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Schizophrenia And Drinking And Smoking

Yes, you could call me a schizophrenic.

But only if I told you I heard voices everyday.  And had visions of people.  People I know.

And the voices sometimes, a lot of times tell me to drink.  And a lot of times I do.

And basically I’m just praying I live.  Considering I smoke too.

I don’t advise this kind of writing to anyone, it’s too dangerous.

But reading it you might get a kick out of it.

I imagine feet.

That’s just how a schizophrenic writes.

I do my best though, and I really do want to bring massive value to the table.  And what I can tell you is even if your schizophrenic and drink and smoke everyday, you can still hold down a job and give some money to your family.

It would probably be more kid friendly without the smoking and the drinking, but they get by.

And I think my son has hater’s before he’s even done anything.  Because of me.  And my drinking and smoking.  Having a beautiful family.

Really I probably do lead a God damned life with all the drinking, smoking and lottery playing.

But that’s not stopping me from living.

And they say it’s a bad thing, but it’s legal!

What I have to do is find a way to get more traffic so more people see my list and will subscribe to it.

Because that’s how they say you can build a business.

It’s already costing me money to keep this site running, and I’m not making any money off of it yet.  I hope I will.  I hope that this is one of the ways I make my money.  The other two being my job and the lottery.

But really some authors think you should keep it a secret.  I say let it out and that way when you win people will have something to look at.  The story leading up to the win.  They can look back on it, and learn from you, and hopefully for some of them they learn how to win the lottery too!

Because that would just be awesome.  Getting a testimonial or several from people who have read your work, and then won the lottery.  Hit the jackpot.  Shared it with another person or won the whole thing.  Stories of both.  Because you won and shared what you knew.  It had a positive effect on the world.

The bible would probably say that is God damned too.  The bible with all of this God damnedness.

I’m probably no better than the devil though.  I’ll probably burn in hell when this life is over.  I’m a schizophrenic and when I go to church the preachers voice tells me not to drink and it makes me shaky.  I know they are just voices, but sometimes it’s like my body is listening to them when they tell me to die.

But I know it’s not.  I know I just have to be stronger.  I’m only 32.  I could suffer another 20 or 30 years this way.  This is far from over.  And I might even quit the life and live clean and sober and start running.

But really I’m already well pretty accustomed to this way of life.  I like it.  I enjoy the ride.

Probably would be going straight to hell though, that is if I believed in a hell.

Even if I do win the lottery and give large sums of money away to charity, people will probably call me evil.

That would be me just living life on earth.  Taking the lovers with the haters.

I want to walk the walk.  So I’m going to write the best blog post I can possibly write, right now.

And how do I create the worlds most valuable piece of writing everyday?

Just write and see what happens.

Probably with the drinking and smoking it will be less than average.  Or it will be stupendous.

I don’t know, you tell me in the comments.

What I can tell you is that I’m optimistic about tonight’s lottery.  I think I’m going to win.  Before I bought the two first tickets I wrote out a page in my journal about how I was a lottery winner, and drank my first glass of wine.

Then I went out and bought the first two tickets.

Then I ran out of cigarettes and went out and bought two more.

So I spent 8 dollars on lottery tickets today, and I’m praying I’ll win.  I’m praying to the universe, to my subconscious mind.

And what I’m hoping is that MY subconscious mind is powerful enough to influence a national lottery game.

Maybe I’m trying to catch the breeze with this one.

Maybe I’ll just buy my tickets and hope I win but do no more than that.

I doubt it.  I’ll probably never quit, and keep the faith, and eventually win.

I might even win a few times.  Just to win more money.  Just to be a winner.

If I could design it that’s what would happen.  I would win big several times.

I’m hoping that the 165 million on the line tonight is already mine.

I’ll write about it if I win, whether I take the money anonymously or not.

Then the world could see what I’m really all about.

Having schizophrenia, and drinking and smoking, and working a job, and taking care of my family, and cleaning the house, and writing, and playing guitar, and being a brother, and being a friend, and loving food, and dancing.

Well maybe not so much the dancing, but it’s more of a metaphor.

The dance of life.

And part of what I want to tell the world is that I love my wife.  So for all of you ladies out there, I’m taken, and I don’t plan on going back to a life of cheating any time soon.

I’m going to have a vasectomy so it will be impossible for us to have any more children, as anyone with schizophrenia should do.


But really,  Part of me thinks people just win the lottery.  There’s hardly ever any will involved.  People win by chance.

Sure maybe they get feelings like they are going to win, but I make myself have those everyday, and I haven’t won.  Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t win tonight.

I’ve already done a lot of work to win the jackpot.  I think it’s only a matter of time.  I would be famous if that happened, and this website and the Jesse Creel brand would explode.

How did I do it?

I drank and smoked, and played to win.  I wrote in my journal and I worked hard everyday.  I got to a place where I was secure at my job.  I succeeded at my job.  I helped my family.  I got to a better place.  I recovered from a loss.  Then I won the jackpot.  Then I got everything I wanted.  It was a miracle.  It was my special time.  I was a multi millionaire.

That’s how the story goes.

That’s how my story goes.  And if it’s madness I don’t care.  I like it and I’m a valuable part of society.  I deliver food as a day job.

Hopefully your reading this and I am already a multimillionaire.  Maybe you want to learn how to do the same for your own life.  I tell you my secret.  Never give up.

Even if the voices tell you that your wrong and your doing bad things, and things will never work out, and your going to die, you can STILL work a job and be a effective member of your family and your community.

Take the next step further like I do and keep a blog and you’ll start to influence the whole world.

There are going to be some special people that find your work and read your blog.  They will leave comments and tell you what they think about it.  Most of them will be nice.  You will like getting comments.  Subscribers would be better, but comments are still good.  They let you know how your doing.

And along with my own self navigation and the comments, I am lead to believe I’m doing good.  And I want more.  I must write.  I must deliver the content.  To the masses.  To my people.  To my good people.  The good people of the world.


I would say that “All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher.” -Ambrose Bierce

If I win the jackpot they will probably call me a prophet.  If I don’t a madman.

I’d rather have the former.

And I’m optimistic that I will.

Maybe I might lose some readers, but I stand to gain fame and fortune.

Time will tell what happens.

For now I stay optimistic.

I do the work on the lottery, though I don’t know that my work of writing and praying really does anything to your chances of winning.  Spiritually I think it does have an effect on your life.  Praying to win.  But I do it, because I never give up and I MUST win.  And if I get going once, I’m probably going to want to win a couple more times too, and I’m going to write about the whole thing.  It really should be spectacular.

And I do rock and roll albums too.

I have one in the works.

You can hear a sample of me playing guitar and singing here.

It’s not much.  It’s only about 10 years worth of work.  Maybe there is such a thing as not being able to work it into a success, but I can’t accept that.

I MUST keep doing what I do, even if it’s not good.

It’s all I know how to do.

I’m probably just too hard on myself, and I’m really great, I just need to keep working.

So keep working I will.

On this blog, on my job, on my life, on my family, on my friends, on the things that are important most to me.  Drinking and smoking the whole way through it.

But maybe I’ll win the jackpot tonight.  I’m very optimistic that I will.  And that I’ll have a good story to tell about it.  And that’s going to happen.


I guess in the end it doesn’t matter anyways.  I say go for it.  It may be on the edge of madness but it’s also on the brink of genius.  Then again, that’s just what I think, go ahead and form your own opinion.  Am I crazy, or just crazy good?

Maybe if I got sober I would stand a better chance at manifesting a lottery win.  Maybe not.  All I know is my story could be killer.

It’s going to be glorious to help other people out, and what comes around goes around.

I hope the best life for you,

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Creel

Working A Job To Pay The Bills

Nothing special here.  But I think you can make the mundane into something spectacular with your attitude.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~ William James

So part of me thinks that  I just need to adopt the attitude that the drinking and smoking is good for me and that I’m better off with it than without it.

Because I’m doing it even though I want to stop.

I tried quitting this week.  Just led to more drinking and smoking.

I still work though, I still love my family, I still take care of my responsibilities.

You could say the drinking and the smoking ARE good things.

What can I teach you?

I can teach you how to read good work…. because if your drinking and smoking and feeling like it’s killing you, but are doing it anyway, you may as well write and see what comes of it.

Probably nothing will come of it at all…

But I don’t believe that’s true for me, and I don’t believe that’s true for you either.

I believe we have to work towards our dreams and making something great of ourselves.

Even if we’re not living by our values.  We can still do pretty good as drunks and addicts.

I guess that’s my message.

If your messed up, keep going, whether you have a choice or not depends on how deep you’ve gone.  Maybe it’s too late.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I like drinking and smoking and part of me wants to keep doing it.

What good is this for you?

What can this do for you?

Maybe you could call me entertainment.  Something to read.  Something to look at.  Something special to see.

I don’t know, you make the call.

What I can tell you is I love my life and anyone can do this, even if your drunk.

But I’m not drunk.

On most days I don’t get drunk, no matter how much I drink.

4 or 5 glasses of wine and I’m feeling better but not drunk.

This is probably just a reason to send me to rehab.  This blog.  But I think I can really make something of it.  I think I can make this my job.  GET PAID to do it.

We’ll see how it goes.  For now I’m just writing and hoping I can build an audience.

Judging by the comments I’m doing a pretty good job connecting with people, but I want to do a lot more.  I want YOU on my list.

And in order for that to happen I really have to write some pristine stuff.  Something of great value to you.  And I really want to do that.

Part of me thinks that I can entertain you with my delusions.

I’m a schizophrenic and most people won’t hear about this stuff when I talk to them in person, so what better place to put it down then my blog.

Maybe that’s a mistake, and it’s just going to piss you off that I put myself out there, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  I might be able to touch people.

Like when I hear the voices and then I hear real people talking like the voices, not talking to me, but saying things out loud when I’m near them, that make me think they can hear what I’m thinking.

It’s all a delusion.  That’s part of the disease.  But you can really make it into a lifetime of spiritual experience if you adopt the attitude that the voices are a blessing.

Sure their are good voices and then there are bad voices, but the bad voices only serve to force you to find empowering meanings to the things that are happening to you.  So you can find good things in the bad things as well.  And plenty of bad voices talk to me on a regular basis.

Nothing really bad has happened to me in this life, so far.  In fact, I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed.  I have a beautiful wife and family.  2 kids.  A girl AND a boy!  I was so excited when I heard I was having a boy.  Thank God, someone who can replace me when I’m gone.

Not that having another girl wouldn’t have been a blessing.  It would have.  But we had a boy.

That was after a miscarriage, when we were going to have another girl.  But I guess that just wasn’t meant to be.  It disturbed my wife a little.  But we’re fine.

I’m telling you all of this because I like writing.  And because I think you might enjoy it.  And because I think that somehow, someway I could make money off of this blog. Is that really such a bad thing.

Some people would probably call me a scammer, selling overpriced information to the masses just to profit and watch the majority of them fail to their own detriment.

But I believe failure is just learning.  And that you MUST fail before you become successful, so really, who doesn’t want to fail.

But now the time has come for you and me to succeed.  I MUST succeed.  Success is my only option.  I am overly optimistic about the future.  I am going to be a success.  The world loves drinking and smoking.  There is nothing wrong with me.  This is NOT heroine.  I guess that’s just my justification.

Where do we go from here?

Improvement is the answer.

The voices tell me the answer is to die.  I just can’t believe that.  I can’t die.  I have a family.

The answer is to improve.

When the voices tell me to die, I think about how I can improve instead, because what else is there to do when you think your dying?

You can either go with the voices and visualize your life ending, or you can rise above it, be empowered, and think how you can improve your life.

When I ask myself how I can improve my life the voices tell me to quit smoking.  Maybe their right.  Maybe I will stop smoking.  But right now I’m addicted and can’t quit.

I spent my last $11.00 on cigarettes and a Rockstar energy drink.  This morning.

And I went to work and did my job.

And that’s what I’m going to do all week.  Go to work and do my job.  I have to be there at 10am tomorrow.  I might even get to do some sales calls this week and that would be good because I get mileage money.

But I guess I can’t expect you to listen to me when I’m only making $20,000.00 dollars dollars a year.

I’ve got to do better and make more.

Although that’s probably not going to happen.

So what do I have to do to improve?

I think I just have to write the best stuff on the planet so I can make my living off writing.

Or is that bullshit?

Is it bullshit to want to write for a living?

Many people I think would say no, it’s not bullshit.

But I think there would be some that say you should only do it for the art, and not to make money.

At this point I’m going to write whether I’m paid to do it or not, because I like to see the comments.

And I’m trying to split the atom here people.   I couldn’t do it with rock and roll so I’m giving writing a try.  Maybe I will come off better.

Because I’ve put it out there that I was the lead singer of Tigerstyle from the Old Bowie Town Grille.  I’m not going into that.

Other than to say I had a terrible time trying to be a rock and roll lead singer.

But I would do it again, and this time better, and we would make money from being a band.  People would WANT us to play for them.  And they would pay money to do so.  That’s just the way I see it.  And if I ever get rich and have time freedom, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to start another rock and roll band.

And make the absolute most of it that I could make.  Like I do with all other things in my life.  Make the most of them.  Make the most of my family, of my job, of my writing, of my drinking and smoking, of my walking, of my eating, of my showers, of my life.

This will be bad and good.  Writing all these things down for the internet.  My voices hear things I write on the blog and they tell me so.  It happens immediately.

As soon as I write it on the blog my voices are already talking about it.

But I can do it.  I know I can go to my job.  That’s really what this blog is about.  My job.  My income.  $20,000.00 a year.

I’d like to take it to $60,000.00 a year.  That would be a big jump and easy enough to fuel my drinking and smoking habit for as long as I wanted.  I would have to get a new job though and that would be scary.

I would definitely want some money saved up in case I didn’t sell and had to go back to my old job.

But the way I look at it is, I want to put at least another 3 years into my current job, and see if I can really take off as a salesman there, and then decide if I want to move or not.  They did tell me that I might be able to get an office job.  That would probably come with a raise and it might be worth it to stay.

I figure any job is a good job as long as your doing it.

And I can do my job.  I’m actually really good at it even though I’m a schizophrenic.  It’s incredibly easy work.  There’s no selling you HAVE to do in the store.  You just make sandwiches and sell ham and turkey.

I of course like to add an element of selling to everything I do.  So when I’m pulling ham and turkey out for people I’m really giving them the whole show.  The whole deal is designed to please the customer and I love being a part of that.  There is money involved and other people’s good feelings.  It’s really nice to be a part of.

This job is the second best job I’ve ever had, that I’ve done the best at.  The first was making guitars, and I got paid a lot more to do that than to sell hams…. but I couldn’t do it anymore.  I had to get out of there.  I really messed up for my to-be family.

But now I have the dream of writing and I’m optimistic that I can make it happen for myself.  For YOU, to make YOUR life better.  That’s what I want to do, because I figure that’s how you get paid.  Make people’s lives better, and you CAN get paid.

So really now, I can’t even play a lick on the guitar, even though I spent almost 15 years doing it.   I can however write to you and tell you how dear you are to me, and that I wish only great success, health, wealth, and wisdom for you.  Brings a tear to my eyes.

Because I know that you are just a part of me, and there is no better way to treat myself than to wish for my own success, health, wealth, and wisdom.  So go out there and make something of yourself that you can write about.  Go out there and blog and do the thing you were made to do.  Make it happen for yourself and your family and do the right things.  You can do it!  I believe in you!

Thank you for reading, you inspire me,

Jesse Creel

How To Blog 6 Days A Week For A Month

I think it comes down to just doing it.

That’s what I did.  The posts are up here for you to read.

And I love it.

I love writing.

It helps me grow.

And that’s immediate.

That’s an immediate return on investment.

The investment being time, and the money it takes to host this blog.

So I think it’s worth it.

Plus you never know, I might be able to get a 6 figure business out of this website before it’s said and done.

I might sell the Empower Network to my list once it gets big enough.

That depends on what I think of the Empower Network at the time.  It might be something else.

Or I’ll just sell my ebooks to my customers and learn how to profit starting small.

If I do well with ebooks I might get into making other products.  Information products.

I would probably get a lot of complaints though, if the comments are any indication of how I’m doing.

Today I had over 20 new comments.  A couple good a couple bad and the rest spam.

Still, I am inspiring people to take action and leave a comment.

So anyways, if you want to write everyday for a month, go for it.  But don’t forget to take one day off a week.  It will be good for you.  Even God took one day off.

For me today is a day of rest.  I’m going over to a friends for lunch and beers.  I have to drive so  I won’t be drinking like I do at home, but I’m going to wrap up my drinking today and get back to work tomorrow and make my money.

I’m also going to try and quit cigarettes again.

God help me.

Though part of me does think I might be better off smoking.

And part of me, the better part of me thinks I should give it up.

I think I might go sober and smoke free and THEN play the lottery to win the jackpot.  I might get better results.

I might get the result of winning the jackpot.

I had a dream that my Uncle, one who never comes around, who used to smoke and drink and gave it up, he gave me a lottery ticket.  In the dream I thought it was the winner.  Maybe the dream is telling me that in order to win I have to give up drinking and smoking.

I don’t know.

All I know is that so far I’ve been drinking and smoking and haven’t won, so maybe it’s time to try something else.

I also know that I love writing.

I love writing down my adventures of work, the lottery, blogging, family life, income, and everything about my day.

The best part is that maybe if I put out some really valuable stuff then I might be able to make a living off of my writing.  I’ll just have to see.

My friend has finished his editing of my first ebook “Take Action and Improve!”

I’m going to try and pick it up from him today.  I have another day off on Friday so I think I’ll use that time to re write my book.  It might take me longer than a day, but with my enthusiasm, I’ll probably work on it all day.

Because I’m really excited about making this website better.  I want to get my picture on the top of it so you can see me.  I also want to give my ebook away for free to my email subscribers.  That’s in the works.

But I’m very excited about working.  I love working on myself and my website.  It gives me something to do with my free time that makes me feel like I’m making progress in life.  It’s rewarding.

But it’s not easy.  Especially when your trying to put out 2,000 quality words everyday.

Some would say my content is not quality, but I say there’s value in there.  I believe in my work.  I think that by selling people on reading about my life, they are benefiting.  And I think the benefit is entertainment.

Not to mention a few gold nuggets of information in there as well.

And really I’ve got to keep reading.  I want to become MORE valuable.  And I think that can be done by reading.  So really, YOU are making yourself more valuable by reading this.

And I’m here to tell you you can blog for 6 days a week.

I’m going for 90 days of blogging 6 days a week.  I have two more months to go.  By the end of it, I’ll have a lot more content on this website.  And I will have grown.

Keep checking back to see if I’ve quit smoking and drinking yet.

That’s a work in progress.

If figure I’ll be a lot better as a sober, non smoker, runner.

But if you want to blog 6 days a week.  Get ready.  People will screw with you and tell you you suck.  Haters.  Just gotta keep playing to win.

But I’m not worried because I’m getting better by the day.  My writing is improving and I’m becoming better.  A better storyteller.

I’ve been thinking of writing something fictional.  Something about the workplace.

The drama of the bosses and the workers.  And the customers.

Maybe I’ll write a fiction about a marriage.

Loosely base it on my own marriage, after all people, we are supposed to be writing what we know.

I don’t always do that, please forgive me.

I’ll try to do better.  And write what I know.

And I do know how to blog for 6 days a week.

I’m into my second month doing it.

There will probably be plenty more of this to come as well.  The 90 day periods of blogging over the next 8 years.  Even if I only did one a year I would have a lot of content by the end of that 8 years.  And I would also most likely be a lot better writer.

And if your going to blog for 6 days a week, a good way to look at it is you have got to make time for it.  Everyday.  No matter how your day was at work.  6 or 9 hours.  Both days you have to blog.  You’ve got make time to do it.

And it’s even harder when you have a family to be a mom or a dad to.  And a spouse you have to be a spouse for.

But I figured out how to do it, so there’s no excuses.  You can do it too.

I aim to be helpful.

All I need now is a list with 150,000 people on it.

Then I could make money off this website.

Launch with 150,000 people on your list.  Your bound to make some money.

Maybe you could quit your job.

But that’s not the point for me.  I might even keep my job.  To keep the income.  I don’t want to get out of where I am now.  I just want to make it better.

And my life would be better if I had a list.

That would be an accomplishment.

So I’m writing with the goal of people reading it and then getting on my email list to get more of my stuff.

And it is HOT stuff.

The comments say so.

So I just gotta keep cooking up the good stuff and try quitting cigarettes and alcohol to make my life better.

It would also help if I won the lottery.

The jackpot tonight is for 130 million dollars dollars.

I already have two tickets.  I bought them yesterday.

I journal about winning the jackpot.  I’ve done a lot of that in the past, and I still do it.  I did it today.

I ask myself the question how?

How do I win the jackpot?

Last night the answer was prayer and meditation.  I did both and I didn’t win the Mega Millions last night.  I think I’m going to journal more and keep asking myself the question how do I.

I could probably put my focus on something else, like how do I sell e books?

But the lottery is a lot of fun and you could turn into a multi millionaire overnight.

Although part of me does think it’s a bad idea to suddenly have millions of dollars.

I guess I haven’t worked it out with my subconscious yet.

But I’m working on changing that.

I want it to feel good to win, and for it to be a good thing that I won.

And I think it will feel that way with anything I do.

On the other hand sometimes you have to do things when you don’t feel like doing them, and it’s worth it to do them in those times.

So maybe having reservations about winning and then playing anyways isn’t a bad thing.  It’s just me doing what I MUST do.  Which is to find a way to make a better life for my family.

Granted the lottery is only one way you can get what you need.  There are many other ways, one after the other, always coming at you, for you to be a success and receive income.

This is what I blog about.

What do you think you would blog about?

Just a question to get your mind working on how you could improve your life.

Maybe leave a comment in answer to that question.

Be a part of the community here on

But I feel strong and able to accomplish what I need to do.

And what I need to do is write this blog.

You can have subscribers or even readers if you don’t write.

And I figure if you want to be world class at something you have got to start with what you’ve got.

And I’ve got an hourly sales job.

I can write about that!

And if I clean up my life and live in balance, I’m sure I could get a good commission sales job and clean up on income.

And then I would be writing about success in commission sales!

And that would be even more worth reading.

I can see it now.  Going from $20,000.00 a year to $100,000.00 a year.

How to grow your income by $80,000.00 would be the blog post.

I definitely think I should be reading more.

If I got my life into balance I’m sure I would read more.

All the bad habits gone.  Replaced by good habits that serve to earn me more money.

And I can see it now, lottery jackpot winner.

I could write a book about my methods of getting there.

To winning the jackpot.

That would be great.

And it would be even better if I could win 2 or 3 different jackpots.

Then I would really have a story on my hands.

I don’t think anyone has ever won more than one jackpot in their lifetime.

So I would be breaking new ground.

It’s possible.

Anything is possible.

I dream big.

But I can say investing my time and money into this website is more important than buying lottery tickets.  I’m an entrepreneur first, then a lottery winner.

At least that’s my estimation of myself.

I’m more than that, I’m a worker, a family man, a salesman, a rock and roller, a writer, a poet, a composer, a listener, a neighbor, a friend.

I’m a lot of things.  I’m working on being a hero.  For my family and for the world.

And if things go according to plan, and I make money off of this website, then I will be a hero.

I will be able to say I’ve made it.  I designed it.  I live the life I want to live.  I create and people consume.  The world is a better place because of what I do.  That’s my goal.  That’s what I’m striving for.

And I think we can make this world a better place together, by blogging and working and taking care of our families, and being the best friends we can be.  And all the good things of life.  We can make that for ourselves and for others.  And be a light in the darkness.

Thanks for reading.  Take good care of yourself,

Jesse Creel

The Idea Of Generating Art For Income To Do What You Love As Your Job

And my job is to write and record rock and roll songs.

I just listened to all three I have recorded so far for my first album.  I love them.  They are my babies.  I think I’ll get good feedback from friends about this album.  People who love it with me.

And if people bought my album, and thought it was good too, there would be more people that would buy it.  And if it were really great then I COULD become rich.

Chances are I won’t be rich unless I have a band to back up my words.  And I quit my band Tigerstyle years ago.  Here’s a clip of one song we did together, you may recognize it.

I quit the band just as we were starting to make money.  I doubt I could ever get back what I once had.  It’s over and I would have to start fresh again.  I don’t know that I’ll name the next band Tigerstyle though.  That really didn’t have anything to do with me.

They were good to play with though.  They were the best band I had ever been a part of.  And I’d tried to form many bands.

But the way I figure it is, they didn’t want me writing the songs, so writing without them is really a blessing.  It gives me creative freedom.  No one telling you they won’t play that song.  Really I’m not a very strong guitar player, but I can play some rhythm.  And sing.  I used to have long hair.  I have since cut it all off.

But that doesn’t mean I still can’t rock and roll.  Hair or no hair I’m writing songs.  And I think they are good.  The world’s best stuff.  Get these songs together and maybe someone out there in Severna Park, MD will want to start a band with me.

I’m going for it, and I’m keeping my options open.  I still believe I have that multimillion dollar miracle inside of me.  So I’m going for it.  And I’m happy I am, no matter how bad at it I am at first.  I know with each day I’ll get a little bit better, until 10 years later I’m a master.  I’m going for it, I’m a blogger.

Because I know what it’s like to work hourly.  It’s nice because if your good they apprechiate you with raises and bonuses, but I think their secret motives are to keep you as an employee and you work hourly for the rest of your life.  I intend to do something with myself OUTSIDE of work, and make a living at it.

I may not make 100 million dollars over the course of my life, but I will still have the accomplishment of making enough blogging to quit my job.

Then again, maybe I will make 100 million dollars and become a household name.

Really, I have a lot of work to put in.  But I say the ticket is to write, so brothers and sisters, let’s write.

Write about your job, write about your family, write about blogging, write about your dreams, write about relationships, write about wine and cigarettes, write about whatever you want.  As long as your writing.

But I have this album in the works, and I think it’s going to turn out pretty good if not great, and I think I may put it up for sale on this site.  Whether anyone actually bought it or not would be a different story.  But I’d be doing my thing as an entrepreneur and an artist.  I read something that said “Real Artists Don’t Starve”

But people I know I’m not college educated.  But I write with passion, and I think I can improve, but I think this writing work is work worth doing.

I think writing is good work.  Something you can do to help other people.  Even if it is just to entertain them.  Give them a taste of something that’s happening in the world.  Give them the news of your life.

Because the way I see it, if you make your life a masterpiece, what better to write about than your own life.  Though I’m sure some of you would harshly disagree with me.  Those into fiction.

And there’s nothing wrong with fiction, I think I’m going to write a book of fiction at some point in my life.  Again, put it up for sale here.  If my ebooks are anything like my blog posts, I’ll have people coming back to one or two of them, and continuing to talk about it.  And really that could be all I need to quit my job.

Really though, it would probably take me years to do this.  I’m only 2 years in.  I figure I have 8 more years of blogging before I’ve mastered it.  So you can expect a lot of FREE CONTENT from me on this blog in the years to come.

And I think that’s good because I can build some long term relationships with some people out there on the internet.

So I’ll probably keep making rock and roll albums in the track of E, because that’s all I know how to play and it never stops because I keep coming up with new words.

And I think I can entertain people with my words, and the way I play the rhythm on the guitar.  Even some of my solos I think people would enjoy.

And I believe I can sell my art and make enough money to live.  Although if I’m not making a lot, if I don’t make multi millionaire status, then I’m going to keep my hourly job.  So I’ve got plenty to do there.  30 hours or more a week.

But I like being at home.  I like working on my writing.  This is what I really want to do.  This is what I want to be about.  Blogging.  And writing ebooks and selling them and making rock and roll albums and selling them.  And my vision is to sell so many that I can afford a completely upgraded lifestyle.  New house, new vacations, new cars, bills paid for life, children’s college educations taken care of.  Weddings paid for.

Lead a completely beautiful life.  And I am determined to get there.

If you want a taste of what the album is going to sound like, visit this post and you you can listen to 2:30 minutes of me rocking it.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks, and take care,

Jesse Creel

How To Rebuild Your Life After You’ve Been Fired From Your Job

Because it happened to me in 2010.  And I’m just now starting to build it back up again.  I took a huge loss, but really I’m in a lot better spot now then I was then.

It would take a special kind of person to drive over the bridge everyday for the rest of their working life.

I really wasn’t ready for the commitment.  Which was bad news because I was about to get ready to get married and start a family.

But I lost it all.  $18.00 an hour, I worked up from $10.00 over 2 years.  It was the biggest rise in income I’ve ever had, and up to this point that’s all I knew how to do.  Was work.

But I was really good at working.  All the bosses loved me.  I didn’t talk or mess around, I just did my job, and I did an excellent job.

That’s why I got all those raises.

But in the end I had long hair and was TRYING to be a rockstar and I wanted out of there.

I wanted to be the one PLAYING the guitar.  Not making them.

I gotta say though, it is a cool place, and still must be to this day.

I really did love working there.

But I’m lucky, and I got a second chance at this new job.  So far they’ve given me another $3.25 an hour.  And I did that in under 2 years.

So it’s not as much as the guitar factory, but it’s still good and I’m serving good food so that’s a plus.

You need food to live.  Even guitar players.

So really, the story is good.  I’m in a better place now.  I not only like but love the people I work with.  Although all that could be changing in just a short time.

The story goes on and I don’t want to get too deep into the drama, but suffice to say the person they pick up as the next assistant manager, that I’ll be working closely with may not be as nice as the person they have now.

But one things for sure, no matter who’s there it’s not going to stop me from working there.  And we sure do get a lot of people in there during the Holidays.

I told my boss on the phone when I started doing the sales calls that in two of the places I was visibly shaking to the point one guy was staring.  I gave them the free lunches and then I was on my way.

It’s not really free because you have to talk to me.  But it’s free.

And really so far it’s been enjoyable for some people so much they want to order!  And I am eternally grateful for all the sales I’ve had so far.  I’m so blessed to have them and I am grateful.  And I’ve only got 6.  Just think if I could get 100.

Really I don’t know how to approach it.  But I’m doing it!  I just look up the businesses on Google, get their addresses and phone numbers and make a list for the day of all the places I’m going to visit.  I usually have to do 8 in a day.

And I just do the work.

What I can tell you has helped me is personal development.  I haven’t yet been able to duplicate my hourly work success as an entrepreneur with my own business but I’m working on it.  And I know the personal development I do TODAY is going to help my writing, which is really the way I want to do it.  And really the simplest way for anyone to do it.

Because going from being fired to getting another good job took 5 years.  In those 5 years I spent my time trying to make it in commission sales, buying into network marketing companies, blogging at the Empower Network, doing all kinds of crazy things to sell and make money.

For a while I would sell credit card processing machines out of hotels.  I would spend a month and a half on the road and then I would be out again for another month and a half.

I quit about the end of my second go at it.  I was making money, but I really wanted to be home with my wife.  So that was that.

But I was thinking about getting back into selling credit card processing machines, before they gave me the sales job at my work.  I decided one sales job was enough so I stopped going after businesses to sell the Flashbanc.  The processor in Florida.

But if you want to know how you can go from being fired to becoming successful at things, just know it’s going to be slow.  It took me 5 years before I started really earning an income again, so you gotta figure, like blogging, finding another job will be slow.

But hopefully you can shorten the time you’re not working by going after those hourly jobs.  Because when your struggling, commission can really kill you. I’ve been there.  I sold nothing and put it on my credit card.  Thinking I could sell.  I went into debt and I’m just now starting to pull myself out of it.  By working an hourly job.

And that’s what I do.  I’m back on track.  At a job where I’m getting raises.  And a bonus check too.  Plus a little extra on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s really nice.

I almost don’t even want to leave there.  If I make enough money blogging I might still keep my job.  It’s that good.

It is hard work though, so I would like to make enough money so I don’t have to do it when I get really old.  It’s not a place for older people.

It’s super busy, and hot.

At least that’s the way it is during the holidays.

The rest of the year I work 30 hours a week.  So you know I like those Holiday paychecks.

It’s not for the weak though.  You have to be STRONG if you want to do it day in day out.  And strong people work where I work.

So I’m in good company.  I do love the people I work with and that’s a conscious choice.  I’m also grateful to have the experiences they bring into this world be a part of my world.

That’s all I’m trying to do.  Add a little love in to the world.  And really, I’m trying to add a lot of love to a lot of different people.

But I figure you have to start somewhere so it might as well be at my hourly job.  And I think that’s another thing you can learn from doing all the personal development you can do in 5 years is.  Small results can turn into massive results.

But I can’t tell you to do anything other than what I’ve already done.  And if you want to make it in sales and you can’t work on comission, just get a job that will pay you hourly to sell it.  Your making more than the average worker, and you do a different job.  You’re out of the store.

I can’t be grateful enough.

Still, I seek improvement and I want more.  For my family and for the rest of the people I would support if I had more funds.  Doesn’t everybody?

Don’t at least schizophrenics who want to work again?

Don’t you think that if you were schizophrenic you would benefit by reading books on sales and then getting a sales job.  Don’t you think that would be an adventure?

I don’t know, sales probably isn’t for your average schizophrenic, but I’m not assuming you reading this are average.  I’m assuming your a possibly or already a multimillion dollar miracle maker.  Like me.  Like attracts like right?

I say you’ve got at least a few million dollars inside of you considering you were born and have genitalia.  What you make of the rest of it is up to you.  Maybe you want more than a few million dollars… Maybe you want a billion?

All I know is if you want to make it back you’ve got to be open to new opportunities and seize them when they come.  You are unstoppable, nothing is going to stop you from doing it.  Yes!  This is the ticket!

You can do it.  I’m going to make it blogging for you so I can tell you all about that on this blog.  For now I’m an hourly worker, and I’m going to write about my experience as an hourly worker, but I’m going to keep reading books.

And I’m going to educate myself so I have not only the emotion to help you but the knowledge.

And don’t get all hot an heavy because it’s going to take me years to do this.  You can get on the email list and get updates on how I’m doing, and I might even be able to do it in another year, and that would be awesome.

I love my list and would do my best to serve you.

And considering the ramifications I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if it were the most valuable content in the world.

I think we could start an army of bloggers who write the world’s most valuable stuff.  Write the worlds most valuable stuff and you can be in the club.

It must be done.

We have to do it.

I read an ebook about how to get started in less than a year and he cited references of artists who make a small living on their artwork online.  It’s enough where they don’t have to work a job and can pursue their passions.

That WOULD be cool if you were making enough money blogging that you didn’t have to work a job.

I think there is an army of people out there doing this thing right now, and I want to join the party.  I am definitely here, but it’s time to make this thing into a money making machine, because that’s what I really want to be blogging about.

Making money from blogging.  And selling ebooks.  I don’t think it could ever get old.  When you’ve made some money off of the first e book, you write another one and go through the editing process and then put that one up for sale too.

Or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you die in your own vomit.  The Johnny Cash song comes to mind “Sooner or later God’s going to cut you down”.

Maybe I’ll die before I ever make a dollar off any ebook I put up for sale.  Although that seems unlikely.

What’s more likely is that I’ll sell a few copies and if it was good, people would buy more.

That’s why after having a friend read it I want to heavily edit and rewrite some portions of it to really whip it into shape.  Because I’m not going to let 40 hours of my time go to waste.

I’m not going to stop.  I’m going to keep going.  I’m going to keep writing.  No matter what the voices say.  I’m going to live a good life.  I’m going to capitalize on my failures.  I’m going to keep learning.  I’m going to keep writing.

You never know, my wife could divorce me and take half of my blogging money.  I could become such a success she couldn’t handle it anymore and she took our kids and left.

But like imagining dying, this way of thinking does nothing for you.  What I SHOULD and WILL focus on is how I can improve my current relationships so we can have a better quality of life.  NOT what the voices say.  But a life of my OWN design.

I suppose that’s what I’m leaving you with.  Sign up for the email list because if you do I’ll treat you good.  I’m a writer, what else can I say.

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Creel

Living Each Day To The Fullest And Making It A Masterpiece

Because that’s what I do.

Today I worked a four hour shift.

Not much to it.  Some work, then two deliveries and some more work and then I was done!  Nothing to it!

After I got off work I proceeded to write a rock and roll song for the album I’m getting together.  It’s going to be 12 songs long.  They will all be different but they will also all be the same.  I’m certain I’m going to turn some people off.

But that’s okay.  I think what I’m going to get in return will be far worth the trouble.

Then again, I may never release it.  The voices in my head get me thinking twice about it.  Do I really want to release that onto the world, knowing my family could get wind of it.

Because really, I’m not much of a guitar player.  The words are my instrument.  I love composing them.  I love writing them with a pen.  And I also do love the free style guitar in E that I play all day long.

And solo too.

I really make masterpieces with the guitar.  I think.  And I also think I’m going to find out how valuable it really is.

It’s probably not that valuable, then again it could be a million dollar miracle.  Only time will tell.

But I think it’s good and I definitely think it’s good enough to sell, so I might just do it.  You can find out what happens by checking back to this blog or signing up for my email list.

If I really wow you, you may want to.

And I think I can do that by telling you I’m kicking ass, and you can kick ass too.

I’m a schizophrenic AND I’m holding down a job.  Even better this job gives out promotions for more than just manager and assistant manager.  You can be a salesman.

And I am doing remarkably well at it.  I sold 6 sales in a month and at least one of them has ordered more than twice.

That’s one of my goals.  Repeat business.  Long term relationships.

Work, my sales life at my job, really does teach me a great deal about how to be successful.

You can really model your companies success and launch a business of your own.  At least get a blog going at least.

Really I could completely change my life, and my families life if I quit drinking and smoking.  There would be more energy and a lot more money.

But then again I am in the habit of drinking and smoking everyday.  It’s not good.  I’ve been doing it since my twenties, getting blacked out drunk at my 21st birthday, I really took my liberty.

And I’m grateful for it, but really it’s about time I moved my habits to something more constructive like running, pushups, crunches, walking, whatever.  Anything but smoke.  I will for the first time in my adult life be really in shape, which is a great thing but also kinda sad it took me so long to do.

I guess I had to go through the drinking and the smoking.

I wasn’t very frugal.  And now I have an addiction to break and I know that it’s going to be hard.  But it will be alright, and I’ll get better.

And that will be living my life to the fullest.  I’m sure I’ll get more reading done.  I’m sure my skills will skyrocket.  I’m sure that I’ll be better able to serve people.  All of those things are great things.  All because I didn’t smoke.

Or drink.

Sober, non smoker, runner.  That’s what I should be.  I could write about running.

But I think I’ll always write about income.  It’s just so interesting to me.  Right now I’m making almost $20,000.00 dollars working at my job a year.  I plan on creating additional income through this website, but I think I’ll keep my day job all throughout the whole thing.  Even if I have to work Holidays.

It’s a good income and it’s a job I like to have.  Plus it gives me time to work on my writing throughout the year.  I only have to work 60 hour weeks 3 times a year.

So really it’s not bad.  I have a lot of work to do on myself, and my job allows me the time to do it.  It’s a good job and if it weren’t for the cigarettes and alcohol it would give me all the money I needed.

So it’s really an exciting time for me, knowing I could change my life any day now.  I could quit cigarettes and be free of the addiction and all the bad things that come with it.  Maybe I just will.  I know I will.  I’m going to have to.

And another thing I know is that I’ve got to keep typing.  If I’m going to make something of myself, I had better get my words down.  And get really valuable words down so I can make even more money.  More so so I can build long term relationships, but also for the money.

I guess I’ll learn as I go.  They say an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes there is to make in a given field.  That comes paraphrased from a source I don’t know, something a college professor would hate about me.

But that makes sense, no matter if you have the source or not.  And if I’m going to make mistakes, at least I’m making them in the name of supporting my family and giving to charity.  I’m really trying to be of service to world!

And if your like me, I know you are too!  Trying to be of better service to the world.  And I say we can do it all blogging.

You gotta figure you have gotta write some ebooks too.  But you can make it on the internet in a year they say, I say maybe you may want to put a decade into it.  Really master the art.  That’s what I’m going for and this 90 days straight blogging will be one of many throughout the years.  At least that’s what I think I’m going to do.  Everything is subject to change.

You’ll find out what happens if you subscribe to my list.  It will just be one voice in your inbox that lets you know what’s happening in the world.  How one schizophrenic is making it.  And doing it at a job and online.  You’ll come to find out how I improve my life, so that you can duplicate that success in your life.  God help you, you will.

Or I could simply be here to entertain you.

Whatever the case, I’m writing and I’m not going to stop.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Jesse Creel

Writing Harder Then The Rest Of The World

Because that’s what I think you have to do if you want to reach the masses.

I don’t know though.  I’m not an expert at selling ebooks at this point in time.  I plan to be, but only time will tell if I sell a million copies of one or more of my ebooks.

But I think that selling a million copies of one of your ebooks is a worthwhile goal.  It would free you from your job, and you could better support your family, and your charities.

But when your writing for 90 days straight, trying to put 1,000 to 2,000 words down a day, your writing harder then most of the world.  The only people that must be writing harder than you are college professors or students in fine universities.

But really I want something entertaining.  School bores me.  I want to read what I want to read.  Part of me makes me think that makes me a little stupid, seeing as I could have a better paying job with an education, but I’m unconventional, and I think I can do it with my high school education and the little bit I learned at community college.

Not to mention all the books I read in my free time.  And Thank You Jesus I do have spare time when I’m not at my hourly job or helping to raise my family.

The Easter holiday is over and I’m back to 30 hours a week.  I think on Monday, tomorrow, I only have to work 4 hours.  I’m going to come home and read.

My family won’t be home for several hours so I have the house to myself to study and self educate.  That’s really what I’m in the process of doing again, right now.

I put myself through a great deal of study when I was trying to sell network marketing, and it’s really paid off in the job I have now.  I put the product I bought for 5,000 dollars to use in the real world.  And I’m getting raises and bonuses.

Not that I didn’t get raises and bonuses before I bought the product.  I did.  But I think the network marketing product helped me in sales and that’s my new job.  And I’ve been selling so it’s working out.

So really I don’t have any regrets.  I’m happy I bought the product and went through the journey of trying to sell it.  What happened is that as a newbie I jumped into the deep end of the pool not knowing how to swim.  Really I needed to get out of the pool and do more that would cost me less, and at the time I had to realize how to work hourly again.

Well, I’ve figured out how to work hourly again, and I’ve better learned how to swim, so I’m back in the pool with a net, ready to scoop money out and bring it back home.

Not to mention make some new friends in the process.  I think the people will love my work and that it will work for them.  So I’m actually looking forward to selling a lot of ebooks.  I think the feedback will be overwhelmingly good.

But I can’t without mentioning the reality of the haters.  I know if I’m ever successful like I want to be I will have plenty of them.  And everyday I will have to deal with knowing people hate me and probably want to kill me.

Like the president.

If I ever sell a million ebooks I’ll probably get a security system for my house that would keep my family safe.

But really I’m not worried, because I know that most of my worrys won’t come true.  I think Mark Twain said something to that effect.

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened”.

So why worry.

I could be down right now because I didn’t win the Powerball last night.

But I’m not.  There’s always another drawing and besides I have this blog.  And it takes real work to write it.  Something that could pay me in the future, and it gives me something to do.  And I love helping people.  Even if it’s only entertainment.

But I’m writing this to you in the morning, shortly after I got up.

I have an outing planned to visit my Grandmother for her birthday.  My uncle is in from Florida.  So I’ve got a few hours with the family planned today.  I wanted to make sure I got my blog post in for the day.

So here I am, writing hard, hopefully rivaling the hardest writers in the world, and I’m attempting to provide world class value to you in every post, every day I write.

And I hear clicking sounds on the computer screen.  I’m a schizophrenic and that’s part of the problem.  Cracking sounds in the house like the house is moving.  I think other people hear it too, and that they would hear the computer screen cracking as if it’s adjusting, and that’s different from the voices.

Really the whole thing is very interesting.

What’s the value here me telling you I hear all kinds of crazy things happening around me?

It’s that with hard work you can overcome your distractions and focus.  And you can take action that’s going to improve your life.  For me, as a schizophrenic, I just have to work harder than the normal person to get the same results.

It’s taken me 5 years to go from getting fired to finding another good job.  I was really in a hard place there for a while.  And I was thinking I was going to win the jackpot jobless!

All I can say is Thank God for my job.

And Thank God for writing.

And Thank God for the lottery.

All of which I think can and are working out in my favor.

You could argue that I’m delusional, but I think that I’m just highly optimistic.

And I’m going to get busy reading books because I think that’s the best place I could put my married nose, to stay out of trouble, and to become a better person.

And the more I learn the more the voices have to talk about.  It makes their conversation interesting when I’m reading, and they feed into my optimism when they tell me I’m going to be successful, or than I’m going to make $100,000.00 dollars dollars.  Or when they tell me they want to have sex with me, that’s a whole different thing.

Really that’s one thing I could live without.  Other people wanting to have sex with you.  I’m married and I don’t want to cheat, and really I have two kids so the sex at this point comes second to everything else.

Which is fine, you really don’t need it to get along.

But we do all have it.  Or can have it.  Sex appeal.

You could even say that sex appeal is good for you.

Just as long as your not actually cheating on your spouse, have all the sex appeal you want.  For me though, the voices tell me dirty things, they talk dirty to me, they talk sexy talk.  Part of me likes it, another part is just annoyed that I have to hear it when I can’t do anything about it.

But sex outside of my marriage is just a sacrifice I make.  It’s definitely a loss, but you take the good with the bad with everything.

Besides, I really love my wife.  I’ve known her since we were in high school.  We have a special bond.  Like I’m sure it is with all couples.  But we go back.

I used to have a job that pays me twice as much as I make right now.  That’s when I was writing the checks and paying all the bills.  Since then she’s taken over paying the bills and I give her as much money as I can.  Which is hardly enough.

But as with the lottery and not winning last night, I’m not going to get down because I make half of what I used to make.  I’m going to use this energy to fuel action and I’m going to make my life better.  For myself and for my wife.

And for my children, and for the people I don’t know that I give money to.

And what I can do is write with passion and love and commitment.  I can tell you all about what’s going on in my life, and the small successes I’m having so that you can have your own successes in your own life.

Yes, I got fired and am now  making half of what I used to make, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do more.  That doesn’t mean I can’t use what I’ve learned since I lost my job and create an additional income stream.

But I am not going to be a wanna be.  I’m going to write the most valuable stuff on the planet.  Things people thirst for.  I’m going to be a story of success, and I’m going to shine my light on the world.  I am going to expand and create and EARN more income.  I’m going to be a sensation.  And if I can do it, I know ANYONE can do it.  So go do it online.

Get your blog.

One of my commentors noted that I should get an affiliate link for my web hosting.  I could make money if someone read one of my posts and decided right then and there they were going to start a blog.  I would be doing a service to the world, and I would be getting paid for it.  I think this is some of the most exciting stuff in the world!

And this is to living the life of our dreams.  We can do it.  We can sell a million copies.  I think there is a way.  And when I make it I’ll make sure I let everyone know about it, so they can duplicate my success.

People have already done it.  One story of Amanda Hocking, sold over 1.5 million books.   Sure that’s not the norm, but it’s possible.

And the best part is you have to be a hero to do it.

So you’ve really got to increase you skills and become a better person so you can lead.

And I could really start by improving my blog.  Maybe getting a picture of me up there.

I have made some videos but I got out of the habit of doing that.  It’s hard to do.  But I’m sure I’ll make more videos.  Especially once I have the book up for sale.

I know people are reading this, and I know they are benefiting from it, unless they’re just pulling my chain, but I take the good with the bad.  And I love the good.

Maybe I’m just a fool.  But I think I really have a great idea.  And people all over the place are making money off of blogging.  I guess I had better start doing more web research on how I can do it myself.  Model some other blogs that are getting good results.

I hope that’s of value to you.  Maybe there’s something in this post that you can DO that will help you improve your life.  Maybe it’s writing that blog post, or commenting on another blog, or reading another blog, or signing up for an email list.  Maybe you should be writing your ebook.

Because I know we can do this, we just have to write.

Sure some of us will fail and we won’t sell a million copies.  And the reality is that the vast majority of people will never sell a million copies.  But you risk very little, and even if you make no money at all, there is a lot of growing.

So really there’s no downside to blogging.

And you may as well dream big and go for a million copies sold.

Thanks for reading, Take Care,

Jesse Creel

The Flavor Of Love

Because afterall, I do make food.  And I do put love into my work.

But really you could put the Flavor of Love into anything, writing.


Because I just saw a product, and I should have bought it, but I didn’t.  It was about how to island hop and comment on other people’s blogs, and make money doing it.  That’s what I should be doing.  Putting my website on other websites.

Reaching out to people.  I thought I might reach out to Bill Gates.  He’s doing it pretty well.  Have him read my blog.  It should be art to him.  At least that’s what I think.

And hopefully he can take action and improve his life, just like I think everyone should do after reading my work.

Go out there and work your hourly job, and blog!  Write ebooks!  Make rock and roll albums!  Sell your stuff.  Start a business doing it.  Get people working for you.  Be a better part of the economy by profiting instead of earning a wage.  That’s just what I want to do.  But I think anyone could do it!

And I’m giving it my honest shot and my real Flavor of Love isn’t my job, although I do put love into my hourly job, my real Flavor of Love is writing, making songs, and i guess it is, working my job…

Although some of the voices in my head tell me that I’m full of it, and reading and writing aren’t going to help you at your hourly job.

That’s just the nature of it, but I still believe in it, I think it just takes time to see results.

I bet if someone did it though, and took reading and writing for 90 days straight, it would change their life for the better.

So really aren’t the voices nice, helping me to clarify what I really think about things.

They truly are a blessing.

But blogging, I want to blog with PASSION!  I want to really get in there and do it.  I want to rock it!  And I can do that in my music.  I’ve recorded a bunch.  Most of it me rambling without writing it out first and then reading off the paper.

But I do have a secret stash of recordings I will probably never release.  Too crazy.  It’s really like me editing everything out, and just keeping the written stuff.  Then again, maybe I will release it to something like members online.  Who knows what I’m going to be able to do with this site, and what I’m going to be able to sell on it.

I could really turn into a phenomenon.  And the best part is my readers can do the exact same thing.  Of course I could be wrong, and this is just an exploration into growth, and I could make no money or very little money, not enough to keep a business going, and fail yet again.

But I’m optimistic, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I think I’ll make a million dollars, and then make 14 million more, and then I’ll be at my number and I don’t need any more money.  Really 15 million is probably more than I need, but I do want to live in a good house.  One for my family to live in.  And my friends to grace their presence with.

Really my friends forgive me for being a dick, the ones that I still have.  I really appreciate them, and I do my best to show it.  Because I have learned a good deal from the friends I’ve had in this life, and I want to promote the lives of the friends I still have, and really make more friends.

A lot more friends.

I have some, and I definitely want more.  I want growth and expansion.

And the Flavor of Love really is about my job too.  I try to work harder on myself than I do at my job, and I do try to do that everyday, but I work pretty hard at my job, and I really do try to put a sales kind of love into it.  Not to sell it, just to be passionate about it.  Not to sell it, to love it.  And love it in front of the customers.

And I think if you really love something, especially food, it can pick up a sort of healing power.  Really good stuff.  And I like selling stuff when it’s really good.

It makes you feel good that by and large your making the customers happy.  That they are getting something they value enough to spend 60 or 70 dollars on.

Because they are nice hams.  One customer called it the best ham.  The company calls it the worlds best ham.  It is good ham.

And we do turkey too, so there’s more to it than just ham.  The chicken salad is spectacular.  It comes on a fresh baked croissant.  The voices tell me we should get another store.  They also tell me it’s all in my hands.

Some of what the voices say I want to happen, other things they say I don’t.  Really, I guess I’m just a sort of sick person.  But I think I’m getting better.

Maybe the schizophrenia is a sort of genius.  Really sometimes, it is!  And I do count it as a blessing overall.  So really I guess I’m just lucky.

But really, I’m lucky to have my wife.  She takes care of me, because really as a schizophrenic, I can’t take care of myself and I’m not independent.  I want to break free and be financially free so I CAN be independent, and I think that’s empowering.

And really, I’m growing at my job, so really I’m on the way there.  And I’m picking up valuable everyday experience.  Experience with people.  And I really do want to love the people I work with.  I think it helps the whole thing out.

But I will leave early if they let me go.  I do afterall have a family I want to see.

Not to mention I have a blog to write.

But I guess that’s the same for everyone.  The people who stay late I’m sure still have stuff to do too, but for some reason they let me leave early.  I think because I’m a driver.  I have a lot of responsibility, and my job is demanding.  You really have to have your A game on at all times.  You have to check and double check the lock on the box truck.  Make sure it’s locked at all times.

It’s really kind of exciting working there during the Holidays.  We sell a lot of ham.  We make a lot of money.  I’m just a slave, but I’m part of the bigger picture at the same time.  You can have a great experience during the holidays if you just look at it the right way.

And that way is putting love and commitment into it.  And living in balance.  And suiting up and showing up.  And fulfilling your responsibilities.  I do my best at all these things.

Sometimes I make mistakes, but I haven’t had to pay them any money.  Aside from the gift card I bought for my father in law for his birthday, they charged me the full $20.00.

Things aren’t perfect, and I could be better if I didn’t smoke cigarettes.  But I still do my job well, and I’m making sales.  God is giving me sales.

I thank God and Jesus each time I think about the sales I get.  I give God all the credit.  Especially since I’ve failed so much, it’s by God’s grace that this job is working out.  I’m getting sales!

And the crazy part is that the sales I’ve been getting have been getting repeat business.  One of the businesses tips 50 dollars every time they get a delivery.  And not only did I walk in there with two free lunches and dropped them off about a month ago, they’ve order 3 times and each time I’ve delivered their lunch.  I am the salesperson and the delivery driver.  Sometimes I even have to make the sandwiches for the delivery I’m taking.

But this especially nice person, an accountant, and it is tax time, tips 50 dollars with each 350 dollar order.  That’s a good person in my book and I know what’s coming to them and it’s going to be good things.  I’ve been the tipper, and a big tipper, for a long time now.  Being on the other end of the tip is an equally good feeling.  We do have to eat.

But I’ve run well over 1,000 words so I’m going to wrap it up here.

My Flavor of Love is work at my hourly sales job, and work on my writing e books and this blog.  And also rock and roll music.  You can get it all on

Thanks for reading.

Until Probably Tomorrow,

Jesse Creel

“Take Action And Improve!” An EBook By Jesse Creel

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

“Take Action And Improve!”.

It took me 40 hours to write the book.  I did it in about a month.  I was drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.  Go figure that’s how you write a book on personal improvement.

But I did it.  And the first chapter, after re-reading and editing it, is rather taboo.  I go into detail about how one may want to consider the idea of masturbation as a tool to relax and cope.  Considering that’s the first chapter, on the Physical, it’s not really setting the stage for a remarkable book.

Or maybe it is.

The truth is that how much of it I sell will be the indicator of how good it is.  If it’s really good, it might sell a million copies, and I’d be rich and able to quit my job.  Not that I don’t love my job, I do.

But this is not about my job.  This is about the book I wrote for you to buy, IF you want to, and enjoy to reading pleasure, to the tune of $4.99.

Because I sight no sources on how you can blog and make money, other than that of David Wood of the Empower Network, and because the book is only 75 pages long, I don’t want to charge what other people would for their e books, $29.99.

You could make a lot more money charging that as opposed to $4.99, but to charge $29.99 I would want a 700 page  book full of quotes and stories and citations.

I don’t know that I could ever do that.  I might just write novels and sell them cheap and see if I could go for quantity.  If the word got out that I was good, people would buy more.  And I could really make a living off of the personal work I’ve done to myself when I wasn’t working or spending time with my family.

So I want to keep writing this blog so I can get more traffic and have more people to sell to.  Because I’m a salesman by profession, and wouldn’t it be great if what we were selling was our own products?

Books and music?

And who knows, if you made it with books and music, maybe you could launch a network marketing company and throw a big party for everyone to celebrate the money made.  Really get rich, make your 15 million.

Because if you figure it, you could probably make more in business than you can in books.  Empower Network is a great business for the people who make money doing, and if you join with me, there’s no guarantee you’ll make any money at all.  And you could drop $5,000 or $6,000 dollars on it to try and work it for a couple years and still sell nothing.

That’s exactly what happened to me.  And selling Empower Network is one thing my counselor tells me I would feel bad about, that is, if I did ever sell anything.

Part of me thinks I should get a new counselor.  One that’s alright with taking money from people. Everyone gets what they deserve and besides, at the Empower Network there’s an intense product you get in exchange for your money so you get what you pay for.

Pay $6,000 dollars to sell network marketing, get a $6,000 experience.  That’s what I got.  Valuable information.

But I am afterall, a schizophrenic.  And that stuff messed me up.  Especially when your trying to make money to support a wife and children on the way.

Thank God I found my job.  The basis of all I do.  Without my job I wouldn’t have this website, and I wouldn’t be able to talk to you.  At least not for very long.  My credit would run out and I’d be left with the bill and no sales.

At least that’s the way it’s come out so far.

But I think a change is a comin’.

I think I’m going to write this blog for 90 days straight and get more traffic.  You never know, people may put their email addresses in and my money could really start working for me.  I am afterall paying 30 dollars a month to have that list.

But this is not a sob story about losing it all, after working your tail off.

This is a story about redemption.  About doing wrong, and then making it right.  About being a good person.  About doing the right things.  And I propose we could all live better lives if we were a little more grateful for what we have, and we’re working to improve it.

And that’s really what my book is about.  “Take Action and Improve!” is about you taking your life to the next level right now.  There are 13 different chapters. Each chapter is meant for you to do something that is going to make a difference in your life.  It’s meant to help YOU improve yourself.  That’s pretty much it.  It’s 75 pages long and it should really be a page turner.  I read it in a day.

But really right now, as of this writing, the book hasn’t even been finished yet.  I’ve written and edited it, but I haven’t yet put it into format for consumption.  Something I have yet to do.  But maybe I’ll get it up for sale shortly on this site and maybe another bookseller, and get something going.  I really want to get something going so that I can escape my job.  Although I love my job, profits are better than wages, and I need to learn how to be a business owner so I CAN profit.

And I’m sure you will learn a tremendous amount about me over these next few months, me writing a post a day… I hope it serves you to read these posts and that your life is blessed because of it.  I put hard work into my writing, and I do it even when I don’t feel like it.  I feel like that makes me a better writer when I do it everyday.  It’s going to take quiet a few more years to master this blogging thing so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  But I figure I can take off and start making money a lot sooner than the time it takes to master it.

And as I think for myself, I also think for you…

So here’s to your great success!

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Creel

Working Hard At An Hourly Job When It’s The Busiest Times Of The Year

Because, as you may know, Easter is right around the corner.

And we sell a lot of ham during the week leading up to Easter.  I’m working 10 days straight, without a day off during this Holiday.

And my day starts by picking up the workers from the city.  I’m driving a rented van, and I take it home with me at night.  I’m leaving my car at work for this week.

But I’m very busy all day.  Sometimes I work in the store but a lot of times I am out doing deliveries, in my own car or in their box truck.   I think it’s cool I get to drive a box truck for work.  My son would like that.

So I don’t make much, really I’m not even close to what my wife makes, and that’s a bit of a blow to my self esteem.  But it’s been this way for a while, and now I’m doing as well as I’ve ever done, so I’m really improving and doing better for my family and for my church.

But I’ve been working these hours and now I’m drinking water because I don’t want to be too hard on my body with drinking more than one glass of wine.  I’ve already had my glass, so I’m writing with a glass of water.

And it’s good to be mostly sober.  You can really work hard and give it your best at work.  And it’s good to walk.  I just got back from a half hour of walking, which is doctor recommended, and I’m glad I went out and did it.  Now it’s time for the writing, because I told myself I wanted to do 90 consecutive days of blogging, to promote more traffic, and I don’t want to miss a day because I’m tired from working.

So here I am, writing this to you, tired from work, with 5 more 10 or more hour days in front of me, with the expectation to write for each one of those days and beyond.  I figure the more posts the better.

So now the question is how do I provide more value to you.

And my answer to that question is to be a great writer.  And to tell you about my day in a way that’s captivating, informative, valuable, and able to make your life better in some way.  And I can write my way to becoming better.  And I can be a better example, and I can inspire you to take action and improve your own life, and we can be better together, and make our world a better place to live in.

So really, I do my job happily.  I am happy to be of service.  I am happy to work.  I am afterall a schizophrenic, and if all I can do is great at my work making 18,000 dollars a year, and I never make any money off my blog, then I will still have accomplished something.  But I’m ready to take the next steps.  I’m ready to build a business online.

I’m ready to take my yearly income and make it my monthly income.  I know this can be done.  And working overtime this week is only going to help me.  So really, I’m doing the right things.  Working my job, and working on my dream, at home.

The dream of a home based business.  Time and money freedom.  That’s my goal and I’m going after it everyday.  Take inspiration, and start working towards your goals, a day at a time.  One day after the other.  See where it takes you.  You could get something really great out of it.

So far, it’s been really great for me.  Some of the comments I get are really moving.  So far nobodies joined my list yet, but that could change any day, with my work working for me even when I’m sleeping.  I propose a blog could really change your life!

And that’s really what I want to tackle here, is blogging and writing e books.  Blogging and creating a list.  That’s what I want to do.  Maybe blogging and selling network marketing companies.  Maybe blogging and selling rock and roll albums.  Simply selling something good, and profiting online.  I know it can be done!

I also know that you can sell so many copies of something you become a millionaire.  And with being a millionaire you would have a lot more choices than you would if you were only making 18,000 dollars a year.

So I’m going for it, and I say you should to.  There’s really nothing to lose.  The email list is expensive at 30 dollars a month, but the website costs less than 10.  So you could get yourself a site and a list and come up with paying less than 40 dollars a month to maintain it.  That’s not that bad if your trying to build a business.  You do afterall have to pay to keep the lights on.

But I’ve made my mind up to build a list, so that’s what I’m going to do, and see where that takes me, really I’ve made my mind up that I’m going to win the lottery jackpot, I’ve made my mind up that I’m going to sell a million ebooks and a million albums.  And the way I see myself getting there is to blog everyday.

I’ve already written a couple books, and I’ve recorded a lot of songs, and I know I can readily create my product at any time.  And that with each passing day the quality of my products will improve, and I can be sure I’m improving.

And I know this kind of thing can be done simply by anyone, so I figure, why not me?  And I further figure why not you, reading this?  Why don’t we do this together?

You can get updates to this blog by subscribing to my email list, so be sure to check it out.  Thanks for reading, Peace and Love,

Jesse Creel

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