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What I Learned From Joining The Empower Network, And Failing

“You get what you deserve.” -David Wood, Founder of Empower Network

Yes, I went all in with the Empower Network.  All in all it cost me about 5,000 dollars.  Money I borrowed from my father.  He believed in me, and thought that I would be a success, so he figured it was a good investment.  I still haven’t paid him back, yet.

So really, Empower Network was a massive failure for me, but as Dave Wood said, and as many others have in quotes and in songs, we all get what we deserve.  And I guess at the time I wasn’t deserving of success.  I tried like hell, but all I got was one big fat bill.

Do I recommend Empower Network?  The short answer is no.  The long answer is it’s worth it, and if your going to spend money on yourself, for a business… then go ahead and join.  You can’t join with me because I’m no longer with the company, but there are many others out there that would be happy for you to join with them.  I will not, and cannot join another network marketing company.  I need to pay my debts off by working my job and quitting cigarettes.  The latter being the greatest challenge.  But I would definitely say that I learned a lot about success from some very rich people using the Empower Network products.  David Wood is an inspiration.

One of the reasons I can’t be in the Empower Network anymore, even though I’m all in and all it would cost me to get back in is 125 dollars a month, is that on the way to one of the events for Empower Network, the voices started to really bother me.  Because I’m a schizophrenic I hear voices and they were definately not helpful on that trip.  I heard my father in laws voice tell me that I had to divorce my wife to be successful.  I started to believe that.  I didn’t make it to the event, and on the way home I started contacting my wife and telling her that we needed a divorce.  When I was on Facebook, looking for sales, the voices would talk to my would be sales and they would tell them not to join with me.  I would fight the voices and work my tail off to get the sales but it never happened.  Now, I don’t know if it was the voices that were taking away sales from me, or it was just that I hadn’t earned the sales with my work… all I know is that I came home, went to my parents and tried to make a divorce happen.

When I was in Tortola, in the Carribbean, for my wife and I’s honeymoon I had all kinds of crazy visions like her foot and my foot joining into one foot and my foot had nail polish on it in my vision.  One of the things I heard in my hallucinations there was my father in law telling me that our marriage “will end in divorce”.  Despite all my efforts to make that a reality, my wife held on and my family insisted that we stay together.  Right now, as it stands, that was a very good thing.  I wasn’t able to make the stupid decision of turning my back on the work of marriage and ending it all.  I am now happy that things worked out the way they did, but my wife has, because of that event, swore off the Empower Network.  She thinks it’s bad because of the things I did when I was a part of it. One thing I’ve learned since then was that you shouldn’t tolerate risk.  Only risk money when you know if it doesn’t work out you can get it back.  That’s how Richard Branson of Virgin got his airline started.  He bought 5 planes on the condition that he could return them if his new venture didn’t work out.  I read that in Tony Robbins newest book “Money”.

But the 5,000 dollars I spent to go “All In” I will never get back.  There’s no refunds.  So I’m out, but really I’m better off for it.  I learned my lesson, and I will never again take those kinds of risks in order to make money.  Aside from that lesson learned, I also learned a great deal about blogging, SEO, and paid advertising.  I learned from the people who were making the most money with Empower Network, so I learned from the best examples.  Those were the people leading the company and those were the people putting together the video information products.

And some of the things that I can remember that I learned, off the top of my head, were things like, “Leaders are readers”….  “You have to want success like a drowning man wants air”…. and “We all get what we deserve”.

I also learned that one of the best ways to generate traffic to a website is to blog everyday.  That’s how David Wood got all of his traffic and started Empower Network and that’s what I’m in the process of doing right now with this blog.  It takes hard work to blog everyday, and I still don’t get it done everyday, my blog post count is representative of that.  But I’m trying now, and I’m doing it.  I’m doing more than just trying.  And once you get the traffic you can do whatever you want with it.  You can join a network marketing company and sell your visitors the service.  You can add Adsense to your website and generate revenue that way.  You can come out with an Ebook and sell that on your website.  You can create your own product and sell it on your website.  Whatever you want to do, you can do it, if you have enough traffic.

I don’t think that network marketing is the way for me to go right now, personally, just because there is so much risk involved especially if your first starting out, without any traffic.  I think it’s going to be better for me to just let Google run ads on my site, and work on developing and writing a quality Ebook.  I’ve already written one book and I’m working on another, but those are separate from the value I want to create with this blog and with an Ebook. I think I can do this, I know I can do this… and I think it’s great that your expanding your knowledge to know what can happen if you join with a network marketing company like Empower Network.

You will learn, and you will most likely fail.  Most people fail.  I heard one of the mentors at Empower Network say himself “The MLM graveyard is vast and wide”.

A lot of people have tried and many of them have failed.  You don’t have to be schizophrenic to fail at network marketing.  You success depends on a lot of things, like leaderships ability, work ethic, intelligence, and timing… just to name a few.  I do however think that it was a valuable experience and it’s one that I will never forget.

But instead of making a success of myself in 90 days like they teach you to do at the Empower Network, I’m allowing myself a little more time to be successful with this blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I could make success happen a little more rapidly by taking greater action, by taking consistent massive action… but I’m still taking action on a regular basis and that’s a good thing.  I can build this thing from the ground up, create my own products, and build value in for a massive number of people.

The truth is I’m just so excited.  I’m happy to be writing, and I’m happy to be read.  Just recently I got my first comment and you would have thought I’d just make 1,000 dollars the way I was reacting.  I was punching the air, thanking God, and generally feeling like I was a success.  It was only one comment, after writing for over a year and a half, but it was someone who had read my work and was “reassured” by it.  Another schizophrenic who was looking to shatter the limitations of schizophrenia and do something great with his life.  If you’d like to visit his site and read some of his work you can do so by going to

But personally I don’t know if writing about schizophrenia is going to be my niche or not.  It certainly could be.  But I want to add value to a massive number of people and I don’t know that the 10% of the population directly or indirectly effected by the condition will meet my standard of massive.  But perhaps I will have to settle for that and if and when I make this blog a success I can coach other people on how to make money with their own blogs.  Right now I’m just writing about what I’m learning, and how you can benefit from schizophrenia (when it looks like there are no benefits).

So I guess my blog is about schizophrenia.  The value I can add for schizophrenics is that I provide a story of success and hope, and write tips on how you can duplicate my success, and not, well, be on disability.

It’s more than just about schizophrenia, it’s about love, life and art.  And what you can do to be a success story for other schizophrenics.  I’ve written a lot of stuff that I don’t think meets my standard for creating massive value, but I’m improving so there’s hope.  I hope you can improve and create more value too!

But another thing I learned from being in the Empower Network is that you’ve got to take massive action if you want to be successful.  The more action you can take, the more rapid your successes will be.  It’s going to take time, there’s no doubt about that, but you can shorten the amount of time it takes to make your first dollar by taking massive action.  Write!

You will see it all over the internet.  They will tell you that “Content is King”.  You’ve got to write and write valuable things if your going to get traffic and keep that traffic.  You’ve got to be good, and better than good, you’ve got to be great.  You’ve got to be an outstanding success.  Schizophrenic or not, the same rules apply.  Hard work over time leads somewhere.  Where will depend on how you do that hard work, but you know that hard work of any kind is going to lead you somewhere.  Start with your end in mind.  That’s what I say.  Go somewhere you want to go.  Whether it be to a million dollars, 50 million dollars, or 500 million dollars.  My personal number to retire and be done is about 15 million.  That would get me the lifestyle I want, for me, my family, and the organizations I donate to.  But what do you want?  What’s your number?  Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your goal is.  I would love to hear from you!

But the number one thing I learned from the Empower Network that I think is still helping me to this day is that to get traffic you have to blog daily.  So that’s what I’m doing.  And I’m going to make it happen for myself, and for everyone else involved.  I’m already finding new ways to increase my traffic, and I’m meeting people that are willing to help me get more traffic right now.  I thank God for those people, and want to work harder to find more of them.  I want to be an unstoppable force for good.  To empower people, schizophrenics and those without schizophrenia to accomplish their dreams and live a better life.  And I know I can do it.  What I need to do is to take massive action, and read quality books that are going to fill my mind with the information I need to become a success.  And to help other people become a success.  I’m excited and I’m excited to help you.

Here’s to making your first million dollars, with or without Empower Network!  May God bless you and yours… Thanks for reading.

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