And my job is to write and record rock and roll songs.

I just listened to all three I have recorded so far for my first album.  I love them.  They are my babies.  I think I’ll get good feedback from friends about this album.  People who love it with me.

And if people bought my album, and thought it was good too, there would be more people that would buy it.  And if it were really great then I COULD become rich.

Chances are I won’t be rich unless I have a band to back up my words.  And I quit my band Tigerstyle years ago.  Here’s a clip of one song we did together, you may recognize it.

I quit the band just as we were starting to make money.  I doubt I could ever get back what I once had.  It’s over and I would have to start fresh again.  I don’t know that I’ll name the next band Tigerstyle though.  That really didn’t have anything to do with me.

They were good to play with though.  They were the best band I had ever been a part of.  And I’d tried to form many bands.

But the way I figure it is, they didn’t want me writing the songs, so writing without them is really a blessing.  It gives me creative freedom.  No one telling you they won’t play that song.  Really I’m not a very strong guitar player, but I can play some rhythm.  And sing.  I used to have long hair.  I have since cut it all off.

But that doesn’t mean I still can’t rock and roll.  Hair or no hair I’m writing songs.  And I think they are good.  The world’s best stuff.  Get these songs together and maybe someone out there in Severna Park, MD will want to start a band with me.

I’m going for it, and I’m keeping my options open.  I still believe I have that multimillion dollar miracle inside of me.  So I’m going for it.  And I’m happy I am, no matter how bad at it I am at first.  I know with each day I’ll get a little bit better, until 10 years later I’m a master.  I’m going for it, I’m a blogger.

Because I know what it’s like to work hourly.  It’s nice because if your good they apprechiate you with raises and bonuses, but I think their secret motives are to keep you as an employee and you work hourly for the rest of your life.  I intend to do something with myself OUTSIDE of work, and make a living at it.

I may not make 100 million dollars over the course of my life, but I will still have the accomplishment of making enough blogging to quit my job.

Then again, maybe I will make 100 million dollars and become a household name.

Really, I have a lot of work to put in.  But I say the ticket is to write, so brothers and sisters, let’s write.

Write about your job, write about your family, write about blogging, write about your dreams, write about relationships, write about wine and cigarettes, write about whatever you want.  As long as your writing.

But I have this album in the works, and I think it’s going to turn out pretty good if not great, and I think I may put it up for sale on this site.  Whether anyone actually bought it or not would be a different story.  But I’d be doing my thing as an entrepreneur and an artist.  I read something that said “Real Artists Don’t Starve”

But people I know I’m not college educated.  But I write with passion, and I think I can improve, but I think this writing work is work worth doing.

I think writing is good work.  Something you can do to help other people.  Even if it is just to entertain them.  Give them a taste of something that’s happening in the world.  Give them the news of your life.

Because the way I see it, if you make your life a masterpiece, what better to write about than your own life.  Though I’m sure some of you would harshly disagree with me.  Those into fiction.

And there’s nothing wrong with fiction, I think I’m going to write a book of fiction at some point in my life.  Again, put it up for sale here.  If my ebooks are anything like my blog posts, I’ll have people coming back to one or two of them, and continuing to talk about it.  And really that could be all I need to quit my job.

Really though, it would probably take me years to do this.  I’m only 2 years in.  I figure I have 8 more years of blogging before I’ve mastered it.  So you can expect a lot of FREE CONTENT from me on this blog in the years to come.

And I think that’s good because I can build some long term relationships with some people out there on the internet.

So I’ll probably keep making rock and roll albums in the track of E, because that’s all I know how to play and it never stops because I keep coming up with new words.

And I think I can entertain people with my words, and the way I play the rhythm on the guitar.  Even some of my solos I think people would enjoy.

And I believe I can sell my art and make enough money to live.  Although if I’m not making a lot, if I don’t make multi millionaire status, then I’m going to keep my hourly job.  So I’ve got plenty to do there.  30 hours or more a week.

But I like being at home.  I like working on my writing.  This is what I really want to do.  This is what I want to be about.  Blogging.  And writing ebooks and selling them and making rock and roll albums and selling them.  And my vision is to sell so many that I can afford a completely upgraded lifestyle.  New house, new vacations, new cars, bills paid for life, children’s college educations taken care of.  Weddings paid for.

Lead a completely beautiful life.  And I am determined to get there.

If you want a taste of what the album is going to sound like, visit this post and you you can listen to 2:30 minutes of me rocking it.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks, and take care,

Jesse Creel

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