And today, that bad news is I didn’t do the sales calls.

The good news is I got to work in the store for the same hourly wage I get to sell!  And really it’s easy work.  Anyone could do it.  It’s a low paying, hourly, American job.  You can grow, but it doesn’t come easy.  It takes a lot of hard work, and suiting up and showing up, and even more than that, being more valuable.  But if you get that chance to grow, no matter what pay grade your at, it’s awesome.

It really makes you want to work harder and be a better employee.  For me it makes me want to continue to improve so I can make even more!

But i wanted to come to you today to write this and to let you know that even though the sales calls may be winding down, I’m still advancing in the company and collecting my hours and giving to the community.

I’m doing my work.  I’m doing my good.  I didn’t walk today, and that’s no good because health is number one on my values list.  And I have to get a daily walk in for my health.  I’ll get there.

But God gives me hours and I make the best of them and hopefully after this sales thing is through I still have a job.  My boss was talking like I wasn’t going to be doing any more of it.  But I still got my 8 hours in today!

It was good because I drove the box truck and ate lifesavers instead of smoking.  I did something good for myself.  I bought a pack before the drive was over but I went a good few hours without any.

But I personally am making the best of what I have.  I have a job and I get as many hours as I can.  Though I’m only really getting 30 hours a week.  I would like more hours.  But the time I have off I use creatively and make something of myself.

I’m at work on a new e book called “Take Action And Improve!”. It will probably take me a few months to write.  I think I may charge for this one.  It’s all about improvement in 13 different areas of life.  And inspiring you to take action in those areas.  I’m really excited about it.

But God also gave me a family, which has supported me and given me a line to love that I will never forget.  I know not everybody has somebody and I do thank God for my wife.  She saved me and continues to save my ass everyday.

But I’m pulling through.  I’m working.  I’m starting to pull weight.  I’m starting to make a difference.  I want to do more.  That’s why I’m writing.

And I thank God for writing.  And reading.  But writing.

Because anybody can do it.  If you can read, you can write.  All you need to learn is the English language.  Not that it wouldn’t be cool to know other languages…

Anyone can write.  I myself have a high school education.  I did some work at the community college, but didn’t make it out of there with anything.  Mostly I just played around with my social groups.  It didn’t get me anywhere and I definitely recommend if your in the position to go to school you definitely do it.

But I’m just talking 32 years experience on this earth.  That’s not much, but it’s enough to know how to get a raise at your job.  And how to be valuable.  And how to work.  And how to get along with the voices in your head.

They might say your not going to live through this year.  What do you do?

Do you see yourself going downhill and dying in some accident or from some illness…. or do you ask yourself the question… “How do I improve?”.

Which one would better serve you?

I say thank God for everyday because really it’s up to him how long you’ve lived here, and I can say that as a salesman and as a person, knowingly and unknowingly I’ve done some things to people.  I’ve never killed anyone, I’ll just say that.

I imagine my dreams would be about killing people if I killed people.  But I don’t want to kill people because I’m not a murderer.  In fact I love people and want to help them achieve their dreams.  Financial freedom.  That’s a big one.

I have had dreams about winning the lottery.  Probably four or five of them.  I have done much to program my mind that I am a lottery jackpot winner.  So far, it hasn’t worked out.  Sometimes I still pray to win the jackpot… but I have my work to fall back on if it doesn’t work out.  I say there’s no harm in it.  If you really want to win the jackpot why not pray for it?!

And if you want sales, then pray for sales.  God will give you what you deserve.  I made 4 sales in a month.  A couple of them were pretty big orders too.  All I can say is there is a lot of room for improvement.  At work and at home.  Not to mention on myself..

I really need to commit to reading a half hour a night.  I want to be the leading learner I dream about.  And that means reading.  I work yes, and that’s great experience, but I also need books for  intellectual stimulation.

And if you read that’s great.  Read more, the more you read the better off you’ll be.  That’s what I say.  You can make a fortune with this stuff.  At least that’s what I’m proposing.

I could be wrong, I could make no money at all.

Or I could over the next 8 years master the art of blogging and get readers reading my stuff, and wanting more because I of course do a great job and add more value than anyone else they’ve ever read.  At least that’s what kind of job I would hope to do.  With the blog and with the e books I’ve written and am writing.

You should check out my first published e book here.  It’s called “Success Hourly” and it’s written to help you get a raise at your job.  I would love to hear success stories from people who’ve read it, applied the three step process and had success getting an hourly raise.  That would be just great.  And a blessing.

Because I thank God it’s really all a blessing and you can learn from everything, good and bad.  I wanted to write this for you to let you know you can get an hourly job and it doesn’t matter if your karma’s bad and can’t be a great salesman.  You can still work in the store and drive the box truck!

But all I can say is that you CAN change your ways and BECOME a good person.  You can do good works in this world.  Let’s just hope that you haven’t done so much bad shit that God’s going to cut you down early in life.  All I know is that I know nothing and just thank God for another day.  I figure as a 32 year old that will give me the best chance of more days to come.  The power of gratitude.

So God has given me a good job, one that I’ve grown in, and a wonderful family, and a couple friends.  I am very grateful, especially as a schizophrenic, to have had the support I did.  I love my children and I love my wife.  That’s just a little hat’s off to my family for putting something in me that wasn’t there before.  Something good.

But I just wanted to write something to you to keep this blog healthy and growing, and to give me something to do.  This could be valuable to somebody out there in the world, and I hope that it is.  I hope even more than that.

But I don’t want to waste your time with my dreams.  Now that I’ve told you a little about what I’m thankful for, what are you thankful for?  What makes your heart sing?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Also tell me if you want a book on improvement.  Covering different areas of your life.  And giving you my personal experience in each of the topics.  Would you part with some of your hard earned dollars for a piece of action?  For an e book?

Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.  If you ask me a question I will definitely reply.  I just recently did that for another commentator.

Peace and Love, and take care of yourself…

Jesse Creel

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