And I think it all comes down to take good care of yourself.

I’ve been taking it easy because I’m getting some time off from work after the Easter Holiday.  This week I get 4 days off.  This is my second.

I didn’t write yesterday, but I am doing remarkably well with this 90 days so far.  I’m going to keep writing until the end of July to make sure I get the whole 90 days in.  Then I’ll probably take a break.

But really I’ll probably start writing the blog everyday again in no time and I’ll get back to work.

Because this is really what I want to do, and I think anyone could do it.  I’m two people away from reading my first ebook, and after they read it and tell me what they think of it, the chances are good I’m going to put it up for sale.  It’s an extremely exciting time.

Who knows what that book could pay me.  But I’m very optimistic it will be a lot.  Plenty.  And that I will be able to make even more in the future.  And that’s the way it should be for everyone.

Because I really want to make something of this.  EARN enough money to retire my wife and I from our jobs.  I know that’s a possibility.  And I think it’s an even better possibility than winning the lottery, so I have even more hope for success with the ebook than I do with the lottery.

But I still hold out hope for both.  And for a happy ending for my marriage.  Die when we’re old.  She will most likely live longer than me, but maybe she can find a nice boyfriend at the old folks home.

Some of those places are really nice and promote connection among the elderly.

But I do live my dream life.  I blog, and that’s something.  I also take my time to relax with wine and cigarettes, but I feel that time is coming to an end.

Really I partied all through my twenties, I’m 32 now and I’m almost ready to just go sober everyday, and quit cigarettes.  Part of it is a shame because that’s fuel to create art, although I must admit it can be garbage.

I think the garbage is the excess.  Past one glass a day.  Smoking.  The stuff that kills you.  I could really do without it.  I’d have a lot more money, and I’d be healthier.

The writing would suffer, or so the voices say.  But I think I could get through it and become a better person.  I think writing an ebook while I was drinking wine was a good experience, but maybe I’ll try to write the next one sober.  That’s part of the improvement process, I think.

I hope your enjoying this 90 days so far.  I hope your inspired to read more of my posts, and then live a better quality of life.  I really think I could do that for people, no matter what state I’m in, and I think suffering may actually be good for me, and I know I would suffer if I was sober.

Really I just don’t know how much.  I think I would get better, but I don’t know how to do it.  Maybe I should try AA.  I don’t know.

My psychiatrist suggested I get religious.  I already am a little.  I go to church about twice a month.  I always give them money.  Sometimes they don’t take my money.  But I always want to give to them.

And to my family.  I always give to my family.  I work a job now, and now is the best place to start, so I give to my family.

I can’t afford to give much at this point in time, I make less than $20,000.00 dollars a year, but I do give from each check to my wife, the one who pays all the bills.

It’s really a sorry state to be in when your paying your wife not even what it takes to pay the whole cell phone bill and shes paying all the rest of the bills too, including the mortgage.

The voices tell me it’s a crime.

All I can say is that I’m working tirelessly to change my life.  Granted I do take one or two days off.

And Thank God for the rest.  I need it.  Especially after working the Holidays.  It only happens a few times a year though, so really I’m going to be writing more and working less so that’s a good thing.  That’s pretty much the way it goes throughout the year.  30 hours a week.

It would be a good thing if I worked 40 hours a week everyweek and had the holidays off, but I figure it’s my penance since I didn’t work for so long after I got fired from my first real job.

That is an entire story on it’s own.  Suffice to say I was ready to move on.  I had to move on.  It wasn’t for me.  I hadn’t mastered myself.  I didn’t yet have an attitude of gratitude.

A lot of things have changed since I lost my first good job.  And now I have a second chance.  And so far so good.

What’s the million dollar value here?

It’s if you can make it at your hourly job, and get raises, and make sales, and get bonuses, and do the job well, what’s stopping you from selling a lot of e books?

This is the question and there’s no answer for me other than YES!

And so it should be with you.

It’s going to take years to make any money at all, but if your valuable you will get the opportunity.  That’s just what I believe.

I also believe that every single human being on the planet is that valuable.  A million dollar miracle in each one.  And then from there the sky is the limit.

Because we all have pure experience.  And you can write home about that and what you make of it.  And you’ll grow and progress and get better.  It’s really genius.

That’s all I have for you for now.  Thanks and Peace and Love to you.

Jesse Creel

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