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Blogging For Fun

When you talk about happiness, passion, and joy, one of the things that really lights me up is blogging.

I love to blog.  It gives me something constructive to do.  It helps me pass the time in a way that could lead me to more money.  More importantly it helps me pass the time in a way that could help other people.

So this post is about blogging for fun.  It’s my take on blogging for fun and how it can help you in all areas of your life.

Holiday Work

So I’ve just finished my second year working the holidays at my day job.  They worked me 60 hours a week, and I worked 2 weeks with only one day off which was Christmas day.  That gives me something to blog about.

I did get 2 bonuses, one for Thanksgiving, and one for Christmas, and I’m deeply grateful for them, even though they weren’t really large bonuses.  They were something though, so I’m grateful.

Working the holiday is part of why I haven’t been blogging regularly.  I would get up at 8 am and have to be at work by 9, and I wouldn’t get off until 7 or 8pm.  This left me only enough time to drink 3 beers, have something to eat, and take a shower before going straight to bed.  So the blogging, because of the holiday has suffered.

At this point it’s not going to suffer anymore.  I’m going to make the time to work on my blog everyday so I can increase my traffic and get Adsense up on my site so I can start collecting my first few dollars from this website.  Really, that’s my starting point in creating an income from this site, so there’s no time like the present to get to writing.

The holiday work was great, although a little challenging.  I’m going to get my best paycheck of the year really soon, and I’ll be happy I put in all those hours.  Right now I’m enjoying the first day of a 4 day weekend, my first real break from the store in two weeks.  I’m grateful that I can ring in the New Year at home with my family and I can relax and be at ease for a time.  It’s going to get really busy for me, as I’m on the verge of picking up a second job, so it’s going to take a lot of discipline to keep blogging but I’m going to do it.

Christmas 2017

Working so many hours during Thanksgiving and Christmas really take all the fun out of the holidays.  I worked 10 days straight and got a day off on Christmas that I spent running around to relatives’ houses.  I did get some gifts which was nice and I’m grateful for that, not to mention the kids got a lot of stuff, but I was exhausted and just wanted to be at home sleeping.  So I was extremely busy leading up to Christmas, and I spent Christmas day running around so I got no rest.  As I mentioned I’m currently on a 4 day weekend, so this is my first break where I can get some real rest.  I’m grateful for this 4 day weekend.

All in all, Christmas was great, work and all.  We had enough money to buy each other some gifts, although I felt like I didn’t give enough to other family members, and I want to make it a point to give everyone a gift next year, no matter what it takes.  It just doesn’t feel good at Christmas unless you have a gift to give to your family.  So I’m going to make that change next year.

Family Life At Home

Things are good with my family at home.  My wife, Meg and our kids, Cali and Charlie are happy.  I’m happy.  I get to have a few beers everyday, I’ve ditched my smoking habit for vaping which is working out, I’m in the process of picking up a second job, I’m reading books and keeping my journal, today I’ve started drawing in a sketch book my grandmother gave me for Christmas, and I’m eating lots of food.  Really, because of Christmas, I’ll have more money than I can spend before I get paid again.  So things are going very nicely in the present, and the future is only going to make my life even better (by leaps and bounds).  Really, as far as family life goes, I don’t really get to see them often.  Either I’m working, or they are out doing things.  That’s just the way the story goes right now.  Really, I’m better off working anyways as I’ve got a sizeable debt to pay (which will get paid in full).

Picking Up A Second Job

As it turns out, there is a pizza place that is hiring and in order to get the job, all I need to do is furnish my driving record.  When I talked to the hiring manager and told him my background at the ham store, he spoke like I would be a good fit for the place.  I’m sure I could get at least another 20 hours a week or more working there.  That would really help me out.  Not to mention it would be a great experience working two jobs for the first time in my life.  I would do it for my family, I would do it so I could get out of debt in a timely manner, and I would do it so I could save more money so we could get serious about moving into a house that would be big enough for all of us.  Not that a second job is the only way to get more money, but it’s one way, and one way that I’m getting serious about.

Winning The Lottery On Christmas Day

My wife bought me 6 scratch off tickets for Christmas and hung them on a tiny Christmas tree and gave them to me.  The beauty is that I won on 4 out of 6.  If you take into account the odds of winning that much, I can confidently say I beat the odds.  In the end I won $22 but I celebrated winning on those tickets like it was a massive jackpot.  I was very pleased to win so much and I know it’s because of what I’ve been doing with my free time that allowed the universe to deliver to me those wins.  Never mind what those things I’ve been doing are, just know that I’m doing something and I’m starting to see positive results.  It’s only a matter of time before I win that massive jackpot and enjoy all the wonderful things that come along with it.  For now though, I’m happy even without a massive jackpot win.  I have food and drink, a job, a family, books, a journal, a blog, guitars, a computer, the internet, and air to breathe.  The list of things I’m grateful for RIGHT NOW goes on and on and on and on.

Blogging For Fun

To be honest, I’ve been struggling with ideas on how I can help people with my blog.  At first I thought it would be about personal development, then I wanted to make it a happiness blog, and then I wanted it to be about how one can get more money.  Now I’ve settled back on a personal development blog, and this post and the ones to come will be me just writing for fun.

I love writing.  The creative power of words fascinates me.  How one can write one’s own story and then try to live it is amazing.  It’s great for self improvement, goal setting, and gives one something constructive to do with free time.  It beats just sitting on the couch drinking.  The busier you are, as Mike Dooley says, the more opportunity you give the universe the chance to deliver to you what you want.  So I do my absolute best to try and stay as busy as possible.  Part of that busyness is blogging for fun.

When I get enough traffic through my daily posts to earn an Adsense account, where Google recognizes my blog as a blog worth putting advertisements on, I will begin to collect the money that I desire.  More than that, by writing everyday, I will improve myself.  More than that, by writing useful content, I will help others to improve their lives as well.  It’s a win win win.

I have a little email list that currently has 8 subscribers that I’m going to mail this little gem out to.  If they want to participate, I would encourage them to leave a comment.  If you would like to join the list so you can get my posts delivered right to your inbox when I have a new one, then please do join.  It’s totally free and you have nothing to lose.  You can only win by being on my email list, so join here now.  You’ll also get a free ebook!  Blogging for fun can also be about building a business from scratch.

I’ve been at this blogging business for a while now and with the results I get, I wouldn’t keep doing it unless I loved it.  I love writing.  I love the power of words.  Writing about my life excites me because I get to write the truth of how things are going, which is phenomenal.  Everyday, every breath is a miracle, and miracles in my life never cease.  Everyday I have the chance to make more of myself than I was yesterday and I seize that opportunity with power and confidence.  Things are great and they are only going to get better, it doesn’t matter who’s the president.

Blogging is a passion of mine, and I do it to help other people.  Sure, there are some things I want to improve upon (like my income), but writing for free to help other people is something that I know is going to move me in the direction of getting more of what I want.  I encourage you to leave in the comments of this post what it is you want, and what you are going to do TODAY that is going to be your baby step in the direction of making that a reality.  One of my goals is to live in a mansion with it’s own pool and the baby step I took today in that direction was to write this post.  I hope it’s served you in helping you to realize that blogging can be fun, and if you follow your heart, you can successfully work on your dreams.

Thanks for reading, and do subscribe to my email list and leave a comment.


Working The 10th Day Straight For 11 hours

And I worked 12 the day before.

It was a long week.  But the time did go fast.  I did a lot of driving.

But I also drank more wine than I should have yesterday and today the voices of the customers were suffering from sickness.

I can say I really do think love gives things healing powers, and if you put love into the ham it should taste better.  And the more passion and love you put into it it just has to taste better.

And I think it does!

It would sell with or without me, but I am helping it to grow.  With the sales calls I’ve been doing.  I think I could be a better salesman if I didn’t drink and smoke.  I could live my life more in balance.  It’s really a way I could improve my life.  I think at some point I’m going to take action and do it, and start running everyday.

But for now I’m drinking and smoking.  Today it’s white wine.  There’s plenty of food in the house so I’m going to eat something here in a little while and thank God for that.

But writing can really put your thoughts down on something you can see.  I really should go over and reread this 90 days when I’m done writing it.  Will be sometime in July.  I’m not quite sure when I started writing everyday, but it happened and I’ve even been writing after 12 hour days.  And the voices tell me that’s the best stuff!

They really can be a blessing when it comes to writing.  The voices.  They help you out and encourage you.  It’s like getting comments on your blog.

Except I do prefer when it’s real people saying things to me and not just the voices in my head.  I love comments.  I even love the spam.  To me it says I’m doing something right.  If I could only get a list together I could really get a business going.

I should probably do more research online, read other blogs and find out how to build my list.

But for now I just try to write the most valuable content I can come up with.  Something you can use.

How can you use my musings?  To take action and improve your life.  And in my specific case, that means writing everyday.

Want to try it, it’s hard.  It’s really easy if you can just get yourself to take action.  But it’s hard at the same time.  Especially when you’ve been working long days at your hourly job.

But I do it, so I figure that anyone else could too.  I’m a schizophrenic afterall and the voices can really be somewhat distracting when I’m writing, so that’s a challenge.

But what I’ve learned and what I’ve written about in the past, about healing from schizophrenia, is that you simply have to work harder than the average person to get the same results.  It takes conscious work to succeed or even just live.  Especially when your working those hours and smoking cigarettes.  Mostly it makes the day go by easier, but I’ve been smoking them for 14 years and it’s starting to hurt.  It makes the day hard.

But that’s what I’m going through right now.  I have off tomorrow.  It’s Easter Sunday.

I can’t sleep in though because we’re going to church at 8:30.  Then off to brunch at my in-laws, then to my grandparents house in the afternoon.  A day with the family.  On Easter.  I have ham to give them!

They gave me a 8.7 pounder for working all those hours to help them out.  They really work you hard during the holidays.  A lot of stuff needs to be done.  And after you’ve worked 10 days in a row and the busiest and longest of those two days comes at the end of it, it’s rough.  There we’re people still working when I left, and they were working hard.

They’re probably still working as I write this.  They are making money.  But I am working on my dreams.  And writing could become an income producing activity, so it would be good to hone the craft.  And I think you can do that by writing for years.

Posting for 90 days straight.  How cool is that!  And all the while trying to provide the most valuable content in the world.  How do you do that.  I say the first step is to take action and write.  You probably should also take action and think before you write, so that you can write better.

But really I’m not here to give advice, although I do.  I’m here to create art, to drink wine, to work, to write, to play, to smoke, to live, to rock, to roll, and so on the list goes.

First and foremost being that I’m a family man.  And I put time with  my family above all other things.  Really that’s part of why I want to make money writing, so I can have the holidays off!

If your with me say HELL YEAH!  Or if your religious, HEAVENS YES!  MAKE MONEY WRITING!  WE CAN DO IT!  THESE ARE MY WORDS!

Maybe I’m wrong, you can’t count that out as a possibility, but I say that the more writing the better, and don’t forget to read.  I know other people can do it, I say why can’t we!

Really I put my time into my job today.  I fulfilled my responsibilities for the 10 days straight, and everything went smoothly.  I was feeling rough by the end of it, but I made it, and really considering it was the Holiday, they really took it easy on me.

I didn’t go without a 12 or 11 hour day for the week, but mostly I worked 9.5 hours a day for the 10 days.  Big paycheck.  It’s coming.  I’m going to do the right thing and pay my debt off a little extra.  That way I can pay it off faster.

That’s about where I’m going to end it for here today.  I really don’t want to give you too much at a time.  If you want the whole thing you can buy an e book.  They will be up for sale shortly.  IF you want to buy an e book, you will be able to.  My gift to you.  All I want to do is be of service to you.  Whether that’s in value or entertainment or both.  I hope this serves you in reading it.  Leave a comment or sign up for the list.  I would love to hear from you and continue our conversation.

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