Textbroker.com is a site that connects the people who want the content with the people who write it.  When your on the side of the people who write the content, you can profit from this website.  This is another way you can make extra money.

To be honest, I’ve been demoted.  I went from a 3 star author making 3 dollars off an article to a 2 star author making a dollar off an article.  This is a work in progress for me as I would like to get up to a 5 star rating and really be raking in the dough.  It’s good that you landed on this page when you did, that way you know it really works when I update it with my future success.  Once I get my first $100 paycheck from writing I’ll be sure to update this page.  These pages are meant to give you real world experience doing things for extra money when you’re not at your part time job.


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