOT going to get another sales commission job any time soon.  I’m going to first PROVE myself at my current sales job, that way I have a golden foot in the door at the next place.  Coming from sales success already.  I have the ticket.

I have the stuff it takes to sell stuff.

And I don’t.

I’m the yin and the yang.  Something good about both parts of them.  People like you rocking it.  Even if you feel like you might be dying and the voices are telling you you are, and encouraging you to die.  It’s like the universe is trying to kill you.

That’s part of the life of a schizophrenic.

And I wrote a book about it called “The Schizophrenic Lives On”.  And it’s just about that.  It’s about living.  And it’s about supporting life.

Really it’s about me drinking and smoking and playing the lottery.

Everyday, I’m going to win, and each day just repeats the last.  And it ends with me successfully completing my first Christmas with my job.  That Holiday will really work you.  I couldn’t do it the first time around.

But now I can, and I do, and it’s a good experience for me, and I get paid a lot more than I do for the average week of the year.

And on and on it goes.

I do this for fun and profit.

I have fun, and I’m looking to profit.

And I hope you have the same spirit.

I’m sure some people would spit on me for the things I write about, but that’s going to happen no matter who you are.  If your being honest, there are going to be people who don’t like you.  That’s just the way it goes.  It doesn’t bother me.

Sales, what this post is supposed to be about.

Some people don’t like salespeople and they make it obvious by putting “NO SOLICITING” signs on their doors.  For a door to door salesperson that’s a blow.  But what are you going to do?

For me it’s a non issue because I’m giving them two free box lunches.  One ham sandwich and one turkey sandwich.  Both of them have chips, a drink, a cookie and a pickle.  It’s really not a bad deal for a little more than ten dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s expensive, but you get your monies worth.  A lot of hard work goes into making that ham and turkey, and people’s love.

And there’s some sex in there too.

Like anything else that sells, there’s some sizzle and some sex.

On the holidays we don’t go without a pretty girl or two in front pulling hams out for people.

And we have some cute people that work for us.

Maybe we don’t have THAT much sex, but we definitely have hustle.  And our organization is getting better.  Coming into the store for me has really seen an improvement, a new staff, and building a community.

We smile.

It’s better.

We do a good job with reviews.

People like our stuff.

Sure we get some complaints, but even when people complain they are civil and no one is going to fight you.  Although after they’ve finished putting on that show you may want to fight them.  But you don’t because your better than that.

You have your job to think of.

People can be mean, and not want you… even if you are good.

But most people will so take heart, your in good hands.

Because I do believe people are good.  And that they are improving, and getting better each day.  That’s what evolution is all about!  We are doing it with our ideas.  With our reading and writing.  It’s glorious!

But the glory really goes to God, because he’s the one that made this all possible.

Thank You God.  Thank You Jesus.

I am a believer in Jesus.

He stands for forgiveness.

Not that I care to need that.

But I do.

And I want to be better so that I have to answer for less.

I think that’s a better way.

Maybe still going to hell.

Won’t know until we get there.

But I think that if I do enough good stuff maybe I will pass the test.  Who knows, maybe I can make enough money to give enough money to make up for all the stuff I’ve done in my life.

Maybe just maybe I’ll hit the jackpot tonight.

I’ll let you know.

Check on back, or sign up for the email list.

Leave a comment, let me know your out there…. I know you are.

Thank you,

Jesse Creel

Back To The Routine Of Working And Writing Everyday

Today I did 5 hours.

When I got off I bought a 12 pack of Miller Lite cans.

I’ve had 2.

And I’m still smoking even though I asked my subconscious mind to help me stop last night.  I slept in and then bought a pack on my way to work.

There are two ways you could look at the way I live my life.

Either you could say that I just need to be stronger and it’s fine to live the way I do.

Or you could say that my life would be a lot better if I stopped drinking and smoking.  I would say my health, my money, it would be better for my kids, a number of reasons.

All I can say is that I’m trying to stop, and it’s not working.

Maybe you can help me by leaving an insightful comment.

I’ve been reading the web about how to make money off of your blog.

I read a post on yesterday when I was hanging out with my family that made me think that maybe I don’t have it in me to make $100,000.00 dollars dollars a month off this blog.  They do it, but they have several products for sale, all of varying prices.  And the top price is $10,000.00.

You can read it all by going here.  They do it, and they want to teach you how to do the same thing.  Go here and read it now, and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

That blog, along with another I’ve read makes over $100,000.00 dollars dollars a month.

If you ask me, why NOT be obsessed with money.  It’s a good thing.  It helps you get to where you want to be.  It makes you feel good.

That’s why I write dollars dollars.

The crazy thing is that after reading that post, I don’t know if I CAN make a product that I could sell for $10,000.00, or $5,000.00, or $2,500.00.

I’m working on an ebook that I was thinking of putting up for sale for $4.99.  That’s all I’ve got!

So what in God’s name do I do.

Considering I thought by writing this blog everyday I was bringing myself closer to quitting my job and being an entrepreneur by profession.

Granted I did need some rest.  If you haven’t been reading everyday, the new posts, I wrote for about a month and took 5 days off during that month.  3 at the very end of it, all in a row.

I was drinking too much and wanting to quit cigarettes and heaven help me I didn’t want to write.

I tried one of the three nights to write, but I wanted to write about the Powerball and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

But this stuff has to be useful for people.  Even if I make no money at all…

I don’t want to write shit everyday.

I want to be a man of value.

I guess it comes down to my personal life, and how I live.

Because I’ve talked about work.  I’ve talked about my income at my job, and doing sales there and getting raises and bonuses.  Even though I’m not getting much, I’m getting more than the average worker there, and there are only a few people like that.  Besides me, the rest of the people making more money is managers with years into the company.

Anyways, I’m doing great at my job and the future is bright.

The point is how I’m living my personal life.

The point is the drinking and smoking is influencing me, even controlling me.

The voices have said I need to get help.

I HAVE help.  I have a therapist.

Really, my life is going great, it’s just that I don’t FEEL good.

Everyday there’s something about my body that makes me feel like I’m dying and the voices then tell me to die.  It’s ugly.  My customers voices say I have a coffin.

Really, sometimes, I don’t know what they mean.

Really though, I’m good.

But a lifestyle change of becoming a non smoker, sober, runner, would probably dramatically change my life for the better.

Except the suffering of eliminating those problems gets to me and I break down and drink and smoke.  It’s really a weakness.

This is the brutal truth people.  I wouldn’t be telling you this if it didn’t matter.  This is what’s happening to me right now, and I’m happy to report that overall things are going great.  Really if I am a drunk, I’m only an amateur drunk that could easily be out drinken by Hemingway or Bukowski.  They would probably boast that they could out drink me.

But I do drink enough that I don’t easily get drunk.  For me to get drunk it would take a lot of alcohol and the better part of the night.

At any rate, I hope this serves you and you can crack a beer and enjoy yourself, because your not me and you don’t have these problems.  Most of the world can drink moderately and enjoy themselves.  They don’t go through this misery.

But they say the cure is worse than the disease.  And trying to stop I can see what they are talking about.  But really I’ve got to be stronger and give it another go, for myself, for my family, for the rest of the world.

Because I’m a schizophrenic, and I think the voices may not effect the whole world, but they do affect my neighborhood, my country.  That could just be a delusion, but when your smoking too much and you start hearing other people coughing, it makes you think you might be making them sick by proximity.

I know that could be bullshit too, but it gets me thinking.  And I think I really would like to give it a try.  Try not smoking or drinking and see what happens.  It would probably be a lot of hell for a while, but then I think I would stand a better chance at being a better person.

Living more by my values.

Alas, the cigarettes help me cope with the voices.   The statistic is that 90% of schizophrenics smoke.  That’s part of why they attribute shorter lifespans for schizophrenics.  They smoke.

I could be in the 10%.

I want to be.

And I don’t.

It’s screwed.

What are you going to do.

I guess tonight I’m going to ask my subconscious again how I can quit smoking.  See what happens.

For now I just want you to take something from this.  And what you should take from it is that even if your drinking and smoking you can still work a job and support your family.  And you can still blog.

Whether or not you make any money off your blog will probably depend on whether or not you can get sober.  But who knows?

Most likely I will never make any substantial income from this blog.  That’s what the statistics say.  I read somewhere that the average writer only makes a few hundred dollars off each ebook if that.

That’s not going to cut it for me.

I need about 15 million.

So I’ve either got to be an outstanding success and sell a million copies of several different ebooks.  OR I’ve got to make a $10,000.00 product and others go along with it.

The problem I have, as I imagine many people do, is I don’t know how to make something that’s worth $10,000.00.  I learned a lot at the Empower Network, and one of their products cost $3,500, but I don’t know how I would make one of my own.

And I might not even put my first ebook up for sale.  I might give it away as a freebie for my email list.  I thought by the comments I was getting that I was going to get subscribers right away, but it must be over a month now and I still have zero.

But I’m not giving away anything for free.

So really I think I just have to do a better job.

I’m still waiting for my friend to review my first ebook so I can edit it AGAIN and rewrite some of it, so that it’s good for public consumption.

So maybe I’ll make that my freebie and then go from there.  I AM still a leading learner, and this is where I am, so this is what I’m teaching you.

And I can teach you to write 6 days a week for a month.  I’ve done that.

And I plan to write 6 days a week for 3 months.  Today is starting fresh.  Once I do that, I will be able to teach anyone how to blog for 90 days with passion and value.

But you tell me if it’s valuable.  Leave a comment.

What I can tell you is that you can be successful, even if your a schizophrenic married with children.  You don’t have to be a house dad.  You can go out there and work.  And you can sell!

I sold 6 deals in a month.  That’s better than one a week.  And I only do it for three days in a week.  So really, I’m maximizing what I do for them in shorter periods of time.

Which is fine, because it gives me time to work on my personal life.

Though part of me wants to work 40 hours a week, with the Holidays off, at a better pay rate.

Part of me wants to go into commission sales again, where I could make 6 figures a year.  Pre-set appointments.  All I have to do is sell.

But I don’t think I’ll be getting into commission any time soon because of my habits of drinking and smoking.  I need hourly to compensate for my failings personally.  If I lived my life in balance, I would probably have a better chance for success in commission sales.  So I really have a lot of work to do.

I will be sure to keep you updated on this blog so if your interested definitely check back and read some new posts.  I will do my best, better than my best, to make sure there is world class value in there for you to read and be entertained by.

But I still haven’t lost the fire.  I haven’t lost the enthusiasm.  People make $100,000.00 dollars dollars a month off of this stuff.  Well maybe not my stuff, but they do it blogging!  Why can’t we shoot to do the same thing!  Maybe the writing is just trying to improve us and lead us to sober nonsmoking…

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I do enjoy drinking and writing.  They seem to go together well.  I’ve got to break this habit though because it could lead to the destruction of my life.

Then again, who knows how long I could live as a drinker and a smoker.  I could never stop and just keep working and writing and do my thing.  And people would love it.

Or I could go for stopping, and deal with the pain for a couple weeks of not drinking or smoking, and then live my life more in balance and maybe get into commission sales.  We’ll see what happens.

I’ll tell you about it if you come back and read more…

For now I tell you I’m doing well at my hourly sales job and I’m expanding the companies sales.  And I’m doing it all while drinking and smoking in my personal life.

For the longest time I thought it was the drinking and the smoking that was holding me back from making it in sales.  Now that I’m successfully performing I think it’s only a matter of getting a sales job that will pay you a sum hourly.  So there’s no pressure.  Your getting paid whether they buy or not.  It’s a good place to be, and it’s a good place to learn.

So really I’m rocking it, and I don’t want you to be worried.  Worry never serves anyone.  Just look forward to a better future, like I do, and check back on this blog to see what I’ve accomplished.

Thanks for reading, here’s to your success,

Jesse Creel


The Greatest Post Of This 90 Days Blogging Thus Far, I Expect Tomorrow To Be Better

Art baby.

That’s what this is all about.

Because when your drinking while your writing how can you expect to help people take action and improve their lives.  This should really be educational but I think it’s more like art.

Writing I think is an art.  A great thing.  And something one can become great at.

It just takes time, years and years of working on writing to really get it there.  Really if you decide to write then you might be looking at doing it for the rest of your life.

Because it’s not about retirement with writing.  You could make 100 million dollars and still want to write.  Because you have the passion for it.  Because you know you can make money.  So you do the work it takes to become valuable, by reading, and through life experience, and then you can write!

It’s a good experience writing.  Especially when you get stuff done and it pays off in traffic and comments.  I still have a list up and you can get on it if you want and you can buy things from me.  Be it rock and roll recordings, ebooks, or network marketing.  You can definitely come to me to help you boost your income.

Because I can tell you people like to party.  It’s a fun time.  And you can meet people.

Then again the voices and images in my head tell me maybe some people don’t want to be bothered.  I think I should take it on a case by case basis as any fair person would do.

Because the voices would tell me things that aren’t going to effect my actions.  I’m not going to worry about my son dying before me because I won the lottery.  Because unfortunately today that’s what the voices were talking about.

I was in the box truck for 4 hours starting at 9:15 this morning.  I drove to Fredricksburg Virginia.  From Severna Park Maryland.  There and back.  I picked up 12 boxes of ham.  I don’t really know why they make me do this, for only 12 boxes, but I do it because I don’t make the decisions about what I do.  I am their slave.

Because during the holidays I have the habit of going to work for almost 60 hours per week.  And to be away from your family for every holiday is hard.  But it does help the bank account.  And that helps my family.  So I’m really doing them a service to be picking up all those hours during the holidays when a lot of people are off.  I’m working and helping to support my family.

And God help me pay my credit card.  If I only made $$15,000 I would still be able to get out of credit card debt.  And I think that’s a reasonable goal to want to achieve off of selling your first ebook.  And that would really be an accomplishment.  To be debt free.  Of course, I really want $$$$15,000,000.00 to retire and stop working if I want to.  I think I might be able to get those kinds of numbers in network marketing.  I don’t think I’ll make that much off of ebooks and rock and roll albums.  Then again, I might!  Who knows.

What I do know is there is a whole lot of work that needs to get done to get me there.  So that means not only do I have to write this blog for 90 days straight, I also have to write songs, and read books, and take care of my family.  So really I have a lot of work in front of me.  But really it’s the work I want to do.  That’s what I do when I’m selling and I’m only getting 4 or 5 hours a day.  I spend the rest of the time working on myself.  So far it’s gotten me to you.

And I really want to love you for reading this so I’m going to keep writing.  I ‘m going to try and get some real value to you.  Hopefully get you to take action in your own life and start blogging, or blog everyday.  It could set you free from your job!

And don’t I want to write about some exciting things.  I think if I won the lottery I would take it anonymously and then just write an ebook about it and sell that to people.  I’m sure if I won the lottery I would be getting a lot of attention.  My traffic would probably skyrocket once word got out.

I would tell people how I won the lottery.  So that they hopefully will be able to duplicate the feat.  And I bet if it was a good book, some people, 2 or more would win the jackpot because of reading it.

Maybe that would take a little time, but I’m sure they would write in to tell me that I helped them and now they are rich and can give more to the people they love and to charity.

And I think that’s a good story.  I think that’s where the lottery helps people out.  When it’s in the name of giving.  To family, friends, to strangers, to charity.

I was thinking about giving to the 700 club.  They build wells in foreign countries for the people there to have better lives.  I think that’s cool.  I want to be a part of that.  I think I would be helping the world.

But I do give to the church.  I had a hard time with it on Easter Sunday though.  The guy would only take my donation for the first collection.  I had the twenty all ready for him and I held my arm out with the money and he just took the basket away.  The guy next to me made the comment that I couldn’t give it away.  We both almost laughed.

The voices at church were giving me a hard time about drinking.  Some good some bad, some stuff about my family, but everyone was civil.  Although there was a loud noise that was made that made the preacher stop and ask if everything was alright.

Right now the voices of the priests are in my head telling me that I should leave.  Really it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.  I have gotten into the habit of staying places, like marriage, even when I’m told to leave or go home.  And that habit serves me.  It keeps me together with my wife.

But I have to admit it’s taken a lot of work to get my relationship with my wife to where it is.  Admittedly she helps me a lot, but I also have learned to live with her.  When she’s screaming I just have to live with her getting that way sometimes.  I do love her a lot as any good husband should.  Really I would like to be a GREAT husband and retire her.  I really believe I can do that.

So that’s why I’m working everyday.  That’s why I work on this blog.  Because I believe in passive income.  Work once and have it pay you forever.

But that’s not going to keep you from continuing to work.

You gotta figure you gotta make a lot of money.

And you know when you have a family you need money.  Everybody needs money, but when you have a family you have more you need to provide for than just yourself.  As anyone would know.

But maybe what they wouldn’t know is how to blog for 90 days straight, and get more traffic as a result of working that much.  Because my traffic is going up each week and at this rate I’ll have a 100 visitors a month in about a week.  That’s up from 50.

If you want to buy something from me, because you really love this writing and want more of my stuff I’m going to make that a possibility for you.  I’m going to be working on that for the next two days, I have those two days off, the first two consecutive days off in a while.  And my family won’t be home so I’ll have the house all to myself.  I’ll most likely be spending most of my time in the basement.  Where the books are, the computer, the guitar…

You can do it all, I really believe that.  And I know bad things are going to happen.  You can’t stop that.  But the meanings you take from those things and questions you ask yourself are either going to make you or break you.  We have to find empowering meanings to the bad things that happen to us.

That I think is worth a million dollars or more.  You tell me in the comments what you think it’s worth.  Tell me what you think this blog post was worth to your life, and if your going to take action and improve your life as a result of reading this.

I love you, many blessings to you now and forever.

Jesse Creel

What It’s Like To Drive A Box Truck For A Living

Because that’s what I do, especially during the holidays.

I drove the box truck for 7 days straight for the Easter holiday.

It’s fun and the time passes quickly.  It is a little nerve racking though, as driving can be dangerous.  You have to use caution and move safely.

I started my day today driving the truck.  I went to help break down the off site location and that took about 2 hours.  Then I was off to the storage unit for the first time of three times there today.

The rest of my day was driving.

Thankfully they sent one person to help me for the second part of the day.  It really helps to have a second person.  He helped me move two kiosks and a store full of tables and chairs.

It was a busy day and tomorrow I’ll start my day driving the box truck again, this time to Virginia to pick up ham.

I really wanted two days off after the Easter holiday of working 10 days straight, but I have to work tomorrow too.  That’s alright because I have four days off this week so I get a break.  I think I’m going to get my e book up for sale on this site so I can begin to see a trickling of money.  And the idea is to turn that trickle into an avalanche.  I can see it already.  I won’t have to work holidays and I can spend more time with my family.  It will be wonderful.

But I really want this to be of value to you so what I can say to you is if you hate working and have no motivation, there could be something that comes along that could change all that for you.  It could give you your mojo back.  Hold out, hang in there.  It could happen for you.  I got lucky, and it is happening for me.  Driving the box truck and selling the ham is a good job.  What’s even better is that I can make it selling e books and I won’t have to work a job anymore, then I’ll be writing about writing and making money off of it.

Because that would be PURE EXPERIENCE.

But for me, I’ve been working this job for almost 2 years and the voices have gotten more outspoken at times, especially since I took the sales job.  I think a lot of has to due with me living or not living my life in balance.  But even if  I wasn’t drinking or smoking I think I would still hear voices.  I’m a schizophrenic and I don’t know that that’s something I can change.  I don’t know that I would want it to change.  Sometimes it makes me feel good!

But yes I missed yesterday blogging.  It was Easter Sunday.  I took the day off.  I spent it at church, and with family.  I drank about 8 beers and had my wife drive us home.  I had the day off!  I went right to sleep after I got home.  I spent time with family.  And I ate food.

I got a free 70 dollar ham for working almost 60 hours in one week.  Perk of the job.  I shared it with my in-laws and my grandparents.  I got food at each of their houses.  It really was a busy day.  A busy day for a busy week.  Thank God I got four days off this week.  I’m going to spend those days off getting my ebook up for sale.  An probably working on a rock and roll album.  It will all sound the same and all be totally different at the same time.  I’m really not much of a guitar player, but I get by.

And I get to express myself.  Who knows how many albums I’ll dream up.  And put them all up for sale.  As my work, that will allow me to make a profit.  So I can quit my job.  Sound like a dream, it is.  But I’m working towards it everyday.

And every week I’m getting more traffic.  That’s something.

That can be of value to you.  If you want traffic, write!  You will grow and other people will love you.  Some will hate you.  Others will love you.  It’s worth it to do.  And you can build a business once you get good at it!

You gotta figure, how many 90 day periods do you have to go through blogging before you make your first dollar? 1? 2? 3?

How much time are you willing to invest in yourself so you can make a profit?  Will you invest the rest of your life?

Because for me, that’s what it takes.  It takes your entire life to be a writer, a family man, a rock and roller, a worker, a salesman.  You had better get good so you can live a good life.

But I say, burn baby burn.  Do your thing.  Do it with PASSION.  Make it happen.  Be the best you can be.  Work an hourly job if you have to.  Work on your dreams too.  Make it happen.  You can do it.  You can be the best.  God Bless you.

Because I really do think God is with us, even if we’re drinking too much wine and smoking cigarettes.  The voices at church on Easter Sunday really had me thinking about quitting drinking.  And what I really was trying to do was quit cigarettes.

So I went to church first thing, the voices said don’t drink wine, then I ended up drinking 8 beers and today now I’m having my third glass of wine.  I think it’s good for me.  I like it and I don’t see any reason to stop.

But there are reasons.  But really I don’t really drink that much.  I drink enough.

There is a rich poetic tradition of drinking and writing, so I’m really in good company.  And I think a drink is good for business too, not that I ever drink when I’m working.

But I probably could do a lot more if I were sober and smoke free.  I would have a lot more money to do other things with.  I just can’t see a better way to spend my money right now.  Wine and cigarettes.

This is art, I don’t know that people would ever buy network marketing from me, but I could be a hell of an e book author, or a heavens of one, if your religious.

My bosses voice in my head told me that I was a great mix of hell and creation.  The voices seem to have their own ideas and say things I would never have come up with on my own.

Because you may get some good writing out of drinking and smoking, but beware, there’s a whole lot of suffering that comes along with it.  And you could be better without it.

But for now I drink and I smoke and I write.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  Here’s to you, Good nite.

Picking Up The Workers From Baltimore City

I’ve been doing it since Sunday.  It’s now Friday.  I have one more day and then it’s Easter Sunday.  Tomorrow is our biggest day of the Easter holiday.  Today, like a lot of days, I drove a lot.

I start my day driving, and I end my day driving, and I drive inbetween too.

Sometimes I work in the store.  But that’s only for a few hours at a time.  The holiday is crazy though.  It’s busy busy busy non stop.  I just try to work steady so I don’t die.

Because the smoking is getting to me again, and the guy I’ve been driving all week is trying to get me to quit smoking cigarettes.  And drinking wine.  He said the wine Christ was drinking at the last supper was non-alcoholic.

I don’t know if I believe that.  But I can say that people do get high on God and this guy is just one of them.

He said he used to prostitute himself and a couple of the guys wanted to kill him.  He’s also been arressted four times.  He had a drinking smoking and crack problem and when he was in trouble he cried out to God.

He now has been sober for two and a half years and he goes to church 4 times a week.  He says he really likes it.  He gets high on God.

I’ve thought about quitting cigarettes for a long time.  I thought 2017 was going to be the January I quit.  It’s now 4 months in, April, and I’m still smoking.

I only smoked a half a pack today because I felt sick of smoking them.  This guy I could really use to change my life, because he wants me to quit smoking.

But I bought a pack when my inlaws were over, because I couldn’t stand it.  I needed to get out of there.  My mother in laws voice was saying she hated me.  And she probably should because of the things I did to my relationship with my wife.

And her voice has also said that this blog would end our relationship.  I don’t think that’s going to be the case.  But I do know that my wife hates it when I tirelessly talk about blogging and selling e books and rock and roll albums.  I do it everyday, so I have something to say about it.  I like telling friends, and moms and dads of friends about my blogging and my work, not that I don’t love telling my wife about it.

Luckily for me, my job is interesting, and there’s plenty to talk about.  This is what I’m talking about.  Income.  Income producing activities.  Not the voices in my head of my mother in law that tell me she hates me and makes it impossible to talk to her.

But then again I’ve done the unspeakable to my wife and her mother SHOULD hate me for that.  That says I’m just doing my job.  I have a hater.  And my number one hater is my mother in law.  Not that that’s really the reality.  That’s just what the voices in my head tell me.

But it’s kind of wild because the voices in my head almost seem to dictate facial expressions of other people, and other behavior like moving from the table with me to the couch with my daughter and father in law.
All in a day.  My day at work was more interesting.  I worked 12 hours.  I made $144 dollars.  In one day.  I do good there during the holiday.  I feel very lucky to have the job.

The only downside is I don’t get to see my family.  My wife always has the week off, the week I’m the busiest at my work.  So that doesn’t really work out, but the money is good.

And I do really need to be working as my business is still up and coming.  In fact I really think I need to be more proactive about getting my e book up for sale.  I put a rock and roll song up on the site, you can read the post and listen to the two and a half minutes of me rocking it here.

I’m thinking about getting an album together and selling it on this website.  I think that would be a great way to make money.  Off art!

But the way I see it is I’ve got to keep writing.  For 90 days.  Get more traffic.  Get more quality content.  Get more value.  Get more PURE EXPERIENCE.

I had a friend I went to high school with who is now on the radio.  It’s just the city college station, that’s listener supported… 89.7wTMD. 

I love that station.  It plays some real music.  There’s definitely some rock and roll in there.  I love it.  It’s great!  If your ever in Baltimore, check it out.

But I pick up the workers everyday for a week this Easter Holiday, and take them to work and drop them off when the day is over.

Today they waited for me for an hour an a half.  The work was done, but I wasn’t back yet from a delivery so they had to wait.

This was my experience today.

It was a good day.  I made a lot of money.  Tomorrow I should make just as much.  And they are supposed to give me a free ham.  Not really free, but for working.

My Aunt in law has been bugging my wife about me bringing a ham over for Easter Sunday, so I guess I’m donating my ham to my in laws for Easter.  I was thinking about getting two of them, but then again, I do eat it all the time.

And I gotta say, it is good ham.  I would almost even go so far to say it has healing powers.

But I love it, and I put love into when I’m handling it.  Cutting it or moving it.

Because sometimes I’m working in the store.  I’m not just a salesman, I work hard in the store and I drive deliveries.  And I cut up the meat to make the sandwiches.

When you get a ham sandwich, the .20 of a pound of meat was bagged my me.  I trim most of the fat off, and I put it into a perfect portion for you.  I can do it fast too.  Because the company values speed.

So IF YOU want to take action and improve you could do whatever you do faster, because my company values speed and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones, so do it faster.  You’ll be more valuable.

And I can make that sandwich meat pretty fast.  About three buckets in a hour.  Maybe go through 2 buckets in a day if it’s super busy.

Some days my boss says she gets her butt kicked.  Working the weekend and on top of that being super busy.

I gotta tell you I want to write more, but I got my 1,000 words for the day, and I’m signing off for the night, wishing you a good one filled with masterpieces.  Thanks for reading.  Cheers!

Working 9 And A Half Hours For 7 Days Straight

That’s what I’m working now, I’m in the middle of it.  It’s Wednesday and my next day off is Easter Sunday.  We are very busy this time of year, a lot of work to be done, for long hours, and for days on end.

It really will be a ten day stretch for me.  And this probably isn’t even a big deal for a lot of you who just work your jobs during the Holidays, and get your hours.

But I really do love the holiday.  I work long hours and I get huge paychecks.  Huge in comparison to what I get the rest of the year.  And because they’ve given me raises since last year, this Holiday should be my best check yet.

But I’m sure it will all balance out, and even though I’ll be making more then when I started, I will not be making it like I did at my first good job.  One that was a terrible loss to take.

I increased my hourly pay from 10 dollars an hour to 18.50 an hour in 2 years.  That was a great success of mine.  I really know how to work hourly.  But I lost it all because of interpersonal ineffectiveness, and I couldn’t get along with the group.  But more than anything I was being driven into rock and roll and business.

So really, I want to focus on my strengths of getting promoted rapidly and I can worry about keeping the job after I get the raises.  I think now, looking back on it, an attitude of gratitude could have really helped me.  I was hating what I was doing.

Now I love what I do, and I love the people I work with, and it almost seems like a accident that it all happened like this.  I’m being promoted along with another friend of mine that also works there, and she started not long after I did.  She’s already an assistant manager!  So it’s the two of us going up together and it’s pretty cool.  Her as a manager and me as a salesperson.  Really, their only salesperson.

But I really think that anyone could get it, though something tells me that not everyone could do what I do.  But I think everyone has that potential, and really there’s only one way to find out if you can do something, and that is to DO IT!

I have a pretty long list of things I cannot do.  A lot of sales jobs.  I give all the credit to God for my current success, and when I look at it that way I can’t help but think that God just wasn’t with me when I was failing.  Maybe I should look at like God is always with us, and we merely have to be valuable people to make it in the world.

For me, because of my massive failure at my first really good job, I almost want to take a class on interpersonal effectiveness.  Although I do have a therapist, and he helps me with some of those things.  So it’s not like I haven’t really done anything about my problem with interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m working on it.

But as I mentioned earlier, I really think being grateful for my first job would have helped me get through and improve on those rough days with the people.  You can only keep your head down and work for so long before you have to take notice of what’s going on around you.  And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

In fact, that should really be the first thing you attend to when you get in.  Interpersonal effectiveness.  I’m not good at it.  It’s gotten me fired before.  I am lucky to have another chance at growth at a different job, but it was a long hard road getting from the first to second job.  And a lot of sales jobs and failures along the way.

Thank God I now get paid hourly to sell.  I’m not making 18.50 an hour but I am making more than when I started.  Three dollars and twenty five cents more.  It’s taken me almost two years to do that.  So not as good as the first job, but still good, still advancing.  Something to keep you interested.

But what I do right now is make almost $20,000 dollars a year, working at my hourly job.  I want to be able to take that and make it my MONTHLY income.  That would definitely be an achievement.  Something worth writing about.  So I’m set out to do it.  And I’m going to write my way there.

At least that’s the plan.  I also want to get an album together.  Something I could put up for sale.  I’m really going to give this internet thing a shot and see if I can make a million dollars.  Really I need 15 million, but a million is a start.  You gotta figure, after you make your first million, the other 14 have got to come easier.  At least that’s the way I see it.

But the way I see it, if you do it with passion, the money will come.  If you make something valuable, people are going to buy it.  If you are a good salesman, who lives your life in balance, you will sell things.  If you are a good worker, and do your job well, your boss will take care of you.  Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just the way I CHOOSE to look at things.

And I think that choice effects my reality.  It makes my life better.  I am taken care of because I am a good person who gives and takes care of other people.  Not that bad things won’t happen, and less bad things will happen then you think they will, but life is not without it’s struggles.

Take Jesus Christ for example.  His life was filled with suffering, and the way he died was no exception.  You gotta figure good people suffer everyday.

So if your good and your suffering, my heart goes out to you.  I wish I could give you twenty dollars.  My money goes to the church and to my family, and to my cigarettes and wine, and to gas and food.  And of course to my credit card.  Which the good news is I’m paying off.

But I do plan to give more to my church, so that people who are suffering can live a little bit better of a life.  If I really make it, I might look into other donations of charity.

For now, I want to sell ebooks and rock and roll so that I can buy a bigger house.  So I’m writing everyday.  I hope you have enjoyed this days post, I know I have enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for reading, take great care of yourself.

Peace and Love,

Jesse Creel

Hundreds Of Comments On Several Of My Blog Posts

Yes, people have been commenting.

And some are very nice.  Most of them are trash.  Spammers…

But I still like the attention.  It gives me something to do.

And I love reading the comments, even the really out there ones.

The grammar mistakes, but anyways..

The one guy is telling me to buy safety gates for my children.  It gives me the feeling I should be careful with what I do with my family, for their safety.

I can appreciate there concern for me and my family.  And we do have safety gates in two places in our little townhouse.  It’s little now but I propose that situation could improve and it could get a lot bigger.

I think that could be the case for anyone who wants to improve their own housing conditions.  I mean really, I’m in deep right now.  I barely make more than what I owe to my credit card.   And I’m trying to get a business going again online and I just know that now I’m on my own domain, I can do this.  I can attract the things I want in this life to me, through this blog.

If I had it my way, I’d have 15 million dollars and I could spend one million of it on a house.  Where I want to live.  I really think I could skyrocket to the top, the cream afterall does rise to the top.  Maybe I wouldn’t make 15 million on the launch of whatever product I sold, but I could make something, and then build on that success.

At some point, maybe after I’ve made my first million I’ll quit my job.  Until then I’m working like a horse.

And when I come home I like to have a nice glass of red wine, and write my blog.  It’s something creative I can do, it’s a good release, and people MIGHT read it.  That would be cool to communicate to another soul, what’s happening with you.

Because I think what we do is inter-related to each other.

That’s just based off what I read and experienced.

Today I experienced the start of my day at 7:30 in the morning.  It ended at 3:30.  An EASY day.  They are however going to be getting longer with me staying later all next week.  I have another 7 days straight, I’ve already worked 3.

Not a big deal. I’ll do it, and I’ll like it because I’m getting paid more money.  And working where I am I CAN pay off my credit card in five years.  I just put 900 dollars on it the other day.  That is to say, I took 900 dollars off my balance.  I got that money from our tax return.  I let my family keep the majority of it.

So really I’m not doing too bad.  I do have to get my car fixed and I’m not sure how much that’s going to be, I hear 500.  Don’t know.  Just have to get it fixed to I can ride it down the road.  Rock it till the wheels fall off it.

So I’m working and I’m doing fine, but I also want to start a company and make more money.  EARN more money.  And I think I can get your attention by writing and making videos, that is if Google doesn’t stop me.  Because they do ban people.

But if Google did stop me then I would just go somewhere else.  All I know is that it just has to get done.  I want to do it.  I must do it.  It could lead somewhere.  Who knows how big my list will be in a year!  Let alone another 8.

I figure by the time I’m done mastering blogging, in another 8 years… I will have a pretty good list to go along with all the posts.  Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know yet.  Don’t take advice from me, I’m not making any money online yet.

Although I have made almost 50 dollars, with some strange program.  I didn’t see myself making a lot of money doing that.

But I get obsessed with things.  With doing them consistently on a day to day basis.  I obsess about writing this blog, about walking, about doing the dishes, about reading, and other things too.  But I just have to get it done.  Sometimes I even obsess about sleep.

I figure that hard work leads somewhere, I do it at my job, and I do it at home.  I work on myself and try to become a better person.  It’s working out at my job, and my personal life is getting better too.  I really think the game of improvement can be for anybody, at any stage in there life.

In my life, I’m at the stage of working a job for income.  Trying to get enough people on my list so that I have a chance at a good launch, and might be able to make a lot of money at one time.

So I keep writing about this blog.  I keep obsessing with it.  And I think if your going to blog, you should obsess over it too.

Now there’s healthy and unhealthy obsessions, you make the call on where you want to be.

If it means your writing a blog everyday, to get more traffic, so that there’s a better chance you’ll get a subscriber or two, and you can leave it at an hour of your time…. Then I say go on and keep that obsession.  Even if you want to blog for ninety days straight, like I want to, to see what kinds of results I can get.  The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

So I’ll keep writing, really I’m not writing that much, only 1,000 words, but I want to keep it short and sweet.  If you like it, love it, subscribe to the list.  I’ll send you cool content right to your email address!  Thanks for reading, Love you…

Jesse Creel

Improve And Succeed With Your Sales Job

Right now I’m selling.

I do it about three times a week, sometimes two times a week…

But I’ve been getting out there each week for about a month now.  All I know is that they gave me a two dollar raise to do it.  And new clothes.

Plus a name-badge, which really makes me feel official.  I heard the voices talking today about how I was official.  It kind of made me feel nice.  The voices can definitely be a blessing.

But how did I manage to get this job?

Why are they giving me more money, buying me clothes and a name-badge.. engraved… why, why, why….

I think it’s because I pray for sales.  My good thoughts are with the company’s sales.  I used to work with this guy who blew everyone out of the water in sales, and he said it was because he prayed for sales.

So everyone got an email list from some prayer website and got their prayers delivered to their inboxes.

I’m talking about delivering my own email to people to inspire them to take action.  To buy the next book on your path to growth.  To get on an email list that’s going to help you.  I’m planning to have both in store for you.  And I’m also planning on quitting cigarettes because I think that quitting is a good thing.

For now I’m just trying to stick to only one glass of wine a day.  I think that’s good for your health.  Red wine.  A glass a day.

I’ve got a lot of life left in me, I’ve just got to get off the cigarettes and I think I’ll be fine.  But I’m keeping this blog!  I’m doing my thing!  And I’m getting new twitter followers every week.  I should easily be able to turn this website, or any other site, into a  money machine.  And yeah baby, wouldn’t that be “working harder on yourself than you do at your job”-Jim Rohn.

And I say you could do it to.  Anyone could do it, everyone has value.  And your ideas can go for money!  The key to it, at least as far as I can tell, is to build your content up so strong your readers will WANT to buy things from you.  Yes, that’s right… I’m talking about making on the internet with information products people can buy that help them improve.  I think that would be working very hard on myself…. and sharing value with others.  I’ve probably been blogging a year, year and a half on this site, under my name… and it’s changed over time.

It was about schizophrenia, but I didn’t want to limit myself to just my illness, and I wanted to follow my passion, so I started writing things as valuable as I could make them for other people who just wanted to improve their lives..

And if a schizophrenic like me can work on taking over the world with his blog, I think anyone can take the world over with their blog.  They can be part of the “it” thing.  And if a schizophrenic like me can hold down a job for 30 hours a week, where a two thirds the time is selling, I’d say I’m doing pretty good.

And I hear voices.  The truth of it is, sales makes it worse.  Or better, it’s better really.  Because the voices really are a blessing.  And that’s part of my philosophy.

My philosophy is that the more you can count the positive things about your circumstances, the better off you’ll be.  Even if it doesn’t look good, make it look good.  And don’t complain, your bosses will LOVE you.


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