I give sometimes.  I didn’t give last pay period.   I got distracted, and didn’t go to church.  But I went today, with 40 dollars, which really isn’t really all that much because it wasn’t even 10% of my check.

But I wanted to give, and I wanted to give big.  So I gave them 40 dollars.  What goes around comes around, I say be proactive.  The church is going to give to poor people who need the help and I will be a blessing to them in the form of my charity.

And that makes me feel good!  I want to give even more!  I have dreams…

But those are for another post.

Or maybe another E book.

You can read my first published e book on this website.  Click on Success Hourly to go there now.

I have many more ebooks planned, and a video series or more.

Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com thinks podcasts are the way to go, but I just think video is so powerful.  You can really touch people.

And I want my ebooks and videos to be courses designed to get people to take massive action in the direction of their dreams.  To help them improve their lives.  To help them become more valuable, and to inspire them to take action to become more valuable… that they can do it too!  I think I have a really great idea on my hands, and I also think it’s going to be a slow crawl to get there.  I figure by the time I’m 40 this blog will have a foundation.  I’ll have an email list and several ebooks for sale on my website.  Anyone can do this!  And my intention is to take it and make millions of dollars with it!  And I think anyone can do that!

It just takes hard work.  To work harder than everybody else.  To be smarter, and to live by your values.  To read and keep a journal.  To improve and make yourself more valuable.  Those are the things I’m interested in… that I’m obsessed with.

Tony Robbins creates transformations in peoples lives everyday, and I think I can do the same thing.

If your in sales, your a schizophrenic, you work hourly, you want a raise, your willing to work hard, you are obsessed with improvement… you and I can mastermind together, on how you’re going to become more valuable.

“Better not to be a man of success, better to be a man of value”.  -Albert Einstein

But I gave the church 40 dollars today and they even picked us to bring the gifts up to the priest and to the alter.

My wife’s aunt met us there for church, and there was a guy there, an usher or somebody who asked her if we three would bring the gifts up.

As I was standing there wondering if I was going to miss my opportunity to give because of this, there was a woman standing next to me with a big basket.  I took my 40 dollars out and put it right in there.  I usually give a 20 to the first collection and a 20 to the second collection, but there was no time!  I had to bring the gifts up!

So we took them up.  My wife’s aunt carried the wine, and my wife and I carried the communion.  The priest blessed us after we carried the gifts up.  We went back to our seats.

During communion, while I was kneeling, I prayed a prayer of thanks for another day.  That’s about as far as I got.

But I was happy I gave 40 dollars, it was almost 10% of my income, and a good number to give.  For me at least.  Some of you out there may want to give a lot more than I can afford at this point in my life.  Some of you may give a million dollars to your church.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to give a million dollars to a church of my choice.

All I know is that I’ve got to keep writing, and I know you can do it too.  YOU can read this blog post and then decide to go write one of your own, and who know where that’s going to take you.  It could take you anywhere, and God help you if your schizophrenic.  Your putting your stuff out there and people may want to destroy you.

But you’ve got to keep the faith.  Do the right thing, improve, and be a good example.  That way you can keep karma going in the right direction.  You can do it everyday, with little decisions, every pay period.  And those little changes could add up to big results.

I give and one of my goals is to get out of debt.  Yes I want to make 15 million dollars so I can retire with my family…. but one of my goals is to pay off my 14,500 dollar credit card balance.  And I can do it working steadily at my hourly job, in about 5 years.  And I don’t have to worry about transportation, so my cars are set.  I just want to speed the process up, and I say, if you write a blog, and it’s valuable, you can get paid for it…. you just have to do the thing.  And I want to get out of debt faster.  What’s your story?  Why do you want to make money selling ebooks on your blog… Leave a comment and let me know.

So I have dreams… and how do I get there?  I work.  I become more valuable.  I want like a drowning man wants air to be the most valuable person on the planet.  I know I’m nowhere near where I need to be because really I’ve probably only read 200 books, and I stopped improving there for a while because I wasn’t sure it was doing anything to help me.

But I’m here to say that it does, indeed help.  Leaders are readers.  And writers keep a journal I say.  And a blog.  I say do it!  It can only help and it hardly will cost you anything.

But I did give to the church today, it did make me feel good, and I still won’t tell you your wrong or right whether you decide to do the same thing or not.  Your judgement is between you and God and I’m just trying to get myself together so I can meet my maker in peace.  I hope it’s not for a long time.  I must live for my family.  I must take care of them.  I must keep reading and writing.  I must create the life of my dreams.  And I believe this is how you can do it.  By attracting attention and selling to those people whose attention you have.  And all you need is a few good ebooks, the way I see it.  Maybe a video course.  And anyone can do this, no matter what your education level.  It’s really genius.  I’m talking about getting rich and really being of value.  I really think it can be done.  I also think, like Snoop Dogg does that it’s going to take you 10 years to really master something.  So I’ve got a lot of blogging ahead of me, and so do you if you want to follow suit.  And a lot of ebooks to write.  And a lot of videos to make.  But it can be done!  And we can do it together!

I don’t know, maybe I need something other to sell than ebooks.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I can write ebooks, so why not make them sellable.  I know how to sell things, I can certainly sell my own ebooks.  And I think you could do the same.  So really I do know, ebooks are the way to go for me.  To financial freedom.  And I want to be the example to people that it can be done, with a blog, and some ebooks.  That you can make a success of yourself out there in the world.  And to be of value, and inspire people with my story to take action and improve their own lives, thereby making the world a better place by enhancing everything.

Thanks for reading this post and make sure to leave a comment and let me know how your doing.  I care and would love to hear from you.  Thanks a lot again, I love you, and may God bless you.

Jesse Creel

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