Yes, I made another sale… It was for 350 dollars.  I delivered it myself, not in my marketing uniform, but in my store polo and apron.  The apron was a little dirty.

But I still had my name badge on, that on the back of it says, “Caution, Magnetic”.  I think the name badge could draw people to me.  The job has already blessed me with meeting some really cool, new people.  I am definitely enjoying the ride.

But I made another sale and I wanted to report that to you, that my job was going well.  Also to be a leading learner and report on my successes.  Because I think you can do it too, even if your schizophrenic.

You can hold down a job, and unexpectedly get promoted.  You can end up with a really good job, and take care of your family the best you can.  If you’re a schizophrenic, you might be married, have kids, and everything.  And it’s nice to rely on your family when your down, but by God we have to get back up again.

And whether you’re schizophrenic or not… whether you may just be a mild case who maybe just needs to stop smoking, you can be a success at your job.  And you can improve.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  -Benjamin Franklin

And I’ve been wanting to live by my values.
I sat down the other day and wrote out my top 4 values…Success was number 4.  Growth was number 3, Love was number 2, and health was number 1.
But I want to keep improving and the more sales I make the more valuable I think I become to the company.  So I really want to make a career out of this sales/marketing job and take off with the company.
They just released an app you can get on your phone.  When you sign up you get a free ham sandwich.  They are definitely growing, and they’re helping me to grow too.  I just want to keep the progress going.  And report about it on this blog.
But I was the guy who delivered the 350 dollar order.  Enough pasta salad and potato salad, and sandwiches for 30 people.   I carried it up three flights of stairs to the top of the building.  I was the guy who got the order, but because my phone wasn’t working with the voicemails, I didn’t get their TWO messages, and the woman didn’t know me.  She said “So YOUR Jesse?”  I said yeah, my phone hadn’t been working and I need to switch carriers… It was a lame excuse for something I had no control over.  She did end up giving us a fifty dollar tip though.  That’s a bit more than 10%.  A very nice tip, and one that I am very grateful for.  One that I think all of us at the store are grateful for.  We’re providing an excellent service.  FOOD.  And it’s good food.
But I got back in my car and drove back to the store.  I gave my manager the fifty dollar bill and she was happy we got tipped.  There have been many orders we’re we’ve got nothing.  There we’re some tips but it didn’t seem like there we’re many.
Now with this sales thing, we’re getting tipped more and getting some pretty big orders.  I get paid well to do the job though.  It’s all hourly.  I didn’t get a bonus yet, but I got a 2 dollar pay increase.  That’s more money for Uncle Sam too.  Gotta pay the rent.
But I’m sharing my success because I think it’s of value to know that people, even people with schizophrenia, can make it in a sales job.  That’s why I want to be a leading learner and report on my successes.  So that no matter where you are in your selling development you can find inspiration that there are great circumstances out that that you can get, and really make a career out of it.  And even if your not formally educated, you can learn a lot from being a salesman.
Snoop dogg said in his inspirational Youtube video that stars are born not made.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  Snoop dogg does have experience though, and has tried to make other people stars too.  I guess it just didn’t work out for him so he quit trying to do it.  He said you can’t make stars out of people.  I don’t know how much of that I agree with.  Snoop has a message of peace and love which I appreciate and all I know is that leaders are readers.  And you won’t know unless you try.  And the harder you try the better off you’ll be.  So go for it, that’s what I say.  Even if your schizophrenic.
So no bonuses yet but I just got paid and I’m working on paying off my credit card, giving money to my wife, and giving a little money to the church.  The rest I have to live off of.  Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the most important part… I saved.
I saved over 10% of my check and put it away.  Saving for retirement.  Because it’s coming.  All I need is 15 million, and I could hit the lottery tonight!
Or this website could really get some traffic, and I could become an E book seller.  The maker of my own information products.  And anyone could do this and become a millionaire, I propose..
Because if your like Pat Flynn of and make 150,000.00  a month off of your website then you’ll have over 15 million in just 15 short years!  That is I propose if you keep growing and improving.  And doing what you do best, which is to inspire others to take massive action in the direction of their dreams, and accomplish them.
And the beauty is no matter where you are, you can start a blog, and get people reading your stuff.  Be a leading learner and publish your successes as you go.  Work in your work life if that’s what you have to do… if your like me the foundation of your success is at your job.  And writing a blog is just working on the dream in my free time.  And isn’t the dream beautiful?
Writing E Books and selling them successfully on your blog.  People wanting more of your stuff.  You continuously improving to spread evolution and new ways of being.  And you’ll get some good feedback and some bad feedback… but I don’t think the bad feedback will be as bad as your thinking it will be.  And arn’t there lessons and good things even from the negative feedback?
I love people even when they say no.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE CUSTOMERS, but I still love you even if you won’t talk to me.
I think that’s the way to be, something I picked up from a Tony Robbins book.
But improvement, I think that’s the way to be.  And you can improve on your job, but to paraphrase Jim Rohn, you’ve got to improve more on yourself, than just on your job.
And I’m being bad, because I haven’t read in a day or two.  They say it’s better to skip a meal than to skip a half hour of reading everyday.  I’m trying to live by that, but it’s hard, especially with a family.
But I don’t want to give you excuses, I just want to improve.  I will definitely do some reading this weekend.  And into the next week.
And also try to stop smoking.  I’ll have one glass of wine a day, and try to quit smoking cigarettes.  Get healthier.
That’s just one way I can personally improve, what’s yours?  Leave a comment and let me know.  If you want to take control then tell me what massive action your going to take to improve…  that would really be great.
Let’s grow together,  I so look forward to an email list with you, and to getting my E Books up for sale.  So I can really make a business out of this, and get my dream to work out!  I say you can do it too!  You can work and improve at your job, and you can work and improve on your life, and make so much money you can quit your job, and just live your life.  If that’s even what you want to do!  You may want to keep your job your having so much fun!  And it’s so rewarding!
So here’s to you winning the lottery, getting promoted at your sales job, successfully selling E books on your blog, living a life filled with love of family, and living most important of all… in good health.
I love you, thanks for reading.
Jesse Creel

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