Blogging For Beginners

I wanted to write this post to improve my writing skills as well as give you some valuable information if you are looking to become a blogger.

I personally love blogging on the days when I can muster up something to say.  The other days are a challenge.  With me wanting to break into freelancing and earn some extra money writing, the challenge is to overcome the lack of ideas and write with the spirit of something to say.

Blogging For Beginners

My advice to you is to blog under your name.  Picking your domain name is easy when it’s your own name.  This leaves you in complete control of what you write about.

If you want to blog about your work then you can do it.  If you want to blog about your family, you can do it.  If you want to blog about blogging, then your own name is the perfect domain for you to do it.

The trick is to not blog about problems, but solutions.

I have been having some trouble earning money online, so my solution has been to work DoorDash.  The last time I went out I only worked it for 2 hours but I made over $30.  I can work my blog for 2 hours and earn nothing, but with DoorDash I make as much money driving as I do working my part time job.

I have read that a nun said she doesn’t know God’s will, but she does know what his will is not.  She said if she pushes a pea up a hill with her nose and the pea keeps rolling back down the hill, then that is not God’s will.

With DoorDash, the pea goes uphill.

With the lottery, the pea rolls back down the hill.

With my job, the pea goes uphill.

With blogging and freelancing, the jury is still out.

Just start, and then keep trying

Blogging can be fun.

There’s more to it than just the money.

I’ve been at it for over 2 years now, and I’ve got to be still doing it for reasons other than the money.

I’ve only made $11.

But I am going to keep trying and maybe one day I’ll be able to make $1,000 a month from my blog, and/or freelance writing.

I enjoy writing, and I AM a writer, so it’s only natural for me to write.

Be a writer

For the sake of loving your art, do it for more than just the money.

Maybe if it’s God’s will for you to earn your money from writing it will happen, but you can still be a writer even if you are not paid to do so.

My advice to you if you want to be a writer is to read lots of books.

You can read whatever you want!

This is not school work.

You get to choose.

I just finished “The Art Of Healing” by Bernie Siegel.

It was a very inspiring read.

In the end of the book it talked about uncovering your path in life by taking one step at a time.  You could apply that to blogging as well.

You can take a day off

You shouldn’t be working so much you are killing yourself.

With blogging, your blog will be there for you to write tomorrow.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t blog with a sense of urgency.

You should.

But if you can’t come up with anything to say on Monday, then you can always try again on Tuesday.

If you aren’t feeling well, you don’t have to blog.

You can work from home

A big perk for me about blogging is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

There is no commute.

No boss.  You are the boss.

Blogging is a safe, easy way to express yourself to the world

Say whatever you have to say.

Blogging is all what you make it.  So make it fun and rewarding!


Writing In The Name Of Working From Home

I have a number of ideas on how I can work from home.

One of them is writing this blog.

Another is freelance writing.

I could always take surveys.

Either way I wanted to write something on my blog today.  I am working on writing my blog everyday.

One of the ways I could make money from my blog is to get enough traffic where I get clicks on my Google Adsense ads.

This is going to take a lot of work, although I have nothing but time.

My kids have their first day of school today.  My daughter is now in the 1st grade, and my son is now in preschool.  My wife is at work today as a 3rd grade teacher.

So I’m at home by myself.

No distractions.

The only thing holding me back is myself.

I am going to push forward.

One affirmation I like to think of as I write is “my words are charged with prospering power.”

I feel like it has got to only be a matter of time before I am making a respectable amount of income working from home.

My wife has her doubts about my ability to earn money on my own from home.

She doesn’t think the $11 I’ve made off my blog is anything worthwhile.

I need to up my Adsense income so she will respect my ability to earn money from my blog.

The only way I can think of to do that is simply to plant seeds everyday.

By planting seeds I mean writing blog posts.

I’ve tried social media and got no reception.

My people don’t care about my blog.

I am in the process of ranking on Google, so I won’t need social media to generate traffic.

That doesn’t mean I won’t still use it sometimes.  I just won’t use it as much to promote my content, because as I have found it doesn’t work.

As I have said in my last post I’ve done away with Convertkit.  One thing you can learn from my experience is that if you are going to do away with your email marketing platform, save your email subscribers.

I am going to get a free service and start collecting email addresses again.  With some services you can have up to 2,000 subscribers before you have to start paying.

That sounds good to me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

For now I am just planting seeds and figuring out how I can take care of those seeds once they are in the ground.

You’ve got to figure there is more to growing a plant than just planting the seed.  There’s the exposure to the sun, and watering the soil.  I have to figure out how to water my soil.

Maybe social media is the way I can water.

Either way I have to try some different things because what I am doing right now isn’t enough.

$11 is not enough.

I have got to be on the edge of a breakthrough.

This is what writing in the name of working from home is about.

I have got to get more traffic.

More traffic equals more Adsense revenue, so I am in the process of improving my game.

I am more motivated than ever to produce a work from home income.  This leads me to writing harder.

It’s not just going to happen if I visualize it.  I’ve got to put the work in to make it happen.

Sooner or later it will happen, and I will be living my dream life.  I will have plenty of money, zero debt, and my family and I will be living in a bigger home.

That home is where I’ll be doing my work from.

It starts where I am now, in our little townhouse.

Writing in the name of working from home means writing for a paycheck.

People work for their paychecks.

Working from home is no different.

You work because you need to get paid.

The nice thing about working from home is that you enjoy it as well.

If you can stand to be by yourself all day.

For a socially awkward introvert like me, working from home is ideal.

I don’t have to be around other people if I don’t want to.

All I have to do is write, and have great grammar skills.

I am working for a paycheck, and I also enjoy what I do.

Writing in the name of working from home also means you need to get creative.

If $11 isn’t enough to impress your wife, you’ve got to get creative to up your numbers.

Try some new things, even if that new thing is to just write more.

When you are putting in the action, you may be surprised at your new results.  I certainly hope I am.

Maybe you need to try social media again.

Maybe you need to work on your SEO.

Brainstorm what you think you can do to up your income, and get to work on it immediately.

Writing in the name of working from home is not going to come easily.

Just face it, work isn’t easy and working from home isn’t going to be any easier.

It may be more enjoyable, but it’s not going to be easy.

Everything has it’s price.

You might find yourself overworking and being underpaid.

If that’s the case maybe it’s time to get into some books that might be able to help you wise up.

You’ve got to remember that if you are a writer, you’ve also got to be a reader.

I am in the process of working really hard on this work from home thing.  I know that it’s going to pay off because of my work ethic.  I have always been a hard worker, and my bosses have always liked me for that ethic.

It’s only a matter of time before you are living your dream life writing in the name of working from home.

Don’t give up.

Keep at it.

When things look bleak, get motivated again.  Rise up and spread your wings.

There is no problem you can’t overcome.

You have it in you to make a good income working from home.


What’s New With

Hey Folks,

I wanted to write this post to give you an update on what I’m doing.

I have recently cancelled my Convertkit subscription.

This means no more email marketing.

It’s a bummer but the cost of the list was much greater than the return.

I am going to try and write some posts and increase my traffic, and if I get to a point where I have a lot of traffic, then it will make sense to get another email marketing platform.

Until I have that traffic I am just going to write posts about whatever I see fit, to try and get more traffic.

I am going to keep Google Adsense on my site, because so far I’ve made $11.92 off it.  I definitely want to keep that going and see if I can produce a reasonable income from home with Adsense.

When I looked up work from home jobs I saw that blogging was one of them.  I’ve already been at this for over 2 years now, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t keep going with it.  It could be that it is only a matter of time before it takes off.

At least I can hope.

But it’s going to take more than hope.  It’s going to take smarts and lots of work.

I can’t afford to sit on the couch and hang out with friends.  I need to be blogging, because that’s my work from home effort.  I still have my job at Honeybaked Ham, but that’s beginning to become a real struggle to do, and I would much rather work from home.

The problem is the money isn’t coming fast enough from blogging.

I need to speed up the process and make $.26 a week $2,600 a week. LOL!

I am working my way through “Will It Fly” by Pat Flynn again and I am going to test my ideas about blogging about blogging to see if they are worth pursuing.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also, I want to start doing regular book reviews.

I feel like reading those books will make me smarter, and so will writing the reviews on them.  It’s really a no brainer for me at this point in my blogging journey.

My point is that I only have to earn $1,000 a month from this blog to replace the income at my job.  That’s only a little more than $33 a day.  That has got to be doable for a man like me.

Plus the way I figure it is, once I break thru and am able to make $33 a day off my blogging efforts, then it will be a lot easier to expand and earn even more.  That will be a great help to my family.

I am in the process of becoming a full time blogger who earns all his money working from home.

I am in the process of earning a sizeable income each month to help support my family.

I am doing the best I can do, but I want to do more.

You can expect more blog posts from me, writing often, and providing the most useful information that I can muster.

I am writing for income, yes, but I am also writing to be of service to the world.  To be a part of society and to be a contributing member of my family.

I refuse to be a deadbeat husband and father.

I am valuable and this blog will illustrate that.

Sure, I don’t have an email marketing platform anymore, but you don’t need one to collect Adsense income.  All you need is your blog and a lot of hard work.  My blog is paid for for over the next year so I have no financial concerns about keeping my blog up on the internet.  I am also going to keep checking for work.  It’s a freelancing site and I’ve written 3 pieces for them so far.  Right now there is no 2 star work, but I am going to keep checking back as to improve my writing skills and bank a few extra dollars.

If you want to write as a freelancer and earn money from home check them out!

That’s all I have going on right now.  I’m going to push forward with my blog, despite the loss of my email marketing platform, and try to earn money for my family with Adsense.

I am going to try, and try and try, and try again.

Then I am going to try some more.

Like Thomas Edison when he was inventing the lightbulb, I am not going to stop until I’ve achieved what I have set out to do.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment.

The Argument For Building A Blogging Business

Building a blogging business isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time to even reach minimal results.

You’ve got to push thru to keep the motivation to blog regularly even when you are making a few dollars here and there.

I’m here to tell you that building a blogging business is worth the time, money, and effort even when you’re not making a lot of money off of it.

Some people may say that it’s not worth the time if your not making money from it.  I say that it’s well worth the time, money, and effort when your thinking in terms of personal development.

The sheer personal development involved in building a blogging business is worth the effort and will seep into other areas of your life that are providing you with an income right now, like your job.

When you are blogging and developing personally and professionally as blogging will lead you to do, you will by default apply those principles you’re learning not only to your blog but to your day job.  This will make you a better worker, you’ll please your bosses more, you’ll get affirmative words from your coworkers, and you might even get some raises.

The money may not come from your blog right off the bat, but you’ll be adding to your arsenal of personal and professional development tools that you can use to improve any area of your life.

The argument for building a blogging business is a strong one.  One that makes you develop over the long term, instead of seeking short gains that don’t last.  Not to mention the potential for earning more money.

My personal goal is to earn $100 a day with Adsense, and to sell blog hosting and an email marketing platform.  I don’t have definite goals for how many blogs I want to sell or how many email marketing platforms I want to sell.  I’m just looking for that breakthrough first sales for each of those products.  Adsense is already paying me, so I figure that I would run with what’s working and set the goal of a $100 day everyday and work towards that.

Let the Bluehost and Convertkit sales come in due time.

You see, I’ve been at this blogging thing for 2 years and 3 months.  My goal is by the time I’ve been doing it for 2 years and 7 months I’ll have a reoccurring monthly income from blogging.  That would mean by 2019 I’ve made it as a blogger.

I’ve got to be honest.  It’s a hard sell.

When it takes over 2 years just to earn a $10 people look at you like your crazy.  Honestly, I’m frustrated with my blogging income.  All this work and I have next to nothing to show for it.  This is the point where I say to myself, “Hallelujah”, because I know that a massive breakthrough is right around the corner.

That’s how I take frustration with my personal and professional development.

Frustration means that I am quickly approaching a massive breakthrough.

And I am extremely frustrated with my Adsense income, and my Bluehost and Convertkit sales.

The argument for building a blogging business is that although it’s going to take time, some money, and a lot of effort, if one sticks it out for the long haul their success is inevitable.

You can’t quit after two months and blame it on the blogging game.

You’ve got to be committed and blog for years and years and get your small results and then work on turning them into big results.

The argument for building a blogging business is that you are investing in YOURSELF!  When you buy a domain with your name in it, you are the person in control.  You are the resource.  You are the boss.  You are the leader.  You are the expert.

You just have to find out what you are really, really good at and blog about that.  It’s not going to come easily, but nothing good ever does.

The argument for building a blogging business is that you get to be your own boss and you can make your own hours.

Want to blog at 2am?  You can do it!  Want to spend time with your family and blog after your children go to bed?  You can do it!  There are no restrictions on when you can work when your working online, so you are free to work as much as you like.  The more work you can do the faster your business will evolve, so write like the wind and let the chips fall.

If you are really ambitious then write like a gale and let the windfall appear.

Not that writing your blog is the only thing you have to do.  You may also want to guest post to increase your traffic.

And do social media sharing.

And engage on forums.

And go to events.

Do all this AND go to work 5 days a week and you can be quietly proud that you are making a difference in the world, one action at a time.

If you’re bold you may want to tell people about it.

Telling people you know about your blog will help you evolve it, so it’s encouraged.  It’s not like your playing to win the lottery where everything has to be hush hush as not to impede your spiritual development with naysayers.   With blogging it can be and should be a public development.

Tell your boss, your coworkers, your family, and your friends about your blog and ask them to subscribe to your email list.  In my experience even when you only make $3 off your last post, they will take it as a positive event in your life and encourage you to build further.

That’s the argument for building a blogging business.  You can make it about your life and your life about it.

And you don’t have to spend any less time with your family to blog.

That’s the argument for building a blogging business.

The argument for building a blogging business is that it’s hard and therefore worth doing.  Plus when you’ve made a monthly income from it, you can sit back and enjoy!

That’s not to say you won’t still work it.

If you are ready to start your own blogging business, visit my resources page.

I’m glad you’re with me.

Building A Blogging Business Is Enjoyable

Where I want to blog from.

I’ve been in sales.  I can tell you that it’s hard work doing that, and I like building a blogging business a lot better than selling for someone else.

It’s enjoyable to be your own boss.

I’ll tell you exactly how I’m building my blogging business and I can tell you that it’s an enjoyable experience chasing down that dream.

First, I got the right products.

I had to get hosting, and at first I was using Godaddy.

Then I made the switch to Bluehost, and I like it a lot better.  It’s easier to use, and it has an awesome affiliate program.  The affiliate program is part of the reason I wanted to switch from Godaddy because Godaddy makes it really hard to resell their services to your readers.

With Bluehost, it’s a piece of cake, and they take care of you.  You are in good hands with Bluehost.

The next piece of the puzzle is Convertkit, because we as business bloggers need an email list.  As they say, “the money is in the list”, so you had better be building one if you are building a blogging business.  Convertkit also has a killer affiliate program, so you can make money selling their service as well.

So I have those to services for sale on this blog.  You can buy them if you want at my resources page, that is if you are ready for the challenge of building a business blog.  Rest assured though, building a business blog is enjoyable.

I personally love writing.  I especially love writing about blogging.  It’s fun for me to share my stories about my successes with blogging and build up a snowball effect with my income.  So far I’ve made about $10 blogging, and that’s just a start.  This post I believe will pull me in some additional ad revenue so it’s exciting as I write this.  I’m going to do more with my blog today and I am going to start guest posting to increase my traffic, get more subscribers, and cash in on more ad revenue.

So I have Bluehost and Convertkit that I’m actively selling on this blog (and I believe my first sales will come sometime very soon).  I also am already making money off Google Adsense.  They are sending me a pin via snail mail that I have to verify in order for them to pay me.  It’s a good sign though, because they wouldn’t have sent me the pin unless they thought that I was going to be making enough money for them to pay me.

You have to reach a threshold of $100 for Google to pay you.  I only have $90 to go before I get my first payout.  I’m a tenth of the way there, but something is better than nothing, and I’m slowly but SURELY making my way to that payout.

What’s even more exciting is that for each Bluehost sale you make you get $60, and for every Convertkit sale you get a monthly payment (every month) of $8 for each member.  If you can get good at selling Convertkit, you can set up a passive income that pays you even if you don’t do any work.

The possibilities for building a 6 or even 7 figure business are wide open with business blogging.  You may need more than 3 sources of income to reach those figures but opening up 3 channels of expression for you to earn money is a good way to start.  If you can get those up and paying you you can build on working other things also.  If you are like me having Adsense, Bluehost and Convertkit open to paying you then you’ll have enough to work on for now, until you get some sales under your belt.

I have sold things before.  Selling things on the internet has been a hard road for me, but I have had some success selling other things, like cars, credit card processing machines, and cell phones.  I also tried selling insurance but I don’t think my personal development was in a place that allowed me to do that.  I’m working on myself by reading, journaling, and blogging to bring my personal development to place where I will be able to successfully sell not just in person but also on the internet.

You could say that I’m hopeful.  I also have a lot of work going for me that I again, hope will pay off for me now and in the future.  I’m highly optimistic.  If you don’t have a blog yet and would like to start one, I encourage you to visit my resources page and click the link to Bluehost and get started today.

If you would like to start collecting email addresses then you can get Converkit from this blog and start building your empire through building your list.  Not that you can’t build an income from traffic and Adsense, but your email list is an asset that you have that will never go away (as long as you stay a customer with Convertkit).

Right now I have 438 email subscribers and I’m working on getting more.  I just recently started an ad up again with Google Ads and I’m hoping to continue to grow my email list.  If I can get 400 subscribers in a month, I know I can do that again if not get an even bigger result.

Building a blogging business is enjoyable, and it’s especially enjoyable when you are getting results.

Don’t bang your head against the wall, but move forward with the affirmation “my words are charged with prospering power”.  It won’t be effortless and it’s going to take a lot of time, but you can do it, especially with my help.

I won’t buy your blog for you, that’s up to you, but I will provide you with the inspiration you need to write your next blog post.  If I can make $10 off Adsense, then surely you can too.  It’s not hard, it just takes work and time.

Then again, the harder you work, the better off you will be.

Write like the wind.

Write your blog post after reading this.  Your next post is going to help you build your business.  The more blog posts you have the more practice you have thus the better business blogger you are.  You have to refine your craft and the best way to do that is the practice your craft.  Write your blog and email your list the post.

After you’ve made your first $10 I guarantee you’ll be happy you blogged.

And you’ll be hungry for more, as I am.

If you keep at it, it’s only a matter of time before you break through and start making sales everyday.  Once you can make one or two sales a day, then your business will be becoming healthier and you’ll be even happier that you blogged.

Once you’ve realized your dream and you make so much money from blogging that you can quit your job, then you’ll be living the life of your dreams and thanking the universe everyday that you live such a lifestyle of freedom.

That’s no reason not to start thanking the universe everyday now though, so give thanks for what you already have.  In this way of giving thanks you open yourself up to having more of what you want and soon you will be living a life that you love (if you don’t already love your life completely now).  There is something you can do right now to bring that closer to your life and that thing would be to write your blog post.

If you don’t yet have a blog, visit my resources page and pick one up.  You get everything you need with Bluehost to blog and it’s super easy to work with.


Building Your Own Dream

Hello All,

I wanted to write this for you today to illustrate the difference between working a job and building a blogging business.

That difference is a simple but powerful one.

With a job you are working for someone else, helping to build their dreams.  When you have a business of your own (in my case this blog), you are building and working for yourself, building a dream of your own.

I have to be honest, I got the idea for this blog post from Pat Flynn’s podcast, AskPat2.0.  I only listened to a brief part of the podcast but in it, the person being interviewed explained that he didn’t want to build someone else’s dream.  He wanted to build his own.

I am with that person on this.

I want to build my own dream, not someone else’s.

Don’t get me wrong.  When we are building our blogging business from the ground up it’s going to take years to get it going.  So we are going to have to work jobs to support ourselves and our families until we get going with our blogs.

That said, if we want to build our own dreams, we are going to have to do that after we get off from our day jobs, on the nights and weekends.

It’s not always going to be easy to do, and sometimes we aren’t going to have any ideas at all.  There will be times when we write nothing.  We however, want that to be rare, and we want to be consistent in our content creation.  That’s how we are going to pick up steam and breath life into our businesses.

Here’s the deal though.

One thing you can learn from me is to never give up on your blog.  Sure, I’ve been doing it on and off for 2 years, but I have never completely quit and given up on blogging.  I have had days where I felt bad and wanted to delete my blog, save the money I was spending on Bluehost and Convertkit, and just work my job to pay the bills.

But I never gave in to that idea.  I knew that I was doing something good, I knew I was getting more email subscribers, and I knew that if I could make a few cents off of Adsense, I could earn more.

The main thing that kept me going was that it took me a very long time to get my email subscribers, and I didn’t want to give them up just because my blogging results looked very bleak.  Sure I may have not written a blog post that day, but I didn’t trash my blog.  I kept it, and the feeling I have today because of that simple action is simply wonderful.

Today I worked 4 hours at my job and made $44.  It was a typical day.  It was busy and I worked hard for that money.  It was a good day.

Just before writing this post the evening after working my job, I checked my Adsense account.  Today, after weeks of getting nothing, I earned $2.98.  That $2.98 was the sweetest money I made all day.  It wasn’t the most money I made all day, but it was the best money because it came as a result of working for myself.  It came as a result of building my own dream.

I know that where there is some, there surely must be more.

So as I write this I am uplifted and inspired.

Also, I can tell you exactly what I did that lead to that money.

Yesterday was Saturday, and on Saturday night I wrote the first post I had written in over a week.  I sent that post out to my 439 email subscribers using Convertkit.  I’m not exactly sure if that’s the reason I got clicks on my ads, but nevertheless I did get clicks on my ads and I earned almost $3 today.  I was surprised at this result, as I didn’t expect anything.  Especially after weeks of earning nothing, but low and behold, my blog paid me today.

This is a great thing because it’s a start.  I can build on this.  I can work my day job and pay my bills, and I can also work this blog and build my own dream.  With hard work and determination I think I can become a professional blogger.

That would mean I wouldn’t have to work for someone else anymore.

Isn’t that what we want as bloggers?  To be able to earn enough money so we didn’t have to work day jobs anymore?

When you are blogging with services like Bluehost and Convertkit YOU ARE building YOUR DREAM.  It takes a long haul, grinding with no monetary result for a long time to even earn a little money, but I can tell you from personal experience those first few dollars are incredibly sweet.  You earned them off of your own intellect and heart and you deserve to celebrate that victory like the business owner that you are.

The beauty of this is that it can all be done with nothing more than a blog, an email list, and your own heart and mind.  Furthering the beauty, when compared to opening a brick and mortar business, a blogging business is dirt cheap.

Because of the time involved in getting to your first few dollars, now is the best time to get started blogging and building your email list.  If you think you have it in you to invest years into blogging to build your own business and your own dream, waste no time.  Now is the time to get started.

Another beauty of building your dream of having your own blogging business is that it’s fun to blog (assuming you are writing about something that is fun for you).  In other words, you are following your bliss.  Sure it costs you a little money to keep it, but you can’t put a price on something that you really, really enjoy doing.  It’s priceless.

I blogged for a very long time without even making a cent because I enjoyed it and I was chasing my dream.  Now that I’m beginning to cash in, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming larger and larger.

I admittedly am still nowhere near where I need to be to retire from my day job, but I have something I can build on and it’s because I never truly gave up on my blog.  Even when I thought it might be the time to do so.

So I encourage you to blog and not to give up when times get hard (because they will get hard).  Think of what you have done so far and how far you’ve come since you started, and press on and write your next (or first) blog post.

Let this post you’ve read right now be the thing you needed today to write your next blog post.

Go now and get started.


I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment about your dream.

Also, visit my resources page if you would like to get started blogging.

Thank You

The Journey To Becoming A Professional Blogger

My personal journey to becoming a professional blogger has been a lot of work and it’s taken a lot of time.  I’m still not there yet.

I have made a few dollars, but it’s a far cry from being able to retire from my job.

I just wanted to share with you some insights on what’s taken place for me and how you can learn from my own journey to help make yours a little easier.

I started blogging in May of 2016.

I didn’t know what to write about so I just wrote about overcoming personal problems.  Nothing stuck.  I got a lot of spam comments (though they were kind spam comments).

I tweeted all my posts and mostly got no feedback on twitter.  I tried Facebook and got no likes.

Maybe I just wasn’t being useful.

I don’t know why it hasn’t worked yet.

What I do know is that the path is unfolding as I take action.

I was listening to the Problogger podcast and in it Darren said that you shouldn’t slow down so much you don’t post anything at all.  He also said that when you’ve tried so much that you want to quit, that’s the time to try one more time.

So here I am writing this blog post.

I haven’t been posting much lately and I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t felt like I’ve had anything useful to say.  I know that’s a lie.  I, like everyone else in the world, am valuable, and I have useful things I can share with my readers.  It just takes work and not being stupid (which I have to say we are not).

This whole time (since I started my blog) I’ve been working at Honeybaked Ham.  I love my job.  My boss is very good to me.  My job is supporting my blogging efforts (as of right now I am blogging mostly for free), and it’s a good experience going into work my job everyday.  Working at Honeybaked is a big part of my success right now, but I’m working towards being a blogging professional.  I am working towards an abundant blogging income.

I have some things in place that could pay me.

I have Google Adsense on this site, so if someone clicks one of the ads, I will get paid.

I also am selling Bluehost services, so if one of my readers wants to start a blog of their own, they can do so thru me, and I will get paid.

Also, I am selling Convertkit, the email list service provider.  If someone who has a blog wants to turn their blog into a business, then they can buy Convertkit from me and start building their list.  By building a list, you are collecting email addresses you can use to sell your products or services.

So far I haven’t made any Bluehost or Convertkit sales, but I have made $6.47 with Adsense.  That’s a long ways from my goal of $15,000 by the end of 2018, but something is better than nothing.

I did set a goal to earn $15,000 off my blog by the end of 2018.  That’s less than 4 months away and I may have set the bar too high (given my current results).  It seems like I might not even get remotely close to my goal.

I however am not deterred.

I believe in miracles, and I am a hard worker.  So I have those things on my side.  Plus I read a lot of books and journal everyday (on top of writing this blog) so I also have that going for me.

It’s a Saturday night and my idea of a good time is writing this blog.

I also have recently sobered up and now rarely drink alcohol so I am a lot more clear headed.  I think this will aide me in the achievement of my rather ambitious goal.

I don’t know how it’s going to happen other than to write the next blog post everyday.  I just know I’ve got to keep believing in myself, and take the next small step towards my goal.  I admittedly have to get back on track (as I am attempting to do with this post) and write this blog everyday.  On the Problogger podcast today I also heard that most bloggers give up after 2 months, while it takes a blogger 2-3 years to become successful.  I’m over 2 years in and I’m not giving up.

My journey to becoming a professional blogger has been a long hard road and I still haven’t seen really anything in terms of monetary results.  I do however enjoy blogging, so you could say that even though I’ve only made $6 it’s still been worth it.

Now in terms of email subscribers I’m doing okay there.  Right now with Convertkit, I have 439 subscribers.  Considering that I was stuck at 18 for almost 2 years, I have had tremendous growth over the period of a short month.  I did this by buying some small ads when Google Ads was Adwords.

I spent about $100 and I got over 400 subscribers.  I had a 12% conversion rate from views to subscribers.  Not too shabby.  I have recently backed off of buying ads and am taking a free marketing strategy more seriously, but that’s not to say I won’t buy another ad in the future.  I will say that each ad I run is going to be more evolved than the last, so I am optimistic about how I am going to do overall when I do decide to buy another ad.

For now though, I’m just working out how I can get subscribers, ad revenue, and sales from free marketing strategies.  I can tell you that the process of building a blogging business is long and hard but it’s still very exciting and fulfilling.

One thing I’ve learned from my journey to becoming a professional blogger is that you have to put service to your audience first (before profits).  It’s not going to help to bomb your list with one sales promotion after another without offering them lots of useful content in between.  I have read that for every sales pitch you give you should give 3 (maybe 4) free pieces of useful content.  If there is one thing you can learn from this post, it’s like Pat Flynn says “Serve First”.

So I wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how it’s going.  As they say it’s always darkest before dawn, so I’m not going to give up in the face of the challenges.  I am going to keep my eyes on the prize (being a professional blogger and all that comes with it).

I encourage you to leave a comment and let me know how your own journey to becoming a professional blogger is going.  I would love that.

Also, check out my resources page.


Playing The Blogging Game

Playing the blogging game is fun!

I’ll admit it, I’ve never made any real money from home working online.

I have made $5, and that’s enough to get leads, but I’m not sure about what I’m doing anymore.  Am I teaching people how to make money blogging?

The answer is no.  I’ve never made 1,250 Convertkit sales putting me at a $10,000 monthly reoccurring income.  I will say that I’m a blogger and I have to blog this whole thing out.

I am in a position to collect money from people, but I haven’t been collecting any.  I’ve been writing, but I haven’t been making sales.

Granted I’m a slow writer.  It takes me about 10 days to write a 5,000 word post.  If you want to blog, you may even be able to write more than me, and be in a better position to make more money.

I will say that you will benefit from this because I’m showing you my personal journey.  I’m even toying with the idea of becoming a work from home musician.  You can really do anything on the internet.

At the same time I don’t want to distract myself from what’s working.  That is this site.  It’s providing me with over 10 leads a day most days and my email list is rapidly expanding.  These are the people I love the most right now, as they are my people.

They get my emails.  You may even be one of those people.  If you are you are in the right place as I’m going to serve up to you some tasty writing.  Be warned, it’s for those over the age of 21.

Of course, I’m partly joking.

About the 21 part.

I am going to be serving you up pure experience of playing the blogging game.  I write so that it helps you to write.  If a dumb (although I am also tough) person like me can write a blog like this one, then sure you can do that or something better if even for only a hobby.

If you want to get into the business aspect of blogging, then you could do it by building an email list (which you can get from me, handshake) and you could play the game of getting leads.

Once you have the leads you get into playing the game of making sales, and that’s what people are interested in.  How you get the money baby.

For me, and my personal brand, it’s all about the action of playing the game.  Getting your hands dirty, whether your being paid or not.

Plus blogging is fun, especially when your getting results.  And you always will get results (even if they are small at first).

You can improve upon your results, and make your blog better.

This is the power of playing the blogging game.

It never stops.

The blogging game never sleeps.  It’s on 24/7.  You can count on it to work for you.  That’s part of the fun of playing the blogging game.

Playing the blogging game takes work, and if you have nothing to do, it’s the perfect thing for you to work on in your free time.  Aside from spending time with your family, what better thing to do than blog?

Playing the blogging game is fun, and it’s even more fun when your trying to make sales.

But when your trying to make sales, it’s even more exciting because you could get paid.

Not that I’m excited or emotional (I’m not).

Getting paid would be good because you could feed your family.

But this isn’t all about pay, as much as I would like it to be, it’s also about playing the blogging game.

When your playing the blogging game for a long time your not going to get paid, if you ever do at all.  It should be about learning and self expression, spreading your message to the world.

One of the beauties of blogging is that you put your stuff in front of the entire world if they want to read it.  And you can write whatever you want.

I personally write to help others blog.  Right now in fact I’m hoping this post inspires you to write one of your own, as if I can do it, believe me, you can do it.

It’s not hard, you just have to write.

I’ve done many things for work in the past.  One of which was rock and roll music.   I had plans to make millions playing blues rock and roll.  I might have made $100 as a musician.  I needed to take it a less stressful route, so blogging found it’s way to me, as by you reading this, blogging must also be finding it’s way to you.

You can get started blogging with me for a little over $200 for two years.  That comes out to well over less than $10 a month.  Pennies for the opportunity of a lifetime if you work it right.

Playing the blogging game is worth it

Blogging is worth it when your getting leads and expanding your business.

You have results to show for your work.

Not to mention once you have a list, you can ask your list questions like “what would you pay me money for?”.  If you’ve done well there will be a response.  Your list will tell you exactly what they want from you.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your list a buying question, and you’d get a reply?

Blogging is a labor of love

Playing the blogging game is a labor of love.  You won’t get paid for a while so you’ve got to figure it’s more than just about the money.  It’s about helping people.  I’m not talking about writing your personal story.  I’m talking about solving problems.  For me, the problem I’m solving is one, giving people something good to read, and two, helping writers perform their work in a public way on a blog.

My job is to help people blog.

If you are on my list there is going to be plenty of information coming to you that will help you start a blog of your own, and write successfully everyday.  I want you to live and breathe blogging, as your best chances of success will come with 100% commitment.

That means no time spent on the couch visualizing a lottery win.  If your going to sit on the couch you should be visualizing your blogging income exploding.  That’s 100% commitment.  All efforts focused around building a blogging business.

Being on my list gives you a front row seat to how I’m going to pull this one off.  If you want to blog and generate leads for your blogging business, then you are in the right spot.  Hold tight and I’ll soon be showing you how to make sales.

Playing the blogging game is a labor of love.  It takes a long time to become successful, but then again, it’s a lot cheaper than going back to college.  Better than college because you can read what interests you rather than what you are forced to read for a class that you have to take.

I’m not against going back to school.  I respect that.  I just figure you’ve got to do what you are good at, and I’ve been putting time and effort into this blogging thing for a while now.  I’m ready to take it to the next level and I won’t be discouraged by the delay in making sales.  All that means to me is I have to work harder on the blog, and be of better service to my audience.  I will let the money come in naturally.  Have you thought of starting a blog of your own?  It’s fun.

You get the premium membership for only $6 a month.

You can get it cheaper than that if you only want the basics, but still even with the premium membership you are only paying $6 a month.

Who can’t afford $6 a month?

Especially if you are a writer and need a public outlet for your expression.

I’m especially looking forward to guiding you to earning your first dollar with your blog, but I also want to give you some pointers for writing your first blog post.

Blogging takes action so if you are going to start a blog with me, then you’ll be need to take action and write.  Ask yourself “How can I help as many people as possible?”.  Ask yourself “How can I serve my audience?”.

Begin with the end in mind.

Earning money.

If your going to earn money, your going to have to helping people, not just writing your personal story (although you can add some of that in there to show your experience to further helping your audience).

You don’t want to be just writing about your day unless it’s an act of service to others.  Decide what you want to help people with and then write to solve problems.  And remember to be different than your competition.  I know that because you are unique you will be different and add something new that no one else in the world has yet.

I believe in you.

When you play the blogging game, just know that I’m on your side.  I’m here to help you.  I’m here to inspire your next blog post.  I’m here to give you the tools you need to start a business blog.  It doesn’t take much money, but it does take a whole lot of work, so if your broke that’s still no excuse not to blog.  It’s dirt cheap and for the opportunity to completely change your life there’s no better way than blogging.

If you don’t have much money right now, but have the time, then blogging just might be for you.  But don’t take my word for it, try Bluehost for yourself and see if it’s something you can do long term.  When it pays off I’m sure you’ll be happy you went through the challenges you did when you were first starting.  You’ll look back on those days of work without pay with fondness, as you know that those days are what it took to become successful.

Playing the blogging game is fun work

If you are going to work, you may as well be able to have fun with it.

When you are crafting each word, you are the one in control.  What could be more fun than being in total control?

You get to let the words dance onto the screen, in a flourish of keys being struck.  You can write whatever is going to help people.  Isn’t it fun to help people?

Of course there is the possible monetary gain, and what could be more fun than possibly making money off your creative work?

What’s the value here?

It’s that anyone who enjoys writing can work their writing habit into a blog and can achieve a degree of success.  When you enjoy writing, playing the blogging game is fun work.

If you like reading you’ll love blogging

With blogging you get to try out your communication skills.  If you like reading then it’s going to be a lot of fun writing about everything you’ve learned.  I can tell you what I’ve learned so far.

It’s that you need a good eBook that’s going to get high conversion rates from views to leads.  What I’ve found is that it helps if you domain name has something to do with your free promotion to get leads.  If you take for instance, my free eBook is about how to make your first $5 with a blog, and of course the domain matches my free offer.  Once you have the lead then you can work on selling them your products.  This is the phase I’m currently working on.

I can tell you it’s only going to be a matter of time before I make some sales, the only thing in question in when I’m going to reach my goal income of $10,000 a month.  Will it be today?  Tomorrow?  A year from now?  You’ll find out by being on my list and reading my material.

Just know it’s going to happen, and by being on my list you get a front row seat on just how fast it’s going to be.

Part of the beauty of blogging is that not only is it an art, you also get to make your projections of how much money you’re setting out to make, and do so publicly.  That way you have accountability and are more likely to follow through.

I’m writing this right now after a 9 hour day at my job, and then taking my family to the fireworks stand to buy fireworks for tomorrow (the fourth of July 2018).

I told my kids that I only had money for sparklers but that sometime in the future (maybe July 4th, 2019) we could buy some giant fireworks.  I told them that not now, but one day we will have money for the luxuries of life.  They were happy just to go get the sparklers.  When I checked my bank account before leaving I noticed I had enough money for more than just sparklers (although not enough yet for anything big).  This was good because I was able to over-deliver on my promise and we ended up getting a whole bag of stuff plus two boxes of snappers.  Needless to say my children were pleased.

Sorry to get off the business end of this thing but I think sharing my little story about prosperous thinking (even when you don’t have a lot) says things about myself that you need to know as someone who reads my work and may even buy from me.  I am a giver, I over-deliver, and I set my sights on the big time.  I think anyone who wants to should be able to create a six figure business with their blog, me or anyone else.  Just because you don’t have the money right now doesn’t mean you can’t still live well as your working for more.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what I described to you about the fireworks was a good thing.  You just have to be a prosperous thinker.

Be warned though

Blogging can bring the pain.  When your working on a 5,000 word post, and you want to get the thing done so you can expand your business, the time and effort you have to spend can take it’s toll on you.

Granted, you are working from home and couldn’t be more comfortable.

Still, it’s hard to keep cranking out the quality, helpful, valuable content.  Yesterday I only got out a few paragraphs before I retired to do some reading.  The good thing about that is I still worked on my blog that day, the bad thing about it is that I didn’t get much done.  Most days I like to get at least 500 words in before I call it quits.  I have to face it, as we all do as bloggers, and do better today than I did yesterday.

Playing the blogging game can be a lot of fun, but I don’t want to mislead you into thinking it’s all going to be roses.  Some days you might have to blog when you don’t feel like it.  That is if you want to take the prospect of professional blogging seriously.  I know I do and if you are on my list, I know you will too.

Writing 5,000 word posts for your list is an epic adventure

I can tell you from experience that when you know people are going to visit your blog post that you email them, it’s an epic adventure.

It’s even more epic that you’re writing 5,000 words per post.

When your first starting out at making money from blogging, you’ll want to focus on the practice of writing first, and building your email list of leads rather than how you are going to make a dollar.  This way you can hone your craft and become a better writer.  This way you can perfect your skills so that when you have a list of 1,000 people, you’ll be in a position to write a great eBook that you can launch as your own first product.  There are affiliate products that you can sell (like Bluehost and Convertkit to name two) and then you can also sell your own products (like an ebook or a video course).

Either way when you are writing 5,000 word posts that you can mail to your growing list really you are building a business.  In this way playing the blogging game really is an adventure.

You make it whatever you want to

If you want to succeed you’ll succeed.  It’s just a matter of self belief, action, and time.  It’s going to happen for you.  There’s no reason not to get started and if you have already started, there’s no reason why you should ever stop.  If you are going to blog, why not be a blogger for life?  Why not get better with age, and do it for as long as you are alive.  How would you like to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and all of mankind?  You can do it all with a blog.

If you want to make your blog about your prosperous thinking, and help other people think and act in prosperous ways, then write a blog about that.

If you want to create a blog about your family life, then write about your family.

If you want to write a blog about business, then get your hands dirty and write a blog about how to earn your next dollar (or $10,000 if you’ve made that).

If you want to write about your experiences playing the lottery, then write about the lottery.

If you like gardening, then write a blog about gardening.

The point is when you are playing the blogging game you can play the game however you’d like.  You can write about whatever you like.  My advice to you is to think about what you want your blog to be about before you ever pull out your credit card to buy.  You want your domain name to be well thought out because once you buy it you’ll have skin in the game, and you want to make a wise purchase.  When you think things through, you can buy a domain that suits where you want to go long term.  Blogging after all is a long term game.

Service First

When you’re playing the blogging game, if you want to make money off it, it needs to be about service first.

Before you ask your list to buy something you should send them some content demonstrating your service to them.  This way they can buy knowing what you are about and how you are going to help them.

Here at the vision is to help people build blogging businesses.  I’ve put in years of study into personal development, and I’ve read several books on how to earn money blogging.  Not to mention I’ve also purchased products for thousands and thousands of dollars and soaked up all the information in them.  The $3,500 course I bought consisted of many videos on how to succeed in network marketing by blogging.  The course I bought and the blogging network marketing company I joined later was called a scam on the internet but I think the course was really worth every penny, and the experience priceless.

If I could do it all over again though, I would.

I wouldn’t of joined a network marketing company until I already had a good sized email list and had been blogging for a couple years.  I did not know the internet well at the time, and I tried to recruit friends and family, and no one was having any of it.

This has not deterred me from trying to start my own business.  I think (and admit) that I have a six figure business in me.  I imagine that having a six figure business would include a lot of customers, and customer service so you would figure you’d be busier and you’d be making more money.

Part of the deeper vision (and service) of is about helping as many people as possible (a massive number of people) not only start a blog, and build a business around that blog, it’s also to earn a good living from your blog (something like $100,000 a year).  That’s what I’m striving to help people to do in the long term.  For now I just want to help people write their blogs, and build businesses with their blogs.

My definition of a blogging business is a blog that generates at least new subscribers everyday.  In this way the blog is getting leads.  You need leads to make sales so really even if your not making any sales yet, if your getting new leads everyday, then you actually do have a business (not to mention it’s growing).  I would say that is a business, even though it hasn’t produced any sales yet.  My leads are growing everyday, and I’m not expecting six figures in sales over night.  It’s going to take a lot of work on our parts to earn six figures.   We can do it together.

My vision of service is to help people start and maintain blogging businesses.  I have prosperous thinking and action on my side.  I’m stable and I do my jobs well.  There’s no reason I or anyone else couldn’t have a blogging business.  I have one and you could too.

With blogging you work from home

One of the benefits of building a blogging business is that you get to work from home.

How would you like to work from home?

How would you like to be of service to the world right from the comfort of your own home?

How would it feel to pour your heart and soul into your work from home?

You can do it all with blogging.

Are you a blogger?

You could literally blog about anything you wanted.  Anything that you are passionate about.  Anything you are interested in.  That makes it even more fun because you are writing about something you already love.

For me, that thing I love is blogging.  That thing I love is creating a business that in the future will be able to support me and my family.  Right now all six figures a year is, is a dream.  But it’s a dream I’m working towards.  Sure, I could go out and get a sales job and sell someone else’s products, but why do that?  I’m already selling someone else’s products on this blog, with the potential to sell my own products in the future.  What could be better than working for yourself?

If you are thinking about the problem of what to write I can advise you think about what makes you tick.  Think about what you do and don’t like.  Think about God guiding you to creating a successful blog.  Pray for prosperous things to write about.  Pray for income and don’t be afraid to do so.

Pray to help people.

If you want to be a blogger prayer is going to help you out.

Do you like reading?  Do you like writing?  Do you keep a journal?  When you answer yes to these questions you are a good candidate to become a blogger.

I like reading about God, money, work, personal development, blogging, history, and fiction.  I like writing about these things as well.  With my public work of blogging I am able to establish my work online for anyone to engage with.  Not to mention I’m actively selling Bluehost and Convertkit and I have these affiliate accounts set up to collect me money.

The way I see it is, if I help my list out for free, then they will be more likely to buy one or all of my products.  I help my list out by writing these blog posts and then sending them the post in an email.  My hope is that they are inspired to write themselves and that my own writing will get them through the tough times when it’s not so easy to blog.

Some questions

Are you a writer?

Do you like books?

Do you like playing the lottery?

Do you like selling things?

Do you like the sound of running your own business?

Is money your friend?

Do you like drinking tea and writing?

Do you do all you can do everyday to become more prosperous?

Do you love massive action?

Do you love great results?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then playing the blogging game may be for you.

Only good things can come from blogging when you do it in a good way.

Sure there will be the hiccups of self discovery but those are normal.  You’ve got to find your way somehow.

Maybe blogging is finding it’s way to you thru me at this point in your life because it’s something you should do.  I will say that it’s not expensive to build a blogging business and if all you want to do is just blog then it’s even cheaper.

I can show you what I’m doing so it helps you out on your own blogging journey.

One thing I can tell you is that practice makes perfect.  Write as much as you possibly can write.  This way you’ll get your practice in and you’ll get your 10,000 hours in faster.

For business blogging, write to market your business

This blog is after all about business blogging.  It’s about earning money with your blog.  In other words business blogging.  If you are going to keep a business blog then you’ll want to market your business.  Your content becomes marketing.

In my instance I’m marketing Bluehost and Convertkit (or Seva).  Bluehost provides the domain and hosting for the blog and Convertkit provides the email list service.  You can get both from yours truly.

Helping people blog

This blog is about helping people build business blogs.  With hosting and an email list you can do just that.  Just sit there and work it out.

Sit in front of your computer screen until the words come.  The longer you sit there the more you will write, and the better your business efforts will be.

If you are a blogger (which you might want to be) then I want to inspire you to write more.  Write for longer hours, and write longer posts.  Give your readers something they will really love.  Write your heart out.

When you do things with love (or God) you can really do anything.  What makes you think you can’t make $5 off your blog.  When you do it with love, you really become unstoppable.

I want to help you blog.  Here’s an idea:

List out 10 things you do really really well.  If you can’t think of ten things then just write down what you would like to do really really well and work with the couple things you do really really well (because everyone has a couple things) and work towards becoming a better person.

From your list of 10 things pick your most favorite thing you do really really well and then buy a domain about that thing.  That will be your blog.  You can write about this thing that you do really really well and you can build an audience that wants to hear what you have to say.

From there you already have won half the battle.  You just have to finish.  You have to take your readers and make them into sales.  Admittedly I’m still working on finishing.  Maybe you could be one of my first two sales.

I have made some money off advertising, but I thought that Adsense was sending people off my page when I wanted them to stay and buy the products I was selling.  Not the products someone else was selling, me only getting pennies for the click.  I thought it much better to become an affiliate and get paid a lot more for each customer, and as I’m growing my list I’m even getting ready to launch my first product.  It’s going to be an eBook.

This is about helping YOU to blog.  I’m just giving you my personal story so you can blog as good or better than me.  If you want to compete, your going to have to write 5,000 word posts.

I feel incredible blogging and you can have that same experience.  I’ve hardly even made any money and I still feel great doing it, and I also feel like the money (and lots of it) is only a matter of time.  If you want to do the same thing, then you are only a couple of purchases and a whole lotta work away.  If your like me, you’ll relish the work.

Again, it’s cheap to run a blogging business.

You’ll love this stuff and you are in the right hands

As you blog, just think prosperously.  Say to yourself “I am prosperous” as you blog.  It’s a method I learned at my day job.  When you think and then ACT prosperously you gain prosperity.  The more you do, the more prosperous you’ll be.  I used to write little bitty 500 word posts.  Now I’m on to bigger things and I encourage you to do likewise.  There’s nothing more prosperous than a prosperous thought followed by a prosperous action, and the action is where the magic happens.

Take heed, blogging takes time.  But if your like me, you’re stable enough to work and blog indefinitely.  With a steady paycheck, a blog, and an email list only God knows how much money you really will end up making.  That won’t stop us for shooting for six figures and working our tails off everyday to make that dream a reality.  If you want to get in this, I’m in it with you for life.

You can take your blog wherever you want it to go.  Of course you should read other blogs and get advice from a wide range of people.  I’m just saying that you can come back to this blog to get inspiration to write your next, or first blog post.  Set yourself on fire and work everyday with that fire to create something that will get the attention of millions of people.  If you have the attention of millions of people, you bet you could earn a 6 figure business, probably even 7 figures.  At that point you may as well have won the lottery, and you did it all with good old fashioned hard work.  The hard work of writing publicly on your blog.


I appreciate you reading until the end.  May God bless you with more than you could ever ask for.

To our health, wealth, wisdom and happiness,

Leonard Jessie Creel Jr

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It’s less than $300 for two years of domain and hosting.  It’s only $29 a month for the email list, through Convertkit.  I can tell you why you should buy.

You should buy because you get to be your own boss.

You should buy because the inner salesperson in you wants to sell products for the business that you, yourself own.

You should buy because once you’ve bought my products, you can resell them with confidence.  Knowing you own and approve of the products that your selling.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is not the lottery (though I do myself play and sometimes win).  This is a lot of hard work over a period of years to accomplish what you set out to do.  One of the beauties of blogging is that anyone can do it, so long as your fluent in your native tongue.

You never know where blogging could take you.  You never know where building a list could take you on top of blogging.  You need to continue to think in terms of prosperity.  Your words are charged with prospering power.

The point is you don’t need a lot of money to get started with the creative business of blogging.  It’s dirt cheap, and even if you work a minimum wage job, you should still be able to afford to blog.

There’s no excuses for not blogging and building an email list.  It’s only going to develop you professionally, so why not do it?

You may be saying, “well, I don’t have the time”.

If you don’t think you have the time to blog, you should be blogging twice as much as the regular blogger.  Chances are you’ll find the time to blog, AND you’ll get more done in your personal and professional life that it will blow your mind.

For only $35 a month you can have all that, and you can do whatever you want with it.  If you are a musician, you could sell albums to your list.  You could even resell the very products you are buying.  YOU have total control.

That’s why you should buy.

You should buy Bluehost and Convertkit from me because for a cheap monthly rate, you could be in control.  Not your boss, not the lottery, but you, calling all the shots.

Sure you are at the mercy of the customer, but wouldn’t you rather have your OWN customers than get customers for someone else?

The way I see it is, if you are going to be selling, you might as well be selling for yourself, and your own professional brand.  1,250 Convertkit referrals would equal a six figure business.

Wouldn’t you like a six figure business?

I sure would.

I might get back into selling for someone else until the blog takes off.

There’s nothing wrong with selling for someone else.  You are getting paid.  The way I figure it is, with the pain associated with selling (the toll it takes on your body, mind, and soul) you might as well be doing it for your own business.  With blogging and building an email list, it’s dirt cheap to sell for yourself, and you are the one reaping all the benefits, because you are the owner.

The point is you can get started with your own .com, hosting, and an email list for only $35 a month.  That should be pure gold to you.  I know it is to me.

You could get to writing on your business, which would be to buy ads for your writing, with ads on your writing, and make your money with clicks on the ads.

Or you could sell your hosting service, and your email list provider, and you might make a little more money.  You might even be able to sell an eBook to your growing list.  You might even be able to sell a $1,000 video course.

Just Sit There And Work It Out

Just sit in front of your computer and wait for the words to come.  Maybe take a sip of your wine, and hit your vape.  You are in for the ride.  You are marketing a business.  Your words are charged with prospering power.

Words like you are infinite, you are unstoppable are charged with prospering power.

Just sit there and work it out.

The blogging will come it just takes time sometimes.

It’s better you sitting at your computer at your blog, then you sitting on the couch watching TV.  Trust me, it’s better for you.

It’s better for you because you are creating something, no matter how slowly.  I don’t think it matters how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop.

I’m talking about blogging everyday

If you are going to buy Bluehost and Convertkit from me, I would expect no less of you than to blog everyday.  If you want to build an email list and start a business selling affiliate products and even your own products, you should be working on your next 5,000 word post everyday so you can give that growing list something to chew on at a regular pace.

Blog to market your business.  My business is Bluehost and Convertkit.  It’s a surefire way to build a business.  Just watch me, I’m doing it and I can tell you exactly what I’m doing.

You see, building your list is like building your empire.  Your list are the people who have said they want more from you.  These are the people that are going to read what you write.  At least some of them.  With Convertkit you can see how many people click on the link in your broadcast, so really you know how many readers you have by that number.

Know How Many Readers You Have With Converktit.

You can see in this screenshot that I have 15 clicks on “Blogging For Fun and Profit” meaning I have 15 people out of the 116 who actually read my work.

It feels good to know I have readers.  I know I get the job done and so will you if you just sit there and work it out.

This is the beauty of having Bluehost and Convertkit.  You can work it out and as the months pass, you have it worked out more and more.

This is far from over.

You can see on my personal screenshots my progress, and admittedly it’s slow progress.  It won’t be long before I have a breakthrough in sales, and I’ll share with you my progress in that respect as well.

Speaking of personal screenshots, I wanted to share another one with you.

Convertkit is the best!

You can see I’m still at a 12% conversion rate with 8 subscribers in just one day!  166 in a month.  If I can do this with leads then surely I can do this with sales.

Just showing you what I’m doing.  It’s fun and I want to share.  If you would like to blog you’ll be the same way.  It’s fun and it’s definitely more than just about the money.

Come On, It’s Only $35 A Month

Come on, this is copywriting at it’s best.   It’s me promoting my business to you.  The same way you could promote to your list as your building it, and your business.  It would only cost you $35 a month to keep the lights on (of course, the advertising is not included).

After the advertising it would be $125 a month, but you would be building a list (and a business) and your work would matter.

When your getting 166 leads a month wouldn’t it be worth $125?

When your buying Bluehost and Convertkit from me, you ARE starting a business.  A business you could do whatever you want with.  You get to pick your own domain out.  It could be whatever is available but you get to choose.

And after you’ve written a good eBook, you can market it to build your list up.  Build your list up, build your leads up.  And with a message that converts at a high level, you’ll have a real business with real sales by the end of it.

At least I could show you how to get leads.  That’s something.  What I can tell you to do is make money on the internet, even a small amount, and then tell other people how to do that.  That is what you make your eBook about.

From there you just market your landing page with your Convertkit form by using Google Adwords, and let the leads flow in.

Trust me, it’s easy to get 9 leads a day when you’ve figured out how to do it.

The thing I really need to work on, and maybe you can help me with this by leaving a comment, but that thing is sales.

I can tell you how to start a business, but I’m still working on finishing that business myself so until I have some sales under my belt I’m going to be teaching you how to get leads.

I hope that doesn’t bother you.

I can tell you this, blogging is about writing.  The better you’ll be the more you practice.  The beauty of blogging is your practice is public, so you grow more because there are other eyes on it.

The bigger your list the more eyes you will have on your work and the more you will grow.  That’s part of the fun of blogging not just for profit.

Just think if you could get one person to read all of your next 5,000 word post you could call that an accomplishment.

Just think of making sales like you get leads, and think of what your income is going to look like in 6 months.  If you got a 12% conversion rate from leads to sales at $8 a month per sale, then you’d have nearly a $1,000 monthly income in that time.  That’s my goal, to do as well with sales as I do with leads, and if that’s the case I’ll be free from my job in no time flat.

Not that it hasn’t taken me a long time to get to this point.

It has.

But the road I walked, and am still walking has been a good one.  Something I’m grateful for.  Not that there haven’t been challenges, but in those challenges there have been blessings and God has always provided for me.

It helps that I have a family.

They have helped me get through some tough times.

We’ve also had some really really good times together.

But This is About Business

It can’t all be about your personal life.  People are interested in making money.  You’ve got to make the money and then help other people to do what you do.

In my case my business is getting leads (which hopefully will result in a lot of sales) which I can help you to do also.

Convertkit is the best! I'm growing my list rapidly and I'm doing it all with them!

You can see in this picture, taken on my 7th wedding anniversary, June 25th, 2018 I have 199 total subscribers.  A month ago I had 182 less.  I’ve gained 182 subscribers in a month, my conversion rate is at a steady 12% which means 12 subscribers for every 100 people that see the page.

If you ask me, it’s a rocking good time to have the kind of month I’m having with leads.  I’m telling you, all you have to do is make a little money, and then just tell people what you did to do that.  Money and blogging excites people as the internet is evidenced by my rapid success in getting leads.

I am not however talking about a get rich quick scheme.  I’m talking about a lot of hard work over a long period of time before you begin to see any results.  As far as leads go though, I can tell you from my experience that they all seem to come rushing in at once.

And then they keep coming.

Rushing in.

If you’ve made $1,000 a month blogging already and would like to share a tip, please do so in the comments.  If you’ve made $10,000 a month, give me a shout out.  If you’ve made $100,000 a month, well then your in the right spot, because I don’t see any way to shoot higher.

And most people, like in the get rich quick schemes, are not going to make it into the inner circle of bloggers who make $100,000 a month.  They all know each other.  Or could you?  Could you make it into that circle?

I say we all can.  Only a few of us are going to make it, but we all can try, and try, and try, and try, never giving up always trying, and we will inevitably make it.  That’s part of my philosophy of blogging.  We CAN do it and inevitably not only make money doing it, but become one of the best in the world.

Blogging = Writing = Work

Maybe your not the best in the world.  That’s not going to stop you from trying to be the best in the world and working on it every day of your life.

If you like working, your in the right spot.  You’ve carried on so far, I encourage you to continue on to the end of this post.  I know the winners will.

And I know some of you are going to buy and be my customers.  When you buy Bluehost to get your blog, and Convertkit to get your mailing list, I hope you stay on my email list and continue to receive my blog posts delivered hot right to your inbox.  That way I can continue to advise you with my work, and you can take on your blogging journey with a new insight on how to get leads.

I’m telling you it’s all about the work.

How much you blog, how consistent you are.  Here’s a tip:

To keep it manageable, keep it to 500 words a day.  That way when you do it daily (which is highly recommended) you can crank out a 5,000 word post in only 10 days.  As long as you stuck to it, and didn’t skip too many days, you’d be cranking out consistent material and you could measure your results.

With Convertkit, you can measure your results in a number of ways when your talking about getting your leads.  You can measure it in how many people visit your landing page (which is a page designed to capture email addresses).  You can also measure how many leads you get, and what percentage of visits versus leads happens.  It’s fun fun fun fun.

Especially when you have something on your hands (that you yourself have created) that is working.  It’s an incredible feeling.  I think everyone should feel what it feels like to be a successful blogger.  It’s incredibly gratifying.

Do What You Love To Do

Now you have to take this with a grain of salt.  You are not going to be able to do what you love all the time.  For some of us there are going to be times when you have to do what you have to do, and it doesn’t necessarily feel good.  When we can work a job and it doesn’t feel like labor we are also blessed.

Because blogging isn’t going to come quickly.  It’s going to take years of hard work to make any money at all.  A day time job is going to be helpful to you as a means of sustaining you until you can convert leads to sales.

Because that’s what were working towards.  It’s not all about the leads.  The leads aren’t going to do anything for us unless we can get a high conversion rate from leads to sales.  Convertkit doesn’t pay large sums of money for every subscriber.  You get $8 each.  So your going to need a lot of customers.  Repeat customers.

You get a view of the road with my email list.  The road to freedom from having to work a job.  To make all my money with my blog.  To have 7 different streams of income and become a millionaire.  Bada bing bada boom.

I know I make a tall promise, but I wouldn’t be a good teacher unless while believing in you, I also believe in myself.  That I will be able to help you.  So that’s what I do, and I write, and it’s as simple as that.

Blogging is Work

Blogging is also an art.  It takes artistry to blog.  You are a sculptor of words.  When you add in the time you spend creating this art, the art is play but it is also work.

Considering the time you have to invest into blogging to make any money at all, if you need money now, it’s better to get a job out there in the world.

If you can wait for a payoff, then business or personal blogging might be for you.

One of the best parts about the work of blogging is that you can do it from your home.  No commute!

Because, yes you can do it all on your own.  I have heard that one of the mistakes of entrepreneurs is not to have a partner, or several.  Just as a word to the wise, you may want to consider asking someone to join your business efforts, and create a blog worked by 2 people, instead of just 1.

If I could have had it my way, I would have a partner.  Someone to share in the inevitable wealth.

Just gotta think though, if one person can create a 7 figure business, they get to keep more money.

You would of course have employees at that level.  Nevertheless if you could even just independently support yourself, even if it is on your own, then you would have accomplished something.

Say $10,000 a month.

If you could do that you could support yourself and even a family (of course there would still be work to be done for the future).

That’s a whopping 1,250 Convertkit buyers to get to $10,000 a month.

Buy Bluehost and Convertkit from me, and you can get started on that exact plan.  And it doesn’t have to stop with the internet.  You can also get face to face with people and your business.

It’s Only $35 A Month

Now just to be upfront, Bluehost is going to charge you over $200 but that’s a one time payment that’s going to last you two years.  It comes out to about $6 a month.  With your list, when you buy from me, you get Convertkit, that is $29 a month.  So all in all your paying $35 a month to buy from me.

The best part is, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Until my business gets so big I’ll have to hire a team.

I’m telling you it’s going to be awesome, for me and you.

I’m going to be upfront with you and tell you that I don’t work this blog everyday.  Some days I just do nothing.  It’s a dream life.  But I can tell you that I’m going to working this blog more because I want it to grow and spread, and I’m not going to spend all my time visualizing a lottery win.

What’s going to help you?

Try 2 emails a month with my best work delivered right to your inbox.

That way you have a pulse on what I’m doing, for the highest good of all concerned of course.

Because with blogging we are talking good work.  We are talking helping people.  In my case, it’s to help people blog.  By helping people to blog I feel like I’m providing a valuable service to the community of the internet.  And the internet is a big world.

The more I write about it, the more excited I get about blogging.  When you blog, you write for anyone in the entire world.  Anyone could fit your customer avatar.  When your potential reach is the entire world, as much fame and fortune you want could be achieved.  Thus the power of the internet.

I can tell you what I’m doing right now.

I’m trying to sell Bluehost (the domain and hosting) and Convertkit (the autoresponder) to my growing list of people who are interested in making money off of a blog.  Sound like a gold mine right?

Well, time will tell, but I can tell you sales are inevitable.

Once I have a few coming in, I can adjust until I have many coming in, and then I’ll be more accomplished.  I already know how to get leads, you can watch me from my email list to see how the sales pan out.  All I can tell you is that it’s going to be really really good.

People, don’t hate me because I’m just doing my best.  My best is going to have to be good enough.  I might not blog every single day, but I do it pretty regularly, and I am pretty good at getting back to people who email me.

I tell you what you folks can do.

You can buy Bluehost from me for a little more than $200 for the 2 years, and you can try out blogging.  See how well you can write, and see if you get any comments.  Try your hand at search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.  If after that two years you want to start an email list so you can make sales, you can buy Convertkit from me.  That is if blogging suits you.

By all means if you want to start building your list from day 1 I congratulate you.  You can get domain, hosting, and your email list right from my resources page.  Go there now and try it out!

You Have Nothing To Lose

Say you like the idea of a million dollars falling in your lap.  For most folks that’s not going to happen, but that won’t stop them from trying.  Take the lottery for instance.

If you were an avid lottery player, who gambled responsibly at $2 a day, you’d spend $60 a month on lottery tickets.  The downside to that is if you are one of the many that don’t win, you have nothing to show for it.  This leads me to one of the many upsides of blogging with Bluehost and Convertkit.

With blogging, you have something to show for it.  Unlike with the lottery, there is a lot to do other than the buying.  You’ve got to work on it.  You’ve got to read, journal, and blog.  You could fill an 8 hour day with just those 3 things.  You could do 3 hours of each and make it a 9 hour day if it was your job.  Do that everyday for 10 years and I bet you’d be really really good.  It would be inevitable.

If your going to sit on the couch and play the lottery at $60 a month, I would encourage you to take on the work of blogging, save yourself some money, and get something to show for your money, maybe even more money!

I’m especially speaking for writers when I say that if you love writing, then the work of blogging for profit is easy.  You can do it from the comfort of your home, and if you’ve done a good job, then you’ll love being at home.  This is one of the many benefits of blogging.

Not only do you have nothing to lose, you also have everything to gain.  With each post you write you become stronger and stronger, better and better.  As writers we age like wine, the older the better.  Even better about blogging is that you can work it as much or as little as you want.  If you want an epic website you can spend a  year writing everyday and see how many blog posts you can write.

I recommend writing long posts.  That way if someone is in the mood to read the whole thing, you will really give them something to chew on.  Something to feast on if your good.

The only way you’ll be able to find out if you can feed people with your writing is to give it a try.  If you don’t try you’ll never know.  If your like me and have exhausted the feeling of winning the lottery, maybe it’s time to try something new and see how you do.  See if it’s something that God is willing to give to you.

What more could you ask for than that opportunity?

It’s going to take time.

If you want to make money with a blog right now you are in the wrong place.  I’m showing you how to grow leads so you can sell them your stuff.  That process to get it right takes a couple years.  Sure there are people who can do it faster, but chances are, for most people, it’s going to take some time.

I want to be upfront with you that blogging is going to take some time.  You have to do all kinds of things, and in the beginning the only thing that seems to be working is the action of writing.  No traffic, no leads.

Now if your writing what you think is killer content, and Google still isn’t picking it up in their search engine results, you can always resort to buying traffic.  You can do very well with leads even when your spending less than $100 a month.

Here’s an updated screenshot of my personal Convertkit service.

My leads are exploding. Convertkit has everything I need to convert my leads into sales. Convertkit and Bluehost are amazing.

As you can see, I launched my newest free eBook on June 2, 2018 and so far this month it’s nabbed me 225 subscribers (or leads).   Prior to this launch, I was recruiting people to join my list, face to face, with family, friends (and friends who are coworkers).  I made my way up to 18 people and maxed out my network.  Now that I have something that works, I’m spending a couple dollars more a day, to maximize this effort in building my list.  This month has been a great ride.

Just today I got 14 subscribers (as you can see in the image above) and I just have to know in my heart that I can get 2 sales a day.

If you could get two Convertkit sales a day, everyday, in a little over 2 months you’d have $1,000 reoccurring monthly income.  If you can get 14 leads a day, why can’t you get 2 Convertkit sales day.  Not to mention reselling the domain and hosting with Bluehost.  Are you crazy?

If not then you’ll want to do this.

Work from home, be your own boss, write your own paychecks, use your prosperous creative mind to earn money, the list goes on and on and on and on as to why blogging for fun and potentially profit is a good idea.

If you think you could win the lottery, then you may want to consider further blogging.

If you believe in yourself so much that you think winning the lottery is possible, then you may want to consider getting your hands dirty with blogging.

Sure there’s more to it than just buying the ticket.

There’s the daily affirmations and visualizations and journaling and whatever else you can make a part of your winning routine.  But with affirmation and visualization there’s no record of you having done anything.  If you don’t win in a timely fashion, you’ll only look like a fool who wasted time.  Trust me, I’ve lived the lottery fantasy and it just made my wife think I was going crazy.

When I talk to her about blogging she sings a different song.

It’s a song about possibility, it’s a song of support.  It’s a song of taking action instead of talking about it.  Blogging is nailing it down for me, as it could also be with you.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, I really want you to be my customer, and the products will serve you in ways I can’t even describe.

If you stick with it I believe you can make $1,000 a month off your blog.  Nothing crazy, something the average man or woman could do.  But just think of all the people who don’t yet have blogs out there in the world.  To give them one would do a justice to the world.

That’s why I’m promoting the business of buying and then reselling Bluehost and Convertkit.  For every blog you sell you get $60 and for every Convertkit member you sell you get at least $8 a month.  Get two sales a day everyday and you’ll be living a blogging lifestyle in no time.

Sound good?

All you have to do is visit my resources page and follow the links and buy.

You’ll be on your way to living a blogging lifestyle immediately.  You could start writing your first blog post today!

Just think: “My words are charged with prospering power!”.

See how writing a blog treats you as opposed to how playing the lottery treats you.  See what’s going to be a fulfilling way to make money.

Do you think it would be fulfilling if you made money with your creative work?

I can tell you how to get leads, as I in the last month have gotten hundreds of them.

I’ll tell you step by step my method.

It all starts with blogging and building an email list of friends and family.

From there the sky is the limit.

I need to get to an event.

I think going to events are important.

To get out there in the world and be with your people.

Writers who keep blogs and make money doing it.

I’ll get out there, and I’ll write about the experience.

I have more work to do at my day jobs before I can make that happen, but I am going to go to another event.

When you are on my email list, you will know what I’m doing.  I encourage you to join, and if you are already on the list I thank you for being here.  It is my pleasure to help you start a blogging business.

When your feeling like I am, a blogging business is just a few sales away.  I want you to feel that way when you buy from me, and then blog with that feeling.  Build your list (which I can show you how to do) with that feeling.  Know that you can make money if you spend a little money, and work your tail off.

The more work the better.

When your not doing a thing wrong well why wouldn’t you have success?

That’s what we’re striving towards.  When we aren’t doing a thing wrong.

Of course there will be screw ups, but at least your trying.  And you can improve.

You can buy at my resources page.


Blogging for Fun and Profit

Blogging for fun and profit is first fun, and second you could stand to make some loot.  I wanted to tell you about it all in this post.

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and I can tell you it’s been a lot of fun sharing my successes with the world.  It’s been even more fun making some money off my work.  I can say that I don’t blog for the money (although it’s nice), I blog for the fun of potentially helping someone.

I think it’s fun helping people.  You get a lot of fulfillment out of writing an eBook with great conversion rates.  When you understand that the money is potentially in your list, it feels great to get 5 subscribers a day.  I once heard that every subscriber you get should be worth $1 a month to you, so if that’s true then when your building your list you should be happy to get another subscriber, let alone 5 a day.

When you have a business blog, the fun comes in marketing your business.  The fun comes when you set up your possible streams of income and mail your list to see if you can make some sales.

The fun comes in content creation.  You get to get creative in your ways to sell your products.  In my case, I’m selling web hosting and an email service provider, the two things you need if you want to market a business to an audience.

I have a winning combination of products I’ve purchased and am reselling.  These products are the best in the business.  I’ve tried other products and they weren’t as good as what I have now.  You can buy at my resources page.

I do have some sales experience.  I know how to market, and I even know how to close.  I could still be doing it, but I figured that if I’m going to be selling something, I should be doing it for my own business.  I work a job at Honeybaked ham (which I love) and doing the work of a regular associate frees me up to market my own business in my personal time.  The sales work there was doable but consuming so I figured I would just work the regular job there at the store and market my blog instead of doing outside sales.  I think I made the wise choice.

I have the time to blog for fun.  What would it do for your life if you took your free time and marketed a business for fun?  It would give you a hobby at least, and it could potentially pay you.

When you’ve been selling for someone else, it’s exciting to get in the game for yourself.  It’s fun getting leads, and expanding your email list.  Just imagine getting sales like you get leads.  5 sales a day after a while would make you a little rich.  Not saying it’s going to be easy, just saying it could be worth it.

This is the beauty of blogging for fun and profit.

If you can figure out how to get 5 leads a day, then surely one day you will figure out how to get 5 sales a day.  Right now you have nothing, but one day you’ll be rich.

What could be more fun than blogging for profit?

Maybe being a rock star, but what else?

You get to write whenever you want, it’s up 24/7 for exposure, your list is growing everyday, and before you know it you’ll be getting sales everyday.

Maybe I’m just the slightest bit ahead of you and have a growing email list.  If you would like to learn how to grow your own email list you can learn from me.

I’ll tell you  how I get 5 subscribers a day.

It’s simple, work.

I can tell you why I think it worked.

I did something good like make $5 off my blog in one day.  Granted I paid a dollar that day for advertising with Google Adwords.  I still made money off my blog.

So I wrote an eBook about it and bought $2 a day in advertising and it’s paying off.  My list has well more than doubled and I’ll have 100 subscribers in no time.

I’m already more than halfway there.

In 6 months I’ll have 1,000 subscribers at the rate I’m going.  That’s progress.

If you want to get 5 subscribers a day you have to do something good, then write an eBook about it as your free offer for email addresses, and then create a congruent website around your free offer as your landing page.  You’ve probably heard about all this already.

Write the eBook, create the landing page with a unique url, and buy a dollar or two of Google Adwords ads.  Test and retest.  You’ll need a domain, hosting and an email list to do this.  You can get all three at my resources page.

I can tell you from personal experience, it’s exciting to get email subscribers everyday.  Even if it costs you $2 to get 5 leads, that’s still 5 leads in your pocket.  As a businessman that’s a pretty good conversion rate (and when I say businessman I mean both men and women).

I know of a company who apparently does well and they only get 1 person out of 100 to send back their form.  That’s only a 1% conversion rate and they are happy.  My conversion rate on “How to earn $5 off your blog” bounces in between 6%-9%. That has to be a good thing.

I figure I’m solving a problem.  Writers want to be paid for their writing, so to find out how they come to me.  The exciting thing is being paid for your writing, which is why I think my ad is working out so well for me.

I can say much more than if you want a blog you should buy it from me.  I can say blogging is hard work and you’re never going to get anywhere sitting on the couch (unless your doing it with a laptop).

Our goal as writers should be to keep the reader reading.  As a businessman we should let the buyers come to their own decisions.

If you could bring in 10 sales a day, at $8 a month per sale, you’d have a $1,000 a month income in no time.  That’s what I’m talking about doing at  And I will be doing that in short order.

What I have done is gotten an average of 4 subscribers per day since I launched my new eBook, and I’ll have a good sized list in no time.  Now that I’ve learned how to get a list, it’s just up to me to learn how to make sales in the same way.  Where one gets multiple in a day, each and every day.

This is the excitement of the journey.

I’m so happy your taking it with me.

Speaking of loving your readers, I wanted to give you another tip for your own blogging journey.  That is, write to as close to everyday as you can.

Whether it’s on your blog or in a journal, or both.

Write everyday.

It will make a world of difference when you go to build your own email list.

The money is in the list they say.

I’m just going by what they say.

How to make a million dollars.

I haven’t yet made a million dollars, but I am going to.

How do you earn a few dollars?

Put up Adsense, and spend a dollar a day on Adwords.

You won’t make much, but you’ll be making something.

That’s what I’m going on.

And the fun of blogging.

So it’s blogging for fun and profit.  You can still blog for profit even when your not making any.  Not yet.  Doesn’t mean you won’t.  You just have to plant the seeds and let God do the rest.  It’s not up to you.  All you can do is try.

Money or not that doesn’t mean you can’t make blogging a rocking good time.

Listen to your favorite songs as you blog.  Have a drink.  Vape while you do it.  Or whatever suits you.

Think about the ways you can serve first.

Serve before earning income.

Get to it when you have the time.  Time is on your side.

Work it hard though.  Work it really really hard.  The harder you work it the more fun it can be.

The harder you work it the more you could stand to profit!

I say we should start a revolution of bloggers for life.  Bloggers who start blogging and will blog for the rest of their lives.  No matter how slowly, they’ll be blogging and they will be marketing a business.

Who knows how much you’ll be making at your ten year anniversary.

Blogging is satisfying.

Growing an email list feels good.

I can tell you  how to do this.

Keep it simple, just write.

And not only write, but simply write value.

Something your readers can chew on, long enough…

And something that solves their problems.

I’ve read you have to know what hurts your readers to solve their problems.  I admittedly have more research to do.  Maybe you could help me by leaving a comment on this post and telling me what hurts you as a writer.  Maybe I’ll just ask my list.

One thing that is not just up in the air is blogging for fun and profit.

I blog for fun and profit and I encourage others to do the same.

All you need to have fun is hosting, an email list, and a dollar a day in ads.

The creative potential is amazing.

You can do whatever you feel is best for your business.

You can market and see what sticks.

If this is making you want to start a blog, then visit my resources page.

If this is making you want to start an email list, visit my resources page.

This is just me marketing my business, same as you could do for your own.

The best part is when your first testing your eBooks for conversion rates, you can recruit friends and family to join your email list.  You can get face to face feedback from people you know and trust on how you can improve your business efforts.

You make the decision on whether you want to blog or not on your own.  I’m just asking you the question, why not blog?

Is it the fear?

Is it the fear that what you made isn’t good enough?

Don’t be afraid, like Jesus said, just believe.

Because when you really believe in yourself, you can do anything.  It doesn’t matter if it’s blogging or not, you can do it.  You CAN blog for fun and profit.  You can also sell music.

When you have a list of 1,000 people, you have 1,000 people that are interested in hearing more from you.  You can certainly sell them products that are going to enhance their lives and be thanked by them for letting them buy from you.

This is what it feels like to be unstoppable.  You test and test until you find something that works.  Then you stick with what works.  It’s easy as pie, it just takes time and work.

So work we shall.  In this revolution of blogging for life, we have to put the work in to have anything.  The more work the more we will have to show for our efforts, monetary or not.  When your blogging for fun, it doesn’t matter if you make any money or not.

Not that you aren’t striving to make a profit as well, but it’s worth it to blog money or not.

And considering the time it takes to earn with a blog, you had better be invested in the fun of blogging if you want to make it long term.

This all coming from a 2 year rookie, but I might be 2 years ahead of you so I wanted to give you some tips if that’s the case.

Here’s a tip, take your blogging seriously.  Then relax, have a drink, and write.  You never know what you might create.  It might be something really really good.

One of the things I  like about blogging is that writing a blog can be therapeutic.  You can get your creativity out there in public, for whatever to happen that happens.  You can really bliss out, like at Starbucks.

If you want to see a trickle of income throw up Adsense on your site.  If you aspire to make the big bucks selling affiliate products, then sell affiliate products.  I offer domain/hosting and an email list provider.  You can get them at my resources page.  There’s no reason you can’t do the same or better.

Once I have enough subscribers (which is fast approaching) I plan to sell an eBook.  You could do the same thing.  Set up your blog, get your email list, grow your email list, and market your first commercial eBook.  From there keep writing until you have a winner.

Blogging is easy to love.  You set your own hours and you write your own paychecks.  What better work could there be?!  Blogging for fun and profit is the mack-daddy of online business.  If other people can do it, surely we can do it as well.

Here’s an affirmation I love for blogging for fun and profit:  My words are charged with prospering power!  It’s simple and fun and it really can get you writing.

I also encourage you as a writer to have an affirmation board next to where you work.

Vision Board To Help With The Writing

This will help you focus on your goals so as your working you can glance up and see where you are going.  It could be frustrating as your working and not seemingly getting anywhere, but what I find helpful in overcoming that frustration as a beginning blogger for fun and profit is to apply perseverance.  You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t stick with it everyday.  Just have your goals written down on your affirmation board, and then have little affirmations like “My words are charged with prospering power!” and look at those instead of your goals when you are taking those little steps everyday that move one closer to a paying business.

I borrowed “My words are charged with prospering power!” from Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”.  It’s a great read when things are slow and looking down to pick you up and get your mind geared toward greater prosperity.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Speaking on prosperity, blogging for fun and profit can be totally geared towards giving and receiving.  You give a blog post and you receive a sale.  Do that enough times and you will have a full time income.  And when your selling hosting, email services, and eBooks, you are helping your audience of writers (if that is indeed your audience) to get what they want.

Your audience should be thanking you when they buy your services, because both parties are winning. At least that’s what I hear from Pat Flynn (who I someday would like to meet).  Some of what your doing when your starting is going to be taking action on the advice of people who are ahead of you in the game.  You should be seeking out people who are good at blogging for fun and profit and learn what works from them.  That way you can apply those strategies in your own business.

I can tell you what’s been working for me, and that has been growing my email list.

I'm making improvements on growing my email list.You can see here that I have a record of 3 different eBooks and you can see how many people have visited, and how many people have subscribed.  You can see the percentage of conversion from view to subscriber.  As you can see on “Earn Your First $5”  I have achieved an 11% conversion rate.  Not too shabby.

You can also see how I got 389 views on one of my eBooks (You Are Valuable) and 0% conversions.  I’m doing remarkably better with “Earn Your First $5”  and I’m happy with the progress I’m making.  At this point I find I just have to believe in myself.  That if I can make such headway getting subscribers, I can also make headway in converting subscribers into sales.  We just have to believe in ourselves and make sure we are making our best efforts towards our goals everyday.

We should also track our progress so we can see our developments.  That’s one nice thing about Convertkit, is you get to see how your forms are doing with each new (and better) offer you create.  As the picture above displays.

You also get to see how many people are clicking on the links in the emails you send out.  This can be helpful in determining how engaged you list is in what you are creating.  Perhaps you should ask them to share your content more?

This is part of the fun of blogging.  The constant and never ending improvement.  This is something I’m borrowing from Tony Robbins, CANI.  Constant And Never-ending Improvement.  You can definitely work CANI into your blogging and testing.  Imagine going from 0 subscribers a day, to 5 subscribers a day with the simple launch of a new eBook and only $2 a day in advertising.  That is working CANI into your blogging for fun and profit.

Getting over 2 leads for every dollar you spend is attractive to me, how about you?  When you work your blog everyday, and are always out to improve it, then you are going to strike gold eventually.  These sentiments make you want to blog, don’t they?

Every writer should have a blog.  That’s the bottom line.

The best part is that unlike outside sales, there aren’t any “no soliciting” signs.  There’s nothing to stress you out, you’re working from home.  It’s a therapeutic, peaceful experience.  Blogging for fun and profit is where it’s at for a writer of any experience level.  The less experience you have the more you have to learn, and the more you will GROW.

That is the beauty of blogging for fun and profit.

You can escape to a world where you make money off your writing.

Here’s a hint.  When your writing think like your writing to market a business.  That way your writing won’t be wasted on personal stories.  When you are putting a direct focus on making 10 sales a day you never know what could happen.  If you can do it with subscribers, what makes you think you can’t do it with sales?

I’ll tell you exactly how my business right now is ticking.  My email list (provided by Convertkit) is exploding.  I’m getting 5 subscribers a day, with spikes of 10 or 12 on some days.  I’ll tell you how I did it.  I kept writing eBooks.  Then I did something I wanted to do which was to make my first dollar off a blog.  So I wrote an eBook about it and asked for people’s email addresses in exchange for it.  Then I bought a $1 a day ad.  Then it performed at an 8% conversion rate, so I added a dollar to my daily ad budget.  Then I wanted to speed things up so I’m paying $3 a day to Google to advertise my landing page.

And things are going well.

I’m writing this post over the course of a few days, and there has been an update to my subscriber count.  I now have 77.  I have 77 leads as of 6/13/18 that I can sell my products to.  People who have said, yes, I want more of what you have.  Those are my people.  I like them.

And I can tell you the people I will love and that would be my customers.  My buyers.  I am going to do my best (which is really good) to make sure my customer gets what they want.  Furthermore, I want to help bloggers earn their first dollars, and build a long term business.  I want to be there for them on my own blog, and with my books and affiliate products I want to help bloggers live the professional blogging lifestyle.

I’m talking about waking up, having your morning cigarette, and then going to work your day job.  When you get home, you see your family, eat dinner, and then it’s time to work on your blog.  Blogging takes hard work and you shouldn’t be afraid of that.

But just imagine, one day waking up and knowing your going to get paid $1,000 that month to write your blog.  Would that make your life more exciting?  It takes hard work upfront with no immediate payoff to blog.  Are you willing to put in the work everyday without getting paid for more than a year?

If you are, and you made it this far in this post, you are something special.  I believe you can be a professional blogger.  I’m here for you, I’m only an email or a comment away.  I want to know what pains you, so I can make your problem also my problem, and we can work on it together.

That’s what I’m talking about when I’m talking about blogging for fun and profit.

If you don’t already have a blog, and would like to start one, go to my resources page and click on the link for Bluehost.  With the premium membership you get an https:// site rather than an http:// site.

Creates trust with the user.

Like your site is protected.

Which it will be with the premium membership of Bluehost.

It’s dirt cheap for 2 years and you can work it all you want.

The beauty of blogging businesses is that you can get them up and running for almost next to nothing.

And you can start your business blog, or your personal blog (for fun) and do whatever you want (of course within the law).

I’ve got to be honest and say that I’ve modeled Pat Flynn.  He too sells Bluehost and Convertkit.  Just the process of selling those two products make you feel like you can get out of a $15,000 debt.

It might even make you feel like you could buy your family a suitable home with your commissions.

If you could get 1,250 Convertkit members, you’d earn yourself a $10,000 a month reoccurring monthly income.

You could buy your family a suitable home for that money.  That’s not to mention what your spouse is making, though on $100,000 plus a year you could probably retire them AND buy the house.

And what I’m talking about is advertising to get leads.

Once you have the lead you are one step closer to having the sale, so why not stock up on leads?  You might end up solving their problems and you’d have a hot buyer on your hands.  Find an eBook/ad/website combination that works, and you could have yourself those leads.

That’s what I believe a business blog should be about.  Those things you’ve done that can help other people to do likewise and begin to build a business of their own.

I may only be the slightest bit ahead of you, but I can tell you that I have a wealth of experience in blogging.  I’ve pushed myself to blog to the best of my ability.  Now I’m not only blogging, but I’m marketing a business.

It’s not all cigarettes, work, and wine.

There’s also blogging.

There is also being of service to people.

By writing.

Build a list of leads, send them your business marketing posts, and hope they will buy.

That’s all I’m doing.  Just building a business by generating leads, and then emailing those leads my content, hoping I’ll make sales.

The best I’ve ever done is $4 in one day after $1 in ads, and now that I’ve stopped buying ads for that site, my income is at zero.  Just wanted to mention this in the name of full disclosure.

That doesn’t mean I’m ever going to stop selling the Bluehost and Convertkit until I inevitably make sales.  I have made $5 off my blog, and I can show other people how to do the same thing.

I can also, more enthusiastically help people build an email list.  So they can build that email list and then convert (like Convertkit) those leads into red hot buyers.  If I can get 5 leads a day, then surely YOU too can do it.

As this post has taken me several days to write, I have an update on how many email subscribers I have.  I’m almost at 100.  You can see in the screenshot below.

Convertkit is incredible.

I have 97 subscribers total, with 79 of them coming in the last 30 days.  I’ve nailed it on leads with my new eBook and when your a part of my list you’ll be able to watch me nail it on sales too.  It’s all going to be a natural progression.  You can watch and learn, if your just starting out with a blog and an email list, by being on my list.  For those of you already on it, thank you.

I’ll be honest with you about my plans for my business and how I’m going to make you the reader into a customer for life.  I’m going to do this by offering Bluehost and Convertkit and serving up premium content like eBooks.  I figure that $29.99 isn’t too much to ask for a good eBook, so you figure I sell 334 of those, I’ll have $10,000.  Who knows where the chips will fall but you’ll find out by being on my email list.

I figure if I can get leads the way I do, I can learn to make 2 sales a day.  Whether that be Bluehost sales or Convertkit sales, make 2 sales a day.  Over time that will add up to a big reoccurring monthly paycheck with Convertkit and a big biannual paycheck with Bluehost.  Either way we are talking big paychecks.

But really all I can talk about right now is getting subscribers (or leads as you might call them) because that’s all I’ve done.  Seeing as leads can turn into sales though, you might want to pay attention.  If you’ve made it this far into this post, I know that you are and I love you for it.

Even when your writing a business blog, you are still writing your personal story.  I love blogging business but I also love blogging a personal story.  You can start with a personal blog first and then move on to a business blog or make your personal blog a business blog.  Either way just know that it’s going to take some time before your recognized.

If you do decide to write a business blog then you are also going to be writing about your personal journey in your own business.  It’s professional writing, so you don’t write about any problems you may have, but you write to market your business.  The beautiful thing is you could get paid to do what you love!

One of the beautiful things about blogging is that you can take a day off.  Your work is still working for you 24/7.  Everything you’ve done up to this point is to your credit, and if you have a list to show for it then all the better.  I can show you how to do both, and you can do them with the tools I offer.  Best of all, it’s dirt cheap when it comes to starting a blogging business for fun and profit.

I mean come on folks, we are only talking $35 a month here.  You buy both the premium membership of Bluehost, and because you want to get your list growing as fast as possible, you also buy Convertkit.  This was you can have a blogging business on your hands if you want, or even a personal blog.  Personal blogs can be professional and they will be if the owner is getting paid.

Safe to say, I’m a work in progress.  So far I don’t have any Bluehost or Convertkit buyers.  I do have a list (update here, as this post has probably taken me 10 days to write), of about 105 (yeah! party) you can see the updated screenshot here.

This is the humdinger, 100 leads.

You can see I have a 12.2% conversion rate.  Compared to my other books this is a rocking book.  I’m having a lot of success getting leads in a short amount of time.  And I’m unapologetic about calling them leads.  Although some are friends and family, whom I love even before they are on my list.

If you like these screenshots you can get in yourself to Convertkit for only $29 a month if your just starting out.  If you already have a big list you are still welcome to buy, it just might cost a little more.  Still totally worth it.  It’s the best and it treats me good.

If you just want to start a personal blog at first, you are still welcome to buy Bluehost.  You get your domain name (which you choose yourself) and your hosting all in one place.  On top of that the customer service is way better than some others.  I’ve personally talked with their sales team and it was a good experience that I felt heard and they weren’t in a rush to hang up with me.  Bluehost really seems to have it all together.

Just get me started about the thrill of building a list and I’ll start and finish pointing you to Convertkit.  That’s part of the beauty of selling.  You are a businessman (or woman) so you get right to the price.  Then you give the lead the value, then you close.  But from what I hear the closing part goes bye just barely.  I’m fine with barely.  Barely making it is still making it.

So my plan is to keep running ads for “How To Earn $5 Off A Blog”, hopefully keep my conversion rates going up, and sell to my leads (I only call my subscribers leads because I’m in business and in business I speak sales language).  I can tell you how to get the leads.

Here’s how to get leads

Write and write and write and write.

Refine your craft over 2 years writing a personal blog.

That’s not to say you couldn’t do it faster if you had a better work ethic than me, which I hope you do, because I want you to be better than me.

Nevertheless, I have over 100 leads, and if you want 100 leads, you could learn from me.

Take a dollar ad out on your personal blog, and send people to your landing page.  If you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s a page with your free eBook presented for anyone to subscribe.  Your personal blog is more than just a landing page, it also has lots and lots of posts about your successes and your ponderings.  That’s how I got started blogging, and now I have a business blog and 100 subscribers.  Who would have thought?

I’m not going to give away all my secrets here in a blog post, I’m going to save a lot for a product, but if you want to start a blog and an email list, then visit my resources page.  You will be a happy buyer!