Hello good people of the world.

This post is about what happened in 2018, written as if it’s already happened.  I will outline all of the things that I will do that will reflect my best year ever.  This post was written before 2018 even started, and when I look back on the year after it’s over, I would like to say that I’ve done these things.  I’m highly optimistic that 2018 will be the best year I’ve ever had, and these are the reasons why.

Lots and Lots of Hugs and Kisses From My Wife and Children

Yes, I’m married with children.  Though sometimes it can be stressful, they are a great blessing in my life.  When looking back on my life though, there are times when my wife and I, not to mention the kids, got out the door without a good bye hug and kiss.  Now that 2018 has past I can say that in this year, I got the most hugs and kisses from my wife and kids that I have ever received.  This was the foundation of making 2018 my best year ever.  As far as hugs and kisses from my family goes, 2018 was my best year to date.  It’s only going to get better from here on out.

I Went The Entire Year Without Calling Out Of Work Once

Suiting up and showing up, I think, is one of the most important things you can do when your working on your dream life.  In 2018, never once did I call out of work.  I suited up and showed up everyday, and my paychecks reflected that.  I was more respected at work, and at home, I was better able to take care of my responsibilities, and I felt better about life.  Part of making 2018 my best year ever was to mature, and suiting up and showing up everyday, reliably, was a big step on my path to growth.  I’m so happy that I did my job without fail, and capitalized on the opportunity to earn more money.  By never calling out of work in 2018, I helped make that year by best year to date.

I Picked Up A Second Job

I was doing well at my job in 2017, but in 2018 it was time for me to use some of my free time to earn more money.  I picked up a second job.  I worked my first job 5 days a week, and when I was done working my first job, I went to my second job.  I was doing about 30 hours a week at my first job, and another 20 hours a week at my second job.  The work experience fortified me and taught me how to earn more.  I had more opportunity to communicate with people, and this led me to capitalizing on more opportunity to pass out my website’s business cards.  This led to more traffic to my website, and more subscribers to my email list.  Getting a second job in 2018 has taught me how to be a responsible adult, and how to pay my debts.  Getting a second job is part of what made 2018 my best year ever.

I Saved Over $2,400 Dollars That I Kept All Year

In 2018 I faithfully put $200 a month into my savings account.  I never touched that money.  It was holy money.  Now that it’s 2019 I have over $2,400 in my savings accounts.  It’s a great feeling to know that I was able to stick to a budget, and never had to dip into my savings accounts to just get bye.  I am so much richer now that I’ve learned those valuable life lessons in saving money.  It’s only a matter of time before I knock it out of the park and can say I live life in wealth and abundance.  I can say that in 2018 I learned the principles that will serve me for the rest of my life, and will lead me to that dreamed of life of wealth and abundance.  Saving over $2,400 in 2018 was part of making it the best year I’ve ever had.

I Reduced My Credit Card Balance By Over $7,000

Working my day job, and working a second job allowed me to pay $800 towards my credit card bill every month.  After I took into account interest, I reduced my bill by $600 a month, every month.  By the end of 2018 my credit card balance was reduced from $16,600 to $9,600.  That’s real progress!  Now that I’ve laid the principles down in 2018 for getting out of debt and building real wealth, I’m more than confident I will be able to get my credit card balance to $0.00 in less than 2 years.  Reducing my credit card balance by $7,000 was a real triumph for me, and it’s part of what made 2018 my best year ever.

I Made My First Dollar Off My Website

I couldn’t be happier that in 2018 I made my first dollar off my website.  I’ve been running my blog for 2.5 years and in 2018 I made my first dollar.  Earning money on the internet has been a long time dream of mine and now I can say that I’ve done it.  I’ve made my first dollar off being an internet entrepreneur!  Now that I’ve added this to my list of accomplishments, I know that there’s nothing stopping me from creating a 6 figure business and living the life of my dreams.  By earning my first dollar online in 2018 I broke thru, and that’s part of what made 2018 my best year to date.

Summing up 2018

To sum it up, 2018 has been my best year to date.  I loved my family, I worked hard and reaped the benefits, I kept the most money I’ve ever managed to keep, I made substantial progress in paying off my debt, and I broke thru as an internet entrepreneur.  It’s been my best year to date, and I have no doubts that in 2019 I’m going to do even better.

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