To do nothing but write.

My wife is taking care of the kids.  I want to provide for her and them.  I can do that I think by writing.

And what I can tell you is to work hard and be lucky and just do what they ask you to do and you will find love.  I am a testament to that.

And find God.

If you ask God to help you he will.  If you ask God to do it all for you he will.

God does everything for me so I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t do it for anybody else.

And I want to win the lottery in the next 5 years.  Or write so much that it pays me 2 million dollars.

Be at some point a multimillionaire.  Live a wealthy life.  That’s what the blog is about.  Creating a wealthy life.  I could, and have written a book about it.  No rather I wrote a  book about working at Honeybaked Ham.  Not working the Christmas because I was a schizophrenic, and then working the Christmas all the way through… It was a triumph.

And something that simple as working one Christmas at Honeybaked changes my life.  I turn into a hard worker.  Someone who can do 55 hours a week.  Someone who can do their part to make sure Honeybaked makes it through the holiday season.

And I got treated well!  What goes around comes around and I think I’m going to hit the lottery!

But I could write a book for a publisher.  No problem.  Just tell me what to write it on.  Tell me what to do, because I can do it, no problem.

And I write.  I write for glory, I write for the voices, the voices say it’s medicine.   I write for my family who I dearly love.  I write for my bosses, I write for you.  Improve your life, that’s what I say, I’m a friendly schizophrenic.

And make it.. I say if you write enough you’ll have enough to give to people that they will publish you.  That’s what I say.  I have it in me and I believe you do too.  And if your going to make money at it why not make a lot.  If that’s the way you can create it then why not live a wealthy life.  Family, kids, money, friends, work, life, challenges, solutions, future.  I love my life and I am eager for more of it.

But I’ve been thinking about direction and I just finished a book I was writing.  Half assed finished it but still finished it.  I want to start another memoirs chronicling quitting cigarettes.  I think that would be a fine topic to write about.  It could be my time without cigarettes, or pot, or wine.

And I would be about my job at Honeybaked, selling ham and turkey, and working in the store, and driving… and I would be about playing the lottery, and I would be about saving money so I can invest in the stock market.  And paying off my debt.  Those are all major themes in my writing.  I can do this, I know I can do this.  I am a rockstar, and so are you.  We can do this together.  We all are brilliant.  We can do this.  I know this for a fact.  It doesn’t matter if we fail.  We are a success.  We will win.  This is a fact.  It’s just the way it works in The United States Of America. I have great visions for the future.

Peace and Harmony and Heaven on Earth.  Those are my dreams.  And making sure everyone has enough to eat.  Because you need to eat to live.  That’s a fact.  Take care of yourself, people love you and want you to be around.

So what value can I bring to you.  How about a faith in humanity.  To boldly do the right thing.  To do good and to give and receive love. And to sell the shit out of whatever your selling so you can take care of your family and the other people that are around you.

So what do you want to sell?  Can you write a book and sell it on your blog?  Can you do that?  Do you want to do that?  I say go for it.  I’m doing it and it’s awesome and I haven’t even made any money yet.  I’m just syked for the process.  And the creative process is indeed amazing.

Even if your just writing the first things that come to your mind.  I say you can do it.  I say I can do it.  I want you.  I want to write for you.  To give you something you want to read.  Something good.  And something exciting that keeps you turning the pages.  I love you and I want to write exceptionally good for you.

So I ask you, what food did you eat today?  Was is it good for you or could it have been better?  How is your diet effecting you?  Could you use more water in your day and less energy drinks?  Believe me I struggle with the same things.  One day during the holiday I drank 4 energy drinks in one day.  I felt terrible.  I made it through the day though, only by God’s grace.  I’m only 32 and as a schizophrenic I already feel like I’m dying.  I think I could recover but I need to stop smoking and that’s hard.

I love you and I want you to know I believe your mostly good.

But the question is how do you and I deliver content that’s worth 2 million dollars?

Provide content that’s worth 100 million dollars.  And how do you do that?  Write well.

I almost wish I could just win the lottery so I wouldn’t have to go thru this writing bullshit.  But I have to because there is nothing else for me to do.  I haven’t won yet and I don’t even have  a ticket for tonight, and I just don’t care.  I want to win the lottery like a drowning man wants air but I’ve got to write and I’ve got to give you value.  Things I’ve learned.

And what I’ve learned is to not use credit cards to live off of, and don’t buy into network marketing companies because you probably won’t resell anything and it will just waste your money.

But there are stories of people making it.  I want to make it writing after all of that.  I think that would be a good dream.  I tried music but didn’t make any money at it.  That was my first dream, music.

But I’m 32 and I’m still creating my life as I go.  The best way to predict the future is to invent it or so a quote said from a book I read.  I don’t remember the author and I don’t remember the book but you can trust that I read it somewhere and have passes it on to you.

But I say bleed on the keys.  Whatever you have to do to write, just write.  I don’t know how you could even sweat on the keys but figuratively you know you could do it.  Bleed on the keys.

But as time passes I get richer, you know why?  I save 10% of my income.  I want to read Money, the book by Tony Robbins so I can learn how to invest.  I want to take my savings and invest it.  Get rich.  Live a wealthy life.  And I say you can do the same thing!

In a nutshell, I want you to succeed.  And what I can tell you is what I’ve learned along the way.  And that is that you should work a job and then play the the lottery.  That way you have an income along with your dream.  You can’t quit your job thinking that you’ll win the lottery because you need an income.  It’s where your everything happens.  I’ve been through a lot of shit with the voices and what I can say is that anything can be overcome with God’s help.  And help you I believe he will.   If you ask and if you do the right things and if you give.

Because He’s blessed me in my life and if you want Him to bless you in your life you’ve got to forgive yourself and sin no more.  That’s the way to redemption.  Love yourself and you will be loved.  Love your neighbor because it’s the right thing to do.  Even if the world hates you for it.  Because life isn’t without suffering and the right thing to do isn’t without pain.  But it’s a good pain.

Life really isn’t good or evil, it’s just grey.  Not bad and not good.  Somewhere in between.  And then you die and have to pay your maker for all the bad things you did.  At least that’s what I think,  but who am I but your poet, your writer, your worker, your family man, your friend.

Your salesman.

And I could be, and I will be, with God’s help I will sell Honeybaked like every American in the country has ham fever and needs Honeybaked in their life.  And I will sell this blog and my book and it will be good times for all family and friends.  And I have that dream for you too.  To improve, to become better, to live a better life.  I love you and I want you to know that.

How can I demonstrate my love for you?

Write, and give you something to read…. that’s what I say, and you can do it to.  Use my material as fuel for your own writing.  Write a book, write a blog, do both, sell everything.  You can be successful.  If I only had someone that could read my blog and tell me how to improve it, how I could make money off of it, that would be awesome.  I would love to have Tony Robbins review my blog.  That would be a dream come true.  Life coach stepping in to help improve things.  Beauty.

Maybe that will happen and maybe it won’t.  The point is to keep writing, because with every word I’m leaving a legacy for the world.  You know who I am, because I write, you know me.  Without ever having to meet me.  You know me.  I tell you everything.  At least all the important stuff. The rest is bullshit.  At least not shareable.  I love you and I share deeply with you because I love you.

How can I show you I love you?  By telling you that you can do it.  I know you can.  If other people can do it, you can do it too.  And don’t stop on your first try either.  Keep at it,it will pay off in more ways than you can count.  I know it has for me and I thank God for more and more everyday.  I give and I receive.  The blessings don’t stop, and I thank God for them and more of them everyday.

Let’s make it our goal to make money writing, no matter what and see what happens.  I have the goal of 2 million dollars in 5 years.  What is your goal?  Write me and tell me.

I would love to hear from you.  I say write on and write I will.  I will write until I’m dead.  I don’t care what happens, and people will have something to read.  It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care if it never gets read at all. I want to write, because it helps me.  I want you to live and do well, I want you to live an outstanding success of a life, I want you to love and be loved.  I want you to do well.  To have everything you want, within God’s rules… but I say it’s within God’s rules to be wealthy, and live a wealthy life.  I say he wants us to enjoy it.  He wants us to be wealthy, so be wealthy we must!  Now is the time, write my friends, write!

This is all for now.  I love you if I haven’t said it enough.  One more time.  It bears repeating.  I love you.  Good luck.


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